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Get On Board!
It’s that time in the Caribbean when we celebrate, through regattas, festivals and our yearly Easter activities. LIAT connects you to 15 destinations across the Caribbean via our ATR fleet – so why not visit friends for the Easter weekend or organise
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Keen to expand your list of favourite cocktails? Looking for ‘mocktail’ inspiration? Whatever your tipple, head to Colibri. “The secret of a good cocktail is balance; the right ratio of alcohol, sweetness and acidity,” says owner Didier Deleau. The b
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Mind Matters
In 2013, we discovered that my grandfather had dementia. He was 80 when we realised something was very wrong. He started telling us about leaks in our house that weren’t there, car accidents that hadn’t happened. It was an emotional experience that c
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Fly Healthy
The low cabin humidity in planes can cause dry eyes, nose and throat, especially on longer journeys. Drink plenty of water and fruit juice and keep alcohol, tea and coffee to a minimum as these can lead to dehydration. Apply skin moisturiser and lip
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ZING Caribean
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Real Nice Guyana
Real Nice Guyana, a channel dedicated to Guyanese recipes and travel videos, now has more than 50,000 YouTube subscribers. “Relatives overseas were asking me to post videos of home,” says Real Nice. “And my wife Molly’s cooking, included in some of t
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Peculiar Puerto Rico!
What? Crumbling remnants of a 19th-century quarantine hospital Isla de Cabras (Island of Goats) is known for its beaches and spectacular views of Old San Juan. But atop a hill, visitors will notice some ruins that seem out of place, revealing that t
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Easy Exercises
Keep your circulation going with these in-seat exercises: Raise your shoulders up and rotate back to front. Repeat several times in each direction. Clench fingers inward towards palms, then stretch outwards. Repeat several times and do the same wi
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One To Watch
Scouted aged 16 at London’s Notting Hill Carnival, striking St Lucian model Vanessa David has been ripping up the runways ever since. She’s now dazzled at various shows – after her first big break at London Fashion Week, she’s also worked at New York
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The Crate
Inspired by the documentary A Plastic Ocean, marine biologist Nikola Simpson set about changing the way Bajans think about single-use plastics. The result is The Crate, an eco-shop for environmentally conscious Caribbean consumers. More than 100 diff
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Five More Oddities Around The Region
At the north end of St Vincent, near the small fishing town of Owia, lies a ‘pond’ formed when lava from the erupting Soufrière volcano met the sea and rapidly cooled, forming a small bowl. Waves regularly break over the rock edge, keeping the water
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Contact Us
* 1-888-844-LIAT (5428) for customers calling from most destinations in the Caribbean region * 866-549-5428 for customers calling from Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands * 480 5582 for customers calling from Antigua * (268) 480-5601/2 if calling from
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Whale Of A Story
It’s whale-watching season – and if you want to know what you’re looking at, the new book by renowned conservationist and cetacean guru Mark Carwardine is your one-stop shop for information. The Handbook of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises is the most
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Jerk Seasoning
Some historians believe that this spice combination was created by enslaved people in Jamaica who, having escaped, settled in mountain communities and used flavourings they gathered wild to rub onto the meat of wild hogs, which they cooked over a smo
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5 Hot Hotels For Hiding Away
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Come Fly With Us!
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Dive In
Your muscles have to work harder in water, so the more you dive and swim, the more your muscles lengthen, build strength and develop endurance. Steady, regular breathing is essential when diving, to conserve air and optimise your consumption. This h
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Lagoon Back To Life
There was great cause for celebration on little Union Island in 2019: Ashton Lagoon, the largest natural bay and mangrove ecosystem in the Grenadines, has been brought back to life. The lagoon was legally designated a Conservation Area in 1987 and na
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Technology, like time, marches on. Headphones have never sounded better, though they’ve frankly never been more complicated to buy, either. Once upon a time, all that mattered when it came to buying a new pair to listen to your music was how much y
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Destination Guide
The diversity of the Caribbean makes it a wonderful region to explore whatever your tastes or interests. Across all our destinations there really is something for everyone, but if the choice seems almost overwhelming, fear not: this comprehensive cou
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Paper Pioneer
It’s hard to believe that Sushreeta Supkar’s 100% handmade, ecofriendly creations started life as waste. She uses anything she can get hold of – magazines, old books, egg cartons, toilet rolls – to make a range of light yet strong jewellery, baskets,
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Ashton Lagoon: What Was Achieved
* The circulation of water has been restored after breaches were made in the abandoned marina’s causeway and berths. * The mangroves have been flooded with new water via culverts. * Two bird towers have been constructed. * SusGren’s Headquarters and
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Audio Tech: Terms To Know
The wireless technology standard to pair headphones and smartphones without cords. Expect some loss of sound quality. The standard headphone socket long used by most portable music devices and smartphones. Apple’s special port for plugging in cha
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Focus On… Dominica
Welcome to the Nature Island! Dominica is a lush, tropical hotspot quite unlike any other – an island where you can laze on lovely beaches, but where you can also spot whales, hike into pristine forest, delve into canyons, dive world-class reefs, try
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A fusion of owner Angela Hunte’s love of fashion and coffee, this McKinnons Road cafe is anything but simple. “Our coffee is the very best fusion from around the world,” says Angela. “Every cup delivers complex layers of flavours and richness.” As we
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Antigua Sailing Week, Antigua & Barbuda
Races, parties, reggae, prizes: no wonder Antigua Sailing Week is one of the premier events on the Caribbean sailing and social calendar, and has been for over 50 years. It’s not all water-based fun, either: there’s also a Roadrunners Cycling Chase t
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What You Listen To Counts
For audio purists, headphones are only half the story. What you’re playing on them, and where the files come from, matters greatly. For all the convenience offered by music-streaming services such as Spotify, by default these will usually offer ‘comp
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Top 5 Highlights
Dive or snorkel this aptly named underwater spot, where a continuous flow of bubbles emerges from active fumaroles on the seabed. Stretching for 184km across the island, this is the Caribbean’s longest walking trail. Tour a ‘model’ Kalinago village t
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Sxm Festival
* The music… SXM is an electronic music festival that focuses on underground house, techno and similar genres. Our team has a fathoms-deep knowledge of dance music – and passion to match. We book interesting artists who bring something unique. You ca
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NEW FIRE Festival, Trinidad
Feel the heat at the NEW FIRE Festival (NFF), a vibrant, positive, inclusive and eco-friendly celebration of cultural expression and creative thinking. Held on the Ortinola Estate, in the lush Northern Range Valley, NFF is a weekend of camping under
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