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the iron-iron carbide equilibrium diagram assumed that only iron and iron carbide were present. However, examination of Table 7-3 indicates that ‘commercial plain carbon steels contain small quantities of other elements {es iron and carbon as part of the normal composition. ir Sulfur in commercial steels is generally kept below 0.05 percent. 1" combines with iron to form iron sulfide (FeS). Iron sulfide forms a 4 \g-point eutectic alloy with iron which tends to concentrate at the grain boundaries. When the steel is forged or rolled at elevated ter- peratures, the steel becomes brittle, or hot-short, due to the melting of the iron sulfide eutectic which destroys the cohesion between grains, lowing cracks to d form manganese sulfide (MnS) rather than iron sulfide may pass out in the slag or remain as w ! throughout the structure. It is recommended that the amount of manga- | nese be 2 to 8 times the amount of sulfur. In the free-machining steels, the sulfur content is increased to between 0.08 and 0.35 percent. The improve- ment in machinability is due to the presence of more numerous sulfide inclusions which break up the chips, thus reducing too! wear. Manganese Manganese is present in all commercial plain carbon steels, in the range of 0.03 to 1.00 percent, The function of manganese in counter- ‘acting the ill effects of sulfur was Just pointed out, When there is more manganese present than the amount required to form MnS, the excess combines with some of the carbon to form the compound Mn,C which is found associated with the iron carbide, Fe.C, in cementite. Manganese Iso promotes the soundness of steel casting through its deo» action on liquid steel. The effect of larger quantities of manganese discussed in Chap. 9 on alloy steels. Phosphorus The phosphorus content is generally kept below 0.04 per- cent. This small quantity tends to dissolve in ferrite, increasing the strength \ and hardness slightly. In some steels 0.07 to 0.12 percent phosphorus, seems to improve cutting properties. In larger quantities, phosphorus reduces ductility, thereby increasing: the tendency of the steel to crack when cold worked, making it cofd-short. on Most commercial steels contain between 0.05 and 0.3 percer licon. Silicon dissolves in ferrite, increasing the strength of the stee! without greatly decreasing the ductility. It promotes the deoxidation of molten steel through the formation of silicon dioxide, SiO,, thus tending to make for greater soundness in casting. Silicon is an important element in cast iron, and its effect will be discussed in Chap. 11 THE HEAT TREATMENT OF STEEL ton of oat treatment give ton The ction siven inthe Metals Handbook =.” zmbinon of eating ard eolng operation ted en pi in tho soli state in way tat ll produce doo erties, asic heat-t ranet - erties" Al bse hant-tenting processes for sel inohetho etree, {on or decomposition of austenite. The nature and apsowene oh insformation products determine the physical and me she or ties of any given stec onan! Broper: J git 9 ine het ost some temperature in erabore he in most cases, the rat of hea ing othe tant than other factors inthe heaton Produced by cold work should be ha materials t0 avoid dltorton thick and tin sections of atk Sidored, and whenevor poss ot the thinner seetion I rangeinorderto formate desired tamperture os mp ng, Hany stesed mates ated more slowy than toss The dren in temperature tise whe eof variable cron sacton shouts becom provision shouldbe made for alow tro 0 minimize thermal srs and Satoton willbe done tome ste! by utitng a slow 1g rate as i8 practical, 82 Full Annealing This process consists in he: Beratre and then coating slow trougn te rectars eraby in te furnace or in any good heatinauatng Regal ees ing is general continued to lew emparres The purpose of anneaing may be to improve elcticel and ma machina Since the entre mass of he frna the mater ennel ting the stee! to the proper tem: ' the grain, induce softness, s9netic properties, and, in some cases, to improve © must be cooled down along with ery ow cooing process an teefore comes ion=iron carbide egutorum a Assume that jave a arto { that we have & coarse-grained 020 percent carbon fhypooute- | 280 INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICAL METALLURGY temperature le by means of ine the grain, he original large f ~ this temperal not ‘changed (Fig. 8-10). Cooling from t eta Continued heating between the allow the see Tenoeotte*F content 50°F above temperature rains, which, on cooling, a8. The microstructure of annealed hyp of coarse lar and tends to be a plane of weakne al heat treatment . grain boundary annealing should never be a The presence of a thick, hard, chinat land cementite present in an ann mine the approximate carbon content of The approximate ‘may be determined by led steel can enable one he steel (Fig. 8-2 le strength of annealed hypoeutectoid ste 1@ proportion of Approx tons nth 0.20 percent carbon steel contains approxi ‘and 75 percent ferrite. Applying the abo. ‘APPrOX tensile strength = 40,000(0.75) + 120,000(0.25) = 6,000 psi This same idea cannot be applied to hypereute strength is determined by the cemer us phase, The prasence of the 252 INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICAL METALLURGY strength above 0.8 percent carbon (see Table 8-1). The proper annealing range for hypoeutectoid and hypereutectoid steels is shown in Yf0-3 Spheroidizing As was pointed out earlier, an annealed hypereutectoid ‘with a microstructure of pearlite and a cementite networ give poor machinability. Since cementite is hard and bri tool cannot cut through these plates. Instea ‘Therefore, the tool is subjected to continual sho« plates, and a ragged surface will improve the machinabi process will produce a spheroidal or globul ‘matrix, as shown in Fig. 8-4, One of the following methods may be used: yw the tower critical line ies that aro just above and Prolonged time at the elevated temperature will completely break up the TENSILE STRENGTH, 4,900 PSI ELONGATION, REDUCTION WINZIN. | IN AREA, % Annealed: oot 18 a a7 n 020 38 53 37 64 0.40 4 6 30 48 060 8 96 23 33 080 4S 18 2 1.00 2 108 2 8 420 51 102 4 29 140 50 98 19 25 yao ‘THE HEAT TREATMENT OF sret -| | | | re col a oe Fig. 8:3 Annealitg, normalizing. and hardenis . for piain-carbon stools. * nr | 254 INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICAL METALLURGY 7 pearlitic structure and cementite network, The cementite will become spheres, which is the geometric shape in greatest equilibrium with its surroundings. The cementite particles and the entire structure may be called spheroidite (see Fig. 8-4). Contrast this microstructure with the fone shown in Fig. 7-14. Notice that in both casos the made up of ferrite and cementite. The difference is in the for ‘cementite, and this greatly affects the properties of the mate spheroidized structure is desirable when minimum hardness, maximum of (in high-carbon steels) maximum machinability is important. Low-carbon steels are seldom spheroidized for machining, because in the spheroidized condition they are excessively soft and gummy.” The cut- tend to push the material rather than cut it, causing excessive hheat and wear on the cutting tip. Medium-carbon steels are sometimes jnnealed to obtain maximum. ductility for certain working 19 at the spheroidize-annealing tem- W coalesce and become elongated, perature, the cementite pariclos [thus reducing machinabilty let Annealing” This process, sometimes called suberiice! anneal sofl in removing residual stresses due o heavy machining or other is usually carried out at temperatures below the (1000 to 1200"). 19 This Heat trotmont is used in tho sheet and wire in- dustios and 3 heating the ste! toa temperature below the Tower critical tine (1000 to 1250°F). Ils applied after cold working ang soltons the steel, by recrystalization for further working. Its very 8 ! 6 Normalizing The normalizing of steolis carried out by heating approximately 100°F above the upper-critical-temperature (A, Of Age) line followed by cooling in still air to room temperature. The temperature range for normal- izing is shown in Fig. 83. The purpose of normalizing is to produce @ harder and stronger stee! than full annealing, so that for some applications 1g may be a final heat treatment. Therefore, for hypereutectoid is necessary to heat above the Axq line In order to dissolve the twork. Normalizing may also be used to improve machin- ability, modify and refine cast dendritic structures, and refine the grain land homogenize the microstructure in order to improve the response in hardening operations., The Increase in cooling rate due to air cooling as ‘compared with furnace cooling affects the transformation of austenite land the resultant microstructure in several ways. Since we are no longer cooling under equilibrium conditions, the iron iron carbide diagram can- not be used to predict the proportions of proeutectoid ferrite and pearlite or proeutectoid cementite and pearlite that will exist at room temperature, ‘There is less time for the formation of the proeutectoid constituent; con- {HE HEAT TREATMENT OF STEEL 255 sequently there will be less prooutectoid ferrite in normalized hypoeutec- toid steels and less proeutectold cementite in hypereutectoid steels as compared with annealed ones. Figure 8:5 shows the micréstructure of a ‘normalized 0.50 percent carbon steel. In the annealed condition this stee! would have approximately 62 percent pearlte and 38 percent proeutectoid ferrite, Dus to air cooling, this sample has only about 10 percent proeutec- toid ferrite, which’s the white network surrounding the dark pearlite areas, For hypereutectoid steels, normalizing will reduce the continuity of the proeutectoid cementite network, and in some cases it may be suppressed entirely. Since it was the presence of the cementite network which reduced the strength of annealed hypereutectoid steels, normalized steels should show an increas lustrated by the strength values given in Table 8-1, particularly for steels containing more than 0.8 perc carbon. Aside trom influencing the amount of proeutectoid constituent that form, the faster cool ing will also atfect the temperature of austenite transformation and the finoness of the pearlite. In gener the faster the cooling rate, the lower the temperature of austenite trans- formation and the finer the pearlte. The ‘mentite plates in the p schematic 286 INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICAL METALLURGY , they tend to stiffen the ferrite so it will not yield as easily, thus If the annealed coarse pearlite has a hardness of en the normalized medium peariite will be about ing also shifts the eutectold point pearl increasing hardness. about Rockwell © 10, ‘toward lower carbon content in hypoeutectoid steels and toward hi ‘carbon content in hypereutectoid steels. The net effect is that normal produces a finer and more abundant pearlite structure than is obtained by annealing, which results in a harder and stronger steel While annealing, spheroidizing, and normalizing may be employed to Improve machinabilty, the process to be used will depend upon carbon content. Based on many studies, the aptimum microstructures for'ma- chining steels of different carbon contents are usually as follows: ‘OPTIMUM MIGROSTRUCTURE "as cold-rolled Under in, aia, normalized (Over 3-n. dia, as cold-rolled ‘Annealed, to give coarse pearite 1 give coarse pearite CARBON, % 0.06 190.20 0.20 10030 0.30 10 0.40 0.40 10 080, 0.60 t0 1.00 6 07 Ha able to diffuse out of the austenite structure. The iron atoms then move slightly to become b.c.c. (body-centered cubic). This gamma-to-alpha transformation takes place by a process of nucleation and growth and is time-dependent, With a still further increase In cooling rate, insufficient movement of thi b.c.e. while the carbon is trapped ‘The resultant structure, Jing Under slow or moderate cooling rates, the carbon atoms are’ § time i allowed for the carbon to diffuse out of solution, and although some ion atoms takes place, the structure cannot become THE HEAT TREATMENT OF STEEL 25 called martensite, is a supersaturated body-centered tetragonal stru equal, but the third is sii The axial ratio c/a increases (see Fig. 8.7). Thi Solid solution of carbon t a on trapped in ¢ icture. Two dimensions of the unit cell are ‘expanded because of the trapped carbon ete prontr Aan Coors Wis tee Wait parce eerban TB, Massel 's" i ed, MeGraw Hill Book Company, New vane the high hardness of ma densely packed than in austenite, an expanece rece formation. This expansion duri m on during the formation high localized steses which resuit ie ema Aer erst eading (quenching, 2 & white nowcake or ately ace Ste ture sometimes described of saw. in moot tes tho mares wets tence ae ‘setatle 0.88. "nna aoe wna encore ies lure of martensite s more lary defined There are several i romate 2 important characteristics of the martensite trans- of martensite produces in plastic deformation of the matrix. martensite appears. microscopic tomperature of the start land that of the eng of mar- stool is held at any temperature balow 1258 WTROOUCTION TO PHYSICAL METALLURGY F5.00. Thos! Of Research Laboratory. U.S, Steel Cor terqonched. Etened ‘THE HEAT TREATMENT OF STEEL 28 is he ‘One such formula (A. A. Grange and 1946) is 1,000 ~ (650 x % ©) ~ (70 x % Mn . ~ (85 x % NI) ~ (70 x % Cx) = (60% 5% Mo) N68 Of carbon on the Mf, and My, temper 280 wTRODUGTION TO PHYSICAL METALLURGY \€ WEAT TREATMENT OF STEEL 2 {5 The most significant propery of marienst fivays harder than the eutectoid composition (0.80 is due to the gree hardness of martensite is believed to be mount Bess Se ‘mum hard function of earbon content only a Rockwell Cherdness 8 ‘The martensite transformation, for many years, was believed to be unique tor steel. However, in recent years, this martensite type of transfor has been found in a number of other alloy syster { copper-zine, and copper-aluminum. The transform: re ge a basic type of reaction in the solid state, and the term martensite is no longer confined only to the metallurgy of steel ‘The basic purpose of hardening is to produce a fully martensitic struc~ ture, and the minimum cooling rate (‘F per second) that will avoid the formation of any of the softer products of transformation is known as the al cooling rate, determined by chemical composition and austenitic grain size, is an important property of a stee} Since it indicates how fast a steel must be cooled in order to form only martensite. 188 The tsothermal-transformation Diagram It Is apparent from the previous Siiscussion that the iron-iron carbide equilibrium diagram is of little value tn the study of steels cooled under nonequilibrium conditions. Many metal lurgists realized that time and temperature of austenite transformation nad a profound influence on the transformation products and the subeequont properties of the steel. However, this was fot given scientific basis 8 E'S Davenport and E. C. Bain published their classic paper (Trans, AIME, vol 90, p. 117, 1980) on the study of the transformation OSE te teas To ove eh pres ere 12 Thott erton on ‘austenite and on tt ct oe arsoas of tardness of mariana The sada isto tusy their davatin. The eutet eutectold compesion carton ithe simplest one to sy since theres no posuere covets uent present in the microstructure. no proeurecoie ors The stops wou diagram are followed to determine an isothermal-transformat Stop 1 Prepare a sep tg@ numberof samples cut rom thes sath of hang the sal unples cing hea extent years readed through a olin he sample, showin ig 81. The cross section has to be small in cross oe ll in order to react quickly to changes in tom: Step 2 Pace te samples in trae or siting temperature oon sporoxnaaly 0. Tyo enough to become cor o vai Step ten salt bath at the proper lower ‘rtical temperature how fong it will take for the austenite to start to trans- form. how long it will take to be completely transformed, and what will be the nature of the transformation product. ‘ine best way to understand the isothermal-transformation diagrams ately austenite s in a molten salt bath which is held at a constant subcritical temperature ouvert (@ temperature below the Ae, line), for examp! 282 WWTRODUCTION TO PHYSICAL METALLURGY THE HEAT TREATMENT OF STEEL 283 20 | | Cretan! | Fig. 813A type! sample which i used 1 determine an LT diagram, (ps4 a5e-——+ rss Le a 1@ intervals in the salt bath, each sample is brine. is checked for hardness and studied rent subcritical temperatures the curves on the diagram. ‘happening to the austenite ‘somehow be able to relate the room-temperature mi jon to what is occurring at the elevated temperature, be kept in mind: ‘Steps 3, 4, and § are shown schemat 20 s at 1300°F and quenched, showed only Since martensite is formed of 10°F has already started, and Using the same reasoning as, formation by studying samples 3, 4, 5, and 6. The typical isot fansformation, another curve showing showing 50 pe 8 ~ Trenematen eee pare v 10 oF Tine, scans Sg S10 Dagar sowme toe meme Gagram (om "Ate of lstheral Tranetormaton Biaprame’ US Stee! Coporaton) tai, percent ‘ME HEAT TREATMENT OF STEEL 286 the heat treatment and metallographic study of more than one hundred individual samples. ‘The -T diagram for a 1080 eutecioid steel is shown in Fig. 8-17. Above the Ae, austenite is stable. The area to the left of the beginning of trans formation consists of unstable austenite. The area to of-transtormation line is the product to which auster ‘constant temperature. The area between the beginning and the end of transformation labeled A + F + C consists of three phases, rite, and carbide, or austenite plus the product to which The point on the beginning o snstormation Is known as the nose of the diagram. In all diagrams, exc ‘an additional line above the nose region. The first austenite transformation to pro- id steels (Fig. 8:28) or 486 INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICAL METALLURGY ‘THE HEAT TREATMENT OF STEEL 26 determined by the heat shown in Fig. 8-18, ‘268 INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICAL METALLURGY ‘THE HEAT TREATMENT OF STEEL 208 rite and described in Chap. 7. Just below the Ae, line, coarse ha hardness of about Rockwell C 15. As the fe decreases, the characteristic la the spacing between the ferrite and carbide layers becomes incr ‘smaller until the separate layers cannot be resolved \ght microscope (see Fig. 8-19). As the temperature of transtorma- that the hard- 1069 will increase. As explained under normalizing, this hardness increase is the result of decreasing the spacing between plates of the hard constit- tent, com r jeen the nose region of approximately 950‘F and the new, dark-etching aggregate of chani 810 cooing Curves andthe 7 : agram_ A cooling cuve i dt Perimentally by plac mt “saints loc! black needlelixe st as lower or acicul structure of bai the coordinates of the IT diagram are the same as those for @ coal 108e for a cooling {1 INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICAL METALLURGY curve, it is possible to superimpose various cooling curves on the I-T dia- gram. This was done in Fig. 8:23, Cooling curve 1 shows a very slow cooling rate typical of conventional ing. The diagram indicates that the material will remain austenitic ively long period of time, Transformation tt when the cool ing curve crosses the beginning of transformation at point x,. The trans- ‘continue until point x’. Since there is a slight difference in temperature between the beginning and end of transformation, there will be aslight difference in the fineness of pearlite formed at the beginning and at the end. The overall product will be coarse pearlite with low hardness. Below the temperature of x, the rate of cooling will have no effect on the microstructure or properties. The material may now be cooled rapidly without any change occurring. This is of great value to companies doing ‘commercial annealing, since the diagram indicates that itis not necessary to coo! in the furnace to room temperature but that the material may be removed at a relatively high temperature after transformation and cooled Cooling curve 2 illustrates developed directly from the sothermal” or “cycle annealing” ané was diagram. The process is carried out by cool- ing the material rapidly from above the critical range to a predetermined mperature in the upper portion of the I-T diagram and holding for the time Jicated to produce complete transformation. In contrast to conventional annealing, this treatment produces a more uniform microstructure and hardness, in many cases with a shorter time cycle. Cooling curve 3 is a faster cooling rate than annealing and may be con- sidered typical of normalizing. The diagram indicates that transformation start at x,, with the formation of coarse peatlite, in a much shorter time than annealing. Transformation will be complete at x', with the formation ‘of medium pearlite. Since there is a greater temperature difference be- tween x, and x} than there is between x, and x,, the normalized micro- a a» a th THE HEAT TREATMENT OF STEEL. 2 use (te) \ in pete Rue 40 N Store bate ve 40 Temperctire —— rico site RIC 66 Tine sae curves soperimposed ona hypothetical ctl steel. Cresthatehed portion ofthe cooing curve inaeatstranslormaton, 1888 of pearlito and a microstructure. to the one just edium and fine than the anneal ing curve 4, typical of a slow oil quench, is si and the microstructure will be a mixture of me Coating cure 5, pico annterme form ts) ttn pearte na lava shor tne. The tocnaiey Len parte wil connie ui curve becomes get osare sen Say 25 percont atx Below the temperanon we ot decreasing percent vanstones “op ab The microstuctr tte poi wll coals aoe at Cooling rate, willstart to trans- ead Eq OU 1981S sy UY -weAd Sor aiturea-o}-euueisne ue jo souasge ou eanoN ox! ‘Auesso00u fienioe 6} uBys ates Buljooo 2FR8 out UO 9q 11M 40119 eu “onamoy, Sujoos pexinbe1 aujwieiop 0} sou OU. “wesBeIp 1-1 ax9 Aq paren! SHL "8/4082 56 umoYs 81 weiBeIp 1-9 ou Sutloo9 one eu, “Bujoo snonunuod Aa i464. out o} Puemumop oxou! 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