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Hero To Zero To Giro
In this topsy-turvy year practically the only race not to shift seasons was the World Championships, which maintained its September slot, although COVID did force a venue change from Switzerland to Italy. An outstanding Anna van der Breggen did the d
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Heart of Gold
Giorgia Bronzini is struggling to find the right words. Just moments earlier the 37-year-old had been talking full-gas (to borrow a phrase she uses frequently) while telling Cyclist the story of a 2015 race in Belgium that involved wind, rain, shatte
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Network News
Victoria will implement minimum passing distance laws in 2021, becoming the last place in Australia to have the rule. Drivers will need to pass people on bikes at a minimum distance of one metre in speed zones up to 60km/h and 1.5 metres in zones abo
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Aussie Watch
Due to disruptions to the 2020 racing calendar, fans were treated to a flurry of activity late in the season. You had to feel for riders who went from the Tour de France into the World Championships and then into either the ‘Spring Classics’ (read: A
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Giorgia On Our Mind
Born August 3 in Piacenza, Italy Wins points race at the Junior Track World Championships in the US. Finishes fifth in the World Junior Road Race later in the year Rides the Giro Rosa for the first time. Wins three stages at the Giro della Toscana Cl
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Photography Mike Massaro, Peter Stuart, Stu Bowers ■
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Q&A Prita Jobling-Baker
Cyclist: How many Peaks Challenges have you undertaken and what are your most memorable moments? Prita Jobling-Baker: I’ve done three Falls Creek, two Cradle Mountain and one Gold Coast; sadly I had to miss a couple of years for various reasons. I’ve
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Bronzini On…
‘The UCI really needs to help race organisers. Help all these people who want to hold a race for us and look at the scheduling of the race calendar. Sometimes we have a month full of races that we need to do so we have to double up. Then the next mon
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Specialized Tarmac SL7
It was perhaps inevitable we would end up here. The writing was on the wall two years ago when Specialized launched a new Venge that looked and rode, well… a lot like a Tarmac. At the same time, the Tarmac SL6 was also displaying a number of design c
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The Man Who Would Be King
With 30km to go in the World Championships Road Race, after 225km of racing around the Imola circuit in Italy, a figure in pale yellow and blue shot out of the leading group. It was Tadej Pogačar, whose reign as Tour de France champion was only in it
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Vršič Pass & Mangart
Without wishing to denigrate the achievements of Jani Brajkovič, Simon Špilak and Borut Božič, Slovenia has only recently come to the fore in professional cycling. But now, with Primož Roglič and Tadej Pogačar battling it out for supremacy at the poi
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BMC Teammachine SLR01 One
Bike building is a lot like baking. As much art as it is science, experience is everything and the slightest deviation from a trusted recipe can have quite catastrophic results. A soggy bottom is just as undesirable on a race bike as it is on a roula
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Ed’s Letter
Everyone knows the n+1 rule. The correct number of bikes to own is one more than the number you currently have – but that only works up to a point. Eventually, the equation needs to be reset. Once you have a climber’s bike, an aero bike, an endurance
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A Moment In Time Freddy Maertens Returns From The Dead
The opening day of the 1981 Tour de France didn’t go the way Freddy Maertens would have wanted. For just the third time in its history the race had headed to southern France for its Grand Depart, with Nice having the honour of hosting the big send-of
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Flashing Blades
There was Francesco Moser’s 1984 Hour record bike, all cutting edge disc wheels and wildly sloping frame. There was Alf Engers’ 1978 time-trial bike, with its one-piece bar-stem, reversed levers and filed down cranks. In fact, as far back as 1891 rid
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Ridley Helium SLX Disc
Bikes are great. I love their simplicity, their democracy, their freedom. However, sometimes I find myself less than enamoured with their longevity. I mean, after all, if you bought a $15,000 car and the accelerator started squeaking, the gears slipp
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Fat Lot Of Good?
Eating less than 50g of carbs per day and getting most of your calories from fat has been shown to make the body burn more fat for energy. Great news for endurance athletes: simply create this fat-adapted state in the leadup to an event then ramp the
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3T Strada
Few bikes have been as controversial in recent times as 3T’s Strada. Designed by ex-Cervelo founder Gerard Vroomen to be used with wider tyres and a single chainring, the Strada immediately divided opinion. In fact it is still the cause of debate now
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No ‘I’ In Team
It’s a little-known fact that a legalised brothel in Holland played a small but significant part in cycling history. The full details are recounted on the official web page of Club Diana, just beneath the section entitled ‘Our Mission: Seduce and Pam
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Let There Be Light
These days it’s rare for a company to produce a completely new bike. Even rarer for that company to unveil something altogether unseen before. The launch of the Specialized Aethos comes with two striking surprises: it weighs less than 6kg for a compl
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Will Running Help Or Hinder Me?
One of the most infuriating responses a coach can give to an athlete in any sport is ‘it depends’. But unfortunately that is very much the situation in this case. Bear with me here. Let’s say you’re training to participate in a sportive of 150–plus k
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Cervélo S5
Why does the Cervelo S5 stand out for me as my favourite aero bike ever? Simple. I’ve categorically never ridden as fast as I did on this bike and, until it mysteriously got deleted, I had the Strava KoM to prove it. It happens the world over, I’m su
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Want To Go PRO?
The PRO saddle range includes the Falcon (pictured), Turnix, Griffon and Stealth Sport, which are based on traditional saddle shapes but with elements taken from the latest data on pressure mapping of the contact point between rider and saddle. ‘When
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Confection Perfection
Cookies in the US, biscuits in the UK. And for us in Oz? Well, we get stuck somewhere in between. For what it’s worth, ‘biscuit’ comes from the Latin bis meaning twice, and coctus meaning cooked. By contrast, ‘cookie’ is rooted in the early Dutch wor
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Trek Madone
Since the advent of the aero road bike, tradition has dictated that speed and comfort are acrimoniously opposed. Either you had an unyielding bike shaped like a blade that rattled along the tarmac, or you had a comfortable cruiser with thin tubes tha
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Cadex Classic tyre
RRP $124.95, Cadex… Cadex… Cadex. Sound familiar but you just can’t place it? What if we said ‘Giant Cadex’? Released in the 1980s, Giant’s Cadex was one of the first mass-produced carbon fibre frames. And while you won’t see Gia
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Do You Know Squat?
Ί used to work in a national high performance cycling program. We once had a workshop about human movement patterns. My entire department was in there and I think there was one guy who could squat. Everyone else had a version of a squat that wasn’t r
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Bianchi Oltre XR4
It was January 2013, I was still wet behind the ears and we had just come back to the office from our Christmas holidays. ‘Stu!’ I exclaimed to then-deputy editor Stu Bowers. ‘You’re not going to like this, the Bianchi must have gotten a double punct
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Aftershokz Aeropex headphones
RRP $249, Aftershokz was founded in 2011 pioneering headphones that utilise ‘bone conduction technology,’ where the headphones rest directly on the listener’s cheekbones, transmitting sound to the inner ear (cochlea) via this path ins
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