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Writing Just Enough Detail, But Not Too Much

In the late 1990s, when I decided I wanted to be a writer, I took part in a few writing workshops, and one common thread among them was the vital importance of detail, of describing things beautifully. But a lot of emphasis was also put on precision and economy. This translated to phrases such as “not wasting a single word,” “searching for the exact word,” and “trimming sentences as much as possible.” When choosing to describe something or include any detail in fiction, we should always ask ourselves whether it helps move the narrative forward, reinforces the character’s psychology, or serves
Popular Science
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You Actually Can Buy Happiness—by Buying Time

Don’t forget to get milk from the store after picking up the kids from soccer practice. Also, we’re cleaning out the garage today. Gerd Altmann I hate cleaning the bathroom. I also always feel pressed for time. So whenever I delay cleaning duty, it just means I end up feeling more stressed than ever before. But there may be a solution. According to a study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, I can buy some happiness and peace of mind...if I’m willing to pay someone else to scrub down the toilet and tub. “People are feeling busier today than in past decades,
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How This Family Of Worrywarts Copes In An Age Of Anxiety

MY YOUNGEST SON, WHO IS 10, HAS LONG HAD AN OBSESSION that crops up whenever we get in the car. As he climbs into the back seat he will peer over my shoulder at the dashboard and, depending on his mood, may ask the question we both know he is thinking: “Are we going to run out of gas?” My youngest sister—his aunt—is a therapist and the wise woman who taught me the possible-probable trick. And so I say to my son: “Is it possible for our Subaru to run out of gas when it has half a tank and we are only driving two miles to Costco and back? Perhaps. But it is definitely not probable.” Possible v
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
Alex K., Scribd Editor
From the Editors

Unconventional, pragmatic advice…

The book flies in the face of so much conventional self-help wisdom that it’s hard not to label the book as anti-self-help. And yet, that label undermines how pragmatic the book actually is. In the overcrowded, oversaturated, over-clichéd self-help genre, this is is a book well worth whatever f*cks you can muster.