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Food & Wine

Craft Beer, Brought To You By Big Beer

You may not be aware that Ballast Point Brewing Company, famed for its Sculpin IPA and fruity renditions of the same beer, was bought in 2015 for $1 billion by Constellation Brands, the company that owns Corona. Or that Lagunitas is now owned fully by Heineken, or that Goose Island has since 2011 been a brand of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the global brewing giant that owns Budweiser. These are just three of more than a dozen of the country's most popular and beloved craft breweries that have been purchased by global beverage companies in the past seven years. Indeed, beer brands recently purchased
Runner's World
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Fashion & Beauty

Fall Shoe Guide

Shoes are arranged here by their cushioning, weight, sole height, flexibility, and stability features as measured in the RW Shoe Lab. You’ll find highly cushioned, more-stable shoes toward the beginning of this guide, and shoes toward the end. Shoes in the middle provide a balance of performance and protection features that can work well for many runners. If you’re not sure what type of shoe you should be wearing, find out by visiting our Shoe Finder tool at Hoka One One Clifton 4 $130 Hoka has a new look, as seen here on the updated Clifton. While the shoe appears
New York Magazine
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Food & Wine

Cheap Eats

NOW MORE THAN EVER, New York food lovers recognize the value of diversity in their communities and on their plates, and in this year’s edition of our annual guide to the city’s best budget dining, we celebrate what ensues when culinary cultures meet. Namely: bacon-and-cheese tamales, Franco-Japanese bar food, Mexican-Turkish döner kebabs, and chocolate-drizzled Indonesian avocado shakes, just for starters. Further proof that immigration only enriches the cheap-eats catalogue came in the far-flung forms of rice-noodle soups from Yunnan, seaweed from Wales, and Nepalese thalis from … Jackson Hei