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Deaf Dancer Chris Fonseca On Going Viral, His Dance ‘Special Sauce’ And Turning Sign Language Into Art
Acclaimed choreographer and dancer Chris Fonseca found fame when his audition for BBC reality show The Greatest Dancer went viral. The YouTube video in which he pops, locks, tuts and emits a beaming positivity has been viewed almost 2.4 million times
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Tom Holland Might Be The Next James Bond: We Look At The Other Current Contenders
Speculation about who is going to be the next James Bond reemerges every time any young, tallish actor makes an impression in a role that requires wearing a suit. When Daniel Craig’s long-awaited Bond swansong landed, one of the first things we thoug
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Best UK funds
Investors looking to make money from stocks and shares have experienced a roller-coaster ride so far in 2022 against a backdrop of soaring inflation, rising interest rates, plus the economic fall-out from the ongoing war in Ukraine. The London stock
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Bluey Season 3: Meet Melanie Zanetti The Actress Behind The Voice Of Mum Chilli
Season Three of Bluey has arrived - but why is it parents are eager to binge watch the new series more than the kids? The Australian cartoon follows the adventures of a six-year-old Blue Heeler dog called Bluey along with her little sister Bingo, the
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Best Covid Travel Insurance 2022
Planning your next getaway? While the shadow of Covid-19 still lingers, it is important we take whatever steps we can to protect the money we spend on our holidays in case we have to cancel or cut short our stay overseas. And, of course, we want the
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Kirby Howell-Baptiste On Diversity In Hollywood, Ru Paul And Becoming Death In Netflix’s Sandman
Dressing in preparation for a day of publicising Netflix’s major new series The Sandman this month, a thought popped into actor Kirby Howell-Baptiste’s head: “What if Death did Ru Paul’s Drag Race?” To explain, the star is playing Death – one of the
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Isis Hainsworth On New BBC Horror Red Rose, The Pitfalls Of Social Media And Working With Lena Dunham
Most people named after a Bob Dylan song – Angelina, say, or Johanna – can sail through life never needing to give a false identity in a coffee shop for fear of being branded a troublemaker. Not so much for the actress Isis Hainsworth. Recently annou
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The BBC’s New Series Marriage: Why Are We All So Fascinated By Marriage Dramas?
It’s possibly antithetical to watch and enjoy marriage dramas. If the show’s about a happy marriage, it can ferment unrealistic ideas. If the marriage is unhappy, it’s discouraging. If it’s steamy, it could set expectations too high and if it’s wholl
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Best Funds To Beat Inflation
You don’t need to be an economist to work out that the UK, along with many countries around the world, is currently in the grip of a severe bout of inflation. A look at your weekly shopping bill will probably suffice. The latest official figures show
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Best ‘Safe Haven’ Investments
Volatile investment markets can shake your faith in riskier investments such as stocks and shares. Markets have turned choppy this year: the US S&P 500 index has plunged by about 15% since January, for example, while the Euro area’s Euro Stoxx index
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Sopé Dìrísù On His New Film Mr Malcolm’s List, Gangs Of London And Why He’s Furious With George R. R. Martin
There are two eras in period drama: PB (Pre-Bridgerton) and AB - the former being overwhelmingly white, and the latter being a revolutionised landscape with a growing population of actors from all cultural backgrounds (up to a point). Or so you might
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Anne Heche: The Life And Career Of The Actor, Plus Our Selection Of Her Best Films
Anne Heche, the actor best known for playing a string of leading roles in the late nineties, has been in a serious car crash. Reports are saying that she sustained significant brain injuries and is unlikely to survive. The news has sent a shockwave a
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When Does House Of The Dragon Start And How To Watch In The UK
A new comprehensive trailer for House of the Dragon dropped on July 20 – and now a slightly extended version has been shared at California’s Comic-Con over the weekend. The first two trailers introduced audiences to the world of Westeros pre-Game of
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Our Film And TV Recommendations: What To Watch, From Blind Ambition To Never Have I Ever
The  clocks have gone back, the weather’s grim - it’s the perfect season for hibernating in front of the television, or a night at the cinema. Here are the films and TV shows on our cultural radar this week… Wolfwalkers I can’t remember the last time
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Our Music Recommendations: What We’re Listening To, From Loyle Carner To Editors
Is your playlist in need of some refreshment? We have some suggestions. Taylor Swift — Evermore Surprise! Again! Taylor Swift’s lockdown adventures continued with the news that she has a recorded second secretly written album. Evermore is the “sister
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Lauren Laverne On Dueting With Paul McCartney, Being Mistaken For Jo Whiley And Why Music Is Like Food
Lauren Laverne has done it all - accomplished musician, published author and respected presenter. It’s no wonder therefore that she was chosen to lead a team of expert judges across music, film & TV, performing arts, literature and visual art, to det
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‘Worst Is Yet To Come On Economy’
Britons were warned on Friday that the “worst is yet to come” as the UK economy slumped to its first quarter of negative growth since Covid restrictions were largely lifted in the spring of 2021. Official GDP figures released on Friday morning showed
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Celebrating 60 Years Of Spider-Man With His Most Amazing Moments
The Spider-Man comic celebrated its 60th birthday yesterday, which seems both a long time and not so long at all. The superhero figure has become such a fixture of the public imagination that it seems odd to think of a time when he did not exist. Spi
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How To Invest In Gold
Given current stock market volatility, investors may be looking at alternative asset classes to diversify their portfolio. Gold could be one such asset, being seen as a safe haven during times of economic turbulence as well as a hedge against high in
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How To Buy Alphabet Stock (GOOGL)
Shares in Alphabet, Google’s parent company, have fallen by as much as 30% this year from their high of $152 (£126) in late 2021. As with other US technology companies, rising interest rates, soaring inflation and fears of an economic recession have
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How To Buy Microsoft Stock (MSFT)
The global software giant Microsoft has suffered a 20% fall in share price since its year high of over $350 (£289) in November 2021. The valuations of technology companies have been hit by a triple whammy of rising interest rates, high inflation and
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Raymond Briggs: From The Snowman To When The Wind Blows, Here Are The Author’s Best Books
Raymond Briggs, the British illustrator and author, has died aged 88. For some, Briggs was just the guy that created the stunning Christmas classic picturebook and film The Snowman, but for others he was a giant of their childhood, introducing charac
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Our 50 Favourite Podcasts For Your 2022 Summer Holiday Listening, From Art To Sport And Everything In Between
Talk Art Created by the actor (and art obsessive) Russell Tovey and the musician-turned-art dealer Robert Diament, this chatty, interview-focused podcast aims to demystify contemporary art. Tovey’s layman’s enthusiasm is infectious and he’s not afrai
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Best Romance Books: Try These Must-read Love Stories
Once upon a time, before Netflix provided us with our regular romance fix (we’re looking to you Bridgerton), we relied on the humble book to transport us to the heart of mesmerising love stories where our imaginations could run free. We’re not just t
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Best Technology Stocks
Technology stocks have taken a battering over the last nine months after the long bull run finally came to an end. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite index has fallen by 25% since its high at the end of 2021, while the share prices of Netflix and Meta h
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The Rise, Fall, And Rise Again Of The Sea Shanty: From The Wellerman To Fisherman’s Friends One And All
When they hear the words “sea shanty”, most people think only one thing: The Wellerman. Though the art form has been around for hundreds of years, it shot to prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic, when Scottish postman Nathan Evans went viral for p
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Olivia Newton-John In Grease: Why We’re Still Hopelessly Devoted To Sandy
Olivia Newton-John died yesterday and thousands of fans poured online to share their heartfelt thoughts about the passing of the Grease star. “Noooooo not Sandy! This is a big loss. Olivia Newton John was a QUEEN! Grease was the first movie musical I
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Travel Insurance For A One-off Trip
When buying travel insurance, check whether the policy provides cancellation cover that includes coronavirus risks, including if you fall ill or need to isolate before you travel. You should also have cover in case you fall ill (including with Covid)
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Edinburgh Fringe 2022: Six Debut Comics Set To Make A Splash This Year
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe started on Friday and at the last count there were 1,130 different comedy shows to choose from. And that’s without including the free gig refuseniks that choose not to appear in the official brochure. If you are on a fly
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How To Buy Twitter Stock (TWTR)
Twitter has been dominating headlines since Elon Musk made an offer to buy the company in April, which valued the company at $44 billion (£37 billion). However, Twitter’s provision of information on the number of spam or fake users remained a stickin
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