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Cuenta la leyenda que había una vez un granjero que tenía un viejo caballo para cultivar sus
campos. La gente, al verlo montado sobre él, le decía:

-¡Qué buena suerte tienes por tener un caballo y qué mala suerte tenemos nosotros por no

Un día el caballo escapó del corral hasta la llanura. Cuando los vecinos se acercaron para
condolerse por su mala suerte y lamentar su desgracia, el granjero replicó:
-¿Mala suerte? ¿Buena suerte? ¿Quién sabe? Yo no sé.

Los vecinos se alejaron sin entender lo que quiso decir. Pasada una semana, el caballo regresó
hambriento de las llanuras trayendo consigo cuatro caballos salvajes que se metieron al corral del

-¿Buena suerte? ¿Mala suerte? ¿Quién sabe? Yo no sé, sólo puedo decir que tuve un caballo, lo
perdí; regresó con cuatro más y tuve cinco; mi hijo se rompió las piernas y no pudo ir a la guerra
por esa razón, pero no sé si es buena o mala suerte, sólo sé que así sucedió en mi vida.

Los vecinos se quedaron igual, sin entender absolutamente nada.

-La vida es movimiento –dijo la voz- y hay que amarla tal como es. Las decisiones, los fracasos, los
éxitos, los amigos o los temidos enemigos, no son ni buena, ni mala suerte. Lo único sensato es la
respuesta personal a lo que acontece, a lo que llega y a lo que se va, es lo que importa, más que
Un verbo expresa una acción (por ejemplo: "correr", "nadar", "saltar", "sentar",
or the Philippine native warships, see Karakoa.
This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Aguilera and the
second or maternal family name is Valadez.
an Gabriel was never married. He had six children. The mother of four of his children (Iván
Gabriel, Joan Gabriel, Hans Gabriel and Jean Gabriel) is Laura Salas. Gabriel stated that
Salas was "the best friend I ever had" ("el mejor amigo de mi vida" in Spanish).[32] Nearly a
month after his death, the news program Primer Impacto discovered that Gabriel had a fifth
child, a son named Luis Alberto Aguilera, living in Las Vegas. The two maintained a long-
distance relationship, primarily communicating via e-mail. The mother of his fifth child is
Guadalupe Gonzalez,[citation needed] who worked as Gabriel's domestic employee.[33] On October 26,
2016, Primer Impacto found the sixth child of Juan Gabriel, named Joao Gabriel, living in Los
Angeles, California. Joao's mother is Consuelo Rosales, who also worked as Gabriel's
domestic employee.[34] Genetic testing was conducted to assess Gabriel's parentage of Luis
Alberto and Joao, with genetic material provided by Gabriel's brother Pablo
Aguilera.[35] However, all the information about the supposed children has not been legally
corroborated being so far only speculations of the tabloid press.
On November 14, 2005, Gabriel was injured when he fell from the stage at the Toyota
Center in Houston, Texas, and was hospitalized at Texas Medical Center.[36][37] He sustained a
fractured neck. He was forced to stay off tour and bedridden for eight months.
On August 28, 2016, it was reported that Gabriel died from a heart attack earlier that day
in Santa Monica, California.[38] Gabriel's body was cremated; his ashes were laid to rest at a
house he owned in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, after receiving tributes from the city
and Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. An autopsywas not performed to determine the
cause of death.[39][40]

Charity work[edit]
Gabriel continued to do 10 to 12 performances per year as benefit concerts for his favorite
children's homes, usually posing for pictures with his fans and forwarding the proceeds from
the photo ops to support Mexican orphans.[16] In 1987, he founded Semjase,[41] a house for
orphaned and underserved children located in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. It serves school
children between the ages of 6 to 12.[2]

Legacy and impact[edit]

Juan Gabriel's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

In 2015, Billboard listed Gabriel among his list of the 30 most influential Latino artists in history,
citing his "dramatic performance style" and his redefined concept of romantic Latin pop music.
The publication noted Gabriel's appeal among several generations of Latino Americansand
artists.[42] In his list of the most influential Latin music artists in history, Carlos Quintana
of, ranked Gabriel number six for shaping "the sounds of Mexican music" and
exploring genres from ranchera to Latin pop.[43] In 1986, Los Angeles Mayor Tom
Bradleydeclared October 5 Juan Gabriel day.[2] He received the Lo Nuestro Excellence Award
in 1991.[44] In 1996, he was inducted into the BillboardLatin Music Hall of Fame,[2][21] while in
2003 he was inducted into the International Latin Music Hall of Fame,[45] and posthumously
inducted into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame on October 2016.[46]
The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) honored Gabriel the
Latin Songwriter of the Year Award in 1995, 1996, and 1998.[47][48][49] In 1999, Gabriel received
the People's Choice Awards for Best Regional Artist.[16] That same year, he received the La
Opinión Tributo Nacional for Lifetime Achievement Award.[16] A statue was erected
by Billboard at Mexico City's Plaza Garibaldi in 2001, and remains a popular destination for
mariachi performances.[16] In 2009, the singer was honored as the Latin Recording
Academy's Person of the Year.[50] He also received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of
Fame in May 2002.[51]
His death became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter after news reports were
confirmed.[29] President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto, called him one of Mexico's "greatest
musical icons".[5] United States President Barack Obama also commented on Gabriel's death
and complimented his music for "transcending borders and generations" and that "his spirit will
live on in his enduring songs, and in the hearts of the fans who love him".[52] Gabriel Abaroa,
the CEO of the Latin Recording Academy, said his legacy was "much more than one or
hundreds of songs; he composed philosophy" and that Gabriel "broke taboos, devoured stages
and conquered diverse audiences".[53] Leila Cobo of Billboard proclaimed Gabriel as a "prodigal
performer" and noted that his songs were "romantic, colloquial, emotional compositions that
sometimes rambled but managed to strike a universal chord with lyrics that could apply to
many people and many situations."[54]
Gabriel's songs have been covered by artists such as Rocío Dúrcal, Gloria Trevi, La India,
and Marc Anthony, the latter of whom credits his song "Hasta Que Te Conocí" as the
inspiration to launch his career in Latin music.[54] Tribute albums to Gabriel have been recorded
by several artists including Pedro Fernández,[55] Lorenzo Antonio,[56] Álvaro Torres,[57] Los Tri-
O,[58] Nydia Rojas,[59] and La India.[60] A television series based on Gabriel's life titled Hasta que
te conocí, began airing on April 18, 2016 and the series ended on August 28, coincidentally the
same day Gabriel died.[61] He was portrayed by Colombian actor Julián Román and Gabriel
served as the executive producer.[6

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