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NOMBRE DEL DOCENTE: Adriel Abimael Gómez Águila

PROPÓSITO: Establecer el nivel real del alumno antes de iniciar una etapa del proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje,
identificando aprendizajes previos que marquen el punto de partida para el nuevo aprendizaje. Asimismo, detectar
carencias, lagunas o errores que puedan dificultar el logro de los objetivos planteados.

INSTRUCCIONES: En este diagnóstico encontrarás preguntas de diferente tipo y distinto nivel de dificultad. Para
responder las preguntas necesitarás un lápiz.

En la prueba encontraras 5 tipos de preguntas, de la pregunta 1 – 10 deberás relacionar ambas columnas, de la pregunta
11 – 15 tendrás que reescribir la oración manteniendo el mismo significado con no más de 3 palabras, de la pregunta 16
– 24 deberás escribir las palabras que consideres necesarias para mantener la coherencia en el contenido, en la
pregunta 25 redactaras un texto de entre 100 y 120 palabras y finalmente de la pregunta 26 – 30 escucharas un audio el
cual será reproducido dos veces, a su vez iras respondiendo dichas preguntas.

Es importante que leas con mucha atención cada pregunta y que pienses en la respuesta antes de contestar. Intenta
contestar a todos las preguntas que puedas. Si no sabes una respuesta, déjala sin contestar y pasa a la pregunta
siguiente. Al final, si te queda tiempo, puedes volver a las preguntas que hayas dejado sin responder

Reading and use of English

KET Questions 1-5

Where can you see these notices?

For questions 1-5, chose the correct answer A-E

1) If you want to buy a refrigerator, write an email to this A) **ITALIAN PIZZA HOUSE**
person. ( ) Open for lunch and dinner
Monday - Friday
2) You cannot let your pet run free here. ( ) B) ++GALLERY++
No photography
No video recording

3) Customers can only pay in cash. ( ) C) “FOR SALE”

Nearly new fridge freezer

4) You mustn't take pictures inside the building. ( ) D) DOGS MUST BE KEPT ON A LEAD AT ALL

5) We are closed at the weekend. ( ) E) SORRY WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT


PET Questions 6-10

The people below in 6-10 all want to visit a museum.

Look at the descriptions of eight museums A-E

Decide which museum would be most suitable for each person.

6) Cristina would like to visit a A) The Open Air Museum

museum and see people making
things. She wants to buy some The Open Air Museum is one of the oldest and largest in the
souvenirs to take home. ( ) world. Spread across 54 acres of land, the museum houses more than
40 farms, houses and mills from the period 1740-1950. The
Museum offers presentations on a daily basis nearly all year long.
7) John is studying Art History and is B) The Museum of Crafts
particularly interested in the old
masters from Holland and their The mission of the Museum of Crafts is to enhance the appreciation
paintings. He is only free on and understanding of England's past by presenting the culture, history
Sundays. ( ) and lives of ordinary people through demonstration and exhibition and
of the trades and crafts. The museum shop offers an excellent range of
fun and educational gift items.
8) Alan is a teacher and wants to c) Middleport Pottery
spend a day looking at scientific
discoveries and modern Travel back in time and discover the history of Dutch pottery including
inventions. His 8-year-old daughter a fabulous collection of "Gouds plateel", the top pieces of which are
will probably go with him. ( ) being exhibited in the room 28. See items from Gouda on display
and visit the museum shop and café.
9) Sandra would like to visit a D) The Museum of Technology
museum that has exhibitions of
ceramics from the past. She wants At MOT, the Museum of Technology, people of all ages can see and do
to have a lunch there as well. amazing things every day. Ride in the only hydrogen car open to the
( ) public, witness what's next in 3D Printing the Future. There are child-
friendly options available and families are always welcome.
10) Stephen is a student and wants to E) Museum of Arts and Design (MAD)
combine a visit to a museum
with a walk in the open air. He The outstanding exhibition, Dutch Painting in the Age of Rembrandt,
would also like to attend an will be on view at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) until October
interesting demonstration there. 26. Anyone should make the effort to see this display of splendid 18th-
( ) century art. The exhibition is open seven days a week.
PET Questions 11-15

For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first, using no more than three

11) Our children walk to school instead of coming by bus.

Our children come to school on ______________________________________ instead of coming by bus.

12) The test was so difficult that only few of us completed it.

It was ______________________________________ test that only few of us completed it.

13) My brother has borrowed the car from me.

I ______________________________________ my brother the car.

14) I was told about the accident by Jenny.

Jenny ______________________________________ about the accident.

15) John told Adam he would invite him next time.

John said, 'I ______________________________________ you next time'.

FCE Questions 16-24

Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each gap. Use only one word in each gap.

Motorbike stunt rider

I work (16) ________ a motorbike stunt rider –that is, I do tricks on my motorbike at shows. “The Le Mans” race track in
France was (17) ________ I first saw some guys doing motorbike stunts. I’d never seen anyone riding a motorbike using
just the back wheel before and I was (18) ________ impressed I went straight home and taught (19) ________ to do the
same. It wasn’t very long before I began to earn my living at shows performing my own motorbike stunts.

I have a degree (20) ________ mechanical engineering; this helps me to look at the physics (21) ________ lies behind
each stunt. In addition to being responsible for design changes to the motorbike, I have to work (22) ________ every
stunt I do. People often think that my work is very dangerous, but, apart (23) ________ some minor mechanical problem
happening occasionally during a stunt, nothing ever goes wrong. I never feel in (24) ________ kind of danger because
I’m very experienced.

You must answer this question. Write your answer in 100 – 120 words in an appropriate style

25) In your English class you have been talking about the environment. Now, your English teacher has asked you to write
an essay.

Write an essay using all the notes and give reasons for your point of view.

Every country in the world has problems with pollution and damage to the environment. Do you think these
problems can be solved?

Write about:

A) Transport
B) Rivers and seas
C) __________________ (your own idea)

PET Questions 26-30

Listen to the conversation in a cafe and mark A, B or C.

26) For his main course, Andy chooses…

A) A normal cheese burger B) A double cheese burger C) A burger with chips

27) For dessert, Andy chooses…

A) Ice cream B) Chocolate cake C) Banana cake

28) To drink, Andy chooses…

A) Apple juice B) Fizzy water C) Still water

29) How much was the order?

A) £8.37 B) £80.13 C) £8.17

30) How much money did Andy receive as change?

A) £11.63 B) £10.00 C) £10.63

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