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Tough It Out
If you’re holding a general-season rifle deer tag or a late-season archery or a muzzle-loader permit for a late-October or November blacktail hunt, the more rain and snow that falls now, the better your chances of filling said tag. Just ask a butcher
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Benelli Lupo
What happens when a world-renowned shotgun manufacturer decides to broaden its scope and turns attention toward producing a bolt-action rifle? In the case of the new Benelli Lupo, hunters get a rifle that’s as innovative as it’s accurate. Italian fir
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All About That Base
Though blacktail hunting is better when it’s wetter, such conditions make it hard for hunters to stay out in the woods. The best way to remain comfortable is to dress for success, starting with a good base layer. Leave the cotton at home and pull on
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Benelli Lupo | bolt-action centerfire rifle .30-06 Sprg. (tested), .270 Win., .300 Win. Mag. detachable box; 4+1 round capacity 22 inches, free-floating, Criotreated; 1:11-inch twist; muzzle threaded 5/8x24 adjustable, 2.2-4.4 pou
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Picking Pockets
The year was 1978, and I was a 20-something Californian making his first out-of-state deer hunting trip to eastern Montana. Hunting the head of a brush-lined creek in some sagebrush foothills, I shot my first-ever whitetail buck, an old 10-point that
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Moultrie XA-6000 | 16-megapixel images, 1280x720-pixel HD video Moultrie Mobile app AT&T; plans start at $4.99 per month .9 second 80 feet 24 infrared LEDs; 70-foot range 12 AA batteries 3-plus months Motion-Detect Delay,
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Think Small
It doesn’t take much habitat to hide a deer, and that fact allows many big blacktail bucks to grow old without ever being seen by a hunter. Smart bucks look for small sanctuaries that provide cover close to water and food. During the general rifle se
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Moultrie Xa-6000
Trail cameras, by and large, are thought of as pre-season scouting tools used primarily to determine deer movement patterns and conduct herd inventory in the weeks leading up to opening day. However, they’re also incredibly valuable during the season
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7 Tips For Western Waterfowl Success
My dad turned to me as he exited our duck blind. “I’ll be right back,” he said. “The jerk cord has grass on it. A lot of new birds are showing up, and they can be finicky. I want to make sure everything’s perfect so they don’t hesitate.” Soon we were
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Dimensions And Capacities
2020 Nissan Titan XD | 5.6-liter DOHC 32-valve V8; 400 horsepower; 413 pounds-feet of torque 151.6 inches 244.4 inches 80.7 inches 78.4 inches 8.8 inches (with skid plate) 78.7 inches 63.8 inches 20.8 inches 10,880 pounds (tra
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Resources for pre-hunt recon To help locate potential deer pockets and determine exact public/private boundaries, the use of satellite imagery and popular hunting apps takes the game to the next level.Google Earth and are huge assets, wh
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Nissan Titan Xd
Most of us buy a truck with visions of hauling gear to deer camp, towing a boat to the lake and off-roading into a secluded spot with a view to spend the weekend. It’s good to dream about adventure, but daily routines require a truck that can transpo
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Dog Demands
As duck season progresses, taking care of your dog in cold weather is vital. That starts with a healthy diet. “I strongly encourage people to feed their dog a high-quality food year-round, not just during hunting season,” says Jared Moss, owner of Be
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Taking A Stand
As Shane readied his rifle and gear for the opening day of deer season, his father entered his room. “Alarm’s set for 4:30.” “Oh, I’ll be up Dad,” said Shane. “Where do you want to sit in the morning? Ole Faithful’s always good with a north wind.” “A
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American Actions
On his “Conservation” column on page 16, Andrew McKean observes that the act of notching a big-game tag is the most American thing a hunter can do. As an action taking place in the field and during a hunt—and one on which the North American Model of
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Fall Transition Bassin’
During the spawn bass anglers know what to do. We head to protected bays and coves with hard bottoms and look for bedding fish. In the summer we move off the shallow shores and target drop offs and humps with deep-diving crankbaits and plastic worms.
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Game & Fish
PUBLISHER Michael F. X. Cassidy EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Adam Heggenstaller | EDITOR John Taranto | REGIONAL EDITORS David F. Johnson, Dr. Todd A. Kuhn, Drew Warden ONLINE CONTENT EDITOR Scott
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The Eyes Have It
Part of the reason Jared Lintner is a shallow-water master is that he has great eyesight, which helps him to pick apart shallow cover. Under the surface, though, he’d be blind without his Garmin Panoptix unit (above), which allows him to see all arou
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An Unlikely Deer Rifle
Deer hunters have been brainwashed by gun writers. Many almost believe that if their cartridge cannot push bullets to 3,000 fps or ring steel at 1,000 yards, their bullets will bounce off deer. It may come as a surprise, but deer are just not that ha
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A cross much of Montana, November’s signature sights are the ivory tines of elk and the thick necks of rutting bucks. But in just as many spots across the Big Sky State, November is defined by the long tails of ringneck pheasants and the whir of grou
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DIY Reality
It is nothing less than a true double blessing. The first: A fully mature whitetail saunters past at a mere five steps. The buck has exceptional tine length, thick bases and a swayed back. I stroke a broadhead through the deer, and it’s dead within s
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Fall Hotspots
These patterns discussed in this article work anywhere summer transitions into fall, but our experts have their favorite locations. Living near one of the nation’s top bass waters makes it easy for Jared Lintner to choose California’s Clear Lake. He
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Legal Tender(loin)
This month, as you pause to reflect on all the planning, application of field skills and good fortune that culminated in killing that deer (or elk or bear) at your feet, take an extra moment before notching your carcass tag. Use half that moment to t
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Beyond The Big Sky
Montana may have the most consistent upland bird populations and best access of any Western state, but there are a number of other spots to consider for a road trip. Here are three. This spot near Laramie in southeastern Wyoming is stocked daily by W
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Great Plains, Great Game
Survival of the fittest. Charles Darwin probably never visited the Nebraska Sandhills, but the area and its hardy residents are pure representatives of his famous theory. From the beasts and birds to the men who chose to homestead here, all the way d
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Essential Upland Gear
The Danner Vital is where comfortable hiking boots meet technical hunting boots. This excellent upland offering is lightweight, well cushioned and keeps your feet dry.The sole is built for superior traction on fall hunting terrains. ($120;
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Around The West
November is a month of change in much of the West, with fall giving way to decidedly colder weather one day and switching back again the next. But it is indisputably a great hunting month, with many waterfowl seasons beginning, upland seasons in full
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Get Results
Want to know how this year’s new rods and reels perform while they’re being fished? Go to for full details on their capabilities revealed during the Game & Fish 2020 Tackle Test. At Lake Picachos, our test team evaluated 24 baitcas
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Custom Ammo
As one of the largest ammo companies in the world, Federal is known for pumping out premium products on a grand scale. But it might come as a surprise to learn that a sacred space is reserved in Federal’s massive Minnesota factory for ultra-premium h
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Beyond The Border, Beyond Belief
For bass fishermen, the call of Mexican waters has been loud and clear for many years. Reputations of 100-fish days and average weights exceeding those touted by 90 percent of bass fisheries in the United States are difficult to ignore. Almost everyo
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