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8 Best Espresso Machines For Barista Quality Coffee At Home
Tired of handing over all your cash to your local coffee shop? Sounds like it’s time to invest in some home coffee-making equipment. An espresso machine should be your first port of call – after all, all coffee starts with a shot of espresso – but w
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The 35 Best Movie Movie Twists Of All Time, Explained
Being caught off guard by a well-deployed twist is an unrivalled cinematic joy. Over the years, writers and directors have imagined up fresh ways of keeping film audiences on their toes. Some remain astonishingly bold by today’s standards, while othe
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Black Lawmaker Hopes Highway Project Can Right An Old Wrong
Harold Love Jr. raised his voice over the blare of traffic from the interstate above as he stood near the spot where his family's home was razed to rubble a half-century ago. Love recounted the fight his father put up in the 1960s, before he was born
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Turns Out That Stand-up Comedy Is A Hell Of A Lot Easier Than Homeschooling
This Monday’s “freedom day” was due to see theatres back to full capacity but it hasn’t quite worked out like that. When theatres closed 18 months ago, I was mid-tour and that tour was due to resume this coming weekend with the first three of my resc
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Death Rates Soar In Southeast Asia As Virus Wave Spreads
Indonesia has converted nearly its entire oxygen production to medical use just to meet the demand from COVID-19 patients struggling to breathe. Overflowing hospitals in Malaysia had to resort to treating patients on the floor. And in Myanmar’s large
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Guantánamo Bay: Inside The World’s Most Notorious Detention Centre As The War On Terror Fades Away
The elderly prisoner shuffles into the courtroom, guided to his seat at the front by uniformed guards. Nashwan al-Tamir, wearing a white robe and long beard, does not pause to study the rows of people who fill the room, and even if he did he might st
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50-year War On Drugs Imprisoned Millions Of Black Americans
Landscaping was hardly his lifelong dream. As a teenager, Alton Lucas believed basketball or music would pluck him out of North Carolina and take him around the world. In the late 1980s, he was the right-hand man to his musical best friend, Youtha An
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Seemingly Safe GOP Incumbents Under Attack From Right-wing
Republican U.S. Sen. James Lankford would seem to have all the conservative credentials he'd need to coast to re-election in deep-red Oklahoma A devout Baptist, Lankford was the director of the nation’s largest Christian youth camp for more than a d
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Why Have Athletes’ Shorts Been Attracting Controversy Ahead Of The Olympics?
What sparked this? Before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games opening ceremony has even been held - the tournament having been delayed for a year because of the coronavirus pandemic - controversy has already erupted over the kits athletes wear to take part
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Let The Fashion Policing Begin On Opening Day Of Tokyo Games
Let the fashion policing begin. The Olympics in Tokyo open July 23, when the world's athletes will march behind their flag-bearers. And when they do, the peanut gallery on what they're wearing will be open, too. Olympic gear makes for lively social m
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Federal Government Distributes $1.5bn In Rental Aid As Eviction Crisis Looms For Millions Of Americans
The federal government distributed more than $1.5bn in rental assistance in the month of June alone, more aid than was distributed in the previous five months combined, for a total of roughly $3bn, according to the US Department of Treasury. But that
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Yes, There Is Work To Do – But Progress Is Being Made Over The Climate Crisis
The deadly flooding in Europe has produced a torrent of political comment about the climate crisis. Participants in the upcoming Federal election in Germany have been urged to raise their ambitions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions accordingly. T
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Pingdemic: These Are Your Legal Rights If You’ve Been Told To Self-isolate By The NHS Covid App
Despite the remaining lockdown restrictions having been lifted in England on Monday as the final stage of the Prime Minister's “roadmap to freedom”, an increasing number of people are being told to self-isolate by the NHS Covid app as the number of c
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Pig, Nicolas Cage’s New Film, Could Have Been A Trainwreck. Instead, It’s A Masterpiece
Pig, a new film starring Nicolas Cage as the reclusive owner of a stolen truffle pig, should have been an unmitigated disaster. Robin Feld, Cage’s character, is a former chef who now lives deep in the Oregonian woods. He showers rarely and forages of
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7 Things You Need To Consider Before Going Freelance Or Starting A Side Hustle
There are lots of reasons that people decide to change up their working life, either by starting a side hustle while continuing with their principal job or by stepping off the corporate ladder and going freelance in their current profession. For some
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A Small Victory: Used-car Prices Slip From Dizzy Heights
For months, anyone who wandered onto a dealer lot to look for a used car could be forgiven for doing a double take — and then wandering right off the lot. Prices had rocketed more than 40% from their levels just before the viral pandemic struck, to a
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‘Their Legacy Ends With Your Movie’: The Eternal Strangeness Of The Posthumous Film
When the actor Kelly Preston told the West End super-producer Bill Kenwright that she wanted to star in a new movie he was putting together, she had one stipulation. She was sick, she told him, and wouldn’t be healthy enough for the film to qualify f
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Biden Wants Spending To Boost Economy, But GOP To Block Vote
President Joe Biden said his infrastructure and families agenda must be passed to sustain the economic momentum of his first six months in office, aiming to set the tone for a crucial week of congressional negotiations on the two bills. But a Wednesd
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Greek Traditional Wooden Boat Builders A Dwindling Craft
On the forested slopes of an island mountain, early morning mist swirling around its peak, the unmistakable form of a traditional Greek wooden boat emerges: a caique, or kaiki, the likes of which has sailed these seas for hundreds of years. Each beam
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Business Backlash Over ‘Unworkable’ Pingdemic Exemption Scheme
Ministers have been accused of “flying by the seat of their pants” over Covid controls, as business leaders warned that plans to exempt key staff from self-isolation were “unworkable”. In a day of chaos, Downing Street was twice forced to intervene a
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Why Are Billionaires Like Jeff Bezos Launching Themselves Into A New Space Race?
What are they up to? Amazon founder Jeff Bezos made his maiden voyage into space on Tuesday, taking to the atmosphere aboard a Blue Origin rocket as part of a crew of four, an undertaking he hopes will beckon the dawning of the age of interstellar to
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Prisoners ‘Forced To Defecate In Buckets’ During Pandemic, Watchdog Finds
Prisoners have been left feeling “helpless and without hope” by the confinement measures used to avert infection during the coronavirus pandemic, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons has said. While jails largely succeeded in keeping Covid outbre
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Boris Johnson’s Leaked Anti-lockdown Messages Resemble Telegraph Column Published Just Days Earlier
Boris Johnson’s lockdown-sceptic messages to Dominic Cummings last autumn closely resemble ideas in a fringe anti-lockdown opinion piece published in TheTelegraph newspaper a few days earlier. Leaked WhatsApp messages from 15 October 2020 show the pr
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Conservative Media Offers Mixed Messages On COVID-19 Vaccine
When Dr. Alexa Mieses Malchuk talks to patients about the COVID-19 vaccine, she tries to feel out where they get their information from. “Sometimes I feel like the education I have to provide depends on what news channel that they watch,” the doctor
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The Simpsons: 14 Of The Series’ Most Uncanny Predictions
Have no fears: The Simpsons has stories for years. The seminal cartoon created by Matt Groening has covered a lot of subject matter over the course of its nearly 700-episode run. While the series retains a devoted fan following across the globe, it'
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What Are Vaccine Passports, Who Will Have To Have One And What Do They Mean For Nightclubs And Events?
A decision to introduce Covid passports for nightclubs and some other venues has caused anger in an industry that has been badly affected by the pandemic and which was only allowed to re-open on Monday for the first time in But what exactly will th
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The ‘Moderates’ In The US Senate Aren’t Who You Think They Are
If the US Senate’s long-awaited bipartisan infrastructure proposal fails to materialize this week, it should come as little surprise to anyone familiar with the 10 “moderate” lawmakers negotiating the package. That’s because most of them — ahem — are
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South Africa Riots: What Has Caused The Violence?
South Africa has been rocked by the worst violence since the nation achieved democracy in 1994. Here is a closer look at the unrest. WHAT TRIGGERED THE VIOLENCE? The unrest began on July 8 when former President Jacob Zuma started serving a 15-month p
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The Hundred: Long Wait For Cricket’s Newest Adventure Must End In Success For All
On 19 April, 2018, the ECB organised a meeting of journalists to announce The Hundred, which begins this Wednesday. There were two distinct oddities about the event. The first was that it was not an event at all. The “meeting” was remote – unnecessar
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Does Sunscreen Expire, What Does SPF Mean And Which Type Is Best?
With record-breaking temperatures affecting Canada and parts of the US, many individuals are doing what they can to avoid exposing themselves to the heatwave and the unrelenting sun. But, when being outdoors is unavoidable, it's essential that you ha
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