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La mayora de los libros de gramtica suelen decir que make es hacer con las manos, construir, crear, fabricar

y do es ms abstracto. Pero no es toda la verdad ya que hay unas ex resiones que van con do y otras con make, sin que exista ninguna ra!"n. #ado que en es a$ol s"lo existe hacer es normal confundirse. %&' (on frecuencia el verbo )to make) tiene como significado* construir, crear, roducir, cambiar, renovar. +he made a ne, article. - make dinner every day. %.' )/o make) tambi0n significa* mandar, for!ar, instruir, hacer hacer algo. 1e made 2ohn buy us chocolates. /he officer made the soldier march quickly. %3' 4l verbo )to do) describe una acci"n no muy recisa* Paula is doing her best at school. 5e did some ,ork in the garden this morning. %6' 4l verbo )to do) se utili!a adems cuando se utili!a la alabra ),ork) %traba7o'* 1ho does the ,ork in this office8 9y father usually does the cooking on +unday. 9:;4 to make an a ointment< arrangements< an attem t< a bed< certain< a choice< coffee< a com laint< a confession< a decision< a dress< a discovery< inquiries< an excuse< an exce tion< an effort< im rovements< a 7ourney< friends ,ith ...< a fortune< fun of...< a fuss of ...< love< a mistake< a noise< money< a suggestion, a tele hone call< the most of ......< eace< re arations< a rofit< rogress< room for .....< sense< sure< time< trouble< u one=s mind< use of ...< ,ar< a ,ill. (omo regla general, )to make) se utili!a con ms frecuencia que )to do). #> to do your best< business< an exam< an exercise< a favour< good< harm< a 7ob< 7ustice to...< one=s best< one=s duty< a service< the sho ing< a test< a translation< the ,ash?u < ,onders< the ,ork. (oncise >xford + anish #ictionary @ .AAB >xford Cniversity Press* do Ddu*D , ,eak form DdD , DdED %3rd ers sing res does< res doing< ast did< ast done' verbo transitivo &.hacer< F somethingG Hha! algoG< are you Fing anything this evening8 Ivas a hacer algo esta noche8< to have somethingDnothing to F tener algoDno tener nada que hacer< it ,as a silly thing to F fue una estu ide!< can - F anything to hel 8 I uedo ayudar en algo8< he does a lot for charity traba7a mucho ara obras de caridad< ,hat have you done to your hair8 Iqu0 te has hecho en el elo8< - don=t kno, ,hat -=m going to F ,ith youG Hno s0 qu0 voy a hacer contigoG< see also do ,ith ..%carry out' J7obDtaskK hacer< to F one=s home,ork hacer los deberes< to F the cooking cocinar< let me F the talking d07ame hablar a m< ,ell doneG Hmuy bienG 3.%as 7ob'* ,hat do you F8 Iusted qu0 hace or a qu0 se dedica8< ,hat does he F for a living8 Ien qu0 traba7a8 6.%achieve, bring about'* she=s done it* it=s a ne, ,orld record lo ha logrado* es una nueva marca mundial< it ,as climbing those stairs that did it fue or subir esa escalera< no, you=ve done itG Hahora s que la has hecho buenaG %ir"nico'< he=s late again* that does itG vuelve a llegar tarde Hesto ya es la gota que colma el vasoG< to F sth for sbDsth* that mustache really does something for him la verdad es que le queda muy bien el bigote< ,hat has 4( membershi done for Lreece8 Ien qu0 ha beneficiado a Lrecia ser miembro de la (48

B. a.%fix, arrange, re air'* - have to F my nails me tengo que arreglar las u$as< she had her hair done se hi!o einar b.%clean' JdishesK lavar< JbrassD,indo,sK lim iar M.%make, roduce' a.JmealK re arar, hacer< ,ould you F the carrots8 Ime re aras %or elas etc' las !anahorias8 b.Jdra,ingDtranslationK hacer< he doesn=t F live concerts any more ya no da ms conciertos en vivo make DmekD % ast N ast made' verbo transitivo -. &.%create, roduce' J aintDcarsK hacer, fabricar< JdressK hacer, confeccionar %frml'< JmealDcakeDsand,ichDcoffeeK hacer, re arar< JfilmK hacer, rodar< JrecordK grabar< JfireDnestDholeK hacer< JlistD,illK hacer< to F a noise hacer ruido< to F a note of sth anotar algo< %on signs' made in + ainD9exico hecho or fabricado en 4s a$aD90xico< to F sth into sth* -=ll F this material into a skirt con esta tela me har0 una falda< to F sth out ofDfromDof sth* she made the dress out of an old sheet se hi!o el vestido conDde una sbana vie7a< ,e made another meal from the leftovers hicimos otra comida con las sobras< it=s made of ,oodD lastic es de maderaD lstico< don=t F an enemy of her no te la eches encima como enemiga< ..%carry out' Jre airsDchangesD aymentK hacer, efectuar %frml'< J re arationsDarrangementsK hacer< J7ourneyK hacer< F a left %turn' here %:m4' dobla or gira a la i!quierda aqu b.JremarkDannouncementK hacer --. &.%cause to be'* -=ll F you ha yDrich te har0 feli!Drica< don=t F life difficult for yourself no te com liques la vida< that made me sad eso me entristeci" or me a en"< the ,ork made me thirstyDslee y el traba7o me dio sedDsue$o< ,hat Fs me angry is O lo que me da rabia es O< - couldn=t F myself heard above the noise no oda conseguir que me oyeran con el ruido< &. 1hat do you PPP for a living8 .. 5ave you PPP your home,ork already8 3. 9y husband PPP the grocery sho ing. 6. :mber PPP badly on her geogra hy exam. B. /he children PPP a mess in the kitchen. M. 1e are having guests tonight, so lease PPP your bed. Q. - only PPP one mistake in my 4nglish test. R. - have to ask you toPPP me a favour. S. 5ave you and your friend PPP a decision yet8 &A. Please, excuse me ,hile - PPPa hone call. &&. - have to PPP a tele hone call. &.. +he didn=t PPP her best so she felt sad. &3. -t ,as the first time she didn=t PPP the beds. &6. +he ,as late so she didn=t PPP breakfast for them. &B. 5e PPP the assignment, but forgot to bring it to school. &M. 5e has to PPP the house,ork before he can go. &Q. /here are so many decisions to PPP.

&R. #id you PPP a reservation for tonight8 &S. #id he PPP the doctor=s a ointment yet8 .A. 5e ,as busy PPP the food sho ing. .&. 5e PPP a lot of research. ... /he eo le ,anted to PPP eace. .3. /he children are PPP too much noise. .6. -t ,as a leasure PPP business ,ith you. .B. - must PPP my home,ork before - go to bed. .M. 1hy does he al,ays PPP a romise and then break it8 .Q. : famous movie star is going to PPP an a earance here tonight. .R. - ,ill PPP the dinner dishes. .S. Tou can PPP the dinner. 3A. Tou are going to have to PPP some changes here. 3&. (an you tell me ho, much money he PPP8 3.. (an you PPP me a favour and lend me some money8 33. +he s ends too much time PPP her hair and nails. 36. - think he is trying to PPP trouble for you. 3B. 5urry u and PPP a decision. #o done does did made make made do made make 9ake do make make did do make make make make doing #oes make making doing do make make do make make 9akes do doing make make FUTURE U-LL -V /54 L:P 1-/5 /54 (>WW4(/ /4V+4 >U /54 X4WY+ Y4L>1 hone lay begin record be tell do ass &. PPPPP the match PPPPP at .A.AA or ...AA8 .. - feel terrible, - think - PPPPP sick. 3. - PPPPP Yea, but - decided to send her a message. 6. Vext 2uly a ne, album PPPPP by my favourite grou . B. ZPPPPP you PPPPP anything tomorro,8[ ZVo, -[m free, ,hy8[ M. -t[s a secret bet,een us. - romise - PPPPP anybody. Q. #on[t ,orry about your exam, -[m sure you PPPPP it. R. /omorro, afternoon ,e PPPPP tennis from 3 o[clock until 6.3A. +o at 6.AA ,e PPPPP tennis. be fall 7oin like ,ash look for ,ork o en sit s end finish S. :* Z/he ,eather is too nice to stay indoors. -[m PPPPP in the garden as every +unday.[ Y* Z/hat[s a good idea. - PPPPP you.[ &A. -[ve decided not to stay here any longer. /omorro, PPPPP some,here else to stay. &&. -t PPPPP Uriday tomorro,. &.. /om is on holiday and he is s ending his money very quickly. -f he continues like this he PPPPP all his money before the end of the holiday. &3. :t &A.&B next /uesday, she ,ill be in her office. +he PPPPP. &6. :* Z1hy are you filling that bucket ,ith ,ater8[ Y* Z- PPPPP the car.[ &B. -[ve bought 9ary a resent. #o you think she PPPPP it8 &M. /he man can[t see ,here he[s ,alking. /here[s a hole in front of him. 5e PPPPP into it. &Q. /he Xela!que! exhibition PPPPP in 4l Prado on .nd Uebruary and PPPPP on &Bth 9arch.

#oes begin \ am going to be \ ,as going to hone \ ,ill be recorded \ are doing \ ,on[t tell \ you[ll ass \ ,ill be laying \ am going to sit, ,ill 7oin \ am going to look for \ is \ ,ill have s ent \ ,ill be ,orking \ am going to ,ash \ ,ill like \ is going to fall? o ens, finishes