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Aprendemos con Excelencia en la confianza y el Afecto


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Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

El Cuadernillo que hoy tienes en tus manos, tiene por finalidad reforzar contenidos, habilidades y aprendizajes adquiridos, la internalizacin de capacidades y habilidades cognitivas, llegar mejor preparados para el siguiente ao lectivo, disfrutar aprendiendo en cualquier lugar y momento y reforzar de manera sistematizada y ordenada las reas ms deficitarias, de los aprendizajes y contenidos trabajados durante el ao 2012, es por tanto, una manera de mantener el proceso educativo activo incluso fuera del Colegio. En esta oportunidad son tres los sectores en los cuales tendrs que trabajar, Matemticas, Lenguaje y Comunicacin e Ingls, sin lugar a dudas son tres sectores de suma importancia dentro de tu desarrollo como estudiante, ya que los procesos cognitivos implicados trascienden a otros sectores, permitindote desenvolverte de mejor manera en las otras reas de estudio y adquirir a su vez mayor fluidez, claridad y certeza en tus conocimientos, lo que te dar mayor seguridad en ti mismo y contribuir a que tu autoestima se fortalezca. Cada Cuadernillo consta de una cantidad de ejercicios determinados por los profesores de sector y aprobados por Unidad Tcnica Pedaggica y buscan reforzar aquellos contenidos primordiales para afrontar tu siguiente desafo, el ao lectivo 2013. Del mismo modo, cada uno de estos Cuadernillos estar sujeto a revisin por parte de los profesores y se transformar en la primera nota del sector correspondiente. Este "Cuadernillo de Actividades Acadmicas" debe ser entregado el lunes 11 de marzo, sin extensin de plazos ni excusas, esperamos por tanto puedas responder en base a las expectativas que tenemos de ti respecto a la responsabilidad y al compromiso con tus quehaceres escolares. Confiamos que este desafo lo trabajars con motivacin, responsabilidad y de manera proactiva, asumiendo el rol protagnico de tu proceso de aprendizaje.

Unidad Tcnica Pedaggica Establecimiento Educacional Nimara

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

Objective: The following worksheet has been created for you in order to show what you have learnt throughout the year. Instructions: Do the vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing exercises. Use your knowledge and your copybook. I. VOCABULARY: 1) 1 CHOOSE THE CORRECT ALTERNATIVE. a) sugar b) additives c) blood 2 a) Band Aid b) First aid kit c) bruise


a) dairy products b) junk food c) sugar

a) sling b) Band-Aid c) bandage

a) bruise b) burn c) cut

a) healthy food b) junk food c) dairy products

2) 1. 2.

CHOOSE THE CORRECT ALTERNATIVE FOR THE DEFINITIONS. Things we add to a food to make it taste or look better, or stay fresh: A) additives B) recipe C) Junk food D) sugar Food that you eat between meals: A) snacks B) home-made C) bandage When a lot of water suddenly covers a place: D) ingredients



Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

A) bottle 4. 5. 6.

B) sugar

C) oxygen C) carbon dioxide

D) flood D)oxygen D) dairy products D) prepare /5 1 c a p t a i n

The gas that we need to live: A) oil B) water

The different foods you cook together to make a dish: A) ingredients B) junk food C) Home-made Food that you eat because it is good for you: A) junk food B) sugar C) health food WRITE AND COMPLETE THE CROSSWORD. 1 2


captain 3 4


2 3 5 4

_______________ 5 6

____________ 6

_______________ 4) 1

____________ /5 2


diary / photo album / article

flash / banknote / memory stick

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

receipt / stamp / banknote 5 6

pots / lens / steps

manual / block / flash

stamp / statue / article



article photographer hero lens reporter celebrity interview salary flash


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

A person whose job is taking photos.


A person who is very famous, who you see a lot on TV and in magazines. The sudden, strong light that a camera makes when you take a photo. A piece of writing that you read in a newspaper or magazine. Money that someone is paid every month for doing their job. A person who investigates news for a newspaper, TV, or radio. A person who does great things for other people. The glass part at the front of a camera. Questions that a reporter asks someone for a TV show or a magazine, etc.

II. GRAMMAR: /7 5) COMPLETE THE SENTENCES WITH THE CORRECT GERUND FORM OF THE VERBS. 1. 2. Joe is good at playing (play) the flute. Joe is bad at (play) soccer.

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Joe is afraid of Joe is interested in Joe loves Joe hates

(fly) in a plane. (take) photos. (watch) TV. (go) to bed.

Joe doesnt like _______________ (do) homework. Joe loves _____________________ (go) to the cinema.


CIRCLE THE CORRECT WORD FOR SUGGESTIONS. 1. Lets play / playing a computer game. 2. How about making / makeing a kite? 3. Id rather go / going to the park. 4. Lets paint / painting a picture. 5. How about take / taking some photos. 6. Id rather watch / watching a movie. 7. Lets do / doing the homework! 8. How about play / playing video games? 9. Id rather go / going swimming.



CIRCLE THE CORRECT WORD WITH THE CORRECT FIRST CONDITIONAL FORM. 1. 2. 3. If you dont use the right ingredients, it dont / doesnt / wont work. Well save more money if we ll share / share / shares our food. She dont / doesnt / wont come if you dont ask her.


Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

4. 5. 8)

Will you meet me in the park if the weather is / was / will be fine? You wont be cold if you ll wear / wear / were wearing a sweater. /4

CIRCLE THE CORRECT MODAL VERB WORD OR FUTURE WILL/WONT. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I might / will / wont go to the party. I dont know yet.

She will / could / wont be ready soon. She hasnt taken a shower yet. Listen and we wont / may / will tell you the great news. I wont / will / might call Tom but only if I have time. We might / will / wont have a picnic, but only if the weather is good.


COMPLETE THE SENTENCES WITH THE CORRECT INDEFINITE PRONOUNS. anything everything 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. anyone someone everywhere somewhere


Listen. Theres someone at the door. Would you like Theres litter Is We want to go Please make sure that you have to eat? you look. watching this program? warm on vacation this year. necessary before we leave.



/5 Isnt she? Is he? Arent we?

Are you?

Are they?

Arent you?


They arent tired.

Are they

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 11)

You are the new student, ______________? He isnt in a good position, _____________? She is the only one who won the competition, ____________? We are late, ______________________? You arent the best student in your class, _______________?


COMPLETE THE SENTENCES WITH THE PRESENT PASSIVE FORM OF THE VERB. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. My Dad is usually given socks for his birthday. (gave) The children Cakes only


to school every day by me or their father. (take) at weekends in our house. (eat) in Italian. (write) twice a day. (feed) before midday. (not deliver)

I cant understand this book. It The animals in the zoo The letters

English ___________________________ all around the world. (speak) Receipts _________________________ in supermarkets. (give) Vegetables _______________________ in drugstores. (not sell)

12) 1



Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

have there be

Twenty years ago 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. People used to There used to The town There used to be a bus station in our town. The town used to two movie theaters.

used go to

used to be three parks. to a theater. two libraries. to have three schools.

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto


Part 1 10 questions

/ 10

13) Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines. There is one example. a journalist a dentist dinosaurs wings tights meetings a comb news gloves a scarf octopuses plastic fur offices a secretary

You should go and see this person if you have toothache. 1. Some animals have this because they need to be warm in the winter. 2. Businessmen and businesswomen work at their desks in these rooms. 3. You can use this when you want to make your hair look tidy. 4. These animals live in the sea and they have eight legs. 5. These animals lived on our planet a long time ago and are now extinct. 6. You wear these on your hands in winter when it's cold. 7. A bird uses these when it wants to fly. 8. When you go shopping, the bags you often get in supermarkets are made of this. 9. Women often wear these on their legs when they're wearing skirts or dresses. 10. This person writes in a newspaper about things that have happened in the world.

a dentist

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

7 questions 14) Look and read. Write yes or no. /7

Part 2

Examples The time on the clock says five o'clock. The baby in the car is sleeping.

yes no

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

Questions 1. The man who's wearing a shirt is also wearing a belt. 2. A boy with curly hair is throwing a torch into the bin. 3. There's a picture of a taxi on the wall above the door. 4. The mechanic who's standing under the car is very dirty. 5. Theres a radio behind the child whos holding a small car. 6. Outside in the road there's a girl posting a letter. 7. The woman with a bag is wearing a skirt.

Part 3
5 questions 15) Jack is talking to his teacher, Mrs. White. What does Mrs. White say?


Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (AH) for each answer. You do not need to use all the letters. There is one example. Example:

Jack: Hello Mrs White!

Mrs White:

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto


1. Jack: Mrs White: 2. Jack: Mrs White: 3. Jack: Mrs White: 4. Jack: Mrs White: 5. Jack: Mrs White:

Oh, I'm really sorry but I couldn't do it at the weekend! I was ill you see.

I know, and I'll do it tonight, Mrs White, I promise!

Oh yes, I thought that was very difficult!

Oh, but I've got a football match, Mrs White!

Could I do it later perhaps?

A I'm sorry but, you can't, Jack! B You'll have to miss that. C Yes, well, I'm sorry but I want you to do it again this lunch time. D Oh, Jack! Can I have a word about your homework please? (Example)

E OK Jack. But I also want to talk about the English test you did yesterday! F But it's Thursday now Jack! G Oh, I hope you're feeling better. H Yes, well you won't forget this time, will you?

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

6 questions

Part 4


16) Read the story. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word next to numbers 15. There is one example.

One evening in


I was climbing in the mountains with my older brother, Robert.

After about an hour, Robert looked at the map but he couldn't ( 1) out where we were. There was a castle in front of us but it wasn't on the map. We walked up to the big door together. Suddenly an ugly old woman was standing there! She was wearing a (2) black dress.

We went inside. It was very dark in the castle and we were both afraid. The old woman didn't say anything but started to walk away from us. My brother ( 3) 'Don't go with her!' but I didn't listen. I (4) her up some stairs. At the top there

was another smaller door. The woman opened it and there, in front of me, was a room (5) It wouldn't open again. of sweets! I went inside and the door closed behind me.

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

And then I heard someone in the room. It was my brother. 'Come on Harry! Wake up, you'll be late for school!' he said.

Example: summer whispered empty







(6) Now choose the best name for the story. Tick one box. The bad dream The famous castle The poor woman

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

7 questions

Part 5


17) Look at the picture and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.

Trip to the museum

My name's Harry. Last week my teacher took our class to The Museum of History in the city. We went by bus because it was cheaper than the train. Before we went inside, the teacher gave us a map of the museum and said 'It's half past nine now. You're free to look round but you must meet me here at half past eleven. Don't be late!' I didn't have a watch but my friend, Sam, did. We walked in! There were clothes and things people used in the old days everywhere. It was very interesting. You could read people's old diaries too. But Sam said they were boring. He looked at his map and saw there were some pyramids in the basement so we went to find them. They were great! Then we went into the museum shop to buy some things. There were pens, pencils, and books about the museum. We couldn't decide what to buy! In the end I bought a ruler for my brother and Sam got a fan with a picture of the museum on it for his little sister. Then Sam looked at his watch. We were very late! We ran up the stairs to the front of the museum and looked for our teacher. He wasn't there. Suddenly a bus went past. All our friends from class were looking through the window and laughing and waving at us. But our teacher wasn't laughing!


Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

Examples: Harry went with his teacher and the class to a place in called The Museum of History. The bus Questions: 1. The teacher told the children to come back again at .

the city

was cheaper than

the train so they all went by bus.

2. Sam said that the

were boring.

3. The boys went to

to find some pyramids.

4. Next the boys decided to

from the museum shop.

5. Sam bought a fan for

6. The boys went to the front of the museum but their teacher

7. The boys saw that their

were already on the bus!

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

10 questions

Part 6

/ 10

18) Read the text. Choose the right words from the list below and write them on the lines.

Come to London

Example 1 2

There are many famous places


visit in London. The most it's the Queen's home. see it from one of

famous, perhaps, is 'Buckingham Palace' 'Tower Bridge' is over 100 years old and you the boats on the 'River Thames'.

3 4


lots of things for families to do together. you want to go shopping, Harrods is London's most famous store

but it's very expensive. You'll find that markets sell some very nice things 5 6 7 and are cheaper. And you must visit 'Hamleys' is

London's best toy shop. What about food? There are many restaurants in London 'Rainforest Caf' is very good for children. When you go inside you the

8 9

see paintings of jungle animals everywhere! And in summer it's nice to have picnic in one of London's lovely, green parks. When a rocket

it's rainy, go to the cinema at the science museum and 10 go up into space! London's a great place for a holiday!

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

Example: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

to when can is Before very what but have a watching

for because like has Then much that so would an watch

by while want gives If most which or will the watched

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

19) Look at the picture and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.


The painter

My name's Bill and I'm a painter. It can be a difficult job when the weather's bad but I still like it. Well, yesterday I went to paint a house for a woman called Mrs Hill but when I got to the house there was no-one in. I decided to start painting because it was a big house and I had just two days to finish it.

At about midday I stopped for lunch and went to a cafe round the corner. I asked for burger and chips. That's my favourite meal. But there were no burgers so I had fish and chips instead. Well, I was eating my food when a woman phoned me. She said, 'Where are you?' and I answered, 'I'm having my lunch!' I was surprised because she was very unfriendly and she didn't say she liked my painting.

At two o'clock I went back to the house but there was still no-one there! Then I saw a woman in the garden of the house next door. She looked very angry so I said 'What's the matter?'. Her answer made me feel terrible. She said 'I'm waiting for a man to paint my house. He said he'd come this morning but he hasn't arrived yet.'

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

'What's your name?' I asked her. 'Mrs Hill' she said! I was painting the wrong house! I picked up my paint and brushes and ran away!

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la Confianza y el Afecto

Examples Bill's job is sometimes difficult if the weather isn't nice.

Yesterday Bill was going

to paint

Mrs Hill's house.


1. When Bill arrived at the house there

at home.

2. Bill wanted to start work because there were only to do the job.

3. Bill ate

for lunch.

4. Bill thought the woman sounded

on the telephone.

5. Bill felt his question. 6. The woman was waiting for someone to

when the woman in the garden answered

7. Bill suddenly understood that he was painting

Aprendemos con Excelencia en la confianza y el Afecto

20. Write a paragraph describing your vacations. / 20 Include: Places you visited, activities you did, and final appreciation about your vacations. (use present simple, past simple, present perfect, and the other structures taught in class) __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

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