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eas ow Fe eon) Wo aN ee RT ek) {eed “NUMBER ‘Published at the SINDELAR STUDIOS MARCH 2600 S HOOVER ST,LOS ANGELES.CAL “1936 Copyright Saint Germain Press 1936 By the Arcended Masters Mand Mrs G. The “Voice of the I AM” is the mouth-piece through which the Ascended Masters! Instruc- tion can reach the students quickly, that the most powerful work possible for America and the ‘world may be done by the students to release the greatest Light in the shortest tim Te will alto contain information as to where the Accredited Messengers, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Ballard and ton, Donald, are teaching the Ascended Masters Instruction on the "I AM.” INFORMATION ‘The information given under the heading of “Young America” will be the Ascended Masters! help to the young people for their protection and illumination, as they are the builders of the new ization and are the channels through which the Ascended Masters will give their Light for the ‘use of the outer world in the Golden "T AM” Age. ‘This magazine is not an outlet for articles from the students, but is the outpouring of the help from the Ascended Masters and has no human concepts in it. ‘THE SINDELAR STUDIOS 2600 South Haower Street Us An Noss, Cod Seent UO pt Waa ty Whe chm! ji Yo ere : fi Sosa Wes zaniee| [PR XCLOPEA i tae Gre Coumi Monee | ger from the Great Central Sun, who, for | our earth hes charge of and controls the of the "All-Seeing-Eye of God.” ‘This Great Presence, by the Outpouring of the Great Flame of Divine Love from His Heart and the projection of Mighty Light Rays to humanity and the earth, awakens and expands the activity, Of the Inner or True Spiritual Sight in the indi vidual. “The Love which He pours out is the actual Energy and Substance from His Ascended Master Body. He porifis and illumines the atmosphere of earth, by the focusing of gigantic Light Rays of pure Eleceronie Foree, which He draws from the Heart of the Great Central Sua. “Thit Marvelovs Being comes from out the Great Silence at the beginning of each cycle, to 1 pour out Love and Light that thote activities may Belintensfed and expanded within the conscious sepof munkind andthe amopher of eth “This Great One it the Presi for the incoming Golden or “TAM” Age and is the Pro- fecting Presence for America. ‘That is the reason forthe te of the symbol ofthe All Seing-Eye the eriangle, forming the cap stone to the yramid on the Great Seal of the Uniced States, ‘This has juce recently been put on che last iosue of ovr one dollar bile, ‘The motto, “A new order of the ages,” has elise relectare to the ncw civiltzaion, WES is vo come forth in Amerien of which Cyclopea is the great guarding Cosmic Maser, Saint Germain in the authority for the activity of America, in the service which the is to give to the rest of the ‘world, as the “Cup of Light of the ‘Mighty T AM Presence.” ‘The Rays of Light, which pour forth from the Eye within the ttangle at the top of the pyramid tn the Great Seal, represent the sceual Ourpo ing rom Clones for He sei al detons a ‘out Fils Light aod Love wherever needed pon earth, From that Eye nothing can be hidden, for that Great Presence sees all things, ses through all things and cous Perfection everywhere—forever. ‘Through His Mighty Light Rays pass the patterns of Perfection for mankind and the earth, for they fre registered within the consciousness of human Be ea cone Wate a0 aioe: ing Light to be fullied in physical experience, ‘rhe Telangle on the Grest Seal signiies the Triune Activity of Cyclopea, the Silent Watcher and the Great Divine Director, completing the 2 work of building the new civilization in America 4nd being its Coneroling Tneligence,ehrough ‘Their Power of Vision and Se Gace rere i hac onto expansion of the Light, in Its Cosmic Activicy to ‘our earth, as well as to our humanity. Saint Ger- main and Those working with Him control the expansion of the Light through the Ascended Master Activity and all is being brought forth into amazing Perfection, through Their combined ‘Activity to bles this earth and mankkind forevers that all may express the same great Glory, Free= dom and Perfection chat They manifest. ‘Cyelopea protects and guides our beloved America through Cosmic Activities, by the pro- inion of epandons Rays of Light foound and rough the Great Eye in the nor Of the Great Audience Hall, in che Retreat of the Royal Teton, as described in "UNVEILED MYS- TERIES.” Within thae marvelous Sanctuary is the only place on this planet where that Activity takes place. Uatil 1932, this Luminous Being only came from out the’ Great Silence’ once in « Rundred years, to give His great Outpouring ic Ligh? co our earth; but singe then He has ome forth once in six months and poured out His great Release of Love, that floods the earch with His Ligh, "This will continue for the next one hundred years i order to hasten the Perfection which Cosmic Schedule, ‘Those Rays will illumine the consciousness and expand the Light within the hheares of mankind everywhere. Tn appearance, this Beloved Master is glorious 3 and magnificent to behold. His eyes fascinate one by the tremendous Light and Power that shines ‘out chrough them, but the wisdom and Love that flow to the beholder bring such Peace, that one simply worships in silent adoration the Mighty Presence and Intelligence that can be so celestial. Great Streams of White Lightning flash forth com His Head, a Ray of Divine Love blazes from His Heart and an intense radiance comes forth from the throat center. ‘The adorable Presence of Cyclopea is tall, ma- jestic and God-like in every detail, the very em- bodiment of the limitless Power of Light and Love and the beholder realizes that He wields Power and Authority that could control » system of ‘worlds. “May the students of the "Mighty I AM Pres ‘ence,” America and the world know more of this ‘Marvelous Being of Light and Love, and be for- ‘ever grateful for the Gift He continually bestows ‘0 graciously upon all. Cyclopea, Thou All-Seeing-Eye of God! may the "Mighty I AM Presence” bless Thee forever ‘with our limitless Eternal Love and gratitude for the Transcendent Service Thou dost bestow upon mankind and this earth. + AFFIRMATION * “Mighty I AM Presence! I do this instant ac~ cept the fulness of this for which I have asked? if theres any human obstruction in my conscious- ness, take it out forever. 4 “The Ascended Master, Saint Ger- Faq main, is that Great Glorious Being | thoy in a former embodiment, was the Prophet, Samuel, mentioned in | the Bible. He has labored through- Bete eects | of mankind everywhere and is now BS orking meas! forte prutecton and illemination of America. Having made the ‘Ascension as Jesus did, He is now che Great Mas- ter who has charge of the new civilization to come forth in America, for which he has worked un- ceasingly during the past ewo hundred years. ‘it the Middle Ages, He was embodied a Sane ee See eee sie mi ae eee ent ‘unselfish fearlee stand for the Truth, “iis last embodiment was that of Lord Francis Bacon, who was the son of Queen Elizabeth by her husband, Lord Leister, the Duke of Leister being His brother. He worked continually in that life for the upliftment of England, but because of the intrigue at court and the activities of that ‘350, His work was not allowed to reach the height syhich could have been attained, had He been eel eed sel rerio Lee He did write the Shakespearean plays and that is why there has always been the controversy con cerning them. Throughout these plays runs con > tinwally the Law of Life for which He has always labored and there are some five hundred instances in which the acrostic of the name, Francis Bacon, appears in them. They also contain cipher code, fving the Inner Instruction of a school of Ini fiaces on the Continent to which He belonged. He atbourot oak on einer code which ssl the "The name, Wiliam Shakespeare, under which He wrote the plays hae it was the Will of the TAM that He shake the Spear of Wisdom at the darkness of ignorance, which all chrou, the centuries has been His special activity, for biessing and illumination of every age in which He chose an embodim Hie was che one who inspired the people of Obex~ ammergau to institute the custom of giving the Passion Play every ten yoars, in gratitade to God for replief from the plagues and disteess which hhad visited them in that locality. eis for this reason, that students everywhere should understand, chat in no way are we trying to replace Jesus with Saint Germain. In the frst Place, who epuld? In the second, no Ascended Master ever does anything contrary to any other ‘Ascended Master, for in the Ascended State, all is one Perfect Divine Activity and the co-opera- tion is one of deepest Love and Harmony; but the Masters do not do each other's work and each gives 2 service to our earth with which no other Master interferes ia ‘Saint Germain loves Jesus very, very deeply, having done to all through the centuries and be- cause of His great devotion to the Light and great Perfection for which They both labor, He and Jesus are naturally working together now with 6 she Great Cosmic Mewenger known as che Great vine Director, to bring forth the permanent Golden or I AM Age for our earth. This begins swith the new civilization that is destined to come forth in America. ‘Jesus gave the public example of the Ascension and made the living, pulsating, Etheric Record in the atmosphere of this planet, which stands as a Magnet of Light drawing all mankind upward until they make the Ascension also, In making this ‘Cosmic Record of His Ascension, He gave a service 0 our earth that no other Master has ever given or ever will give; but Saint Germain, being the Lord of the Sevench Ray, which is the activity of the Violet Ray and the controlling directing In- telligence for the new cycle of ten thousand years, is che Great Ascended Master who has been chosen to work with the Great Divine Director and Jesus to design and bring forth the Perfection and new civilization that i to be the permanent condi- tion on our earth in the future. Saint Germain illumined and raised His body in 1684, loft England and the Continent for many years and went to the Hymalayan Mountains to work at the Inner levels of consciousness. He re- turned toEurope in the visible, tangible, Ascended Body, just previous to the French Revolution and would have prevented it had the people listened to His counsel; but they refused to accept His ‘Wisdom and paid in suffering for that refusal. He has worked for America for the past two hhundeed years and He isthe Presiding Master un- der Whom she is to come to the fulfillment of her destiny as the “Holy Grail or Cup of Light,” from which the rest of che world will drink—now— and in the Future, a America is the heart of this planet and, as the heat the must be protected and amined if the ly is to survive, America must be the supply of Light to the ret of the earth, uncil the changes, which are to come, have brought order and peace to the balance of mankind. Saint Germain’s service is given by the oatpour- ing of His Lignt and Love tothe people of America land the world and also through their conscious Se opecwtion | with) the Arcended Masters, the ‘ngelc Hove ind ehe Legion of Light, for these are very, real, tangible Beings whose Love, Light and Power transcend all human concepts. They fe ready at all times 0 give without limit, the fulness of Their Blessings and Perfection to our earth ut mankind mune make dhe cll fom physical octaye of Life, in order to open the ‘way for Their Great Perfection to low into the daily experience of the individual. Te is only in this way that humanity can be- come free from its misery, degradation and limi. fEation, because it muse use ies own energy to reach tup and thus lift itself into the next octave of Life, inorder to expand the Light and Perfection of the “Mighty TAM Presence,” through its own Self- conscious effort and desire tobe free, The Triple Activity of the Great Divine Direc~ tor, Jesus and Saint Germain for America is 2 serviee in which every student of Light can join, by giving Them conscious daily recognition and calling the “Mighty [AM Presence” i To nction to charge. everybedy, and everything in_-Amerien with Their limitless Ouspouring of Light, Love, Protection and Perfection to blaze forth with such irresistible dynamic Power that nothing can with- 8 sand the mighty onrush of Tes Glory, Freedom nd Victory. ‘We ask alin America to make this call daily crvhintense sincerity and fecling thas all receive the most powerful assistance posible in the shortest time, 5 Ee + AFFIRMATIONS * ‘We ask every student under this radiation to use the affirmation for charging the energy in the ‘gas belts with the Ascended Masters’ Divine Love, fand the ones which eall unto the Great Divine Director for the protection of America, at least three times a day, putting great sincerity, feeling and dynamic energy into the words as you think for speak them, ‘They are as follows: “Mighty [AM Presence”! come forth in Thy Infinite Ascended Master Power and charge all the energy in the gas beles of earch with the com- bined Divine Love of the Ascended Host, the Leg- fon of Light, the Angelic Host and Great White Brotherhood, in such dynamie power that nothing ccan resist the Mighty Onrush of Ics Light and dominion, eternally Self-sustained. Mighty Divine Director! in the Name of the “Mighty 1 AM Presence,” we call unto Thee as never before to come forth in Thy Infinite Power and release whatever Light and Activity is re iuired, even though it be “That Light as of a thousands Suns” to protect our beloved America with an invincible wall of Electronic Force through which nothing ean pass but the Perfec~ tion of the Ascended Masters, ’ THE INFINITE GIFTS OF = 1G ee >] LL Perfection and Its Manifestation de- | /Xce| pend upon and are the operations of the Ue Rae alee ter cee Be arias pcalewe arsed Ceeined ieee nyse EER seein pene act ahr cnarealn cme acaned ae aes ees Teas ees pu hepa bey ae enables the muscles to move, the blood to circulate and its functions to be performed. It is the Wisicwites tal Lea? here heehee a re ieee eae Seu Wise tin ate oie a alee Ese e ne Seca saponin Tiana nian Genco nice eee ee Recon ae 10 beat. It is Light, which is Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance that enables form to exist and every th'ng in human experience depends upon Light, for without Light » Univerte could not be. ‘When you virwalize Light, you give obedience ig the hight crn nap the Mighy TA Presence”; you obey che first commandments you accept the “Presence” yow obey the Law of Love; you control the attention; you qualify everything Iwith Perfection; you do the Will of God; and you Tefise acceptance to human creation. ‘When you call the "Mighty IAM Presence” into dynamic setion, to charge any person, place, con- dldon or thing with enough Light, Perfection is the result, When the Lighe in the heart and the Light in the head meets the Light from the Grext Central Sun, which is One with your “Mighty T ‘AM Presence,” then Perfection is made physically manifest and is eternally Self-sustained. ‘Any imperfece condition in the mind oF body is simply the lack of enough Light from the "Pres: nce” to fill that place: with the Perfection of Teel, for Light is the manifestation of Tes Per~ fection in and through the atomic structure of the individual and this earch. ‘When che individual calls the “Mighty TAM Presence” into the physieal octave to release es Light into the body, whether it be the body of the individual, the body of the nation or che body of the earth, That Light moves in tnd all condi fons required to manifest Perfection are celeased inte dynamic action. Tighe simply illumines all with Its Perfection. Ie filly all with Its Subseance and sets everything into Divine order harmoniously, thus establishing u love, peace and happiness People in the darkness, which may be physical, ‘mental or emotional, lose their fear when they reach the Light. People lose their troubles when they use the Light. People lose their limitations when they love the Light. People lose all human ‘qualities when they call the Light of the “Mighty TAM Presence” into action, for Light is the only thing they require in any and every activity of All individuals love to be out of doors, because the greater Light from the sun contains that which makes them happy. They intuitively love And feel thae they cequire Te, Everyone in reality is seeking happiness which only exists withi Light, In a country that is controlled by those who let the Light rule, who love the Light and who release that Light into action, enabling the Intelligence necessary for its direction co be the ruling power and maincain Perfection, there is al- ‘ways abundance, success and happiness for all. Then, ic is high time for all, who want the constructive way of Life in America and the world, to wake up and understand this instruc- tion of the “Mighty I AM Presence,” that they may release the Light required to fill America and the earth with chat Perfection which is the Divine Plan for every electron, atom, individual, planet, star, sun and system of worlds through ‘Do you like to live in a oom or house without enough Light? Do you like to live in a country ‘without enough Light? Do you want to live in a world without enough Light? Then it is you, every individual, who must call to God to flood the world with more Light. 2 Awaken—now—to the necessity of knowing the “Mighty AM Presence” in Its Fulness and gall unto Is with enough intensity to reente Ie imitless Light into everything you think, say, feel and do and blaze It forth at all times with such power that nothing can resist the Mighty Onrush of Its Perfection. ‘We ask every person in America to consider himself a committee of one to get this Ascended Master understanding of the “Mighty 1 AM Pretence” before the people of America and the world, chat they may know the Law of Light and Gall Te into action—everywhere—to produce Perfection and set all free forever. ‘Let us all call unto the “Mighty I AM Pres- cence,” the Ascended Masters, the Legion of Light ‘and ‘the Angelic Hosts to flood all humanity, ‘America and the world ith « Tidal Wave of such Dazzling Light and Love, chat It simply Sweeps all with an irresistible outpouring of Ies Mighty Perfection and produce: Ascended Mas- ter Victory, Miracles, Freedom and Glory forever Self-expanding. In che Ascended Masters’ Infinite Power of the “Mighty IAM Presence” we bless you and enfold ‘you forever in Their Eternal Light-Light-Light. TAM the Miracle-Working Presence, ‘The Infinite Great Love-Flame; 1 AM the Miracle-Working Presence Of the Great God-Self, T AM: TAM the Miracle-Working Presence Conquering all by Tes Great Might, IAM the Miracle-Working Presence And the Victory of LIGHT. The Ballards. 1B “JAM? the Ascension in the Light. ‘] AM” the Open Door which no man can shut. | AM? the Presence that moves into action at the human call and human creation and limita tion move out without struggle. “TAM? the Préseace—the ONLY Presence that ever acts, You are the qualifier that changes My Perfection into human limitation and discord. “1 AM? ever pouring forth into your mind and body the fulness of My Light and Perfection. You, i your free will and qualification, are con- stantly requalifying My Perfect Energy into that which you do not want. ‘Test Mel turn your face to Me—your God— and let the Light from My Face so shine upon you that Te dissolves forever from your mind, body, home and world, every discordant thing, which you have drawn about you through che centuries. “TAM? the Consuming Flame that, when called into action, dissolves and consumes for- ever your miscreations. ‘All, in the Light and knowledge of these words, understand once and forever, that you are not gubject to retain your mistakes because they have ‘been made, “I AM? the Presence that sets you free. “LAM” the Presence that must have your call to liberate and set free My Mighty Energy, to 14 purify and Perfect your world. May these words be Living Fire in your consciousness that may never be forgotten, to set your world in order dnd free you from limitation of every kind. "TAM the Presence that speaks. “TAM” the Presence that enables you to feel, thas the money you require for seis My Gift and Substance to you—in the form of money— and when I give, the Freedom of Divine Love acts, Then know that 1 AM the ONLY GIVER of all money that comes to you, or ever will come to you. Therefore, when you call to ME, I answer you through avenues you dream not of, You cannot be deprived of money for things to use; when you call the "Mighty I AM Presence” into action, for AM the ONLY INTELLIGENCE that can ty “AM” the ONLY POWER that can act. “TAM” the Enfolding Light of Divine Love— forever active—that releases your requirements through Divine Love, forever sustained. + AFFIRMATIONS « “Mighty I AM Presence”! replace this——— by Thy Miracle-working Presence of Perfection forever Self-sustained. “Mighty I AM Presence"! project around me your Mighty Protection and allow nothing to en- ter but Your Mighty Perfection “Mighty AM Presence”! by the Power of the ‘Three, Three, Three dissolve that condition! take possession there forever and fill all with Thyself, Whose Limitless Perfection is instantaneous and evernal. 15 te, word, Teton, means “Mountain of Bish and i hay come down through nage recite yes eee ar ete epee Of Atlantis: Within chs majestic gine of nature fh our beloved America, dwells a Focus of Light, through the acivity ofthe Ascended Masters hat epee dere eer eee eee ofthe mountain, there floated the Great Coun Sia esl he Greve Maer sel ad 3} ty Raysof Light snd Love over Kobrin and tht eth, to consume and purify the vortices of force, produced by the discordant sudicoes actiitie of maid in es Suened Flare is the concentrated Cureecting el(licee ord tareifemciiia Saeed Love Star to our enrth and to Whose Mighty Cor- inc Power of Pare Divine Love no words cx iy do juice, PP MTichin Tee Blessed heart is the limitless Out- ag ok fa eer oe lees iad low from the Seven Great Elon of Creston to the humanity ofthis earth. “Within Tey Mighty Heart cepose the Ascended Master’ Gifts to the people of America aad the pec eee ed eae Peres eee Puce eee Heese nie melas ced only records on earth of civilizations of which 16 the guterwosldhas never henrdand har no record ‘Through Ies Dazzling Heart pour the Great Rivers of Light from the twelve Great Cosmic Mastere who control the expansion of Light on this earch and through mankind, Tato Tes Blazing Heart come the Great Beings from Vests, whe are blatsing our humanity with the power of Divine Love that is the Supreme ‘Authority forever. “The musical instruments that are to be used in the new age are already perfected and in use within the mighty chambers of this Retreat, They tre made of substances of which the outer world a yee docs not dream, ‘Their toneis exquisice and perfect beyond all human concept and the new Frac ie ieeady wetten forthe joy and Bling of the incoming activity. The new ares alceady prepared, designed and ses oe gen forth oe one word ge the appointed time. The magnificence, glory and Per= #Ection of chac which is to come forth fu America, in che years just ahead, is transcendent that all twe have in the outer wold today seem coarve and crude compared to the wonderful marvels ‘vith which the new age will be filled, ‘Ohy beloved students of the “TAM! many wonderful things are being transferred to Amer: ica from che other Retreats of the Ascended Mas- ters, throughout che world, that they may be Preserved to bless mankind in the new eycle. ‘When those Glorious Ascended Masters from Venus vsie che Royal Teton each New Year's Eve and the fst of cach July, They bring eranscend= ene Activity of Divine Love and Light co bless our arch and its humanity with unspeakable Glory. 7 ‘Oh, chat the blessed “I AM” students and the people of the earth might realize che fulness of what this means to them and to all. It is divine, transcendent, glorious and limitless in the Out- pouring of Perfection which is released to earth im this manner and we ask the students every- ‘where to let your hearts sing in ecstasy with grati- tude to the “Mighty I AMPresence” for this eeles- tial blessing to mankind. The Blessed Ascended Master, Lanto, is Head of the Retreat of the Royal Teton and we send ta Him and All, who pour out Their assistance through thae activity, our deepest Love and grat. tude for all evernity for Their service to our earth. Tn the norch wall of che Audience Hall in the Royal Teton is located the Great All-Seeing-Eye of God to our earth and through This, the Great Cosmic Messenger, Cyclopea, directs the Almighty Power of the Ray of Lighe which that Great Pres- ence pours out to perform Its gigantic Service for ‘Love, gratitude and service to the Light forever in deed and action is the only true way the stu- dent under this radiation can ever give even a ight return for all chese Great Ones have given ‘Oh, Mighty Royal Teton! we salute Thee, Thow Mountain of Light—Thou Dazzling Temple of regal Splendor and limitless Love, we bless Thee forever for Thy Mighty Light. - AFFIRMATION © “Mighty I AM Presence"! make me feel your Light coming through the flesh of this body so dazzling nothing else can ever exist withi 20 SAINT GERMAIN’ MESSAGE. | Fra o(@) Fepruary ||) RNOON CLASS Teen o3e \ es ELOVED Children of the Light! this heart beats with yours s0 earnestly for your freedom, dissolving. ail limitation by the Great Light from within the Heart Ics expanding with great speed during these ten days, when it has been Our joy and privie lege co minister in Our humble way, eo increase and intensify your Light, to establish and cause Te fobean ever-expanding radiance within 80 do Task you, beloved ones, to stand in and swith the Light of your "Mighty TAM Presence,” that you may continue with unabated assurance tage forward consciously, into your Eternal dom, holding in your hand the Scepter of Divine Power in the acknowledgment of your Presences cutting yourself free from all human accumula tion that has been drawn about you through the ages: and in the Power of that Violet Consuming Flame, consume everything less than the Perfec tion of your Presence, feeling and knowing the lightneat of body, the freedom and clearness of though, which the disolviag of your human creation brings to you; allowing the Glory of your “Mighty LAM Presence” to flow in, through and out into your world, perfecting and harmonizing everything. hen h he fullag of che repeated descrip tion given you by the Mesvengers, keep before you that mightiest of mental pictures, the Chare of 2 your “Mighty AM Presence,” showing s0 clearly, Accurately and vividly your Connection with yout "Mighty 1 AM Presence,” that you may have the Glory which Tt holds for you. As you continue to feel that Glory, do you actually begin to ascend. into the greater and greater Perfection of that Presence, Whose Ray of Light and Energy beats cach hear, "Make no mistake about it, beloved ones, that hare i true and your eye-picture, which is the Reality, held active within your consciousness will Bring you into the Eternal Ascension—into the Electronic Body of the “Mighty 1AM Pres- ence,” forever free~eternally free~—from limita tion. That isthe journey for all mankind and by man must be made, ‘We offer you the privilege, the joy and means by which you may obeain this. We offer i with the Love of your “Mighty 1 AM Presence” and our Ascended Master Consciousness to give you frength, joy and the conscious ability tohold Fast In the conscious acknowledgment of your Pret ence, that you too may enter into that Freedom which we experience, ‘Then, you extend your hands to the les fortu- nate, that they too may one day reach that state of Perfection, which is the goa! forall mankind. Dear hearts, Freedom and the crow of that Free dom is at your door for your usey as definitely 33 iff you cook your Scepter of Dominion in physical form in your hands, by which you cut yourself free from the mistakes of earth, with your Violet Consuming Flame, consuming them that they may. sollonger ens Bleed heart a the Law of your Being permits, you will ever find Us read to be of added service. 4 2 Call to Us always! first to your “Mighty 1 AM reece” then tothe Ascended Masters who ave all power, authority and ability. ‘Todaye for the fre time in the history of che clas work, the Divine Director offers the privilege fo you of calling to im and wil, chrough "THE VOICE OF THE AM” extend this Great Priv lege to all students throughout America. ‘The Puvilege of calling on the Divine Director, i fer othe sexdnts and tothe dares chat the aw ofeach one's Being permits, will Fe assis in Homan time for them, thae they may ‘Privilege and Blessing which the outer cannot postibly comprehend. So, will you blessed ‘ones accept this, as it is given you and the beloved students throughout America and the world. fs ble cet ry ay hearse een ‘grasp the reins of dominion, in the acknow! ‘ment of your Presence and with firm determin: tion call your Presence into action with such i le activity, chat naught can longer stand before you. Te is uo imagination, It is a great wondrous Reality which stands ready for your ‘use and, az the beloved Messengers have so lov- ingly endeavored to convey to you, stand as firm as the Rock of Gibraltar, but stand serene and do not let the problems of the outer world frighten you any longer. To everything that arises before you, say: "No longer have you power to disturb me, "Mighty 1 ‘AM Presence’! sweep into this condition! dissolve itl replace it by your Mighty Perfection and hold all in your world forever!” ‘The glory of that Peace, dear hearts is incon- ceivable, Call into action the invincibility of 23 your "Mighty I AM Presence” which is all good, Money, health and harmony. ‘The Presence holds all for you. If it needs tocome through chanaels, the Presence does this for you and brings every- thing into the channel of Divine Love, How great is our Love for you, Oh divine ones! for in my ministry to America for 40 long, which is now coming ito visibility through the students of the “AM,” the fruition of this getting into ction, can you imagine the joy of my heart? Beloved students! try co realize that My Service for America is.a divinely-decreed Activity, not that someone else might not have done it as well but the Law of the Ray under which I operate zmakes Me the Authority for its activi ‘All of che Ascended Masters, Jesus included, are working together with Me for this Great Per fection that shall, must and will come into action, for which America is the “CUD Beloved blessed hearts! the transcendent ser- vice which you ean render in giving this Message of Light of the “I AM” to the young people of ‘America and the earth is service that is truly divine in both heaven and earth, because that which is coming in now, will come with the ENERGY of the “IAM” and will give such assist~ ance as is inconceivable to the human mind at the Present time, So beloved ones, I, in my humble service, ark you to give to the fullest of your ability, your service to the “IAM,” and for the freedom of ‘America.’ Do not let appearances dismay or dis- turb yout We are that Great Cosmic Light which is pouring Its Activity to earth. ‘Try to take your mind off every political and national affaic. Call your "Mighty T AM Pres- 24 Ser eee in official places, that Light ‘manifest through the personalities who are there and ever to increase that activity through your call to the “LAM.” Then receive the happiness and joy that will fli America, I'thank you. SAD F SAINT GERMAINS } MESSAGE ‘SAN FRANCISCO. | FEBRUARY EVENING CLASS He 1936 of the ‘Mighty 1 AM Pres- “ence” Soe ee ee cee oes heen eae standing and application by which we attained ee ee ee ee ee ee forse oi Sar are See ‘These are Great Universal Laws which can- ‘not fail and only require your earnest applica- SE et ee eae aM Fone ee ly en ‘Whose Energy and Light beat your hearts, hold WES iol cc weet cna See ts ened ee ee our homo rns he as booed You mae Beloved ones! can you and will you believe me, when I tell you, that you have lived hundreds brine ge eater altel ae 25 ‘At last, the Great Cosmic Law has permitted this ‘unusual assistance to come into the outer world, for It has never been given before, except in the Retreats of the world and then only to a few. ‘Under this beloved brother and sister, the Messengers, the Great Cosmic Law has permitted the Secret of the Ages to be broadcast, for your blessing and benefit and for the freedom of man- kind. Today, the privilege that stands at your door is unparalleled in the history of the earth. Tf you will harmonize your feelings, call your “Mighty AM Presence” into action with sincere ‘earnestness, the results are certain, unquestion- able and powerful. In the Glory of that Light, teven in this week or ten days which the Messen gers have been in your midst, pouring forth so earnestly their Love, blessings and radiance, has your Light expanded tremendously. To me, Tt is Very clear and definite and 1 say that for your encouragement. : ‘Continue to hold your attention on the“Mighty TAM Presence.” Continue to cause that Light ‘expand, until its Mighty Rac is ble in your human form, bringing the Presence into action to bless you with Its Perfection. ‘Do not be weighted down, when you see mis- takes have been made, Call on the Law of For- siveness and set yourself free from them. Do not allow the outer consciousness to dwell upon them. Say: “Mighty 1AM Presence”! sweep out of my mind and body all imperfection, that I have drawn about me through the centuries! Con- sume ie! Cause me to think only of the Glory which Thou art! Release Thy full Power to flow forth in my world, to produce the Perfection and beauty which I desire. 26 Call your Presence forth to silence—farever— all human activity about you; toilence the outer mind and cause it to be stil. Call your “Mighty TAM Presence” into action ta fill your “cup,” ‘your human receptacle, with the fulness of that Pure Estence, unqualified by the discord of the outer world, that Tt may perfect and beautify ‘your mind and body. Then in that beauty see, feel and call your Presence into action to prepare the way: to lift you into your higher mental body and then, into your "Mighty I AM Presence” where you become the Ascended Being, where you are frce—forever free—from the limitations of earth. ‘The earch i a mighty school-room—not an ‘easy one—but in the activity of the "Mighty AM Presence,” it becomes a divine one, Then, we turn ‘upon that which has been disturbing and say: "Is fe possible thou didse once disturb me? Be thou one, thou powerless human creation! No longer Ganst thou act in my world! No longer hast thow power to hold me in bondage! No longer hast thos power to bind the children of earth for thy day is finished forever! Be thou dissolved and consumed in the Violet Consuming Flame and ‘exist no longer!” Weare grateful—eternally so—that the Great Law has permitted this knowledge to come forth to bless you and enable you to have your freedom. May naught in the outer world turn you from the Glory of your " Mighty LAM Presence.” Stand and receive the Glory of the Freedom which I shall bring you. Tsay, shall bring you, for it is true and in your attention to It, nothing can prevent the Outpouring of the Presence to glorify, beautify and perfect your world. 7 Iidste, hans SNOW! nabs ni reml emer of Eternal Light, ‘Mighty I AM Presence,’ set the children of earth free—forever—from their hu- ‘man creation! Enable chem to r above, into that Freedom of Power of the “Mighty I AM Presence” reigns su- preme—unconscious of these conditions which have bound chem. Beloved ones, My Light enfolds you always in- to the fulness of your Perfection, into the ful- nes of your Freedom and Ascension. Feel the Radiation which I pour forth tonight and receive Its Mighty Glory. ‘As the Law of your Being permits, will I ever stand at your service to give every assistance possible, to enable you in the shortest time co free yourself: to know and feel the Peace that passeth Understanding: to walk in the Light of your “Mighty TAM Presence,” Whose Light illumine your pathway wherever you move without arti- ficial light: and wnto that day, when you fully realize within your heart the Freedom and De ‘inion that Ie gives you, only through the Pow of Divine Love. Then, can you understand, ap- ply and BE the Loving Presence of your "I AM” ‘manifest in your world forever. I thank you. SAINT GERMAIN. + AFFIRMATION + “Mighty I AM Presence”! come forth in Thy Infinite Ascended Master Power and charge every policeman, fireman, aviator, postal employee, school teacher and government official in America ‘with Saint Germain’s and Jesus’ Ascended Master Consciousness, Protection and Perfection forever Self-sustained. 28 | Ssine Germain, must be carried on forthe Purpose of giving assistance to him, in ‘the work of protecting America and bringing the ‘Ascended Masters! illumination to mankind, through Their instruction and understanding of the “Mighty [ AM Presence.” ‘Their principal purpase is to enable the people of America to understand the Ascended Masters Teaching and, through that, give the assistance which must be given, ff America isto have protec- ton from the vortex of discord across the Atlantic and from cataclysmic disturbance “Therefore, i is absolutely imperative that no discussion of any kind ever be allowed to enter, the entire time and attention during the group Imecting being held — unwaveringly — on_ the reading of THE "I AM” DISCOURSES, THE MAGIC PRESENCE, UNVEILED MYSTERIES and THE “T AM? ADORATIONS AND AF- FIRMATIONS. This is Jesus! own request because the need of the present hour is so urgent, that unless the at- tention of the students is concentrated on the “Ascended Masters and Their channel of help, there ‘will not be enough Light released into the phys fal world and activity to give the protection required. {eis also the request of Jesus and Saint Germain, 29 =) s3e conducting of study groups for *l [||| AN” students of the Ascended Master, | that those, whose Inner Sight is open and who see what takes place during a group meeting, re- Fruin from telling others what they see, as cach individual is expected to keep his personal experi fences guarded within his own heart as a sacred, Silene, secret gift to him. Tf this is not done, the blessing to him is lost, for when he tells his experi ‘ences €0 others, he releases their energy into the surrounding atmosphere and hence, he does not receive the help intended for him. Every student and group leader should at all times conduct himuelf ai Jesus of Saint Ger- ‘main were present in the tangible body and do nly chat ‘which they know there Grtat Ones ‘would do, ‘All group meetings should be conducted in @ manner that is intelligent, dignified, reverent, refined, loving and beautiful, that they may be the Ideal of the Ascended Masters made Real in the physical experience of mankind. ‘We never, at any time, allow anyone teaching this work to charge a fee of any kind and the individual who does so will not have the radiation of Jesus, Saint Germain or any other of the As cended Masters, for this work has been given as a glad free gift of Love from the Ascended Mas- fers and a no time is there ever to be charge This is stated unmistakably plain in che Dis- courses, for Saint Germain ssid in the very beginning, that this teaching must never be com- mercialized for private profit, and we do not, never have and never shall consent to anyone fever making a charge for it or using the students Under this radiation for any commercial scheme, ‘We ask ail students to keep this activity free 30 fom all intrusion of those whose motives are oe eee Tall stady groups che students must not be allowed fo lest on the leader but should assist the lender instead to do the work for the pro- testion of America and the dlumination of all ‘mankind, by pouring ove peace and kindlines from his own ’Mighty LAM Presence.” Being leader of a group isnot at any time for the explatation of she pertonality of the leader but it docs mean that whoever sake the respons Biligy of a group mure have enough Love, tience, humility, pueity and Self-conerol to Eelp chose who came into the group, to dinolve thett Human crestion and kevp them cncouraged, Snel they have made thei oa appliesion om Enough to be thoroughly anchored in the ie the oh aM “The leader should a all imes cealize that when Jesus Saint Germain and ochers ofthe Ascended Margie pour out Their Rays of Light and enersy ducing 2 group mecting, that ie becomes the lender's tesponsiliey to see that none of Thee meray i ever allowed to be clouded by discord Srimperfection of any Kind, fr through a soled consciousness Their Light will noe pour, "Therefore before gach meeting, the leader and dents should ase the Violet Consuming Flame ch great intensity, to purify the place in which eis held and at no time should anyone ever be Sllowed tosmoke in that place previous to or fol- fowing the meeting. fanyone comes to the meet Ing with the odor aleahol onthe breath they ae tutto be allowed cay. “The work Gone ia the local study groupe is diferent from that ofthe large classes which we, 3h 5 Mesiengers, ar holding, for the local groupe ould be composed only of thote who have de tlded to serve the Light and America and, by perfecting themselves, beable to give sll greater Do not be satefed with doing the bert you can, but call your “Mighty 1 AM Presence ino ation call times to control you completely and forever Produce Perfection. PERFECTION is the goal and Law of the As- conded Masters and the SLAM? students of Saint Gettin mat become, the ving Coampler of ‘Theis Tdal made Real in all physical sctviio. Group leaders should at every smeting, ope with an invocation, read a course, ask the tu dents so virualiss tbe: Vatious acticin of tha Light Rays, forthe procection of America and for healing, and spend some defini time adoring she “itighty 1 AM Presence” and giving praise and thanks foe forall eg marvelous gifts tothe indl> dual and the world, ‘Never allow any questions to be atked during the reading of any of the books or interruptions fo take place because that breaks the Stream of Energy which is flowing through forthe blesing tat eco be received. Jesus has asked that all students undec this ation put aside everything elie they have ever Sued and entra ich cle comnanion and companionship with the Mighty LAM Presence,” thatie wil enable the Ascended Matters to give the greacese posible scrstance and set all free forever in Its Dazzling Light, Glory, and Pecfece tion, "Those, who are not willing to full these con- ditions, should stay out of the groups 32 ' % Q 4 “THE FIRST LAW OF LIFE « "IS }OREDIENCE © Mighty I AM Presence?! come forth in Thy Infinite Ascended Master Power! protect illamine nd control every young perten io Amerien aud the world! charge them with the Ascended Ma ters’ Perfect Obedience to Thy Mighty Presence! blaze through them the full Perfection of the Master Chet, grown to full stature and BE for them and all secviey the only acting Presence, omer and Auchorty forever ‘Blessed young people of America and the world swe make the above call to the “Mighty 1 AM Pret- nce,” assisted by the Ascended Masters, once an out day and night, thatthe full Joy of Life may be yours and che Victory and Sucees of the Ar ended Masters be Your only experience forever. "You are the channels for Their Perfection to be expressed on earth, in the new cycle we have feady entered. We, Their Messengers, point the Way co Their Light and give you sength and encguragement, until you have made your appli- ation of the “IAM Presence? long enough, to teeome anchored into the realization of what Ie Gan snd wil do for you. Then you can prove = rurtelf, through your own experiences; that It Wake inexorable Law of the Universe, “Try to realize that every thought, feeling and spoken word isa rate of vibration reputered ia 33 the substance of your mind, body and world, it instantly recorded and must produce its fulfll- ment in your physical experience, Tn radio parlance, you are now broadcasting Your own individual program of Life and tomor- Pow, next weels next month or next year—you— willbe the audience, who must listen to is effect and experience its results, “Try to learn the wisdom and feel the Mastery that —always—experienced by Perfect Obedi- fence to the Law of Life. Try to realize thae the ‘only one, who has the right to command others, ishe, who has first learned and given obedience to Himself—che “Mighty LAM Presence.” Obedience is che first Law of Being, for the Substance of Light obeyed the Command of In- telligence to come forch from the Great Central ‘San, before a Universe could manifest. So itis with all individual activity. “Obedience is the Law of Order, ‘Without obedience of the lesser to the Greater, the lesser never could become the Greater, All that disobeys the Law of Harmony, which is Law of Love, suffers until obedience oIes Infinite Eternal Authority is given lovingly, willingly, joyously and with no reservations. Obedience does ‘not mean slavery to human limitation, but it doer mean continual loving communion with your own “Mighty LAM Pres ence,” so close that Its Patterns of Perfection are always the only designs that are poured out through you into the Universal Substance around ‘you, and therefore, the only experiences and crea- tions in your world. "The Law of the "Mighty I AM Presence” is exible. Ie is the Law of Changelers Perfection, a4 seisemerenee t changeles in Its quality, but ever expanding the shanty of le Perfection throughout Infiniey. “Theres nohappincs spare from his for, in che Fulness of the Bresence is the accomplishment you desire. In the Fulness of the Presence are WS hinge that you require Tn Jets’ own words Isny to you: “Nothing is really important, but ALL OF COD.” Blewed young people of America and the world! we ask yout help for humaaity sed the world Stand wichallyou areand have for the fulliment of the Ideal of the Ascended Masters made Real tod physically manifere on earch eis the only Activity in the Universe, chat is worth the servggle snd roffering of even one life time, let alone hundreds or pethapt thousands, SANE every Indiv has enprionced on isThe Ideal of the Ascended Masters isthe Law of ever-expsnding Perfaitin, Ie is practical opt Sal, satistsctory, joyous, coarstant worthy, Der fectand possibie of sstsinment. Tels the only Real Mastery there i, for by the Ascended Master con- El ef the caeray, flowing Giroegh one’ mild Sn body, the indlvidual becomes Master of ci cumstance, Victor over death, the Supreme Con: ftolling Provence everywhere he mover—Lord of Life add the Giver of sll the Fulnan of the "Mighty LAM Prevence” forever, 35 FUTURE APPEARANCES OF THE MESSENGERS - PHOENIX, ARIZONA, Maronic Temple, 7 days, March to 24th inclusive PASADENA, CALIFORNIA, Shakespeare Clb, 250 South Lo Robles Avense, April nd to 12th, inclusive, 7h omitted, SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, Utah Hotel, Lafayetce Ball roam, April 20th to 26th inchacve ‘Sizes below cam be urchated the SINDELAR STUDIOS - £2600 South Hoover Stree Los Angeles, California BODO: 36 / THE: + SAINT GERMAIN * ss + SERIES - [UNVEILED MYSTERIES, Volume 1 By Godfet Ray King ‘Cananing th ru of othr’ xine Pe 35, Pha #235 THE MAGIC PRESENCE, Volume M.....By Godlfré Ray King sha oncovnses, ey simp eet TE 1 ADORATION AND AEPIRNATIONS, Tee ay Cane oe Sori scat A pIcTUtE oF wre act nRsence> Lg ae ei Borat A nucruns oF Tz Mase, sus eee eee nad se Yall er os Vva a he Rae Rap ee, ee aes re ANEW crue or Ti AcANDED MASTER SN Sas Fees aren eee soe ee eee ee Se LIST OF VICTROLA RECORDS Mn Maldon CSUCLE Sk eG ME A Siisetctadeaas & Nara evavchony Se tok mt Se Reds 00 Te Mare Rls 190 Bact Creed SAINT GERMAIN PRESS, P. 0. 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