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SS IR EMPIRE COLLECTOR’S GUIDE ful range of Empire models and their component part. Out following Warhammer Armies, The Empire classification of each model so all the Hero choices are in one cal and Rare units. We hope this will make it easier for you to navigate through and find the models or a far more than a simple catalogue, also included within are a number of other features such as painted urs, Some fantasti armies painted and collected by Games Workshop staff, conversions, Golden uide “aint or cok. with the Empire then this is the book for you. for stop reading tis and take a ook inside, ae jou reach the Components section, you will find that some of the models are classed as Gtasseo:Calletor's cl Range ‘models (like the Engrs Captain pictured left) are no longer available in stores but are still deal for use in your army. > Collector's Models (like the Reiksgard foot knight pictured right) are no longer available © instores, but represent a piece of Games Workshop history (some of the models being over RASS = 10 years old!). Although they are mostly no longer covered by the rules, these models stil 572 _ ake great collector's pieces or a basis for some conversion work. yor, all the Classic and Collector's models wl be clearly able inside. yy "Ordering any ofthese models simple and convenient. ll you hae todos select your odes from this book then use any ofthe following ordering methods below: How can I order these models? 4 _ IN-STORE ORDER SERVICE | Visit your local Games Workshop store and our friendly staff vill be more than happy to help you use our in-store order service. Using this colector’s guide, or any ofthe catalogues available inthe stores, you can choose from the largest range of Games _ Workshop products in the world. Your order can be delivered to any of our Games Workshop stores nationwide or sent direct to your ome, whichever is most convenient fr you LINE STORE The Games Workshop on-line store caries the full range of Empire miniatures, as well as a large selection of other Games Workshop oducts. Order with confidence, as our web site is secure. With our fast order picking your order willbe in your hands in no time. To Visit our web store goto: www. GIVE US A CALL "We have @ team of staff standing by to take your call. Ifyou would lke to order anything from this collector's guide, get some rules (or hobby advice then cal us on the one ofthe numbers below. WRITE TOUS Ifyou prefer to post your order or wire us a letter then send it to: . "Games Workshop, Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS, UK. x» ‘3 +4 Contacting us by phone i Games Workshop have set up phone lines specifically for ditferent European language speakers to make using our service even simpler! These lines otfer all of the great | UK Dutch Danish ‘Swedish Gales 0115 91 40000 #444115 9168255 4444115 9188506, +444115 9188507, me ag + +: ? ‘ Contents 02-10 11-24 25-40 41-46 47-54 55-58 59-65 66-75 76-79 80-81 Colours of the Empire Lords and Heroes Core units Special units Rare units Collector's models Mordheim models Staff armies Conversions 5 Golden Demon Winners Alfonso Molero Moz0s Spanish Golden Demon 2001 Projet Team: Peter Gosing len Robinson, Chris Coston & John Cater gn & Pte Gray, Gs Fasin and Peter Gasing Michele Barson Code Checking: Cris Helsby Invaluable sistance: Ket Roberson andthe ‘avy Metal tea, Games Wocshop Dec al land everyone who conta tee valle tine or model tos book A ae i 2 Ex ears j _ Political Map of the Empire —— ( Colours of the Empire Sere “Here, for your most benevolent perusal, is the current census of the city states and lands that make up our blessed Empire, along with the uniform colours of their fighting men and women. I have also enclosed listings of Colours of the Empire all the known holy orders of Knights within our borders, accompanied by thelr livery.” Nuln ‘Nain is famous for its Gunnery Sehoo! where forge masters male ‘amon and the bow artery men are trained, Ax eaons are rotors ith, artiley men ae often vere i sot a rime, no iis convenient the the solar aed in Nu ery Ie ‘ake Dany artilary men wear leather jokin to potat them from the discharge Otter Nal regiment also wear bck, with ‘contrasting ribbon ant plhme colour to tng them. Middenheim ‘The ety state of Denim in second only in power an intaence to Alor, Stated clone tooth the Midle Nouns ae rato Forest, ts the ety of the White Wott, ant the centre of worship of the god Ure, Shields eared by Midenbem troops often Aepiet the wolf in tome guise or other. Menem nao the home ofthe famous onter, The Kghty of the White Woil This Mundgunner swear the lw ant whl onform of the ty Talabecland ‘Taladeclan fs named forthe naturegon Taal, ant a tes at the ‘neart ofthe Expire 4 alto frm the entre ofthe Great Foret ‘whl sretabon from Kile to Alor. Decstne of tint none of the most sparsely populate provinoen inthe Empire, ts tettemertn meotiympacot along the River Talaoo ast northern order ant the River Stratis south. Brey ctizen of Talabeclant {an apt woodman, and oonuse ofthis the sates armen are perhaps the best in the Empire at operating within the confines of the deep frets of the Old World Wissenland ‘Wimeniand i oeate at the extreme southeast of the Expire. 1 ‘asa roptation in nearby Reiland for being Al ati iste that the Elector of Wistenland, Emantlle yon Liebewite fs sctally the Countess of ulnar spent the vast majority of Der te entertaining there However, the scorn i rectpronte by the people of Wintenlan, who view the Reiland eters an etfetefopn. Lacking the fants of the Frmpeor's own province the Wietenlanters have developed thle own methods of dealing ‘with greenskin invasion from the mountains. Telr skillet larohers and ontriers shower the bondon with fre before falling ‘mek to avold retaliation ant regrouping for another aman. Alor the seat ofthe Pmpie ef with population of ‘muvreds of thoosois Te universities sn acaeaien are the plonace of tearing, the Schoo! of Bnginoers creates more ngeons ‘evices every yar, an the Collars of Magi ae th gretet sources ‘of magical lore in the Olt World. Alor toe wpon the suntion of| the rivers Rk, Upper Relk ant Talbee, ant this brings yet more seat a traders move ther goo trough towars Maries ‘Truly Alor is the rests ley in the Olt Worl, ant ite army It ‘euippet ant trained ¢o the highest possible standart. ‘Strat a large province to the ea of the Empire. or ll ts sive lacks tne wealth of more important provinces ch as Rent, 2Midenland or Osan, an despite this ks comparative ize seems to lon the nobility of Strand to stamp to compete wit tat of ‘weather reams, Bacanne of thin the commaiviers of Stan lannien havea reputation for rash teaver. perhaps focing that they ‘have something 29 prove. This was exemplifies the Count of ‘Stnants slaying of Mannfrot von Carsten a the tate of Hel Fen 1m 2145, an astounding feat for Which he caked the luis of Sylvania, adding them to Strands awndy large tritory. Bogenhafen ogenhafen isa econ market town near the base of the Grey 8 ‘Mountalon, Ope ofthe weitiet towns in Refare in recent yey Ite meroantle gus Rave shown a bean astutenest i their bane ‘ealings Bogenhaferis proximity to the mountain combined with ix wealth mean that rats by anit from a8 far at Bretonna are a ‘constant Urea. Hogentafen maintains lage mits, ae there are several state regiments stationed within ite walls The repularty of ‘thew attacks means thatthe Rogentafen soltiery are accused to ‘warfare an are ronpote in a way that the town’s wealchy ‘popation sometimen are not. “pelgmhour ‘Oman ite other” be aterm fren nse, slehough notin Hochland, Dept thelr backward epatatin, the ‘people of Hoch are no lst stury nor sila than ther relgtonry ant mary ofthe bos archer wits originate there, Hochland Is most famons forthe muting rifle, an ingenious weapon dosgnet ty the engineer Leon Todreltor. Pes Complex engineering tecniques to pin ballet a eit the ‘armel extending its range to fearvme proportions, {ts northern border with Riser. Te mostly ral sae, ‘ince ule its neighbours, its nol ie fertile ant eal for Agrontre, The lowtech nature of Onterma’s major infsries simpleton, Thi ean fir reputation bowever, athe ronnie of the Mare are as stot at capable as Howe of any other province not more so, for Otermark regularly sets trope to ate ‘inter i ts hates against nortbern invader, A 3 rsa te ores are perp more hardened to war against the Chaot ‘uaptarans than any others in the Empire Ostland \ ‘Te prone of Onan is heavily ors ant the poses ofthe Die Sows meas ht mh of then ie rocky ant ‘aren me to Orn an Goins ant worm rem he ope of Oxia are ahunly tot sat havea reptation across the ‘anpice being iter aimiaby tough or carseat uncouth, rs ‘pening on who yon as Ona I renowned or NAN ren and rangr ho are the mont asset ofa reget people, a the mate conten many highiy Hie scout ak taper othe Iiapeialarmiee. Reikland For noarly one muvired years Refkiant has been the most lnortant sate inthe Empire, for it srroun Alor, the Imperial capital, at ts armies are thowe wale the commas of {he Trince of Altiorf: the Emperor nse. The Reiagwart, ‘ita ofthe sate army ant the mom powerful a reine iment isthe Empire, are the lalgant of the Emperor. The Emperor is ale to provide his own sat army withthe fest ‘equipment and training avallate, and as «rest the armies of ‘etka are ald tobe the mon diipined troops i the Emre ‘They are famous fr both their precision eoortination ant their sted retoive: few foes ean pertur the valiant men of Refeand, Talabheim ‘As a ctrstateTalabhelm, locate in the north of Talabeslan, x Intepensent of any sate government Ts one ofthe most Impregnaie cles inthe world since it bul sie a massive erater, ‘the walls of which ae fortified heavily agalnstanault. The oly ‘entrance to the ety tif It a single tunel, guarded at ether emt by fortes, ani this tat malon Tala no easly defentale “Te lan ne the wale of the crater alo inca seller towns and farmlants to provide forthe inhabitants, an 40 Tala’ sity to old out seer noge i tral. Nordland ‘Nordland is on of the lem powerfl provinces in the Empire. ‘Much of what intuence It does have comen from the fact thatthe ‘Nordland Cooma Road i far more appealing way for northerner to reach the wealthy port of Mavientnng than trekking Lteough the Drala Forest x Middenland or this reson there snt many toll gatos to extract the full poe of fear from marcha wing to pay a mal fortane for the relative say of ‘at regimens inciting the famous Novant Mariner, are sper at traveling ant deploying swift by wea ane are Invaluable in intercepting fast-moving attackers ‘Carotarg is a large frtresetown near the MitfenlantRelsant ‘omer 1 sa wealthy town witha mecomfel mercantile seoname. ‘tis perape best wn forthe fare Carroburg Greater “This regiment mouse one of the most vallan defences on Imperial reson when n 1869, the Count of MMe le. an [attack onthe town The walls sere ttt fll he ‘Greatworty fought on, ignoring the mort grievous woands in thle Aetermination not to let the cy fall After the battle fll hal he stained rat with blood. Ber since then the Carrobure Greatvonts ave worn da rot wiform it Honor of thi feat Middenland Mien iy one of the mox important sates in the Empire, bth cause off ie ant prominence at ano Deanne of the fst that st eontans the ety state of Midtenbeim, whichis the entre of worship ofthe Wolf God of tattle Ure Tin the ony elt in the mpi, sie from that of Sigmar to have vote inthe Imperial ‘ection. Combine wih the Elst of Mienland mel, in stectively given the area two Yolen, making it very powerline Dien i hone tothe Draoald Foret wish eperbap the ‘mot treacherous in the Expire, at ata res ts solos are well secusomet to ating the ther of Beastmen and Ores Averland ‘As with Ovtermark, Avera ta an esonomy base omy on tericuture, Unlike mom tate in te Expire Averiand contains lrg stretches of open plain, ant wile this an {nota ere an hone in Omermark, man lom fee crop ean be grown thre. Avera has the dubs honor of Alefending the ck Fire Ta, which les aro the Worlds Rage ‘Moonain fom th Dark Lande, Thi the lero pa for ‘osnands of miles and an mach a poplar rete for mara ‘ror and Goins. Ax & rom of yarn of dafenting I the “Averaners are eld ls emtoom in the art of Sage defence Stir River Patrol ‘The River Sterne from tbe Worn ge Mountain ll the way to the StirlantReitand torr, where meta the Upper Ree st the Aver tefore flowing on owas Maren. Isa wie Heer, tidged at onl afew poles ant effectively forms the orth Tin maken ia Wea barrier, ery > polis at defend ‘everteoa, tlangth moa that I att eonatatly parol Text ences construct hats to tavern Ta ty falls othe Str River Patrol, group of regimens of the Sila State Army who are bast at forts apace along the tanks of the Si, The Tier Patrol uma in tha to rge fore of profeainal sroers, train to rain Wek arrows to the boat of foes sampting to rom the river. KNIGHTLY ORDERS Knights of the Blazing Sun ‘The Right ofthe lasing San are Templar Knights of ‘Myrmidia, the Goss of War. They were fourtet in 1457 ‘ring the Cra that erentaaly free the land of Estalia fom the invating Arabians, fllowing a remarkable oecorence daring 4 biter trove tate in the port of Magrita. A group of Knights fromm several Ores afl fount theelves mironnet ont te Taaple of Myrmaia Wy the dreated bodyguard of Emir Wase the Cr. Sering no escape they prepared to sll heir lives teary, bt jon at seem they would be overran, the earth shook violently, The tremor Aisge the rage onze ate of DMyrmitia from the temple roof and the image ofthe godew crate to ‘he grout, landing squarely onthe Eni and Xing hin amt mang of ie par iat. The Raehts ral a drove the stacker fom DMagrits, a after the battle the rorvvor foisted the Knights of "he Blanng San to honour the oon who ha sare thet from doeraction. Knights Panther he Knights Faber, one of the largest ant bent-known Knightly ‘Onters in Erie, ae able co trace thir prow hitry Bak tothe 140 nthe Creates aginat Araby. 1 tone ofthe srat hunting ‘eat of the nour Inti at gave the ordr ies name ase ix ral: the Fanthare are lily str iy the sane of Jerghts They wear shining lier or golden-oloured arma owrappet bythe fury of exotic Death ad the Daring of their ‘onsen i painted with vibrant father of bike ‘Unlike many Knightly Orders the Knighta Panther are secular ot mociatng themselves with any particular god or temple, Rather, their fis opal sto the Empire tet, and the protection of ite ‘poopie ant late. The Kniehs Panther are based preominarty in trationaly major cones of Uirie worship, ant the Knights ‘Panther have flere rivalry withthe Rights of the White Wot, each Ore tying to outa the other in bate Knights Griffon "The Knlghs Griffon are devout Templars of Slemar, and are reputed tobe one of the most well-ted ant dsipined forces inthe Empire. The Knights Gifon were found in the year 2905 ty Emperor Magnus the Pows a part of bis reballng of the Exopee after the great war against Chaos. DMagnas requester one hunre of te mos loyal and religions Rrights Panther to join him st Mw our nn, forming a regiment of devout Templars dea rexpaneitie {forthe protection of th Temple to Sigmar inthe Empire thameaptal. The nights were deeply honouret hehe selection and accept the offer ant the Order of Knights CGritfon wa inceneod. When th ero pans tothe rineen Of Attort i 2429, they moved their headquarters to the (Cathedral of Sigmar in Altdort to maintain thei vow to protect the heart of Sigmar’ realm. As a rot there is ‘igh animonty betwee the art the Rear each of The Reiksguard ‘The Reikyguart are one ofthe most famous, powerfal an Important miltary formations in the Empize Joining the ‘Read i condere a great military ae yc honour amore the roity. and Barons an Counts arose the Empire Uric Toate inthe clptate of Mitenbel, and iis here that the Knights ofthe White Wot are tant They are the wilde ofall the Knightly Oners, riding ito battle tareheaed ant bellowing oaths to ther goa. Inszad of the tration Jenighly armament of the lange, the Knights of the White Wott cary stead manivetworhanedharamera which they ing ‘vith awesome silat power, crushing armour and bone with ‘omal ease. Acro thet shoulders they wear the pots of white ‘waves from the Dralwvald Forest which cherselves area mar of great il for inisten of Ure are emitted to wear wolt ‘kin only they Rave llod the beast themsetren. ang neti ‘nthe weapons provid by natre. The Order of the Gold Lion A secular Onder; the Knights ofthe Gold Lion are enum in ‘hat they were fount in Aray itself during the Crome, A sroup of disenchanted nights hat fle to tackwater Arabian village aftr ther army’ ffere a crushing detet, av ha ‘baru to despa of erer returning bome. One night, Eich vor ‘Stronmer, took & upon bimeel to restare thee resolve an to rove the th of thir oano he at out ino ee parched ssvannah to take the bead of a man-eating Hon. He wad tat ‘Soald he mice in this impo tan it woul bea mre en of Siemar’ favour. Days paved a return Ne i, near Aaleions it tearing the head of «mative lion athe had ‘promis. The lnighes were fl with coarage by tis omen fv renaming themselves in honour ofthe fat forget ot into the set, eventually meetin up with the army that was Desleping Martek: Sine thn the Order of th Gold Li at served the Empire a one of ts most ost} Knigtly Ores, Section 1: Lords & Heroes | ELector count | ON GRIFFON | crioata1s 18 compat CORIFFON HEAD ELECTOR COUNT Haun serenerostt 2 areata? eh I a ELECTOR COUNT ELECTOR COUNT SHIELD ELECTOR COUNT SWORD Serenziost £3 ‘OTROS Sp ‘coizists Et CORIFFON RIGHT SIDE (GRIFFON LEFT SIDE taerometsns e2 oarevsta £3 LORD OF CHANGE LEFT wna LORD OF CHANGE RIGHT WN ‘Shecaoioes 63 ‘patente 3 | salir | las ange = Sita 4 2 ‘usable in your Empire Azry. KARL FRANZ Bannen rou Fron LeFT sive stone 2 sroamrbues 8 Fa CORIFFON TAN CORIFFON RiGHT SIDE ccna y ‘ mle CORIFFON ruc WING pes crueron ir cua EMPIRE HERO Classic Range em ct eae snes toenag [soins ety " | sabi in your Empire Army. meen "e280 eno sear (act Sop PeoAsus LEFT SIDE PeaAsus nici S10e eno sear pack owe es ae 6 ‘oa PEGASUS LEFT WING PEGASUS RIGHT WING ‘sueaponi3 3 Empire Heroes wowa schwanTHeLit SST WOLF GRANO MASTER ALDEBRAND LUDENHOF \VALAIR VON RAUKOV eer ‘mn EP ‘cmomsnie BF " = sac SER Ne osteo 7 Ge | Empire Heroes Classic Range é arisen sos bso ery “ie myer pe RUTGAR, EMPIRE GENERAL sooeo2185 £7 Complete ¥ RUTGARS BOOY —_AUTGARS LANCE UTGARS SHIELD Gurmeeenen 4 SMTUEDece £150 BLTRDANED Op Plastic Horses oss ‘COMPLETE ARMOURED HORSE MEDIEVAL HORSE ‘CARARISON HonSE sereoioe semana ‘Ganon (ream merce ue) (+ nto cel ee eg) (trade paean a a Hae ¥ #2 | Classe Range aay ¢ | [WARRIOR rust “mRest B00", Haumen | ‘WARRIOR PRIEST LUTHOR Huss, PROPHET OF SIGMAR i LUTHOR HUSS B07 _LUTHORS 800K LUTHOR HANMER, oeroeevsah 4 O7022508 Sp ANTES £N || Honda an Heroes Warrior Priests mannon priest Priest 1 B00 sie. 1 WaRRion Priest 3 ceuecis2 surement somzzioa2. sop spores ea LuTHon's HORSE HeAD ocansat ee Lords and Heroes Battle Wizards EMPIRE WIZARD 3 somes ee BALTHASAR GELT, SUPREME PATRIARCH e0cate12 £12 Complete ecasus neaD oairs stare, See a ottoman ee sonnet ea ota es ri Engineers women + ewameen2 womens cob ee cob et cof ex (Q) aaa Heroes (EW Se NEE Battle Wizards Classic. Range evant stee mr i my eee ae waar ney wzano cexesnAt woano oie 8 wad Battle Wizards by ee suet wos pee a was | & 3 ‘isan aes voowep ere wean wow ae wn » / Y ACOLYTE OF THE LGHT 1 ACOLYTE OF THE LIGHT 2 SUPREME PATRIARCH sre aor "pootene € A] FEA SAINTS EMPIRE WAR ALTAR :ri0a0ss 25 complete Classic Range ‘Tce on go og arta pete cet nye Ere hey te and amet eed gs. a" i LorIFEON TaN. WAGON YORE = ie am. ‘GRAND TeOGoNsT SHRINE OF sicuaR WAR ALTAR AXLE HORN oF sieisuuno ‘zpos 8 e700 2 taeroaoene et soroceonss £1.50 a] ———— en SNES Valten Warrior Priests 4 * mom arene oauen comand TESS Son roon ‘se0en20211901 8 Section 2: Core Units Swontemen Regiment a EMPIRE DETACHMENT rains 12 Complete EMPIRE BATTALION |__ ere 0 compte TOUCH SS VEASS Lemme) Classic Range The mode ce ee paps tena loge waa w Sst Perec wate you ne Amy £ E anoaunven + aocunnen2 avoounnen 3 vanoounnen « sanoaunnens oats eo mrss fa etna Ea oneness tase son S58 . rt 1 cH ancuens smc 280 some 290 same 20 eomeneuol so eins e280 \ od \ oem sna | a Halberdiers and Foot Soldiers with swords Frits ae j i | q BL seeer: et eens a" ee coe ol Seer a cee eee A 4 So ee a ——— oe — woes aaeeniae mannan mee ‘Shad ot nus, Epi shes pape 33, Champions, Standard Bearers and Musicians Classic Range ste sien see es eh ype hn rs ‘eupine carvan eno werk PISTOL. ERO Wir HAMMER: HERO WITH HALBERD 2 ‘eno WITH swoRD 2 “Semana 6 serosa 69 coeannea? 3 suuperen STANDARO BEARER + STANOARO BEARER? sodroanenzr0 9 omezetns 3 votre e3 soompi 2 Foot Soldiers with spears etd Foor soLoleR Foor souoler Foor sounen ‘wenn Srean 2 ‘wirn SPEAR 3 ntesege £250 suttzoabs £250 vommmoamin t250 Shields SMALL ROUNO SHIELDS owaitTsHHELDS SPRUE SnaB00 5p Sento. 2 [EMPIRE StiELO SPRUE EMPIRE KNIGHTLY ORDER | corz0teo £18 Complete Knightly Orders Rnights of the Blazing Sun ‘ott Ca Kis nt boing popes ee hs amavis re aga be Bt Sin ‘COMPLETE ARMOURED HORSE 11 random zompiie mods) omzennt 2 “pomoinoe te (andor more aa supe aan a BLAZING SUN STANDARD BLAZING SUN 1 BLazine sun, woHrs Less: sotonznens 63 suena) £3 sarctoate £3 sotroaznens £1.50 ‘Master's regiment (16 Knights) 99110202185 Recommended regiment (8 Knights) 99110202156 249 ‘Minimum regiment (5 Knights) 99110200157 e3t ach Regiment includes Standard Bearer and Grand Master [oi | candor complete ode) roe £9 “ronan £3 sosrotzoons £150 Recommended regiment (@ Knights) 99110202159 ‘Minimum regiment (5 Knights) — Knights of the White Wolf Classic Range a ser nba pe Er Eanes of amples | rowans oF He wire WOLF (“random completa moda l poo are woLr + ware woLF 2 Ware woLrs WHITE WoLF STANDARD ovokr Leas samazctoy £3 sotcnenot2| £3 omar £3 eosanis 2 soatoateots £1.50 ‘Master's regiment (16 Knights) sor10202149 297 Recommended regiment (8 Knights) 99110202150 19 _ ‘Minimum regiment (5 Knights) 99110202151 831 ach Regiment includes Standard Bearer and Grand Master. Knights Panther aos compen gs Pre Game nt ; (1 eandom complete mode) ‘sonia x roots pantHen KMGHTS PANTHER 1 KNGHTS PANTHER 2 wavs Less STANDARD suetnom2uN soared 9 sonmzenos E50 somes 2 Master's regiment (16, Knights) 99410202152 Fecommended regiment (8 Knights) 911020215349 ‘ Minimum regiment (5 Knights) “gat 10202154 231 ach Regiment includes Standard Bearer and Grand Master Accessories and Plastics Champions LEADERHEAD LEADER SWORD ARM LEADER HEAD swurotmssot sop svar’ et street? 0p Standard Bearers | ewe [STANDARO TOP stromans et STANDARO BEARER __STANDAROBEARER HANDGUNNER, senor cawraeaso sop Sart2oes Sop ‘Handguns & Crossbows HANOGUNNERS —WANDGUNNERS-—-—=HANDOUANERS ‘ans 2 "anus 3 AMS 4 onoctsets e150 someone ergo garctzvnn evgo seater eto 24% ‘CROSSHOW ARMS 1 CROSSBOW ARMS 3 CROSSBOW Ant oeromzrone e150 Soavaciona evs0 Se7OGzIONT “od Sseeaz2t006 sop ‘CROSSBOW STANOARD ereaeioon £180 Atta congrats ar casen tow yout cast] the Soars oe Emp” pas bale » sroazneant £150 hampton wean cameron. ssarotziont sop seTbnzio HANOGUNNER STANOARD suroeenenN E150 ‘Musicians and Accessories Yh ucts runt sserotzat3 sop ad serena 509 MUSICIAN ARIE eeroatzion3 60» F¥ Powoen sacs 2 sermons Sop ae sorroazsate sop 40 Section 3: Special Units Greatswords Build your own Greatswords unit wth te following repiments ach Regiment includes Champion, Standard Bearer and Musi regiment (30) 991102020162 £60 Recommended regiment (20) 99110202163 £40 Minimum regiment (10) 991102020164 £20 EMPIRE GREATSWORDS (3 random models) ‘GREATS WORDS COMMAND (3 modes) €-E-€ [Bpesial Units ee Classic Range Greatswords ir ee ge sie i py ‘eb neem ‘GnexrswoRo + oneaTswono 2 ConeaTswoRD 3 souzonstt £250 soumoanis 250 sotroeenst8 £250- na Pistoliers ‘a Sei ee PPSTOUERS (1 adm mod) a ntezenoy 2 sommes ea sobmmenen ta ‘These Ouider models canbe used 8 Empire Pistol Marksmen. i PIsTOLIER Leas MEDIEVAL HORSE sedroazaaae 84.50 nom mane Ros supped) L223 Sl Artillery Y EMPIRE ARTILLERY £10 Complete pt vyy repepey s Zs A 3 oe FA QA