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News In Brief
ScotlandsPeople (scotlandspeople. gov.uk) has added 1,000 more maps and plans to its online collection. The maps date from the mid-16th to the mid-20th century. Among the newly added records are examples by notable Scottish surveyors and engineers, i
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10 Free Findmypast Collections
Copies of registers listing members of the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Surgeons of England. A ‘mega collection’ detailing people found in smaller North American record sets who hailed from Britain or Ireland. Transcribed inde
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A Girl’s Autograph Book, 1909
The Box, Plymouth’s £46.8 million archive, museum and art gallery space, opened its doors in September 2020. As well as displays celebrating the city’s history, the building is the new home of the former Plymouth and West Devon Record Office, now kno
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Reader Tips
• Try not to accept evidence at face value. Corroborate it with other sources, such as records from the General Register Office (GRO) and parish registers. • Look to see if there are any overlapping online family trees to check findings and possibly
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Your Chance To Assess The Latest History And Genealogy Books Reader Review
Francis Boutle, 560 pages, £30 The term conscientious objector (CO) embraces those who claim exemption from serving in the armed forces on grounds of religion, politics or pacifism. Cyril Pearce’s book may be considered the essential reference wor
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Findmypast Creates New Collection Of 1.1 Million Scottish Gravestone Records
Family history website Findmypast (findmypast. co.uk) has launched a collection of 1.1 million transcribed Scottish cemetery records spanning 1,000 years of history. The records were created in a grassroots project, which saw thousands of volunteers
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Transcription TUESDAY
As we bid goodbye and good riddance to 2020, one of the things that was most challenging about the year was the need to find plenty of ways to keep busy at home, while normal life was suspended by the measures to control the spread of the coronavirus
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Medical Officer Of Health Reports
Britain’s rapidly expanding Victorian towns and cities were insanitary with overcrowded dwellings, dirty water, and a lack of drainage and sewers. So it is no wonder that they very quickly became hotbeds for such deadly diseases as cholera, smallpox,
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The Demand For Dairy
Picture the scene: a bustling Victorian city ringing to the sound of industry and commerce, the hum and clatter of machinery churning out mass-produced goods interspersed with the distinctive mooing of cows. We’re used to considering 19th-century urb
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Digital Picks
bit.ly/ national-trust-zoom-backgrounds Free Make your video calls in style with these gorgeous downloadable backdrops from the National Trust. They’ll transport you to rooms in some of the most famous historic properties in the country – from the
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On This Day
Three youths from Thornbury appeared in the magistrates’ court after being caught trying to steal four hens. Police Constable Greenslade told the bench that he’d caught them after following “a trail of feathers and footprints”, according to the Weste
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‘A Twist Of Fate Saved My Mother From Auschwitz’
Every time I looked in the mirror I saw her, and when I spoke I heard her voice. When I hurt myself and cried I felt her pain, and when I laughed with joy I shared her happiness.” Paulette Szklarz was only six years old when she was separated from he
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Medical Officer Of Health Report, 1895
The 1895 report of Alexander Blyth, the Medical Officer of Health for St Marylebone in West London, includes this table detailing the population, births and new cases of infectious sickness. The report has been digitised and is available to view for
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Richard Laycock 1771–1834
No individual epitomises the ‘capitalist cowkeeper’ more completely than Richard Laycock of Islington. Born into a family of established goose-farmers, he took over what would become Laycock’s Dairy on Liverpool Road from his stepfather, North London
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Meet The Author
How did you come to write the book? In the beginning I didn’t want to write about myself. I wanted this broad stroke of talking about African-American customs and traditions through the lens of intergenerational trauma and fear. That was something t
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LMA Launches Database Of Historic BAME Londoners
The London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) has launched a digital database that reveals the lives of Londoners of African, Caribbean, Asian and indigenous heritage going back over 400 years. Switching the Lens (bit.ly/LMA-BAME) is the result of work by
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w ajr.org.uk AJR is a charity that offers support and companionship to Holocaust refugees and their families. It is also building a library of memoirs written by survivors of Nazi persecution. w auschwitz.org The museum’s website has a search facilit
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w booth.lse.ac.uk Browse poverty maps and notebooks from researcher and philanthropist Charles Booth’s hugely important survey Inquiry into Life and Labour in London (1886–1903). w medicalmuseums.org This is the online hub for the 26 museums in the c
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Two sisters have researched the moving tale of their Welsh ancestors, who migrated on foot to London with their cattle. Hayes tells the story of how Welsh dairy farmers supplied consumers in London. Scott provides a fascinating insight into urban dai
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From Friday 29 January (following a limited cinema release) Netflix In 1939, as war clouds gathered over Europe, archaeological and historical research didn’t simply stop – and certainly not at Sutton Hoo, near Woodbridge in Suffolk. Here, in th
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British Newspaper Archive Hits Milestone With 40 Million Pages
The British Newspaper Archive (BNA; britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) has reached its target of digitising 40 million pages held by the British Library within 10 years. BNA was created as a result of an agreement between the British Library and Findmyp
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The Big Picture
Villagers in Balloch, near Inverness, northern Scotland, travel by horse-drawn carriage, 14 February 1937 For many of the UK’s employees, the daily commute looks a little different these days, involving a walk of a few seconds to and from a kitchen
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The word ‘carpenter’ derives from the Old French carpentier/ charpentier, from the Latin word carpentarius meaning carriage. Carpenters have traditionally installed rafters, roofs, beams and joists to support a building, while joiners, according to e
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You can discover amazing things in our collections,” says Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre archivist David Plant. “We all have our favourites. The 1604 pedigree of the Seymour family is a colourful joy to behold, an estate plan embellished with a
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Liz Carr
John Joseph Hughes was in the Navy during the First World War. We traced his career using his service record. These can be downloaded from The National Archives’ website; a small charge applies, but it’s free during lockdown: bit.ly/ tna-navy-1914-19
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ScotlandsPeople To Publish Kirk Sessions
ScotlandsPeople (scotlandspeople. gov.uk) is set to release Scottish kirk-session records in early 2021. Emma Maxwell of Scottish genealogy business Scottish Indexes (scottishindexes. com) announced the news at the virtual Scottish Indexes Conference
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ANTHONY ADOLPH is a genealogist, and wrote Tracing Your Aristocratic Ancestors MICHELLE HIGGS is the author of Tracing Your Medical Ancestors REBECCA PROBERT is a legal historian and the author of Marriage Law for Genealogists JAYNE SHRIMPTON i
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Go Visit
a New Barn Road, Amberley, Near Arundel, West Sussex BN18 9LT t 01798 831370 w amberleymuseum.co.uk The museum has an impressive collection of carpentry tools – see a gallery at taths.org.uk/ tools-trades/amberley-tool-collection. Visits must be book
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Wiltshire Through The Ages
Salisbury receives its city charter under the name ‘New Sarum’. Sailsbury doesn’t become its official name until 2009. The main body of the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (better known today as Salisbury Cathedral) is finished. Archit
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‘Maria Was The Miners’ Heroine’
Richard Carr has vivid memories of the coal miners’ strike in the UK in the mid-1980s. “I grew up in a pit village in County Durham,” he reveals. “I remember food collections being held for the striking miners’ families, and throwing snowballs at the
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