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different time to give this help * accept your classmate’s offer Write 35-45. words. ine of the instructions describes a4 Don’t forget to write your name at the end ‘you. Read this carefully and of your message. +the situation. 5 Don't write fewer than 35 words or more ictions tell you to write three ‘than 45 words, your message. Make sure you say © Check what you have written something about each point. 3 Remember to address your message to the person named in the instructions (eg Dear Alice, Hi Ben). 3 Write one of these short messages. ‘Your English friend, Alice, helped you with your English homework last week. Write a card to send to Alice. In your card, you should * thank Alice * tell her what your teacher said about your homework * suggest when you could see Alice again Write 35-45 words. You took a phone call for your English friend, Ben, about a parcel. ‘Write the phone message for Ben. In your message, you should * tell Ben who phoned * say what is in the parcel * explain what Ben should do when the parcel arrives Write 35-45 words. There are several ways to make comparisons.