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Year of No Sugar: A Memoir

Información clave de Eve Schaub

Year of No Sugar: A Memoir

Información clave de Eve Schaub

Year of No Sugar: A Memoir

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Your diet is filled with a poison that is slowly killing you.

When it comes to how your diet affects your health, everything you’ve learned is probably wrong. It’s not the fat making you fat, and it’s not the salt making you unhealthy: It’s sugar. Sugar is in almost everything, it’s causing us to become obese and terminally ill, and it’s one of the best-kept secrets in the food industry. In this Snapshot, you’ll find out where your unnecessary sugars are coming from, how they’re slowly killing you, and what to do about it.

Lea esta instantánea si:

  • Can’t seem to lose weight no matter what diet you try
  • Care that you’re unknowingly consuming sugar in almost everything you eat
  • Are looking for simple ways to eat healthy
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Sugar is a poison linked to all sorts of serious long-term health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, and even heart disease. And even if you don’t eat sweets and never indulge in a can of soda, you’re constantly ingesting sugar. You might not realize it, but sugar is in much of the food you consume.

To kick sugar out of your life, or at least down to reasonable levels, keep the following five principles in mind:

Read the labels. Many of the processed foods at the grocery store contain added sugar — and not always in small amounts.

Order simply when eating out....

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