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Pick Of The Month
News TV Film DVD Stream KAT HALSTEAD is a writer and movie buff with a penchant for female-led flicks. @kathalstead Directed by Emma Seligman Family gatherings have long been the source of unbearable anxiety – on screen and off – and this observation
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You Said It…
I’m an overseas subscriber, hence only commenting on the February issue now. Reminds me of early DIVA: very serious and full of activists struggling to make the world better for our community. Ok, but can we read some fun stuff too please? What about
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All Our Hidden Gifts
When Caroline O’Donoghue was 16, she met two awesome queer people in their 20s who changed her life forever. “It’s so cliche,” she groans over Zoom. “I was raised by queer people!” We’re both laughing, but the truth is that this friendship was glorio
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Book Of The Month
ERICA GILLINGHAM is a queer poet, writer and bookseller with a PhD in lesbian love stories and kissing. @ericareadsqueer Isabel Waidner Isabel Waidner’s writing is electric. Kinetic, peripatetic, suspect, the reader knows as little about where they a
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Sexperts On Scissoring
“Yes, scissoring is a real thing and there’s so many different variations of it. Now, me personally, yes, I scissor! Imagine their legs open and I’m in between and I raise up to where both of our clits are hitting each other. For me, that’s like fore
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Get the look: LINE OF DUTY
Bent coppers! Flemson! Vicky McClure’s face! Mother of God, what’s not to love about BBC crime thriller Line Of Duty? And folks haven’t just been watching in their millions for the plot twists and throbbing sapphic sexual tension (although those fact
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The Fight For Equality
VALENTINO VECCHIETTI is a writer, academic, intersex human rights campaigner and a lesbian. They founded Intersex Equality Rights UK. @ValentinoInter I am very happy for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities who celebrated inclusion in the
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60 SECONDS WITH… Bookhounds
How did Bookhounds come to be? When I was preparing for my first marathon, I was a bit injured, very much in the training zone. I picked up this book called Runner by Lizzy Hawker, an incredible endurance runner from the UK. It reminded me why I love
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Pick Of The Month
LAURA HOWARD is a friendly northern muso and aspiring radio DJ. @howardoyoudo We’re All Gonna Die, But Here’s My Contribution Introducing Boyish, Brooklyn-based queer indie duo India Shore and Claire Altendahl. A nostalgic take on their shared experi
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Queer Icons And Their Cats
Queer Icons And Their Cats is a gorgeous new book by Alison Nastasi and PJ Nastasi that every self-respecting DIVA reader needs on their bookshelf. Featuring LGBTQI icons past and present, alongside their feline friends, this book is dedicated to “LG
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Forward-thinking tote for erotic adventurers etsy.com/uk/shop/HomolondonStore, £12 What time is it? Pride time, baby! tofflondon.com, from £49.99 Empowering quotes from amazing women of colour waterstones.com, £6.99 Warning: this candle will make you
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“The Societal Pressure For Conformity Is Immense, Leaving People Isolated And Lonely”
What is daily life like for LGBTQI people in Japan? Day-to-day life for LGBTQI people in Japan can be hard. There is a lack of acceptance and understanding at home and school which can lead to students being bullied, both by their teachers and other
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Sexy Bits
Remember: start small, go slow and don’t be stingy with the water-based lube… This silicone vibrator is ideal for newbies. Pass the remote control to your partner to up the ass-play ante. £95 from pleasuregardenshop.co.uk Multiple options mean you ca
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Ali Recommends
Meetup app A platform full of friendly groups for every imaginable interest, connecting people locally, nationally and internationally. Check out London International Lesbians for starters: they welcome womxn and non-binary folk of all abilities and
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The Scissoring Special
Since the dawn of time, queer women have argued ferociously about whether or not scissoring is a thing. In all likelihood, gay cavewomen were debating scissoring long before scissors were even invented. I like to think that back then they called it D
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A Sporting Chance for Equality
NADIA DAVIES is an English student who likes cooking vegan food, drinking red wine and reading queer literature. @86_Storm_ I have always wanted to visit Japan – sitting in a noodle bar, sipping sake with the view of Mount Fuji in the distance. Japan
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Music editor Laura Howard Screen editor Kat Halstead Books editor Erica Gillingham Travel editor Joanna Whitehead Designer Fernando Safont Big thanks to: Adrian Read, Joanna Turvill, Harriet Argent, Nadia Davies, Martine Hess sales@divamag.co.uk Even
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A Letter From Our Publisher
After what seems like an eternity, June 2021 finally sees the lifting of the restrictions which, however necessary, have blighted all our lives. Some of us haven’t made it, some have caught the virus and recovered fully, while others are still feelin
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Dear Ali…
ALI HENDRY is a holistic relationship coach. She currently has space for new clients. alihendry.co.uk Follow Ali on Twitter @ali_hendry and Clubhouse the_ali_h Dear Ali, With restrictions easing, I’m thinking about getting into the dating game at lon
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Hot Off The Presses
We Can Do Better Than This Amelia Abraham (editor) Essays, Vintage, £14.99 The Ex-Girlfriend Of My Ex-Girlfriend Is My Girlfriend Maddy Court Advice, Chronicle Books, £14.99 Queer Between The Covers Leila Kassir, Richard Espley (editors) Essays, Univ
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My Secret Sex Diary
I’ve been with my wife for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve had many different sexual relationships. We’ve been energetic, but uninformed. We’ve been at it like rabbits, three times a night. We’ve been totally exhausted and entirely non-sexual new
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Here’s To A More Accessible Future
Lesbian Visibility Week was an incredible success, sparking conversation, collaboration and creativity. Since Linda dreamt up the initiative in 2020, it’s grown more than we ever could have imagined, becoming a staple in the LGBTQI calendar globally.
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Tops And Bottom
The Breakup Monologues by Rosie Wilby Beg, borrow or steal a copy! The Scottish island will host its fifirst ever Pride event in 2022! We love this publication of lesbian art and poetry wmnzine.com Once the queen of daytime telly, her show is coming
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Truly, Madly, Deeply Dodie
It’s a big day for Dodie. The 26-year-old singer-songwriter’s debut album, Build A Problem, has been released into the world, just hours before our Zoom call. It’s been a long time coming, thanks to a toxic combo of Covid and Brexit – “I have no idea
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Bad Girls Reunited
It’s a teenage dream come true: I’m face to face with actors Simone Lahbib and Mandana Jones – better known as Larkhall wing governor Helen Stewart and lifer Nikki Wade. Their love story in ITV drama Bad Girls captured my baby gay heart and the heart
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Beginner’s Guide To Scissoring
Tribadism: Grinding against any part of a partner’s body. Scissoring: A type of tribadism, where two (or more) people rub their genitals together. ✔ All the sexy sex nerds advise stretching before scissoring. If you’re worried that might kill the moo
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This Summer, Show Your True Colours And #SubscribeWithPride
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Toys To Make Your Scissor Sizzle
Created by queer women for queer women, this nifty little gadget is a scissoring secret weapon for couples where at least one partner has a vulva. wetforher.com, £58.95 An ideal aid to help you and your partner find (and maintain!) that perfect posit
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How Are You Marking Pride Month?
Editor-in-chief Carrie Lyell “I’ll be celebrating by getting the Covid vaccine. Thank you, NHS!” Managing editor Roxy Bourdillon “With a rainbow face mask and glittery hand sanitiser” Sub-editor Kat Halstead “By finally treating myself to those rainb
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JOANNA WHITEHEAD is a Yorkshire lass based in London. @MsWhitehead100 At this stage, we’re resigned to the prospect of a UK holiday this summer, and it’s a reality we’re genuinely excited about. The government restrictions that have curtailed foreign
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