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Academic and Research Vice-rector

Activities guide and evaluation rubric Task 5 – Speaking task

1. General description of the course

Faculty or Vicerrectoría de Relaciones Internacionales

Academic Unit
Academic Level Professional, specialization, master
Academic Field Formación interdisciplinar básica común
Course Name English 2
Course Code 90021
Course Type Methodological - Can be yes ☐ N ☒
practical enable o
Number of Credits 2

2. Description of the activity

Type of the Individu Collaborati Number

☒ ☐ 6
activity: al ve of weeks
Moment of
Initial ☐ Intermedia ☒ Final ☐
te: 1 and 2
Evaluative score of the Delivery Environment of the
activity: 90 points activity: Collaborative forum
Starting date of the activity: Deadline of the activity:
March 29th 2019 May 10th 2019
Competence to develop:

 To describe in simple terms an experience related to: Short trips

and recreational activities, past events, the weather, to give advice
and recommendations.

Topics to develop:

Pronunciation tips, past events, recommendations with should,

Steps, phases of the learning strategy to develop
Task based learning. The student uses His/her English in a particular
communicative context, in order to carry out a task: planning,
describing, inviting, giving advice, etc.

Activities to develop

Estimado estudiante:
La presente GUIA tiene las pautas para realizar su producto final de
una presentación oral a través de un video. En ese video usted
presentará el producto final de la tarea de Writing (el afiche,
infografía o folleto).

Esta tarea tendrá tres fases: sensibilización, práctica y ejecución del

Usted debe dar cuenta de tres aspectos:
a) Hablar de sí mismo. b) Contar una experiencia de un viaje. c)
Hablar del clima del lugar que describe en su experiencia de viaje y
dar algunas recomendaciones sobre qué se debe tener en cuenta, de
acuerdo con el clima. d) Dar recomendaciones para planear un viaje al
lugar que usted describió.
Es necesario que usted haga los ejercicios de los contenidos en línea
que se relacionan al inicio de cada paso; de esta manera, podrá dar
cuenta de lo aprendido en los ejercicios de escritura que se proponen
en el proceso y así mismo en el producto final.

En cada etapa se señalan las partes de la unidad de los contenidos en

línea que usted debe trabajar, y se hace específico qué actividades
debe subir al foro. Es decir, no todas las actividades que se trabajan
en los contenidos en línea deben ser publicadas en el foro. Revise
cuáles debe publicar.
Descriptor de autoevaluación de acuerdo con el Marco Común Europeo
de Referencia para expresión oral:
 Puedo comunicarme en tareas sencillas y habituales que
requieren un intercambio simple y directo de información sobre
actividades y asuntos cotidianos.
 Utilizo una serie de expresiones y frases para describir con
términos sencillos a mi familia y otras personas, mis condiciones
de vida, mi origen educativo y mi trabajo actual o el último que
Ver video-guía:

Dear student,

You will develop this task in the Speaking task forum.

 At the end of this task, you will record a video through the tool
 Follow each step, post all the activities in the forum and get
feedback from your partners and tutor.
 The final product must be sent individually. You construct your
final product through the process you develop collaboratively.

Stage 1: Pronunciation practice.

Practice the pronunciation of regular verbs in past. Check the online

contents and the following chart:
Pronunciation of ED
Say [id] Say [t] Say [d]
SH Washed L Called
CH Watched N Earned
T wanted GH Laughed R Entered
TH Breathed G Damaged
P Helped V Loved
D K Risked S Used
C Danced W Borrowed
SS Kissed Y Played
X fixed Z amazed
Go to unit 1.4. Going on a trip in the Knowledge environment and
develop all the activities. You just have to upload the following
activities in the forum:1

Chart # 1. Practice 7
Listen again and match. Write each
Nota: Los ejercicios en línea del entorno de conocimiento no se guardan en la
plataforma. Para los ejercicios que tiene que hacer para cada etapa, usted debe
publicar las respuestas de los ejercicios indicados en el foro o tomar pantallazos. No
enviar las respuestas al correo del tutor. Solo publicar en el foro las actividades que la
guía indica.
verb in past.
The first one is done for you.

1 wished 9 Picked
2 sipped 10 mashed

3 mopped 11 pinched

4 finished 12 nicked

5 smacked 13 stopped

6 Punched 14 smashed

7 packed 15 punched

8 faced

sip mop
wish smack
pack pick
punch mash
pitch stop
Go to unit 1.5. What did you do last weekend? in the Knowledge
environment and develop all the activities. You just have to upload
the following activities in the forum:

Record each verb from practice 7 in past. Say your name in
the beginning of your recording.
Repeat the pronunciation of each verb in past.
Upload the audio file in the forum.
Go to unit 1.1. Fasten your seat belt in the Knowledge environment
and develop the following activities:
Stage 2: Interaction practice.
Practice how to present your final product developed in the Writing
forum (infographic, brochure or poster).
Take into account the tasks you are developing in the Writing
Forum. Use the poster, infographic or brochure from the Writing
forum to prepare and do your presentation.
Participate in the Practice sessions with your tutor through
Skype and practice your presentation. Your tutor will send
you a link for the registration.

Use linking words to build your speech

First of all, …After that, …Then, …Finally, …Let’s start / Let’s get
Practice how to talk about:

a. Yourself. Remember the presentation you wrote in the Recognition task.

b. Your trip experience.

c. The weather.

Attend a 15–minute session on Skype.

 Do your presentation to your tutor and receive feedback in order to
improve your oral skills and prepare your video.
 Use camera, microphone and show your identification card to your

Book up date and time for the Practice sessions.

In order to register and choose date and time to do the Skype session,
your tutor will send you a link to a Drive Document to your email and
platform email.

Stage 3: Record the video through Screencast-O-Matic.

Use the brochure, poster or infographic to do your presentation. It’s
necessary that you use the tool SCREENCAST O’MATIC2. You have to
record your screen and your face at the same time.

You can use another similar tool that allows recording the screen and your face at the
same time.
 Pronunciation exercises you did in the 1st stage
 Make pauses
 Speak up!
 You must not read.
 Length of the video: 3 to 5 minutes.
 Use visual aids for introducing yourself.

Stage 4 Publish your video in the forum.

 Upload your video on YouTube. Then, share the link in the forum.

Stage 5: Complete the checklist.

 Complete the checklist:
Did I upload the recording # 1 from the unit 1.4 in
the forum?
Stage 1

Did I upload the recording # 2 from the unit 1.5 in

the forum?
Did I upload the recording # 3 from the unit 1.1 in
the forum?
Did I prepare the presentation for the final product
from the Writing forum?
Stage 2

Did I attend one Practice session with my tutor

through Skype?
Did I prepare how to introduce myself, talk about a
trip, the weather and give recommendations?
Did I record the video taking into account the
previous practice in stages 1 and 2?
Did I use the tool Screencast-o-matic for recording
my video?
Stage 3

Did I show the final product of the writing task in

the video?
Did I introduce myself using pictures and visual
Did I publish the video on YouTube?

Did I share the link of my video in the forum?

Did I save the link in a Word document?
Don’t forget to add this chart at the end of the Word document.

Stage 6: Upload the final product in the forum.

 Copy the link of your video in a Word document. The link can be
uploaded in YouTube or Google Drive.
 Add the checklist of stage 5 and upload the document in the
Evaluation and Monitoring Environment.

End of the task!

t for the
Collaborative environment
Record three audios and post them in the forum Task
5 – Speaking.
Record the final video after doing the Practice Session
Products to
with your tutor.
deliver by
Give feedback to your partners and improve your
presentation for recording the video.

General guidelines for the collaborative work

Planning of Students have to record three audios and post them

activities for in the forum. After that, they give feedback each
other within the forum.
Students have to participate in the practice session in
Skype with their tutor.
After doing the practice session, the student will be
able to record him/herself according to the indications
given in the guide.
Roles to
perform by
the student Each student is responsible for his/her own process.
in the
Roles and
y for the Students upload the final product (link of a video in
delivery of YouTube) in the forum.
products by
Use of
Always cite the references
Plagiarism In the agreement 029 of December 13, 2013, article
policy 99, the mistakes that infringe upon the academic
order, among others, are the following: paragraph e)
“To plagiarize is to present as your own work the
whole or part of a writing, report, task or document of
invention performed by another person. It also implies
the use of cites or lack of references, or includes cites
where there is no coincidence between them and the
reference” and paragraph f)”To reproduce, or copy for
profit, educational resources or results of research
products, which have intellectual rights reserved for
the University”.

The academic punishments that the student will face

a) In case of academic fraud proved in the
academic work or evaluation, the score achieved will
be zero (0.0) without leading to disciplinary measures.
b) In case of plagiarism proved in the academic
work of any nature, the score achieved will be zero
(0.0), without leading to disciplinary measures.

To know how the documents must be cited, check the

following document:
Centro de Escritura Javeriano ( ) Normas APA. Sexta
edición. Taken from

4. Evaluation rubric

Evaluation rubric

Activity Individual
☒ ative ☐
type: Activity
Unit 1 &
of the
Initial ☐ 2- ☐ Final ☐
etting a
Performance levels of the individual
Assessed activity
Aspects Media
High score Low score
Stage 1: •Posts the chart • • Does not 15 points
Pronuncia #1 in the forum. Develops upload the
tion •Posts the some of activities
practice recording #1 the from stage 1.
from the unit 1.4 activities • Does the
in the forum with from the activity
stage 1.

his/her name. during the
tion of
•Posts the last week of
recording #2 the task.
verbs in
from the unit 1.5 •Frequent
past is
in the forum with problems
clear with
his/her name. with
a few
•Posts the pronunciation
recording #3 of regular

from the unit 1.1 verbs in past.
in the forum with •Frequent
tion of the
his/her name. problems
sound [æ]
•Pronunciation of with
is clear
regular verbs in pronunciation
with a few
past is clear. • of the sound
Pronunciation of [æ]. • The
• The
the sound [æ] is revision of
revision of
clear. •The the online
the online
revision of the contents is
online contents is not evident
is partially
evident for the for the
development of development
for the
this stage. of this stage.
ent of this
( Up to 15 (up to 10 (up to 5
points ) points) points)
Stage • Participates in • • Does 30 points
2:Interact the Practice not
ion sessions through Participat participate in
practice Skype in order to es in the the Practice
prepare his/her Practice sessions
oral presentation sessions through
during the day through Skype.
and time given Skype,
for this activity. but does
it out of
the dates.

Does not
(up to 30 (up to 20 (up to 10
points) points) points)
Oral • Records • • Does
presentati the oral not record
on presentation Records the video.
taking into the oral • Records the
account:  presentati video out of
The final product on, but the delivery
(infographic, does not date, so that
brochure or take into does not
poster) account show any
developed in the some of process.
Writing task. the • Records the
 The video is following video, but it
recorded using items: is not related
the tool  The to the Writing
Screencast final task.
o’matic or product • Records the
another similar (infograph video but
tool that allows ic, does not use
recording the brochure the indicated
screen and the or poster) tool or
student’s face at developed another
the same time. in the similar that
 Introduces Writing allows record
him/herself.  task.  the screen
Talks about a trip The video and the
experience.  is student’s face
Talks about the recorded at the same
weather of the using the time.
place described tool
in the trip Screencas
experience.  t o’matic
Gives or another 20 points
recommendation similar
s to go to the tool that
place described allows
in the trip recording
experience. the screen
 Uses the and the
visual aids to student’s
introduce face at
him/herself. the same
 The video time. 
takes between 3 Introduce
to 5 minutes. s
• Publishes the him/herse
video in YouTube lf. 
and shares the Talks
link in the forum. about a
e.  Talks
about the
of the
in the trip
e. 
to go to
the place
in the trip
e. 
Uses the
visual aids
lf. 
The video
the length
(3 to 5
or takes
less time.

the video
shares the
link in the
(up to 20 (up to 15 (up to 10
points) points) points)
Fluency, • Speaks with • Speaks • Hesitates 15 points
pronuncia little hesitation with some too often,
tion and but it does not hesitation which
communic interfere with but it interferes
ation communication. does not with
• Stays on task interfere communicatio
and with n. • The
communicates communic purpose of
effectively. • ation. • the oral
Uses the visual Tries to presentation
aids to support communic is not clear
his/her ate enough.
presentation. naturally •
but has to Pronunciation
read. and
• Uses the intonation
visual aids errors
to support
make it
difficult to
on, but
• Does not
use the visual
on the
aids to
text to
(up to 15 (up to 10 (up to 5
points) points) points)

the link of
• Deliveries the • Does not
link of the final in deliver the
the forum. • final product.
Completes the • Delivers the
does not
checklist. • final product
adds the
Stage 6: Adds the in a different
Final checklist in the way from the
checklist. 10 points
product forum. • Uploads forum. •
• Uploads
delivery. the final Delivers the
the final
document in the final product
forum before the out of the
in the
due date. delivery date.
before the
due date.
(Up to 10 (Up to 7 (Up to 5
points) points) points)
Final score 90 points

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