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FOR 108 YEARS, young men have reached the pinnacle of the Scouting ranks: the Eagle Scout Award. This year, young women add their names to the more than 2.6 million Scouts who have earned the award. The road to Eagle isn’t easy. You must lead others,
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Downhill Racers
Life Scout Paul Lehmann and his sister Ann, a Second Class Scout, stood at the top of the slope. It was Paul’s fourth time visiting Devil’s Head Ski Resort near Merrimac, Wisconsin, and he had all the confidence in the world. “I had gone down most of
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Gear Guy: Hiking Boots
Whether you’re a dayhiker conquering local hills or a hardcore wilderness backpacker, your most important piece of gear is the same — and it might be the item you’ve put the least thought into buying: your boots. The wrong hiking footwear can send a
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Let's Look At Valentine's Day
VALENTINE’S DAY is celebrated on Feb. 14. There are a few legends about how Valentine’s Day started. One is that a man named St. Valentine wrote a letter to an admirer and signed it “from your Valentine.” ■
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About one out of every four people GIVE VALENTINE’S DAY GIFTS TO THEIR PETS. (Cat owners spend more on their pets than dog owners do.) The first HEART-SHAPED BOX OF CHOCOLATES came out in 1861. Americans spend nearly $21 BILLION on Valentine’s Day. T
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Get Scout Life On Your Tablet And Smartphone!
A full year for $12 IF YOU HAVEN’T YET SUBSCRIBED, visit and enter promo code DIGPRT10 to get a special print + digital bundle offer.
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Welcome To Scout Life!
Boys’ Life is now Scout Life. This is still your magazine, full of everything you’ve come to know and love over the months or years of reading. Outdoor adventure. Sports. Games. Science. Scouting. Fun. It’s all still here in this fresh new package. O
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A True Story Of Scouts In Action
Logan Luedtke, 8, was riding on the slippery winter roads of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, with his mom and two brothers when their SUV rolled down an embankment into a freezing cold river. Logan knew they should evacuate the SUV immediately. The side doo
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Hitchin’ Rack
Hi, Pedro, I am a girl who joined Scouts. I was always jealous of my younger brother, who has been involved in Scouts since being a Tiger, and since joining it has been everything I hoped for. However, in all honesty, I don’t feel like I am a member
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More Scouts In Action
Joe Hajec, 12, was riding in a car with his dad and another Scout when they were suddenly cut off by another vehicle, causing a head-on collision. Mr. Hajec was badly hurt, and the other Scout suffered multiple cuts. Joe — fighting through his own di
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Who Made This Magazine?
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Preserve A Snowflake
• Access to a freezer• Freezable pouch (A large pencil case works well.)• Black poster board or foam sheeting sized to fit inside pouch• 5 to 10 glass microscope slides• 5 to 10 glass or plastic slide covers• Gloves• Liquid (not gel) superglue or sim
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Opening Shot Heads Up
February is Black History Month. The annual observance recognizes African Americans and their roles in U.S. history. Keep reading for more on Black History Month. C/LC-U9-25383-31; NASA; LOC/L-U9-1027-33; LOC/LC-USZ62!116775; SMALLZ & RASKIND/CONTOUR
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Be Winter-wise
• Dress in layers, and don’t wear cotton clothes. They hold moisture. • Wear a hat. An uncovered head loses significant heat. • Stay hydrated. Drinking water is just as important in the cold as it is in the heat — and easier to forget. • Be on the lo
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What's Up In January And February?
CALENDAR January is National Hobby Month. Take this time to try something new. Jan. 18 is a federal holiday celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Feb. 2 is Groundhog Day. Feb. 12 is the Chinese New Year. Find out about New Year’s celebration
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RELIGIOUS EMBLEMS: African Methodist Episcopal
The God and Me emblem is for Cub Scouts. This program helps African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Cub Scouts become best friends with Jesus and tell their story of “God and Me” together. The God and Family emblem is for Webelos Scouts. This program helps
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Black History Month
IN THE SUMMER OF 1960, American sprinter Wilma Rudolph became the first woman to win three Olympic gold medals in a single sport. In 1921, Bessie Coleman became the first licensed African American female pilot. Jack Johnson was the first African Amer
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What's Up Online? Eagle Scout Trivia!
Before you buy tents, sleeping bags, hiking boots and other outdoor gear, check out our expert advice at Visit for super-fast speed tips, hundreds of creative design ideas and more Pinewood Derby fun
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New Year’s Around The World
GERMANY: Pour hot liquid lead into cold water. If it takes the shape of a heart, there will be a wedding this year; a ship means travel, and a pig predicts plenty of food. CHINA: Put a coat of lucky red paint on the front door. THE PHILIPPINES: Wear
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PEDRO’S PICK TOM SWIFTIE: “I forgot what I was going to buy at the store,” Tom said listlessly. $10 to Lily B., Carmel, Indiana BEN: Why do skunks love Valentine’s Day? STUART: I don’t know. BEN: Because they’re scent-imental creatures! Ben G., Bethl
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Ask The Gear Guy
— Fred, Charlestown, Massachusetts A: IF YOU’RE GOING INTO THE WILDERNESS WITH A SMARTPHONE WORTH HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS, YOU’LL WANT SOMETHING TOUGH TO PROTECT IT. My pick is the Otterbox Defender series ($50-$70). With an inner polycarbonate shell and
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Making Headlines
Age: 15 Hometown: Mableton, Georgia Scout Rank: Eagle Scout (Troop 197, Atlanta, Ga.)! Made Headlines: For winning the 2020 Harvard Debate Competition. The Scoop: Christian, along with his debate partner, Madison Webb, competed as part of Atlanta’s G
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The Best Of Bl!
Here’s how to tell time without a watch: At 6 a.m., the sun is due east; at 9 a.m., it’s southeast; at noon, it’s due south; at 3 p.m., it’s southwest; and at 6 p.m., it’s due west. — August 191 Read the preface first. Go in through the front door. R
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Read It!
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Craft A Winter Wreath
• 20-inch metal wreath frame• 1 pack of pipe cleaners• 3 rolls of 5 ½" poly mesh (also called deco mesh)• Ruler or tape measure• Scissors• Hot-glue gun• Decorations STEP 1. CUT THE PIPE CLEANERS IN HALF. STEP 2. THE METAL WREATH FRAME HAS 10 SECTIONS
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Backpacking Through The Sierra Nevada
I’m 14, and I have been in Scouts since first grade. It’s been the most incredible experience of my life. My favorite parts of Scouting are meeting new people, outdoor adventures and learning to become a leader. Two years ago, I was elected into the
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Vote Now – 2020 Boysie Awards!
It was an extraordinary year for the gaming world — many exciting new videogames and consoles hit the shelves despite the pandemic. And now it’s time for you to choose the videogame of the year! Head over to to check out the e
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Not Just Santa
• Ever heard of thundersnow? It is a thunderstorm that produces snow instead of rain. It happens only occasionally and mostly near lakes. • The snowiest city on Earth is Aomori City in northern Japan. It gets about 26 feet of snow each year! TEXT: DO
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Religious Emblems: Baptist
For more information, contact your local council or visit ■
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Ask Us Anything
Jenny: The fact that you’re thoughtful enough to ask this question makes me think inclusiveness is something that comes naturally to you. The basic idea behind inclusivity is that it’s wrong to exclude someone just because they are different from you
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