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RUBANK EDUCATIONAL LIBRARY Now 38 RU BANK WETWOw FLUTE or PICCOLO A. C. PETERSEN A FUNDAMENTAL COURSE FOR INDIVIDUAL OR LIKE-INSTRUMENT CLASS INSTRUCTION ROMANS PA aLeLeonaRD LESSON 1 Whole Notes-Whole Rests A. C, PETERSEN © ® @ ® ® @ x Treble Bar Double Common Whole Whole Clef Bar ‘Time Note Rest Spaces Lines Attack each Note with the syllable “Tu” not Tha Count 123-4 va A % NOTE: Lessons 1 to 14 The first line of each lesson is a review of old problems and the introduction of new ones. Each one of these lines shiould be thoroughly gone through before proceeding with the lesson proper. The new problems should be clearly explained by the teacher, and the review problems clearly explained by the pupil. The pupil should be able to distinguish the review from the new. ©copyright, MCMXXXIV, by Rubank, Inc,Chicago, TH. international Copyright Secured Rabon Blem, Moth for Flute 47 Copyright Henewed 2 LESSON 2 Half Notes- Half Rests Half Half Note Rest ‘count 12-34 ‘count Ne ‘4 Melody Counting Study Rubank Blem, Meth for Flute 47 z LESSON 3 Quarter Notes-Quarter Rests ® ©® © @ ® @ ® i= # = ee ee —— Fy $ +44 = Quarter Quarter 1-2-3 Repeat, Notes Rest Dots Melody In Waltz Time Waltz Melody Rubank Blem, Meth. for Plate 47 a LESSON 4 New Notes-Rhythmic Studies @ @ ® © ® © ®©® Tie Dotted Halt Dotted Half Notes Interval Study First play slowly; then increase speed. Extending the Range First Duet First Part Exchange parts on repeat 6 Second Part Lightly Row Study in Thirds 8 Rubenk Blem. Meth, for Flute 47-PL, 5 LESSON 5 Development ® ®©O9 OO OO ® @ Melody Melody in % Good Night, Ladies College Song Roback Elem Meth for Flute 47 si LESSON 6 High Note Study © ® ® © ® ® @ © A B s C Major Chord = C Major Chord 2 © Major Scale C Major in Thirds Chord Study Rubonk Elem. Meth, for Flute 47 7 LESSON 7 F Major Studies ® © © © © @ @ © ® ® Pst Soft Loud F © Flat Sharp Natural Key signature Bb F Major Chord F Major Scale Remember Melody in F Major Remember P Duet in F Major Rubanke Hlem, Meth. for Plate 47 8 LESSON 8 Eighth Note Studies © © © © 8G © © © ®© © @ Eighth Notes ‘Accent Eighth Rests = = Long Long Ago-Key of C Long Long Ago- Key of F 2. Folk Song Technical Study = = Rubank Blem. Meth. for Flute 47 9 LESSON 9 Dotted Quarter Notes © © ©60E@ © © OG ® @ Eb Dotted 1-2-3 1-2 Quarter Bs Major Chord Bb Major Scale Dotted Quarter Notes 12 m3 4 America in Bb Rubouk Elem, Meth, for Flute 47-PL LESSON 10 G Major Studies ® ® © © © © @® a a a a o 12-34 E Ike © G Major Chord @) G Major Scale America in G America in F High Note Study Rubank Elem. Meth for Flute 47 1 LESSON it Development © ® ® @ ® @® @ ® Eighth Rest Studies Technical Studies Staccato Melody 7s &) Robank Elem, Meth. for Flute 47 LESSON 12 Silent Night FRANZ GRUBER Andante 41 2? O Come, All Ye Faithful J. READING Moderato Ft Pepe eee tet hi The First Noel French, 18th Century Moderato + Rubank Elem, Meth, for Flute 47 B LESSON 13 D Major Studies D Major Scale ® Melody in D Major Chord Studies Blue Bells of Scotland Andante moderato Scotch Folk Song ft Meth. for Flute 47 LESSON 14 Tie ‘Slur Slow Slurs Slur both groups of two, and groups of four notes. f hoth (geome , and groups Fast Slurs Folk Melody Slur both ways F Major Scale 2 2 Rabonk Elem. Meth. for Flute 47 15 LESSON 15 Rhythmic Studies staccato D Major Chord Study ‘Rubank Elem. Meth. for Flute 47 LESSON 16 Counting Studies 1&82&38&48 1&27&3&48& es Duo Plaisir eels 7 t Hubank Elem, Meth, for Flute 47 7 LESSON 17 Alla Breve Ties Melody Rubank Elem. Meth. for Flute 47 LESSON 18 Minor Scale Studies © Major A Minor Melodic A Minor Harmonie Triads Fundamental or 3g Ist inversion or % 2nd inversion or 44 = Melody in A Minor Rabank Elem, Meth. for Flute 47 19 LESSON 19 % Rhythms 123456 £23 45-6 F Major Scale ‘Rubank Elem, Meth. for Flute 47 20 LESSON 20 b Major Studies Eb Major Chord Eb Major Seale E> Major Chord Melody in E> Major Allegretto Rubank Elem, Meth for Flute 47 24 LESSON 21 Rhythmic Studies Melody with Accidentals fe, te ‘Rubank Elem, Meth, for Flute 47 2 LESSON 22 Sixteenth Notes Melody Technical Study Rubank Elem. Meth, for Flute 47-PL, 2B LESSON 23 Sixteenth Note Studies Chord Study 2 Study for Articulation Fast Fingering Melody Rubank Elem. Meth. for Flute 47 Pt LESSON 24 Dotted Eighth Notes Melody Joy to the World a G.F HANDEL Rubank Elem. Meth. for Flute €7-PL 25 LESSON 25 Triplet Studies Triplets =f >>? > simile os ‘simile Trill Study ae re Rubauk Elem. Meth, for Flute 47 LESSON 26 Syncopation Melody 6 123456 ‘Rubank Hlom.Meth.for Flute 47 27 LESSON 27 Development of Reading Ballet Scene Duet Waltz tempo ~ Rubank Elem Muth.for Flute 47 a LESSON 28 D Minor Studies D Minor Melodic D Minor Harmonic —— Etude in D Minor ‘Rubank Blem.Meth.for Flute 47 LESSON 29 A Major and F# Minor Studies A Major ® af F# Minor Melodic cr) Ft Minor Harmonic A Major Chord Study ’Play with both three beats and one beat to the measure, £ £ Melody Rubank Blem-Meth.for Flute 47 a LESSON 30 Articulations ©, 2 » @, 5 * OO, 5 se O 5 Triplet Articulation Articulation Study “5 te Rubank Hlem.Meth.for Flute 47 St LESSON 31 Rhythmic Chord Studies z Rubauk Elem Meth fur Flite 47-PL 32 LESSON 32 Chromatic Scale Studies Keep thumb on natural key 6 si Octave Study 5 Rubank Blem.Muth.for Plute 47 33 LESSON 33 Rhythm Studies Play both “in three” and “in one” Etude for Counting Ruben Hlem.Meth.for Flute 47 LESSON 34 Ab Major Studies o Ab Major Etude Trill Studies dr tt ar 5 Rubank BlemMeth.for Flute 47 35 LESSON 35 Variety Rhythm Studies Syncopation 1&283 4848 ‘Rubank Elem. Meth.for Flute 47 36 LESSON 36 Petite Duet —_~ ubunke Elem. Meth. for Pinte 47 37 LESSON 37 E Major Studies E Major Scale Chord Study Melody Andante ‘Rubank Blom.Muth.for Flute 47 38 LESSON 38 Waltz Study Sap as (a es simile ee +... . ~ : Se SSS SSS inile we a a Octave Study bank Blem. Meth for Flute 47 39 LESSON 39 Etude Moderato nf ———= => — . crete. = he ba ebe ‘Rubank Elem.Meth.for Plute 47 40 Examination Lesson I 12 Ruban Blem Meth. for Plute 47 a Examination Lesson IL 123 Rubank Blem.Meth fur Flute 47 42 Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms MOORE, Dolee st st of A; THOMAS HASTINGS Con spirito : st ™p nd ubank Elem Meth.for Flute 47 43 Minuet from Orpheus GLUCK Tempo di Minuet ge ep fee es Ist —_ of 2d Bd Rubaik Blem.tieth.for Flute 47 4 Gavotte Allegretto BOSC i st P con grazia nl America the Beautiful SAMUEL A.WARD Cantabile — ae bank ElemMeth.tor Plute 47 45 Old Folks at Home ‘Swanee River) STEPHEN C. FOSTER Expressivo the oe, aes x of Come Back to Erin Moderato BARNARD Rubank ElemMeth.forPlute 47 46 Scarf Dance CHAMINADE Valse expressivo — mf fe tempo rit, 2ud time | 2279 bank Elem.Meth.for Flute 47 47 Welsh Folk Song Ast 2nd atempo Andante con moto BRAHMS Rubank Elem. Meth.tor Flute 47 48 SALIENT FEATURES WRITTEN by schooled instrumen. fal teaching specialists with Pa mes ULL ice 7 Boron ented in a formot designed to min Oe ra te SIMPLE, accurate, common sense fingering chorts are included Pee See LT) woodwind books of the series POSITIVE, readily comprehended Poem POE Ceo eR emg CN ae ee) ererercnmert mrt hs cr eae mE fro Ro Cea Re Ea introduced to provide stimu ec mone eet CN) CD Cian meee uC aur) correlated courses of study stage of the way. BINDINGS are in the distinctive Rubank blue weor-well cover: poper ond printing designed to meet the rigors of student use. US. $5.95 IOAN LA 73999 70040" ° ‘ From the RUBANK EDUCATIONAL LIBRARY RUBANK ELEMENTARY METHODS A Series of Graded Fundamental Courses for Individual or Like-Instrument Class Instruction FLUTE (Piccolo) Petersen CLARINET... 2... «Hovey O80E Hovey BASSOON. + Skomicke: SAXOPHONE. . Hovey CORNET or TRUMPET Robinson FRENCH HORN (E> Alto-Mellophone) Skornicka TROMBONE or BARITONE Long Eb or BBb BASS (Tubc) Hovey DRUMS shots « yy rYoder BELL LYRA Whistler MARIMBA or XYLOPHONE . Peterson TYMPANI Whistler GUITAR (Spanish) DePressles VIOUN . Potter VIOLA, eee Word cELLO Word STRING BASS +e. Word RUBANK INTERMEDIATE METHODS A Series of Graded Follow Up Courses for Individual or Like-Instrument Class Instruction FLUTE (Piccolo) . -Skornicka-Petersen CLARINET Skornicka-Miller OBOE Skotnicka-Koebner BASSOON Voxman SAXOPHONE Skornicka CORNET or TRUMPET Skoricka FRENCH HORN (E> Alto-Mellophone) ‘Skornicka-Erdman ‘TROMBONE or BARITONE Skornicko-Boltz E> oF BB> BASS (Tuba) Skornicko-Boltz DRUMS « « Buggert MARIMBA-XYLOPHONE-VIBES . Joliff VION « «Potter VIOLA Word ‘CELLO Ward RUBANK ADVANCED METHODS A Series of Outlined Courses of Studies Designed to Follow Any of the Various Elementary or Inter FLUTE, Vol. | Voxman-Gower FLUTE, Vol. I Voxman CLARINET, Vol... . Voxmen-Gower CLARINET, Vol... Voxman-Gower OBOE, Vol. | - Voxman-Gower OBOE, Vol. I Voxman BASSOON, Vol. |. . Voxman-Gower BASSOON, Vol. I! Voxman SAXOPHONE, Vol. |. Voxman-Gower SAXOPHONE, Vol. Il CORNET or TRUMPET, Vol. | ¥ Gower-Voxman Voxman jediate Method Series ‘CORNET or TRUMPET, Vol. I Gower-Voxman FRENCH HORN, Vol. |. Gower-Voxman FRENCH HORN, Vol. II. Gower-Voxman TROMBONE or BARITONE, Vol. | Gower-Voxman TROMBONE oF BARITONE, Vol. I! Gower-Voxman Eb or BBP BASS (Tube), Vol. I Gower-Voxmen E} or BB) BASS (Tuba), Vol, I ‘Gower-Voxman DRUMS Whistler