NAME: Eurídice Cabañes Martínez



BIRTHDATE: 25-09-1983


Phd in philosophy and Linguistics: currently writing the thesis Thecnology at the frontier at Facultad de Filosofía y
letras, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
3 months Research Stay at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM). Unidad Lerma. México. 2015.
3 months Reseach Stay at Computational Creativity Group, Imperial College of London, 2010.
Masters degree in Lógic and Philosophy of Science. Universidad de Salamanca, 2008.
Masters degree expert in neuroscience Universidad de Salamanca, 2009 .
Bachelor degree in Philosophy. Speciality in Philosophy of Technology. Universidad de Valencia 2007.
Teaching certificate Universidad Complutense de Madrid 2009.


Founder and President of ARSGAMES México. 2015 to present.

Founder and Vicepresident of ARSGAMES Spain. 2016 to present.

President of ARSGAMES Spain. 2012-2016.

Curator at TransitioMX 06. Mexico 2013-2015.

External professor in the postgraduate program "Training of trainers and youth in the use and creation of
video games and augmented reality" at UNED. 2015/2016.

Invited professor at Motorlab, Spanish Culture Center in Mexico. 2015-2016.

Visiting professor at Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, Cali, Colombia. 2014.

Adviser at Multimedia Center of National Center of Arts in Mexico. 2013-2015.

Game Designer at ENOVA (educational video games company). Mexico. 2013.

ARSGAMES Vicepresident. 2009 to 2012.

Editorial Digitalization Assistant at Oneclick. 2011.

Part of the International Advisory Committee of E-learning: Learning and Cyber Society. 2010 to present.

Member of the editorial board of the journal TEXTS. 2007 to present.
• Coordination Team member of Observatory for the Cyber Society. 2006 to present.

Coordinator of the Book: Realidad virtual, videojuegos experimentales y arte interactivo en la institución
cultural, Dirección General de Publicaciones, CONACULTA, Mexico. (in press). In this publication also published the
chapters “La importancia del videojuego en la institución” and “Memento Mori: realidad aumentada y
patrimonio cultural”.

Book: Gamestar(t): pedagogías libres en la intersección entre el arte, la tecnología y los videojuegos. Sello
ARSGAMES, Madrid, 2013.

Translation: Postfenomenología y Tecnociencia: Conferencias en la Universidad de Pekín. Traslation of
Postphenomenology and Technoscience by Don Ihde. Sello ARSGAMES. Madrid 2015.

TECNOLOGÍAS Y ARTE Cacheiro, M.L., Sánchez, C. y González, J.M. (coords.) Book: Recursos tecnológicos en
contextos educativos. Madrid: UNED. 2015.

Coordinator nº102 Journal Estudios de Juventud of INJUVE (Instituto de la Juventud del Ministerio de Igualdad y
Servicios Sociales), September, 2013. In this publication also published the chapters “Jóvenes, Tecnofilosofía y
Arte digital” and “De la hibridación al procomún: construyendo la realidad a través de la tecnología”.

* Arround 50 publicatios, can see all in

Invited speaker at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana en México. May 2015. "Híbridos contemporáneos en la
intersección entre el arte y los videojuegos”.

Invited speaker at Instituto Universitario del Estado de México. Marzo. 2015. "Alfabetización digital crítica".
Invited speaker at Facultad de Artes de la Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos de México. April. 2015.

Keynote speaket at "Foro mujeres líderes en las TIC" de Académica TELMEX Hub México. April 2015.

Invited speaker at Art invaders: artistic practices in experimental Videogames. NASSCOM Game Developer
Conference 2014, Pune, India.

Keynote speaker “Art or entretainment” PLAY INSTINCT, Goethe Institute, Krakow. 2013.

Keynote speaker at DevHourMx 2012, 2013 and 2014, also participation at the roundtables “ Videojuegos como
sistemas de aprendizaje”, panel “Comunidades de desarrollo” and “Quimeras y videojuegos” in 2013.

Invited speaker at Pasado y presente del videojuego en español, Cervantes Institute, Sydney, 2012.

AudioGames: An Intangible and Invisible Interface, FROG 2011 Conference, Future and Reality of Gaming 5th
Vienna Games Conference.

Identity and Simulacrum: Thank you Mario, but your identity is in another castle. Game Philosophy Conference,
Athens, Greece.

* More than 50 talks, can see all in:


Curator at Transitio_MX 06 International Electronics Art Festival and Video. México DF 2015.
Organized by: CONACULTA. Collaborates: AECID, Centro Multimedia, Fonoteca Nacional, Centro de Cultura Digital,
SAE Institute, Laboratorio de Arte Alameda, Exteresa, Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes.
More info:

President of the organizing comitee and member of the programm comitee at 6th International Conference on
the Philosophy of Computer Games: The Nature of Player Experience. Madrid 2012
Organized by: ARSGAMES. Collaborates: MediaLab-Prado, Intermediae-Matadero.
More info:

Curator and coordinator of "Pasado y Presente del Videojuego en Español". Tetuán, Cracovia, Sydney, Yakarta,
Manila, Estocolmo, Albuquerque, Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Río de Janeiro y Brasilia 2011
Organized by: Instituto Cervantes y ARSGAMES. Collaborates: FX y Sony
More info:

Coordinator of Gamestar(t), free pedagogies with art, technology and videogmes 2011 to the present.
Organized by: ARSGAMES. Collaborates: Various different institutions in Valencia, Madrid, Málaga and Mexico.
More info:

Part of the coordination team of OpenArsgames: Monthly meetings about Game Studies and Game Art. 20092010. More info:

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