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Le SEU. Ciarinect Dwets Clarinet Duets These pieces have been composed to give players of moderate ability the opportunity of playing music in the ‘Latin American’ idiom in duet form. The two parts are equally matched and give both players a chance to shine. Chord symbols at concert pitch have been included for the purpose of optional accompaniment. CONTENTS Brazilian Blend 2 Cayman Rumba 4 ole! 6 Bahama Mama 8 By the Pool " Photographs used by kind permission of Carlos Reyes-Manzo, Andes Press Agency, London GEA) i Brazilian Blend JAMES RAE cuanivert [[6? 5 ] mf | cxanivern | = HCH 7 em or F 4 ' aeee or F UNISON © Copyright 2001 by Universal Edition (London) Ltd., London. All rights reserved Printed in England UE 210731

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