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sorts 11:29 pax geooes S000 ["0 0666 Florida Department of State Division of Corporations Public Access System Electronic Filing Cover Sheet ‘Note: Please print this page and use it as a cover sheet. Type the fax audit ‘number (shown below) on the top and bottom of all pages of the document. (4105000241540 3))) Note: DO NOT hit the REFRESHVRELOAD button on your browser from this, page. Doing so will generate another cover sheet. Be & wo: Be B Division of Cozporations e377 Far Sunes 5 (50) 205-0363 zea == Fron: 228 1 Recount Same: AGE REGISTERED AGENTS, THC. 2m ‘Account Wumber : 120000000205 Bo Phone = (308) 416-6800 Ege # rex Nusber — ; (308)416-6811 Se > « = aa & a = > 1 & eZ en “Ss 7 aes os 2 LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY ue | isfoy i 8 5 BC Properties 18C, LLC f 3s > Electronic: Filing, Menu, httoav/efile.sunbiz.ora/soriptefileovrexe fy 10/12/2005 10/12/05 11:23 FAX 305416681) ADAMS GALLINAR. TGLESTAS Booz/004 05000241540 3 ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATION OF ‘The undersigned, for the purpose. of forming a limited liability company under the Florida Limited Liabllty Company Act, F.S. Chapter 608, hereby make, acknowledge, and file the following Articles of Organization. ARTICLE | - NAME rv) 3 a GB The name of the limited liability company shall be BC Properties 18C;-£1.C; limited liability company (the "Company’). et 3 3 eo a 3 me S ARTICLE ADDRESS Ss & 5s & (a) __ The principal address of the Company shall be 1200 Brickell Avent oe Suite 800, Miami, Florida 33133-5103, (b) ae = ‘The mailing address of the Company shall be c/o 1200 Brickell Avenue, ‘Suite $00, Miami, Florida 33131. qa = DURATION The Company shall commence existence on the date these articles of ‘organization are filed with the Florida Department of State. The Company's existence shall be perpetual unless the company is earlier dissolved as provided in these Articles of ‘Organization. ICLE IV » REGIS) ICE AND AGE! The name and street address of the registered agent of the Company in the State of Florida is AGI Registered Agents, Inc., 1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 900, Miami, Florida 33131, Aas, ‘GALINA {200 aRICKRL AVENUE Sue 800" MAM, FLORIDASSIS4 BIGLESAS ‘Teunrnons 308416.8600 *racauiL 305-46.681 + Professional Association Paget 3H05000241540 3 10/42/08 41:24 FAX 30séu0csi1 ADAMS. GAL STA Boos/oos Page 2 of Articles of Organization of 405000241540 3 BC Properties 18C, LLC ARTICLE y — CAPITAL CONTRIBUTIO! The members of the company shail contribute to the capital of the Company the cash of property set forth in and described in the Limited Liability Company Operating ‘Agreement on file at the principal office of the Company (the “Operating Agreement’) V1 ADDITION. TAL CONTRIBUTIONS Each member shall make additional capital contributions to the Company only on the consent of the members as set forth in the Operating Agreement. E Vil. ADMISSION OF NEW MEMBI No additional members shall be admitted to the Company unless done so pursuant to the terms of the Operating Agreement. A member may only transfer his or her interest inthe Company as set forth in the Regulations and Operating Agreement of theeompgny. 3s7 BS PE ‘The Company shall be managed by a manager or managers in accortlancemgth 7} the Articles of Organization, the Operating Agreement, the Regulations adoyiiad by/fhe + members for the management of the business and the ordinary and customargaffaits of "F the Company. The Regulations snd the Operating Agreement, if any, shall detgyfriingghe manner in wich such the Manager(s) are elected and appointed, and may c&niain any provisions for the regulation and management of the affairs’ of the company not inconsistent with the law or these Articles of Organization. The names and addresses of the initial Managers of the Company are: JE Vill = GEM 1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 300 Miami, Florida 33131 1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 900 Miami, Florida 33131 Apa GALLINAR {ao0 BRK AVBLUE "UTE 900" Ma FLORIDA 33131 SIouesAs "TELEPHONE 305-416.6800° racsnme 305 416.6591 Professional Association Page 2 3805000241540 3