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Everyday Heroes To Be Celebrated
This year’s Silverstone Classic promises a bumper weekend of automotive legends from both road and track as the event celebrates its belated 30th birthday. However, the variety will also extend to a special display starring 50 of the UK’s most seldom
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British Icons
Inside each issue we reflect on the golden age of motoring, BRITISH ICONS provides insight to some of the UK’s most iconic classic cars: from the likes of the Range Rover (itself celebrating 50 years in 2020), the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, the Jagua
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Staff Classics
The last update on our Turbo R was a couple of issues ago but readers who were assuming that our brave decision to buy a 30-year-old Bentley unseen had turned out to be calamitous may well be disappointed. In our last instalment, we’d been stranded b
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Spring Is Here – So It’s Time To Hit The Road!
As we ease out of lockdown, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your favourite classic ready for the open road. Sign up for a subscription to one of these fantastic motoring publications, with inspiration of how to get the most out of your classic th
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Homologation Heroes Scale New Heights
Values for homologation specials from the 1980s and ’90s are up significantly since the beginning of lockdown last year, according to the latest update to UK Hagerty Price Guide. Reportedly, homologation specials are in great demand amongst a 45-65-y
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Record Rise In Potholerelated Breakdowns
Pothole-related breakdowns on UK roads continue to plague motorists, with a record rise in cases according to the RAC. The breakdown recovery firm said many roads “resemble the surface of the Moon” after it received 4694 call-outs for vehicles likely
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The Original
Shortly after sampling the ’79 Marina, we had the chance to try a car from the other end of its long production run: a 1971 saloon, courtesy of the British Motor Museum’s collection. The remarkably original one-owner car was gifted to the museum last
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Rolls-royce Silver Spirit
Regular readers will know that we recently acquired a Bentley Turbo R, the sporting cousin of the Silver Spirit which did so much to revive the fortunes of Bentley as a brand that it directly contributed to the split of the two brands between BMW and
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The Market
The TR was a strong seller throughout its life, sitting somewhere between the MG models and the more expensive Austin-Healey and Jaguar offerings. Strongest seller of the lot was the TR6, which boasted a total of 91,850 units, followed by the TR4/4A
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Pagoda Sets New UK Record
A Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda has set what is believed to be a new UK auction record for the model at Historics’ Ascot Racecourse sale on April 17, selling for a whopping £184,800 – 65 per cent above the middle of its £95,000-£120,000 estimate. A rare
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The Press
Despite the age of the underlying design the press generlly loved the TRs. Over in the USA, Car & Driver reckoned that the TR4 was a better-handling car than its predecessor even without the optional IRS. Motor magazine, testing the TR5 in 1968, love
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Bold Concept
Cars don’t hit the market in concept form. It just doesn’t happen. Complications with mass-producing certain parts, keeping costs down to a minimum and making changes following feedback are all reasons why cars drastically change from concept form to
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Tailgate Sport For All
I write this column as the national gloom lifts. We have been granted further freedoms from the nightmare under which we have lived for 18 months; the skies are becoming blue, the fields green, and it’s even starting to feel warm again. And the perfe
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Fotu Entries Invited
The Festival of the Unexceptional returns this summer to showcase the once-ubiquitous and frequently maligned ‘ordinary’ classics that have become rare sights, with entries now invited for a coveted space on the concours lawn at the event’s new venue
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One of the rarest British sports cars of the 1930s is heading to auction, with H&H Classics putting this Brough Superior 4.2-Litre Dual Purpose Drophead Coupe under the hammer at its Duxford sale on May 26. George Brough made his name by creating hig
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Review: Swva, Online, March 26
Good things comes to those who wait, and that certainly seemed to be the case for South Western Vehicle Auctions when it came to its maiden classic car auction of the year. Having delayed its January sale and brought forward its April date to create
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Heritage Skills
Few car makers today are shy of raiding their heritage, whether it’s production models apeing significant ancestors – think Fiat 500 for one – or endless ‘continuation’ reborn classics raiding the pockets of super-wealthy collectors (yes Jaguar, we’r
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One of the biggest fads of the early 2000s was the coupé-cabriolet which, rather than following the more traditional trend of making a ragtop version of a mainstream hatchback involved the world’s car manufacturers transforming them into standalone m
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Classic Car Mart
EDITORIAL Group Editor: Paul Wager Features Editor: Jeff Ruggles Production Editor: Jack Grover Art Editor: Paul Sander CONTRIBUTORS Nigel Clark, Paul Guinness, Gerard Hughes, Jeff Ruggles, Sam Skelton, Matt
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Mr Average
Anyone with even a passing interest in cars will have received one of those little books at Christmas, usually titled something like 100 Worst Cars and alongside the inevitable Ford Edsel you’ll find a smattering of BL products: take your pick from M
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Pecking Order
Daily life had just restarted across the country as shops, barbers and pubs re-opened in April. Town streets and country roads felt like they’d gone back to normal, or at least the new normal. You don’t realise quite how comforting those symbols of n
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Me Two
Japan’s first ever mid-engined sports car, the Mk1 Toyota MR2 – codenamed ‘AW11’ – was quite the success, evoking other small midship sports cars like the Fiat X1/9 and Lancia Monte Carlo, but offering Japanese reliability and relative practicality.
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Database Triumph Tr (1955-1976)
The last of the traditional TR models was built in 1976 when the final TR6 left the Canley production line, but it represented the last of a family which could trace its ancestry back to the early ’50s. In true British motor industry form, Triumph ha
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Review: Brightwells, Timed Online, April 1
The Brightwells sales have been notable for their variety recently and the latest timed online auction was no exception: as well as traditional classics from the ’50s and ’60s, we saw curiosities like the Micra-based Jaguar Mk2-inspired Mitsuoka View
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Coventry Festival Returns As Month-long Programme
After its pandemic-related absence last year, MotoFest Coventry is to return this summer with new dates and a new format. The free-to-attend motoring festival will switch from its traditional slot on the first weekend in June to a new ‘MotoFest Month
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Everyday Heroes
I’ve mentioned before on this page how the perceived glamour of a job in car magazines doesn’t always match up to the reality of the hours spent staring into a screen, but every so often you leave the house with an added spring in your step when you
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Classic Crossword 185
7 A 1960s GT from Bond (6) 8 Any oil-burner (6) 10 Which Bentleys turned into Continentals in 1984? (9) 11 Rover 200 hot hatch named after an historic British motorsports team (3) 12 2.5 litre Rileys brought out in 1946 (4) 14 Rolls-Royce notably use
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Retro Cars
Hardtop Convertibles Mk2 Toyota MR2 Staff classics ■
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Hyundai Unveils Restomod Pony
We’ve seen plenty of manufacturers reimagining iconic models from their back catalogue as restomods in recent years, but we suspect a modernised Hyundai Pony will still be a surprise for many. Nevertheless, the Korean manufacturer has come up with a
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