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Bad Feminist: Essays

Información clave de Roxane Gay

Bad Feminist: Essays

Información clave de Roxane Gay

Bad Feminist: Essays

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Roxane Gay’s thoughts on race, gender, and sexuality.

“Feminist” has become an insult, and the idea of feminism is associated with a specific mold. But the real definition is simpler than most people think. Roxane Gay is committed to equality for women, but she doesn’t always fit in with the traditional idea of feminism. She calls herself a bad feminist. In this Snapshot, you’ll hear a sampling of Gay’s thoughts on everything from The Help to reproductive freedom. You’ll also learn how being a bad feminist is better than being no feminist at all.

Lea esta instantánea si:

  • Care about equality for women
  • Want to hear perspectives from a person of color
  • Are committed to social justice and equal representation
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Our cultural climate is slowly changing, but the battle hasn’t been won yet. Rape culture persists. Women are still fighting for reproductive freedom. Pop culture continually represents women in broken and damaging ways.

How do we bring attention to this and fight it?

Feminism is an essential way to change the cultural climate, but it is often rejected and ridiculed. The truth is, feminism is flawed because it is a movement led by human beings. People make mistakes.

When she was younger, Roxane Gay rejected feminism for the same reason many women still reject it: The label...

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