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LAM" READING ROOW VAIN St. N. We By the Ascended Masters and ther Accredited Messengers Me aud Mes. G.W Ballard end 10m, Donald coe ee The “Voice of the I AM” is the mouth-piece through which the Ascended Masters’ Instruc- tion can reach che students quickly, that the most powerful work possible for America and the world may be done by the students to release the greatest Light in the shortest time. Tewill also contain information as to where the Accredited Messengers, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Ballard and son, Donald, are teaching the Ascended Masters’ Instruction on the “I AM.” INFORMATION ‘The information given under the heading of “Young America” will be the Ascended Masters’ help to the young people for their protection and illumination, as they are the builders of the new civilization and are the channels through which the Ascended Masters will give their Light for the use of the outer world in the Golden “TAM” Age. ‘This magazine is not an outlet for articles from the students, but is the outpouring of the help from the Ascended Masters and has no human ‘concepts in it, ‘THE SINDELAR STUDIOS 2600 South Hoover Sereet Los Angeles, Ci “TAM” Ravine Room + JESUS’ DISCOURSE + + NEW YORK CLASS - + OCTOBER 24, 1937 - ELOVED Children of the Light, in the ‘great Love that you have poured forth, ithas made possible the achievement of the days just past and has draws very very close to your hearts, Remember this is not my first visit to your city. Iwas here not many years ago in the tangible body and that one, whom T loved, (Dr. Robert Norwood) saw Me clearly. T wish, to-day, that the churches throughout America and the world would receive Me as the “TAM” Students do, feeling and knowing My Reality and that it is Myself actually dictating these Words, flashing them before the Messenger. However, that seems not to be the case and We muse male the best of it ‘My Joy in having an opportunity to speak My Love to the mankind of earth once again is very great. To-night will be the apex of certain Work. from the Octaves of Light which We are doing for mankind and America. It is also reaching powerfully into Europe. ‘There are thirty-four present in this room to- night who were present at My Ascension two thousand years ago. Therefore, I feel somewhat at home. Most of you have come to know the Mes- sengers were present at My Ascension also. Our beloved Locus was che writer of those letters, the only accurate description of my Ministry and cension that has ever been given. It is your great privilege to have them to-day. In the many won- derful expressions I gave forth, I endeavored to 3 convey to mankind some understanding of the Great Eternal and Mighty Words, “I AM”! Te day, those Words are flooding forch again wit Understanding. lege to-day? You are privileged in having the Explanation in great detail of how, where and ‘what your God Presence, the “Mighty I AM" is; what It means to you; and how you may actually, inspite of all human mistakes, cal Its pure mighty Energy forth into action to cleanse and purify your mind, body, world and activi Great Perfection may once again come forth to the earch. ‘Try to understand the Powe: of those words in ordinary conversation; not only in the act of decreeing, but in the common or- dinary use of the words, “I AM.” You cannot speak those words without a tremendous vibra- tory action going forth. Once the students real- ize that in the speaking forth of those words, they set the eternal Power of the Universe into action; then they will understand how they can quickly set themselves free from every binding limiting thing. Do you beloved Students of the “IAM,” who are so earnest, realize what it means to use the Sword of Blue Flame? Because of the great need ‘of mankind to-day, This Special Activity has been called forth intoaction. Oh, not by the Messengers, but by Ourselves. Try torealize to-night, chat We are Real tangible Beings, free from all limitations, ‘wielding the Power of fnfinite Light. 1 shall remind you of a few instances which re- call old memories. This good brother, the Mes- 4 senger, as the Roman soldier, wanted to give as- sistance with such a great Love—quite unusual ina Roman soldier. [knew the mission that must fulfil, so I thanked him and rejected his offer of assistance. Then came the opportunicy co assist him. Let Me assure you, I knew no distress throughout all that took place during the eru- cifixion, Mankind’s interpretation and human concepts have colored those experiences uanec~ cmsarily. Tn the Wisdom which was Mine, from the con- tect with the Great Divine Directo, I ezeved Understanding of the “Mighty 1 AM Pi sence.” Ie war then I decided, as I called Its Wisdom, into action, in what way I should leave the ex-| ample for mankind. Ie was My Great Joy, not sor~ row tobe that example. In the description written by our Lotus where my statement was: “You have been with Me in My sorrows, you shall now be- hold My Glory”; i¢ was simply matter of ex pression to designate the difference between the two activities. The people thought at the time that ; experienced suffering, but I never felt any dis- ‘tress. I withdrew from the body on the cross ‘When ic was placed inthe tomb I Feturned and performed what was required in the perfecting Seer ties cum den aeageracant / Body, a5 the Messenger has described to you oy numerable times. To-night, am trying to give you the feeling. the Reality, of how practical all these activities are. They seem to be transcendent miracles only because they are unknown. All is Life and Its definite Activity! You, to-day, may all experience the same thing! While itis not necessary for you 5 to go through the crucifixion as I did yee all else that Tattained is yours. There is no question about je, These Great Truths, these Great Laws, are given foreh to you, by Those Whe have won the Victory and made the Ascension. T feel very grateful, that I was able to leave My Example inthe blazing Etheric Record, beck- ‘oning to all mankind, until the day when they too stand with Us, in the Ascended Masters Octave of Light. Twant to assure every one of you that all As~ ‘ended Masters, Myself included, are one; all are Perfect Beings. We are free from imperfection of every kind! Therefore, Weare assisting each other that which We wish to accomplish. Do you not 1 how practical itis, chat Saint Germain and I hould be working together. He loved Me so grea ly, and was trained by the same Great Being by Whom ie was My Privilege to be trained. Why ‘would We not love each other? Why would I not tisst him, inthe Greatest Endeavor that has ever iyeen attempted by one individual upon the earth? ‘Remember, these are My Words and let no human being on earth doubs it, when I say to you, that Saint Germain has performed the Greatest Service ever attempted by one Being on earth. With your continued assistance and the gathering of more of mankind, to give the call and assis ance which He has asked for; you will see mani fested upon earth, the greatest achievement ever known since the Second Golden Age upon earch! It is My Determination, o break down within the concepts of mankind, the feeling thae Saint Germain should not be acepted as Myself. I shall not give My Radiation to any one who questions it, The Law of Life is compelling mankind to-day to turn to the One Source of Light, which is che “Mighty I AM Presence,” as you know Ie to-day. The remarkable thing about chis Work is that you have before you this accurate Chart which brings your three faculties into one focus of action; your attention, your vision and your power of qualification. Again, if you will observe, ie brings you the Trinity of Action of the God- head—Love, Wisdom and Power! Father, Son and ‘Mother! In you, in each human form, that Activ- ity is represented by your attention, your vision and your power of qualification. The Trinity of Action is everywhere in Life if understood. Therefore, to-day in the magnificent Under- standing which is before you, in this Knowledge Saint Germain has brought forth; Ie is accurate, ‘unparalleled for mankind in the history of the earth. The pity is that all churches throughout America and the world do not take it up! Why should the churches oppose the greatest Light they have always been praying ‘What is there that the Messengers give forth that any decent human being should oppose? Tt is the Light which every human being has been praying to and calling for throughout the cen~ turies! Why condemn it now, when It has come forth to bless mankind? But in spite ofall condem- nation, It SHALL DO ITS PERFECT WORK! Already many who condemned the Messengers are seeing their mistakes. Ie is not the Messengers they condemn. Tt is the Light, they are con- demning, remember that! The Messengers are the bearers of this Light—this Mighty Eternal Truth Which isthe Frecdom of every one on earth, who 7 will apply It and stand by and with the Presence. The ones who do not accept, just deprive them- selves of the great Freedom, of the Help, of the Perfection, of the Joy which We would so gladly sive! Te lay, you know that its your application of the Great Law of Life which release into your body and world Its health and Perfection. If you cannot make such a small attempt to free your tclfand stand by I, how can you expect 0 be set free? ‘Please convey this to people wherever you have the opportunity. Ask mankind, who question the ‘Truth of this Light, what is there about It that anyone could not accept? The Messengers ask but ‘one thing —to give your attention to your own God Presence, the “Mighty T AM,” and have Its Freedom, Saint Germain has gone into great de- tail to explain the application in every condition thac you might apply Ie to your Life Is there any- thing wrong about that which mankind should “Tobe but the subbormen of 0 be very plain, itis but the stubbornness o human concepts, just because This Mighty Light id not come forth through the churches or some angle of Truth to which they feel favorable, they reject It. To-day, beloved ones, che Truth is that the Great Light had to come through a wholly independent channel of activity. It had to come dhrough those who were pure enough to carry the ight and allow Te to expand. Saint Germ through long, long preparation made chat possible. To-day, in the glory of the blessing which is yours, rejoice in ity beloved ones. With great dis- Grimination and Kindness, reach all whom you can. Ere long, avenues will be opened to spread ight very much more rapidly; but the Mes- sengers have been wise in holding the guard over, everything, that the foundation might be strong. They have turned aside many things and Saint Germain in dzecting Te has held 1, until now es foundation is good. [tis firm and strong, to, andon, and on, until all the children of earch one day know this Great Presence and all that It means Serene ‘-night My Joy and Gratitude are very great, for the acceptance of this most wonderful of all ‘Truth and Light by so many of mankind to-day. Rejoice that you are a part of it; that you do not have togothrough the experience of centuries a Blessed ones, this is not your frst time of serving the Light, Many times have you been the van- guard of Light, or you would not be here to-day. That i the Great Law which all should under- stand. It is the Light within you which draws you tothe Light and to this Understanding of the Pres- ‘ence. Surely you must realize, you would not be here, ifthe Light had not drawn you. You surely know that. Task you to watch the individuals who come and then temporarily turn aside. Their owa Light hhas drawn and given them the opporeunity; but the destructive qualities within them are just a little too strong yet for the present expansion of their Light Such s quite a natural proces within the human, “To-day, you think of Me as One Who performed miracles, so-called, of healing and various other things. Yet, to-day, the cals of the Messengers are performing thousands more healings than I per- formed, Tey to fel that. Ob dear ones, do not {hink or fea, because Thave been the focus of at- tention of the church world, that there are not ther wonderful Perfece Beings ina world of EecaiTielscrspiaasts ylteratosabe Habited by Great Beings of Light. Yet some of Blessed people of earth, sil think thae only this Tide planet is all in which chee is Life and great Tneligence when back of ail these Great Uni= verses ‘nd planets is a Mighty Directing Intel. Tigence low very wonderful tis, that you can realize this Mighey Truth and enter into Tes great Ex: Bastin of Power and Light Beloved ens, realise fhow fortunate you are that your Lighe has ex: ded enough tallow you co accept this which Eo simple, Yet It is oo powerful and snajeci in Tes Action. Tey to realize, chat thove whe reject this Light are but depriving themselves of the Understanding to which one day they are com= palled to come: This Artiane ofthe Ascended Mates snot jnst forthe present com tivity of the Light which isthe man Beings. I's the Life of the earth, including nature! The Connie Ligh isexpanding within the earth, with- in human beings. Thi Light will compel every- cone some day to accept che “I AM Presence” and thereis not the sligheere question about it. Anyone who refuses but delays the beauty, the joy, the appinets and the Perfection which could be his or rif ach on could accpe it ce npi7 And enter into the Kingdom, which i the "Might TAM Presence.” et The Kingdom to which I referred was the Pres 10 ‘ence, because I knew It. In those days, the Law ‘would not permit—I mean your Law of Life— ‘would not permit certain information to be given forth; because of the condition of the outer world and the density of the bodies of mankind. To-day, the Cosmic Light has said: “Now let this go forth and mankind may accept or reject compel Its own activity of expansion. Te is because the Messengers know this, that nothing of human acceptance or rejection affects them in the least. They know it isa matter of ex- pansion of the Light within every individual. ‘When Ie has expanded enough, no one will reject Ic. The Cosmic Light is compelling that expanding activity to come forth. Do you not see how practical all of this is, My Ministry included; but mankind has set My’ Ac- tivity upon a pedestal, when It is all natural and practical, That is why mankind has not had the results. While prayer is wonderful and beautiful, yet to-day your application inthe cal to the Pres ence and your Decreeing, isin the general activity of mankind a thousand times more powerful than the ordinary prayer. You are recognizing, accept- ing Presence and Intelligence, a Power that is all Authority and Dominion. While in prayer, you areasking and looking to an omni-presence to help you. Sometimes you have prayed to Me and when- ever itis possible, Ihave tried to answer; but many times the inharmony of the individual made it im- possible for My Help to come through. Tin the acknowledgment of your Presence and by the power of your Decrees, there is naught to stand between you and the Perfection of the Pres- u ‘ence which you call into action. There is a vast difference between the understanding of the peo- ple during My Ministry and that which you are Privileged to use to-day. You have entered into the practical Under- standing of the very identical Law I used, to pro- duce My Freedom in the Ascension. Therefore, you have the same privilege to-day. Please under stand this and know that I am a real tangible Being, still ministering to the children of earth; butin a manner thats according co your require: ments to-day. Therefore, you have the privilege o attaining your Eternal Freedom, if you care to accept it. ‘We have thought many times: what would the majority of the church people do, if I were to ap- pear in their midst? You see We know their every motive. We know what is in the heart, the feeling ‘world of each one. When individuals preach the {ospel and in their own hearts and feeling worlds do not believe in My Reality, how can I be there? Do you see what is the matter? Mankind should understand what they are doing. Oh, the fear among many; lest cheir human forms be deprived of a few meals! The fear of supply for the body! ‘Oh do not, do not I plead with you, fear what shall happen toyour body! Ie is that fear which deprives you of so many wonderful things. Give yourself Into the hands of your Presence! Call Ies Power into action! Then see how quickly all fears will vanish from you, beloved ones! Fears are but hu- ‘man ercation! They are but concepts and do not belong to your Presence! If you will call your Presence earnestly into action, all fear must dis- appear; because the Radiance and Light of your 2 Bresenc called forth diolves all unlike Teel, ‘You must see that. pone nad held cps oy te ccknsmindgmest of opened an acl igment the one Great God Presence, the “Mighty 1 AM.” Do you not see how well that is illustrated in the blessed brother's picture of the “Open Door,” ‘which came forth here in your city? Te is wonder- Ful and beautiful. Ie is very wonderful because ives you the eye-picture of your Presence, holding back the doors of doubt and fear. You ‘must pass through them into the glories of Its Great Achievement. Te is wonderful, very wonderful! I often send My Blessings to Mr. Brooks for that picture. We and the Messengers shall always love him dearly, because mankind needs more than just an Inner intellectual concept of a thing. When you have before you the eye-picture of the Reality, again Tsay, i brings the Trinity of Action of your Pres- ence into one focus which means the Victory. ‘That blessed one has given to the world far more than he yet dreams. This magnificent Chart of your Reality, is setting mankind free by the thousands everywhere; because you cannot con- late that Chart without gaining the feeling of the Victory of your Reality; for your Presence is the Giver of all Life to you and everyone else. So try to feel It! In the magnificence of Its Glory and Blessing bow before Its Majesty and Presence! Let It be the Director of you and your Life, the Producer of Perfect Health in your body. Let It bring you balance of the mind in Its Beauty and Activity; the fearlessness and glory, the courage ‘and strength, the power and energy which carries B where from the United States of America, I offer ‘My Blessing to-night, in the fulness of My Love and Freedom, Come into My Arms and let Me life you unto the Glory of your Wondrous and Mighty “TAM Presence”; that you may comprehend, un. derstand and feel Its full Glory flooding you and your world with Its Wondrous Perfection; with Its Mighty Dominion; with Its Invincible Protec- tion and the Glory of the Light; carrying you for- ‘ward into all Freedom and your Ascension, where ‘one day We shall meet. I shall shake your hands and congratulate you on your Victory of Light! T thank you. HE TALL MASTER FROM VENUS, | known ¢o us a¢ VICTORY said in che Philadelphia class: “Did you ever think what determina is? Determination is the Activity of your Life asserting Itself, to bring forth the Perfection which It knows Ic i, into your experience. “L would like to have you memorize that state- ment for action. I think it will help you tremend- ‘ously, to get away from the wavering idea of why you need to use It.” “4 TOE BN Via Slammin o « GREAT DIVINE DIRECTOR'S DISCOURSE « Philadelphia Class—November 11, 1937 ° [RSs] ELOVED students of Philadelphia and | hey ‘America, I wish you to know something DY) ot the service cha has just been started E2X8)) for America and her people. Sometimes one litle realizes how great is the Inner Impelling 15 Forces or how the Great Presence, called into ac- tion, causes each individual to actin Divine Order forthe accomplishing of s cereain purpose. ‘Our beloved Virginia and Catherine were im- pelled to bring forth this adoration and praise to-day. Our beloved Lotus was impelled to make the cail for which We have waited three years, ever since the beginning of This Work. Our Amer ica, your America, did come forth from the Light and her call co return ie to the Light has made pomible a Cosmic Activity tothe eartht ‘Oh beloved ones, do you not see how a great earnest call to your Presence will, at the most unexpected moment, enable you to fender a serv- ice inconceivable to the human intellect? Even a5 Tapeak the words to you, ic is not comprehensible in the human intellect, as tothe immensity of this ‘which has been started to-day. Thave another great joy to offer you, Some of the students and the staff will remember that it ‘was My Great Privilege to offer My Assistance to those blesed young men who passed on over seas, hat they might come to the Octave of Light. 1 four per cent accepted at that time, Additional to that, including up until to-day, eighty-four ‘per cent of those blessed young men have accepted My Invitation, to come into the Octave of Light and receive this identical Instruction on the “Mighty I AM Presence.” It being My Privilege to make ie possible, they will return into embodi- ‘ment comparatively quickly and retain the com- plete memory of the instruction they have been given, in the knowledge of the “Mighty 1 AM Presence.” 16 Tam quite aware that you do not comprehen but a small part of what this means, but if you as T do what ie means to che future of Amer- icy in the incoming Golden Age, Tam sre many of you would rise from your seats by the power of praise and gratitude, Thus, is the Great Eternal Work going on—the Great Eternal Service. On this day, it is such a Great Joy to make you aware of this and le all of che “I AM” Seudents of Amer- know of the Glorious Transcendent Service which has been given. ‘Allow Me co remind you, chat beginning in che last Shrine Class, some Mighty Activity has taken place within every class which has been held by the Messengers. Please observe it! that it may give you the greatest courage and strength, to know the Reality ofthis Great Work and Service of the Light. Blessed ones have been turned aside from this Wondrous Stream of Light. Some unfortunate beings come tolisten and because of cheir previous revolving of resentment toward it, cannot even feel, see nor hear the great Love and Truth that ishere, So to-day, Lask you tobe strong. This Work the Messengers are giving is the Greatest that will ever be given on earth! Be assured of that! for there is no knowledge greater to come forth to kind, ‘chan the Knowledge of their own Jhty LAM Presence.” Te isthe Goal of all hu man pilgrimage upon earth. If people are weak ‘enough to listen to the foolishness of individuals ‘who deny this Great Law, then those people are alone to blame, if their Freedom is cut off. The students see the sincerity, loyalty and eruthful- ness of the Messengers. ” Remember, no longer can We withhold the re- urn upon vicious individuals of that destruction which they sent out. Ihave sounded the warning x number of times. Yet these individuals go on pouring forth their viciousness in words and feel- ing. This is My last warning which Tshall give. I ‘wane this to go into the Magazine, chat all of the students of America may know this, for I shall ‘not prompt the people again! ‘Those who put forth viciousness toward This Light and che Messengers will reap ie IMMEDI- ATELY! This is in the greatest kindness and for their protection. If they will not listen, then they ‘must reap! This goes forth to every one who tries to put forth viciousness toward This Work or the Messengers. There are no human beings in Amer ica so kind and who give everyone such Freedom a they do, Therefore, people who do not want co accept should be silent. T assert again, that We shall not allow the Messengers to be further both- tered by the viciousness of human beings; for such individuals shall reap their own viciousness and silene This is the Law of the Great Cosmic Light, the Law of Life which says: "My Life which Thave loaned to human beings shall no longer be mi {qualified and distorced! My Life i purity and Per- fection! Human beings have had cencuries and centuries, in which to discontinue their discord and return toMy Consciousness, their Home, from ‘which they have serayed.” To-day, We offer the Understanding of the “Mighty 1 AM Presence” to mankind, in all Love and Kindness. The Messengers have battled the discordant conditions of mankind and have won 18 their Victory. Now, no longer shall they be even affected in any way, even by their attention; be- ‘ause all viciousness shall return upon the people who will not be silent concerning it, when it is projected against this Work and the Messengers. ‘Anyone can think, if you like, thae this is he Messenger speaking these words; but you will find ie is not. “TAM” the One, Whom they have told you is the Divine Director, a Cosmic Being of ls nite Power and Authority! and ie will be well for everyone to believe that, for itis true! [Now dear ones, I offer this Assistance to-day, because of the great memory and of the Great Service that the Ascended Masters, the Legion of Light and the Cosmic Beings have rendered to the blessed young men who were released from their bodies in the recent world war, and to some who have been released since. I determined, when T saw the war activity going on, that once upon ‘arth the young men who gave their lives for thei ‘country, should receive» reward not known on ‘earth before, and ic has been done! Beloved ones, when individuals are offered, of- fered, ofered the Law of Life; and they know in their hearts i ie true, yet they allow the intellect ‘or foolish gosip co turn them aside} they can Blame no one but themselves: Now, Lam strength: ening you! In every class since the Shrine, Rive rendered Service to che eden co help strengthen them; to give them the courage needs to stand in the Light of their own Ged Presence, the "Mighty 1 AM,” and let Ie flood cheir worlds. Some apparently have not been able tohold suf ficient Self-control and have gone on in the same ‘ld ideas, However, We are patient. Where Wesee 19 the Light expanded enough; where there is hope that they will be restored, face sbout tod give the needed obedience; then We are ready o stand by until chey have won the Victory” Tiny this fo you to-day and eo all che seudents Be feats le mre enn pee sre ais To Thove who have ee ong ‘noogh costand againv the gos poured at chem tnd remain in the Light, I say €0 You; “Beloved people have courage! for T shall se that condi- ons ae your call o your Presence, are wo regi Itch rppiy, hapinesy courage and srengch ee ena fer your Service in thu Lighe"t Dementia cel ee dng Geom et tsinion on eartht I offer chiseaggestion to-day, that sll earner sincere “I AM” Students may taketh tanta themeelvex. Knowing the Law of which T tpeak: chen, i they will not maintain Self-con- ol how can they bltme anything or anyoae if fey fall? There & no provocation ia human ex- oe eee ee rer eurbed, when you bave thi Ever lacing Pee eee Dear people, chev Messengers have tld you if you will decree for your Ascension in this embolic ee eee then you come Back inthe next embodiment, you rill atcomplish it withoot any question i. the Jworld, Then, why can you not belleve vise? Why an you nor bend every effort in your being, to live accordingly 00 that Decree may be fulilled in your live? May this reach every “I AM” Student in the rental snd feeling world this day! Tam specking 20 in the Power that rends asunder every destructive force which tries to beset you, beloved Students of the Light. Te reaches into the mental and feeling ‘world of every “TAM” Student in the world, and Te shall do Tes Work for them! If you will give Me the necessary obedience, Self-control and har- mony in your feelings, I assure you that not one will fail to have the greatest rejcicing ever ex- Dressed in any human form in the consciousness of his or her Dominion and Self-control, over the human conditions which exists in the world to-day. My Eternal Blessings, Courage, Love and Strength enfold you always! you who are here and all che Scudeats throughout America and the ‘world. I thank you for your attention. a + DECREE + “Might 1AM Presence,” Great Host of As conded Masters, Mighty Legion of Light, Great ‘Angelic Host and Great Cosmic Beings! blaze forth Your Mightiest Cosmic Power of the Blue Lightning of Divine Love into every person, place, condition and thing under This Radiation! Seal each one within the Wall of Blue Flame of Divine Love from the Ascended Masters? Octave of Life! and see that nothing ever touches them but the ‘Ascended Masters’ Perfection unto their Ascen- sion! 21 + MR. BALLARD’S “I AM PRESENCE” SPEAKS * New York Class—October 21, 1937 “LAM” the Presence, the Governor of the Cos- mic Light, which has said to mankind: “No longer may destructive forces go forth to harm others! All human beings who send forth those forces must reap them! because it is the Law of Life, having come to the Power of Its action wherein ‘Assistance to the earth must be given.” "Mankind is responsible for the discord of earth! ‘Therefore, the people must turn their faces to Me and have the release of My Power of the Violet 2 Consuming Flame! that enables them to be free from all human creation; from all discord and limitations, which they have created for them “I AM” the Presence, the Commanding Pres- ence, which calls forth the Mighty Legions of to seize, bind and remove all discarnate en- tities; from all castles on the face of this earth; from all palaces; from all homes; from all ‘ments; from all mining activities; from all ind ‘trial activieies; from che government of America| Tsay to all forces of human creation: “You shall no longer haye Dominion over your crestor, tthe children of earth”! My Light shall sweep the earth with Its Inf- nite Power! My Glory, which mankind has called for in the intellect, shall now find Its Dominion ‘through the heart! that by the Power of My In- finite Radiation going forth, shall the world of ‘each individual be brought into subjection and the Dominion of the Light! Lcall che Angels of Blue Lightning, the Le- sions of Light to stand guard over your Ameri My America; that every person who destructive conditions, qualities or act America, shall cease to exist in his human form! ‘Mankind, who still insist on being wilfully. vi- ‘cious, shall meet that viciousness, and quickly! I, the “Mighty I AM Presence” have given man- kind centuries to redeem themselves! Sell, when ‘My Messengers go forth through the centuries, docs the stubbornness of humanity refuse to ac ‘cept the promptings. Then, shall they who refuse, rreap because their opportunity is here. Tsay to mankind: “All, who will not give at- 23 tention to Me, the “Mighty 1 AM Presence,’ all ‘who do not represent Me, shall find their great Inistake. All who claim to represent Me and in their hearts do not, will meet their own creation returned upon them. No longer can deceit reign ‘within the secret activity of mankind”! Tay to all che beloved students of My Pres- ence: "Issue the following Decree, with the Power of My Presence: ‘There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed to the people of America in tthe underlying motives of those who would at- ‘tempt to limit and destroy mankind’! Now! is everyone before the Light of My Presence! Now’ shall everyone give accounting to Me, for My Life which all have used through the centuries” To you, Oh beloved Students of My Presence, Tsay: "Remember! you are privileged indeed. If you allow persons, places or conditions to intrude their feelings into your world and you turn aside from My Stream of Life, chen shall you indeed ‘wander in darkness.” “The human destructive qualities may no longer be privileged to act to destroy My Children. The nations who refuse My Presence, even as they now know It, as God, by their own darkness will be compelled to perish from the earth. In every age, jen mankind the opportunity, the warn- ing, that individuals might reverse their momen tum and change it, from the darkness of human ir Light. For many centuries mankind has refused to heed that warning! Now shall mankind know what I have meant. ‘This day, I set My Legions into action in your government; in your city, the head of the finances of the world; to take command and bring all hu- 24 ‘man beings into obedience to Me! All the doubts, condemnations and fears shall vanish from the earth and from the feelings of mankind! My Light. shall fill the earth, and all shal ere long give com- plete obedience! ‘You, who have come to know Me once again, know your infinite privilege to issue My Decrees for the solving of all conditions in your America and the world. Do you not understand that you cannot voice there Decrees without My Presence, Intelligence and Energy? Therefore, “I AM” the Power acting through these Mighty Decrees, for the Freedom and the blessing of mankind. Teall My Legions to take command of the feel- ing world of mankind; to take from the feeling world of mankind their fear of disease and ill health; that they may stand forth in My Presence, the expression of My Health! The vicious human suggestions, which have created every conc shall vanish from the memory of mankind and the earth. Stand in My Light and your world shall be filled with the Perfection and limitless Supply of every good ching Which “I AM! Surely you must un- derstand now, that the Presence of Life which gives you action and Intelligence is God, your "Mighty 1 AM Presence,” Myself in action! ‘Then, how, if you believe and feel that, can you doubt Me or fear what man might do, or what created conditions might do? In the Power of My Presence which has the In- finite Power of the Universe ready to flood forth, set aside your human self, that My Powers now may flow forth and give you your hearts’ desire. 25 What gives you your hearts’ desire for Freedom, for Perfection, for the limitless use of all good things TAM che Prevence hat gives that desire fter many centuries, I must assert My Pesta fata faces yes Vhaye pecjcred How quickly, you may all enter into My Glory and Perfection if you will! “LAM? the Presence that is Divine Justice done to My people everywhere. “LAM” the Presence which shall act in your in your government! in your peopl My Age, the Golden Age, again to mankind and give them this time a greater op- portunity to return to Me forever! No longer Shall human creation dominate My People! 1 say to all destructive forces of human creation, through the earth, communistic or whatever de- structive power chat is acting through human form: “Now, you shall face Mel a Power with ‘which you cannot cope! which you cannot harm, but which can make you helpless! This opportu: ity is offered. say to the individuals of the world, you shall no longer create wars to destroy My people! You shall no longer find pretenses to destroy the forms ‘of each other! My Commands have gone forth to all parts of the world! Let noone within hearing of My Voice ever have 4 single thought that this Messenger is the one ‘who is creating there Words! "I AM” voicing My Own Words through this form! ‘Remember, Oh people of earth, when the shad~ ‘ows seem to fall around you, that “I AM” there in your heart! In the years ahead, you can have the Light or the darkness! Ihave broughe Myself 26 ¥ forth to your attention. If mankind will not heed, then what I have commanded through the heart of every human being of this earth shall feel My Presence and Know Ie is Me. ‘As all discarnate entities are taken from the earth, so shall mankind once again live within My Presence and Its Activity! Give your attention to Me, Oh children of earth, with such earnestness, that all human creation you have drawn about you may be dissolved im- ‘mediately; that you may have My Joy, Happiness and Power acting within your human form to purify, cleanse and perfect your world; that the Light may hold Its Dominion within you forever! T thank you all. For all My Children through- ‘out the earth, this day shall the great change be- ‘gin within each human being. How fortunate are ‘those who have already felt that change! My Messengers, the Ascended Masters, the Le- gions of Light, the Great Cosmic Beings and the Cosmic Light Teself, shall take their Dominion in the earth! Te shall be done! + DECREE + “(Mighty AM Presence”! instantly turn every- thing that comes to my attention into the most amazing Ascended Master Miracle, Substance, Power, Success, Victory and FEELING of Divine Love, Light and Happiness! into Thy most dy- namic Action of the Unfed Flame, the “Three times Three” and the Cosmic Light that human- ity and the earth have ever experienced and keep ‘Them Eternally sustained and ever-expanding. 27 HE Breath of a Rose on Christmas Morn x Touched the earth as there was born Him Whose Light and Radiant Love Clothed the world from Realms above With Substance pure and Power Supreme In one unending Glorious Stream Beloved Jesus, Great “I AM,” ‘The Word fulfilled to every man. ‘To Him in Love no tongue can tell "We pour our praise like golden bell ‘And call mankind to love Him too "That He earth's veil may now come thru In Cosmic Light, the Great “I AM” Forever pours Its Love to man ‘And all shall se His Victory now "And to His Mighty Power bow. ‘As Lord of Life and Light of Love He comes in Splendor from above ‘And where He touches earth again Lo! there comes forth the Unfed Flame! Abide within It loved ones dear Become Its Blazing Presence clear Be Lord of Light! Be all Divine! Be One with Him, let His Light Shine! —Chanera 29 N visualizing and using the Light Rays, exch one should train himself to remem- ber, that itis the Light within his body which does all things. Think! when you ‘Your hand, that itis the Light within the nerves and muscles which makes them move. Stop Scasonally and foe char Golden-white Light ring through to do each task of the day. Powhen you think, realize chat it is the in your brain cells which is your mental activity. Whenever you want greater alertness, visualize the blazing Golden-white Light flooding your head and see the marvelous change and ease with which you do all mental work following that. ‘When you arespeaking FEEL, thavit isa Ray of Light-rubstance flowing out throvgh your mouth, which is making the sound you send forth, ‘When you are looking at something FEEL, that it is the LIGHT pouring through your eyes which fives you the Power to see. hen you are listening to something, FEEL that it is the LIGHT within your ears which en- bles you to hear, In this way, you will be able to project the Light Rays with very much greater power. 30 EAG) VERY Student Group under this Radia- 4) tion should always have a Chart and the By GSA two pictures of Saint Germain and Jesus and a good sized American Flag at every ‘meeting. This recognition is due our Presence, the ‘Ascended Masters and our country, and we make the call to the “Mighty I AM Persence” to open the way and provide them for every Study Group under this Radiation. ‘These are focuses of Light Rays and Power from the “Mighty 1 AM Presence” and che As- cended Masters’ Octave of Life, pouring forth constantly to the students during every meeting. ‘All students new and former ones should have this thoroughly explained, 10 they can give the loving acceptance and co-operation which enables the Ascended Masters to release to them the great- test possible Assistance. ‘The Beginner's Group Outline will soon be in printed form and can be obtained from the Saint Germain Press. It is very vitally important that it be used in all Beginner's Groups, to give the ‘greatest co-operation to the Great Divine Direc tor for the protection of America and for the greatest Blessing to the students themselves, It is necessary that the activity be held uniform to enable the greatest release of Light, Freedom and Supply to the Students everywhere. fe ask all lovingly to do the above for the greatest blessing possible to be released at this time in all Study Groups for the blessing of all. ” EARN to rest in the Power of your “Mighty I AM Presence” and place all your activity within Tg rather than to law in your feelings to bring things that you need and wish to use from channels, that you know are filled with chese things. This is a very subtle thing and people with good intent disobey the Law continually without realizing it, because they do not understand this point. Becauce there is plenty of what you need in someone else’s use and custody is no reason to feel that your Pres- ence wants you to have it from that channel, when you wane its we Young people of America will under- stand this point and call directly to their Pres ence, it will enable supply from all channels to flow’ in and release whatever you need. We s0 ‘much want you to have the best there is or some~ thing better than you think you want in the physical experience. Try to let your Presence show you what It ‘wants you to have, for that will always be far better than you can even desire for yourself. 32 seagate AFFIRMATIONS ee “Mighty 1 AM Presence,” and Great Host of Ascended Masters! seize, bind and blast all haman. feeling, its cause, effect and record, in my mind, body, being, world, atmosphere and environment forever! and replace them by the Ascended Mas- ‘ers’ Feeling, Consciousness, Light-Substance, and ‘eternal Presence of the Unfed Flame instancly and infinitely manifest, eternally self-sustained and ‘ever-expanding! “Mighty 1 AM Presence” make me feel all of your light right now. “Mighty I AM Presence!” Flood me with your Light without limit in all I do forever. "Mighty LAM Presence” make me rest in your, activity to bring me the supply of every g¢ thing from the channels it is wise to use at this time and that are always harmonious to me. “Mighty I AM Presence!” we call for the pro- tection of the young people of America as never before, and decree that the Mighty Cosmic Light shall burst upon and within them so bright chat they all, every one within America shall have these books, this teaching, Ascended Master Vic- tory, Success, Dominion, Freedom and the Light of the “Mighty T AM Presence” and Ascended Masters forever self-sustained, to the fulness of their Ascension NOW. 33 : FUTURE APPEARANCES - OF THE MESSENGERS - + LOS ANGELES, CALIF + December 23 to January 2 Inclusive, exclusive of December 25 SHRINE AUDITORIUM 665 West Jefferson Street For Information H, N. ROGERS . 957 South Westchester Place at + SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA January 28th to February 6th, Inclusive SCOTTISH RITE CATHEDRAL ‘Sutter and Van Ness Streets Contact: “I AM" Reading Room 133 Powell Sereet cid : KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI - February 18th to 27th, Inclusive IVANHOE MASONIC TEMPLE Linwood and Park Avenues Contact: “I AM” Reading Room 1916 Chambers Building 34 ADIO ANNOUNCEMENTS ait Paccomel Reeatcap eee geet MRS. G. W. BALLARD LOS ANGELES ++ Dec. 16 to Dec. 22 Inc, 9:30-9:45, emas day, 10:45 to 11:00 a.m., KHJ. KHJ a + STATIONS NOW BROADCASTING - + TRANSCRIPTIONS + KYA, San Francisco, 10:45-11:00 A.M. Sundays KFSD, San Diego, | 9:15-9:30 A.M. Sundays KFAC, Los Angeles, 9:45-10:00 A.M. Sundays WIND, Chicago, 9:30- 9:45 A.M. Sundays WYBK, Detroit, 9:00 9:15 A.M, Sundays KOL, Seattle, 30- 9:45 A.M. Sundays KGER, Long Beach, 10:45-11:00 A.M. Sundays KXBY, Kansas City KFXR, Oklahoma City KFXD, Nampa, Idaho WTCN, Minneapolis KSAL, Salina, Kansas WCPO, Cincinnati KWJJ, Portland, Oregon Note: "We reserve all Radio Broadcasting rights un- conditionally, and no one is allowed to broadcast any of the “TAM Instruction, or read from the Books over the Radio except Mr. or Mrs. Ballard. 35 + OUR NEW BOOKS + Ascended Master Light ‘our very great joy and privilege to announce the coming release of AS- CENDED MASTER LIGHT, Volume 7, of the Saint Germain Series, about Jan” uuary first by the Saint Germain Press. Ie contains Dietations by the Ascended Masters and Great Cosmic Beings, which were given be- fore thousands of "I AM" Students within the last few months, There are no human concepts nor interpreta- tions of any kind within them. Every Word "Cup of Light” earrying the Consciousness, Life, Energy, Feeling, Courage, Strength, Power and Light-substance direct from the Ascended Mas- vers Who Dictated Them. ‘They are placed in printed form to release the Victory of the Cosmic Light toall who will accept the Freedom which They bring. The Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings are giving Their Assistance to every individual when the attention is upon Them while reading these books. At the same time They are pouring the most powerful Protection for our Beloved Land of America through the reader, while his attention is upon the Ascended Masters. America’s Light and Freedom were established in the beginning, by the Help of these Great Ascended Beings and ‘we, Their Messengers guard the Light in America four very hearts. Those who heard these Dictations felt and re- ceived the Light and Power released through ‘Them and are the beneficiaries of the Blessings the Ascended Ones poured forth. This volume contains three beautiful color charts for the contemplation of the student. Each book is charged by the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings wich the greatest Power of Love, 36 Light, Freedom, Protection and Perfection for the aot ener “The Blessings owing continually through them will bring joy without limie toll who sincerely Eeceet layely cin lnteencrion piven taal faa Mighty REALITY and Truth contained within then “This book is of very great import to our land of America, for through IT will How tremendous Protection trom the Great Coat Beings, May every human being on earth understand the Realty of there Grest Blessed Ascended Mas- ters and Rave the Victory and Freedom ‘which Prasad Wot ised a eee ode 50 "ASCENDED MASTER LIGHT Vol. 7 ‘Being Dictation by the Ascended Mas- ters tnd Great Cotaic Beta. Price $3.00, Postpaid $3.25 “LAM” Adorations, Affirmations and Decrees Parts {and Il Volume V ‘by Chanera “The Saint Germain Press kas fort released the “AM? ADORATIONS, AFFIRMATIONS AND DECREES, Volume V of the Saint Germain Series. Tn this book, we have combined the "I AM? ADORATIONS AND AFFIRMATIONS with the "TAM" DECREES, bound together in one volume in cloch binding, to match the rest of the Saint Germain Serie, The contents have been slightly revised and a few new Decrees added for con- ditions which need help greacl Te contains about two hundred pages and has been prepared for intensive use. “LAM” ADORATIONS, AFFIRMATIONS AND DECREES Parts I and Il. 'A powerful selection of Adorations and Decrees for daily use. Volume V by Chanera, Price $1.75, Postpaid $2.00 37 + BOOKS IN BRAILLE - ZS] UR hearts? deepest Love and grati- (2). cude goes out to the beloved students Yi who have made it possible for the “I AM” books of the Ascended Master, Saint Germain, to be brought forth into Braille for the blind. Several of them are al- ready in many of the principal libraries, in- cluding the Library of Congress and also the National Library for the Blind in Washing- ton, D.C. We bless eternally the American Brother- hood for the Blind, embossers, and the blessed students, who have stereotyped all the plates, both giving their services as a glad free gift of Love for the blind. Through the combined efforts of all, it is now possible to obtain the following books at very low prices from the American Library for the Blind, 1845 5, Oxford Ave., Los An- geles, California. “UNVEILED MYSTERIES” In Two Volumes, Price $5.25 “THE MAGIC PRESENCE” In Three Volumes, Price $7.75 “THE ‘I AM’ DISCOURSES” In Two Volumes, Price $6.75 plus mailing charges. 38 Sh AR“ STUDIOS Leso0 tMoovER' St LOS ANGELES: CAL PUBLISHER'S ANNOUNCEMENT - Due to the increased cost ofall materials enter ing into production and the enlarged size of the ‘magazine over that expected when the Subserip- tion Prices were set, it becomes necessary to announce new subscription prices for the 3rd Tete beginning withthe ue of March, 1938, as In California $3.09 a year. In United Seater outside of California, $3.00 a year. In other countries, $3.50 a year. ‘Single copies, 35 cents. Please make checks payable to ‘SINDELAR STUDIOS + SPECIAL NOTICE—Change of Address * ‘Any subscriber chan manent addco mst atty vr tn day Store pobicton dace fo be sare "a tent 9 dew addren, Powe Ofc wil no forward ‘THe VOICE oF THe I AM + TRANSCRIPTION TOPICS AND SONGS + ‘Mrs. Ballard and Mrs. Rogers + TOPICS + SONGS - Mighey TAM Presence” Benutful Preence Song to Stine Germain Contemplation to the “Mighty 1 AM Presence” The Ascension My Vietoey | ‘Acceptance Adoration tothe Presence Great Lave Star rd Children of the Dace teeed sf eeet cria catered al cet ‘The corcof thw Pranripton $20.00 fru double faced record containing two fll programs. Each ld mare pay forthe te on ei Toal sais MB. & MRS. G. W. BALLARD 40. + PROTECTION - OF OUR COPYRIGHTS We hereby notify all readers and individuals everywhere, that everything in the books of the SAINT GERMAIN SERIES, the VOICE OF THE “{[ AM,” OUR PUBLIC LECTURES, AFFIRMA- TIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN TO GROUP LEADERS is covered by our copyrights, with all rights reserved, including foreign trans- lations. This means, we will not allow this instruction and Information tobe deleted, distorted, aduleer- ated or diluted for any purpose whatsoever and ‘we shall protect them fully. We are determined chat this GIFT OF LIGHT, ‘TRUTH AND FREEDOM from the Ascended Masters to mankind SHALL BE PROTECTED and kept PURE, TRUE AND UNCHANGED — FOREVER—that mankind may receive its Eter~ nal Freedom and the greatest possible Blessing. We shall use our Full Power and our Full Right to maintain COMPLETE PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES. SAINT GERMAIN PRESS and MR. AND MRS. G. W. BALLARD a + DECREE « “Mighty I AM Presence”! charge my enti Being and world wich Your ALL-loving, ALL- erful, ALL-controlling Heart by Thy mest Ineeantancous, Infinite and Eternal dynamic Con- trol in all do forever! Sies blow cam Be pruned atthe + SINDELAR STUDIOS 260 South Haaver Stree ‘Les Angele, Califor alt ler fue and ine Geman {Ile See adr faneeed tne Gone Fo Poe Tae Jour Annan ————_—" 2 | UNYEILED MYSTERIES, Volume 1 - THE: + SAINT GERMAIN + + SERIES + ‘THE MAGIC PRESENCE, Volume it ‘Contin thence rnp of wether epic ‘THE “I AM ® DISCOURSES, ‘Volume ti By the Ascended Maser, Saint Germain sivas pining he Amended ae erin Stabe TA wi incr ple re $198 ed 0 ‘THE "I AM" ADORATIONS, AFFIRMATIONS AND DECREES, ‘Volume V, Peres aad 2 ns nn By Chane A pects of pease hives, Amat td Dro of fe “Mage ite? eS path 808 "ASCENDED MASTER DISCOURSES, Volume VI ‘By various of the Atcnded Masters ‘Cosnag sei Dror aed blr bended tsetse cn Scarves coer Dame Bec sgos oped 1 ASCENDED MASTER LIGHT, ‘Volume Vit By various of the Atcended Masters Catan + csioing of Dacre ated are nee of ase Seaiectis aoseste soe tpt ead #93 "I AM" ADORATIONS AND AFFIRMATIONS By Chaners Yost et len td gO "I AM" DECREE BOOKLET. ‘Caner ‘oper tae ee ni li oF AGE rm ck Ranier arta ire areca ‘A CHART OF “THE MAGIC PRESENCE” ‘A lt chart of "The Mage France" bevel Klara, rhe framing Std ote Sas BER nce to Pru 415 "A GHART OF “THE MAGIC PRESENCE” enn ny envi A PICTURE OF THE MASTER, JESUS Roth ‘A PICTURE OF THE ASCENDED MASTER, SAINT GERMAIN care sip 8233 Pace So dee 3 9: Pouhad a List OF VICTROLA RECORDS - an.ize1—nevocaTion | Me Met Malad Sn ote eel 2ac—aling Chora edad “Headquarters for All Publications SAINT GERMAIN PRESS, P. 0. Box 1133, Chicago, Il.