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Dimple Yuen
What were the challenges of setting up Hong Kong’s first micro distillery in 2017? The entire project from idea to launch took about two years, so while the whole process was challenging, it was rewarding too. The difficulty was that there were no
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How Does It Work?
A lifting cream is painted onto the brow, creating a chemical process that relaxes the hairs, making them more malleable so they can be reshaped. Your beauty technician will shape and comb the hairs upward to achieve a feathered look. They are then c
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Taste the Rainbow
The most successful watches are generally quite sober and conservative. That makes sense. The acquisition of a fine watch is similar to the purchase of a car. If you select something of high quality, the price will typically be significant, so if you
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The Greats
“Icon” is a word that gets thrown around rather loosely these days in the world of wine, as it does everywhere else. It has attached itself to everything from vineyards with centuries-old reputations to the golden children of influential critics, or
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Around Asia
Aron Harilela, CEO and chairman The Harilela Group, stars on the cover of Tatler Hong Kong. Harilela’s company currently owns and operates hotels in Hong Kong, China, Europe and the US. Now, he’s preparing to open one of his most ambitious projects y
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Yuen Dispels Five Common Myths About Gin
Unlike the geographical indication of specific wines like champagne, a London dry gin can be made in all parts of the world. As it is an incredibly popular style of gin, there are strict protocols related to the production process you must follow bef
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How Now Brow
The return of the lush, ultra-bushy brow has been a source of frustration for those of us who spent our teenage years over-plucking. I had magnificently thick brows as a kid. But caving to trends, I plucked them into the thin, matchstick-like oblivio
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Operation Benedict
Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of the alarmingly awkward Sherlock Holmes has catapulted his career to unimaginable heights. Before donning the detective’s hat in 2010, the distinctive-looking London native landed several quirky acting jobs. He’s pl
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Here We Come
While we might dream of sailing along the Amalfi Coast or diving into the emerald waters of Sardinia, Italy is likely out of reach for many of us this summer. That’s why the arrival of Issimo, a new online lifestyle platform that introduces the best
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Tatler Hong Kong
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Heard Around Hong Kong This Month
EVER WONDER what the secret world of private shopping is like? For The Art Jewel’s founder, Cindy Chao, only the best will do for her elite clientele, which includes Middle Eastern sheikhas, Hong Kong tycoons and individuals with nine-figure net wor
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Tatler Report
A Christie’s online auction of three stunning jewellery pieces specially created by Anna Hu has helped raise funds to support healthcare workers fighting Covid-19. Last month, the pieces were sold by Diamonds that Care, the newly launched social resp
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Late To The Party
From augmented-reality filters that let you “try on” watches to virtual sales assistants offering up-to-date advice, today’s use of technology by watchmakers is striking for an industry that has famously clung to tradition. Even before the coronaviru
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Micro Holidays
Even the densest cities present opportunities to immerse yourself in nature and the easiest way to do that is a leisurely hike. “Abundant and untouched forests still exist in Singapore. You’ll find lush foliage, towering trees and trails that follow
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Look Up
On a very hot and humid June morning, Miguel Mari, our creative director, Gillian Nadel, photo director, and I took a hard hat tour of The Hari, a new hotel opening in the heart of Wan Chai later this year. At the time, the building was still a raw s
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Fion Leung
In the time it took to eat a bowl of wonton noodles, Fion Leung had made a decision that would reshape the idea of volunteering in Asia and change her life. Leung, then working in finance, was having dinner with her friend Suetyi Wong and they were d
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Beatrice Borromeo
Beatrice Borromeo is an Italian aristocrat-turned-Monegasque royal with a penchant for haute couture, but she’s also well known for her elegant jewellery. The mother of two is the wife of Pierre Casiraghi, the grandson of Grace Kelly and Rainier III,
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Tatler Features
Photography Alex Maeland (portrait); Amanda Kho (room) ■
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A Deeper Way toWell
There’s a joke among locals that one of the best things about living in Hong Kong is how easy it is to leave. With travel being so accessible, we’ve become a city of professional escape artists, addicted to disappearing whenever the mood strikes. But
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The Guest List
Photographer Daniel Nadel has worked in Sydney and London shooting for clients such as L’Officiel, Net-A-Porter and Wonderland Magazine. In this issue, Nadel photographs the fashion shoot in Australia (p.96) Hailing from Sydney, Aubree Smith is a fr
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The Graduates
Age: 17 School: Harrow International School Hong Kong Looking through my graduation yearbook, the class photos taken over Zoom are only one of the many reminders of the bizarre year thus far, but most of all they are a reminder that I will be gra
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What’s special about Jardin Mystérieux? This high jewellery collection has taken almost two years to develop. Sourcing the right pearls was difficult and time-consuming, with each jewellery piece taking between eight and 12 months to create. A lot o
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Under Construction
Can anyone really say anything with absolute certainty these days? Well, there’s this: “I think 2020 is going to look very ugly,” says Aron Harilela, chairman and CEO of Harilela Group, the Hong Kong-based hospitality company that has owned hotels si
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A Is For: Anita Mui
Don Mak chose to draw Cantopop star Anita Mui, basing his work on the cover of her 1985 album The Years Flow Like Water. “She was already a superstar when I was three or four years old,” he says. “My father bought a few cassettes of her music and he
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Save the Date
German composer Ludwig van Beethoven was one of the most influential figures in classical and romantic music, despite suffering from deafness later in his life. Major music groups in Hong Kong will pay tribute to the maestro by performing his legacy
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The Sweet Spots
Tatler editors, here are the best of the batch The crispiest of the bunch, Cookie Boy by former JW Marriott pastry chef Ryan Zimmer sets itself apart with its American-style texture—a crunchy exterior and thinner, chewier centre thanks to a precise t
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Coming, Mother!
Image Antonio Barrella, Studio Orizzonte ■
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A Touch of Personality
As the final pieces come into place at The Hari, interior designer Tara Bernerd, founder and CEO of Tara Bernerd & Partners in London, is overseeing a design project that brings her career full circle. “There was a huge amount of nostalgia for me whe
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From Near and Far
M+ is bringing Shirley Tse’s exhibition from the Venice Biennale, where she represented Hong Kong last year, to its exhibition space on the West Kowloon harbourfront. Hong Kong-born, Los Angeles-based Tse has made a career of exploring the limits of
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Renewed Appetites
A trio of veteran Chinese chefs—including Saito Chau of John Anthony—have banded together to launch this elegant new restaurant in the historic FWD House 1881 that serves a vibrant range of regional Chinese cuisine. fwdhouse1881.com At this new K11
… o descubre algo nuevo