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Lost In Translation
For education policymakers, it must be so tempting to constantly turn your gaze to education systems in other countries, especially those that seem to do better in international league tables. Unfortunately, it often isn’t easy to determine exactly w
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Don’t Let Edtech Become A Distant Lockdown Memory
Moving your whole school online is an enormous task for a headteacher. This would be true even if you had months to prepare. But when the government announced last March that schools would be closing their doors to the vast majority of pupils, leader
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Don’t Be Daunted When Teaching The Teachers
Teachers are a group of people who perform day in, day out, to a sometimes hostile crowd. Talking in public? We never bat an eyelid. Teaching children and teenagers is our raison d’etre. The only thing that scares us? Teaching our peers. I’ve been te
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If Staff Mentor Students, The Whole School Benefits
Some 20 years ago, I was studying educational administration at Georgia State University in Atlanta. The need to listen to our students jumped out at me from advice in a chapter of Michael Fullan’s seminal work, The New Meaning of Educational Change.
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How To Take Back Your Weekends And Banish The Sunday Night Dread
As much as most teachers love their job, the Sunday night dread is still a firm fixture of the profession, according to Tes columnist Mark Enser. “For me, the dread would always start shortly after breakfast on a Sunday when my mind turned to all the
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Is Science For All A Flight Of Fancy?
Before the Covid-19 lockdown, when travel to international conferences was still a regular feature of academic life, I was one of those people you would overhear in the row in front of you, asking their fellow travellers in a very worried voice, and
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How To Build A Post-Covid Curriculum
Here’s a question that every person working in education will have an answer to: what makes a good curriculum? You wouldn’t get the same answer from everyone you asked but people would definitely have an opinion. There will be those who agree with Am
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EDITOR Jon Severs ASSISTANT TO THE EDITOR Gizem Dagli INTERIM COMMISSIONING EDITOR Helen Amass CONTENT CREATION William Stewart, Mary-Louise Clews, Charlotte Santry, Chloe Albasini, Julia Belgutay, Adi Bloom, Claudia Civinini, Amy Gibbons, Grainne Ha
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1. The Mandalorian TV series is part of which film franchise? 2. Used to thicken soups and sauces, what are the two ingredients of a beurre manié? 3. What does a conchologist study and collect? 4. The Starry Night is a painting by which Dutch artist?
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CPD is going to save us. It will save us from the Covid learning gap, from poor teacher retention and from a scarcity of teachers wanting to be school leaders. It will save us from undiagnosed special educational needs and disabilities and missed saf
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Let’s Act To Protect Poorer Pupils From The Next Covid
We’ve learned lots of hard lessons from that most brutal teacher, Covid-19. Poor families have been hit hardest. Families with parents and adult relatives who were not in good health this time last year are the most likely to have suffered bereavemen
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How To Respond When A Parent Says ‘I Don’t Want My Child Reading That’
Arguments over works of literature are usually healthy. Not every text will be seen in the same light by all and debating these differing opinions usually makes the understanding of a text richer: it forces advocacy and thus a greater focus on the de
Tes8 min. leídosLeadership
Colleges Must Do More Than Pay Lip Service To Diversity
Jeff Greenidge has a question for you: if you are really going to be servicing your communities, do your staff and your board reflect those communities? The new director of diversity for the Association of Colleges and the Education and Training Foun
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Tes Focus On… Times Tables
What is the best way to teach times tables? To answer that, we may want to look at the work of the Babylonians. Around 4,000 years ago, they were using multiplication grids regularly, so must have had an in-depth understanding of teaching such a skil
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The Plenary
It’s one of the hardest questions in education: how do you know that your students really know a subject, topic or even a single fact, so that if they were asked about it tomorrow, next week or in an exam, they could give a correct answer? One thing
Tes5 min. leídosPolitics
How I… Teach Political Literacy In A Balanced Way
As conversation topics to avoid go, politics is right up there, especially in schools, where staff are explicitly advised by the Department for Education not to express political views. But ignoring the topic altogether does our students an enormous
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Cryptic Crossword
1 Outside cash machine, nick retired bloke wearing a mask (6) 4 Pick over rubbish caught in Geneva’s disorder (8) 9 Argue about a boy (6) 10 One writes: who in Paris left Marine drained of half her energy? (5,3) 12 Yield grain, so to speak? (4) 13 Fl
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10 Questions With… Phil Kemp
A teacher for 35 years, Phil Kemp became president of the NASUWT teaching union last weekend. But his proudest achievement, he says, is running an alternative provision unit over the past 10 years, where he has helped more than 1,000 key stage 4 pupi
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DfE Blunder Highlights Persistent Allure Of The Learning-styles Myth
In 2017, schools minister Nick Gibb addressed PGCE students at the University of Buckingham and mentioned busting myths about education. The first myth he mentioned? Learning styles. Left unchecked, he said, myths such as this can “pervade classrooms
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Tes Focus On… Nurture Groups In Secondary
Since their inception half a century ago, nurture groups have become commonplace in UK primaries. These small groups (usually no more than 10-12 pupils) are educated away from their mainstream classes, while still maintaining contact with them. They
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Cryptic Crossword And Quiz
Try your hand at this tricky cryptic crossword, presented by Tes’ resident wordmaster, Magnus. Can you decipher the complex clues and complete the grid? Answers will be published in next week’s magazine. 1 Crumpled dollar already missing odd bits (7)
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‘We’re Paying The Price For Decades Of Underinvestment’: Prison Education In A Pandemic
Marianne Quick, prison officer for the University and College Union, says that, during the pandemic, prison educators have been (and still are) frightened about the health risks of going into work. “There’s been a push for staff to be present on site
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The Iced Tea Cometh A Bit Late
An unwise drinks decision on a school trip resulted in a frosty reception and a valuable lesson about rewards for Nathan Burns When I arrived with a big group of students at the NEC, more or less on time, to attend the Big Bang Fair, I couldn’t help
Tes1 min. leídosTeaching Methods & Materials
How Is The Length Of An Exam Determined?
According to the Joint Council of Qualifications (JCQ), the length of an examination is decided by individual awarding bodies. “Whilst JCQ puts the timetable together, the duration of an examination is for the awarding body to determine,” a spokesper
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EDITOR Jon Severs  ASSISTANT TO THE EDITOR Gizem Dagli  INTERIM COMMISSIONING EDITOR Helen Amass CONTENT CREATION William Stewart, Mary-Louise Clews, Charlotte Santry, Chloe Albasini, Julia Belgutay, Adi Bloom, Claudia Civinini, Amy Gibbons, Grainne
Tes2 min. leídosPsychology
Teacher Assessment: Is Unconscious Bias Shaping Your View Of Students?
With the summer exams cancelled for a second year running, talk has once again turned to the reliability of teacher assessment. Many of these discussions have centred not on teachers intentionally skewing results, but doing so unwittingly. As such, u
Tes3 min. leídosPsychology
A Magic Wand For Whizzy Catch-up? Try Investing In CPD Instead
We’re at the point in the catch-up narrative at which people are expecting action. Pupils have been back a few weeks, so we must know where the gaps are. And we must be about to spring into action to plug those gaps, right? By summer, we will surely
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How Lockdown Shut Down Learning Behind Bars
Emma* is a functional skills manager across a number of providers. She’s been going into work during the coronavirus pandemic, but things have been different; she doesn’t have any face-to-face contact with her students, and can only speak to them ove
Tes5 min. leídosRelationships
How I… Gave Reluctant Parents The Maths Bug
As hard as schools try to make maths less scary, it is frequently approached with fear and anxiety. This often takes the form of jokey dismissals and exclamations of “I just can’t do it”. But when this is a message coming from parents, not just pupil
Tes9 min. leídosPsychology
Why The Need For Speed?
When was the last time that you had to complete a complex task under strict timed conditions? It’s not a situation most adults find themselves in on a regular basis because strict time limits are rarely placed on the work we do. Where there are time
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