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Let's Stick Together
Much ink has been spilled over the dangers of running a business with your partner, but not enough has been said about the unparalleled convenience. When Chrisney Formosa decided to start a greeting card brand in the middle of a pandemic-inspired loc
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Dry Your Dishes On My Culture
Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m Kait James, a proud Wadawurrung woman and visual artist born and raised on Wurundjeri Country. What is the concept behind the series Dry Your Dishes on My Culture? Dry Your Dishes on My Culture is the first se
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The Reconnect Project
What do you do with your phone when you upgrade to a new model? If you don’t manage to sell it or pass it on, chances are you simply plonk it in a drawer and never think of it again. Well, you’re not alone. According to statistics in recent years, th
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The Time Is Now
On my seventh birthday I was gifted a notepad. The pages were light blue, and on the bottom of each one sat a row of sweet pink bows and a content-looking teddy bear. I’m sure I received other presents that year, but this is the only one that stands
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Together Apart
There are many benefits to living with your partner: half-price internet and rent; fewer litres of expired milk to dispose of each week; you’re not always living out of a bag between houses; and of course, sex on tap (if you’re still in that phase).
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Liar, Liar
It was the beginning of April, 1817, when a strange woman appeared in the rural town of Almondsbury, just north of Bristol, England. She was young, pretty and dressed in tattered clothes with a turban on her head – she also seemed worn out and totall
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Urine Trouble
It’s 4am and I am trying to negotiate with a dog. My offer is simple: if you pee on the little patch of astroturf (that we paid far too much for considering it’s specifically designed to be pissed on), I will lavish you with treats and praise. His co
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Labour Of Love
Whenever I see my boyfriend pick up the vacuum I think: to him, it’s just a vacuum. Watching him unload the dishwasher, take out the bins or wrestle with a load of laundry, I marvel at the simplicity of his tasks. In theory, we perform these actions
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10 Things We While Putting This Issue :
1. You don’t have to be a good cook to make a tasty meal – chucking some ingredients in a jar and shaking them about can be enough. 2. On the scale of pancakes to hot dogs, Aussie tongues tend to be on the more bulbous side, which is part of what giv
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The Party Line
How would you feel if I asked you to sing at someone? No, not for money. No, you don’t get to choose the tune. Yes, it will be uncomfortable for them, you, and everyone involved. I’m not a social scientist, but I do have a clipboard and a hunch that
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The Thing about Dubai
The first thing I noticed: First was that the weather was super-hot and humid – it actually kicks you in the face. I also remember seeing the signs in the airport with Arabic characters, which are beautiful. It stood out how luxurious the place is, t
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Great Expectations
There is no aspect of my personality that anyone could describe as chill. No one in the history of the universe has ever said the words, “Sam won’t mind if the plans change, she’ll just go with the flow.” All power to those calm enough to ‘go where t
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On The Job
I basically know every bellringer in Sydney – there are only 200 of us. I’ve been bellringing at churches for 18 years now. A lot of people think it’s a Hunchback of Notre Dame-style thing where I pull on a rope and hold on and it’s quite simple and
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One Small Step
Sometimes it feels like the actions we take to help the environment don’t make much impact in the grand scheme of things – but Lily Dempster is showing us we really can make a difference on a personal level. She’s the founder and CEO of the One Small
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The Write Stuff
I have a confession. I never got my pen licence. My handwriting was, and remains, abysmal. Somehow, probably due to poor teacher-to-student ratios in Queensland, I got away with using pens anyway. Screw the system, right? One of the first pens I year
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The Science Of Accents
To the average ear, your accent is simply the way you sound when you speak. But to the ear with a little know-how, your accent is way more than that. It’s your culture and history. It’s your parents’ family tree. The way you pronounce your ‘o’s is pr
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Dear Frankie
Dearest frankie, When I saw the 100th issue on sale, I felt a small pang of guilt. My mum bought me my very first copy many moons ago – issue 45! – and we both fell in love. Sure, frankie had fashion and beauty and all that jazz, but it also had a po
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Five Dresses
Talk us through your journey into art-making. As a kid, I loved drawing and crafts. My parents turned a tiny closet under the stairs into a studio for me, and I would sit there for hours pretending to host Art Attack episodes. Later, my instinct was
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Frank Bits
As any paleskin can attest, the sun is an enemy. A big, hot, fiery enemy that sometimes wears sunglasses in pictures drawn by kids. Wearing a hat is the best way to flip the bird at the solar bully (aside from actually, you know, flipping the bird),
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World Meet Tkay
Tkay Maidza has been on the airwaves for a solid eight years, but in many ways, she feels like she’s reintroducing herself to the world. “It’s almost like I’m starting again,” she says of her EP trilogy Last Year Was Weird (the final instalment is du
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When Fact Meets Fiction
THE FAVOURITE (2018) Basically the cinematic embodiment of that meme where Kathryn Hahn stares adoringly at Rachel Weisz for 10 minutes, this is a wholly captivating and extremely gay romp through a twisted love triangle, featuring a gout-riddled Que
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What do you do for a crust? I run a company called The Design Kids: a free graphic design community of 300,000 designers around the globe. I also run Designers’ Bootcamps in exotic places, where we workshop design careers over beers (though now it’s
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On The Money
EYES ON THE PRIZE Start the process of whipping your finances into shape by first defining what you’re working towards. Whether it’s a holiday in a year’s time, a house in a decade or a pet ferret by Christmas, you need to figure out the costs involv
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My Magic Opa
Ever since I can remember, my opa – or grandpa – has been magic. But not the kind of magic every kid sees in their favourite adults: my opa could read minds, make things disappear and compel broken objects to be whole again. Though Sjoerd Rasker is n
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A Finnish Touch
Please tell us a bit about yourself. I’m a designer from Helsinki, Finland, with a focus on products and interiors. I like to work alone and as part of a team; sometimes on more commercial projects and sometimes art installations and experiments. Joy
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What I Wish you Knew About Grief
Grief can also be a time of joy. Dad had Alzheimer’s and was deteriorating. In his last year he was 80 years old, but felt more like a teenager. He had an overwhelming love affair with my mum – he would call her “my queen” and serenade her and stare
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I Love My Shop
Where is it? California Lane, Fortitude Valley, Queensland. Describe your shop in a sentence. A friendly little space full of colour, patterns and a whole lot of sass! What goes on there? Lots and lots of making! There’s always plenty of fun noise: t
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Trinkets With Pluck
Hello! Tell us about Mouchkine and how it came to be. When I was little, I drooled in front of luxury jewellery windows, but of course, could not afford anything. So once I got home, I’d try to reproduce the designs with cardboard, glue, beads and so
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Tell Us Something About…
TAKING THE REINS At the start of my career as a singer, I really struggled being a woman in the industry. I felt like I was battling off a lot of shit all the time – people very subtly trying to manipulate me into wearing certain things, or I was bei
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