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Intelligent For Today And Self- Beyond Care
Let’s face it, most of us could do with cheering up right now. But, by the time I’ve reached the end of my working day and listened to the latest round of bleak news, the last thing I feel like doing is anything self-improving. Yes, I know there is f
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‘My Road Trip Of Self-discovery Was A Gift Of Time’
ON THE DAY I WAS LEAVING on my adventure, it was brilliant 25ºC sunshine in London. I was trying to keep my luggage down to one bag then, at the last minute, my partner suggested that I take a jumper. But it didn’t fit in my bag. I had a waterproof w
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Suzy is a mother of three, entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker and quantum transformation and embodiment coach. She loves to help entrepreneurs create business breakthroughs and make a positive difference. Go to to watch her ta
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Are A You New Looking Adventure?
After 25 years at the forefront of coaching and coach training in the UK, I remain  fascinated by the psychology of human experience and behaviour. As pioneers of coaching to the highest standards, our focus is to inspire personal growth and make the
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In Tough Times
IN THE DEPTHS OF WINTER, it can be hard to remember that brighter times lie around the corner. The days are dark but they are getting lighter… Yet how do we give ourselves a sense of optimism and ease while dealing with the fallout from the global pa
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‘I Learned That I Was My Own Greatest Teacher’
THE FIRST TIME I TOOK A YOGA CLASS, I was that person I’m sure you’ll relate to; arms shaking in downward dog, rushing through the five breaths for which I’d been told to hold the torturous pose, then collapsing to my knees and feeling cheated – yoga
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Psychologies UK
Editor-in-Chief Suzy Walker Design Director Lynne Lanning Creative Director Laura Richardson Features Director Elizabeth Heathcote Production Editor Vee Sey Deputy Production Editor Leona Gerrard Associate Editor Anita Chaudhuri Wellness Director Ali
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How I Became A Barefoot Coach
AFTER 20 YEARS in the corporate world, I decided to retrain. After some initial experience holding group coaching for children, I recognised that adults would benefit too. I contacted Barefoot and the founder, Kim Morgan, answered. She was inspiratio
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Regain Balance When It All Gets Too Much
• NURTURE PERSPECTIVE. Start by reminding yourself that when we go through tough times, there’s a real danger that we start to see it as a forever state. Remind yourself that whatever you’re going through is a temporary period of time. It can help to
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The Words
Mischievous, melancholy and with the kind of dark humour that shines a light on the uncomfortable truths about being a young black woman in this world, this debut deals with loneliness, the search for intimacy and the ever-shifting dynamics of sexual
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The Fix
Do you instinctively embrace winter, drawn to frosty early morning walks and snowy vistas? Or perhaps it’s your time to hibernate, wrapping up indoors with candles and hot drinks? From the slopes of Utah to Arctic Russia, in the new book, Snowbound
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Healing Our Hands In
WHEN I NEED TO FIND new ways of looking at something or I feel stuck, I switch my pen to my other hand and write with my non-dominant writing hand, which is my left. Art therapist Lucia Capacchione’s longitudinal work confirms that writing with your
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Permission To Potter
AUTHOR ANNA MCGOVERN defines pottering as: ‘To occupy oneself in a pleasant way but without a definite plan or purpose. “Pleasant” implies comfort. “Without a definite plan or purpose” implies freedom.’ After a traumatic period caring for her father
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Thoughtful Stories
This slender volume packs an emotional punch. Eloquent Michka’s age is catching up with her. A move to the retirement home is unsettling, reigniting memories of a long-standing debt she longs to repay. But, as her grasp of language slips away, Michka
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Light, Dark And Inner Peace
‘The days are dark but they are getting lighter,’ writes Anita Chaudhuri in our Dossier, which is all about finding the best, healthiest strategies for comfort and self-care as we wait for the brighter days to come. Find out more on page 44. A sense
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Unlock your creativity and tap into your inner wisdom with this book from a pioneer in the field of journalling. • ‘The Power Of Your Other Hand: Unlock Creativity And Inner Wisdom Through The Right Side Of Your Brain’ by Lucia Capacchione (Conari Pr
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Join Ollie S Army
Despite the very best efforts of our education system, it is struggling to cope with fully supporting the emotional wellbeing of our children within the curriculum. Have you ever felt that you would love to help, but were powerless to act? Well, here
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A Taste Of Persia
One of the world’s great gastronomies, Persian cuisine is not just about food, it’s at the heart of a rich and diverse culture. It showcases fragrant dishes filled with herbs, spices, fruits and nuts, including cumin, coriander, saffron, sumac, pomeg
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I’d Like To Thank…
Annie, Danny and Tracy, My mum has been living with ill health for years and my father died young, when I was just a child. Mum lives up north, I live down south. With the challenges of life, work, children at school and pets, I haven’t been able to
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“The Strong Characters In My Life Walk All Over Me”
I first saw Caz* prior to the pandemic. I had a diary mix-up and arrived an hour late. I was mortified and apologised profusely. Caz was not only understanding, but began taking the blame for my mistake. I wondered if this was a pattern in her life.
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Which Part Of Your Life Requires Care?
When events make you question life’s meaning and purpose, it’s not surprising you crave spiritual comfort. It’s easy to misinterpret an existential crisis as simply dissatisfaction with your work, home life or relationships. Focusing on what you want
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Reader Offer
‘Psychologies’ readers can buy a copy of Simply: Easy Everyday Dishes by Sabrina Ghayour for the special price of £17 (RRP £26) including free UK P&P. To order, call 01235 759 555 and quote code ‘9952100047’. Offer valid until 31 March 2021. ■
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Thank you for the Ruby Wax interview (December 2020), in which she spoke about being proud of her son, who is into lots of different things just to experience and love them for what they are. Reading that made me emotional. I have spent my whole life
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Love Stories
Graysen Hall, 27, is a non-binary trans person engaged to be married this year to Gwyn Morris, 34, who is also transgender. The couple met in 2015 and both work with young LGBTQIA+ people I MET GWYN AT A ROLLER DERBY six years ago. I wanted an exc
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What Kind Of Comfort Do You Need?
In low moments, you can feel: ♥ A bit lost ◆ Weak and vulnerable • Unsettled ■ Misunderstood You feel out of sorts when you’ve spent too long: ■ Overthinking ♥ Doing routine tasks ◆ Sitting at a screen • In the same room Your go-to comfort is oft
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1 New Feast: Modern Middle Eastern Vegetarian by Greg and Lucy Malouf (Hardie Grant, £20) 2 Falastin: A Cookbook by Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley (Ebury, £28) 3 The Essential Middle Eastern Cookbook by Michelle Anderson (Rockridge Press, £12.78) 4 My L
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Acts Of Wilderness
EVERY YEAR, THE WILDLIFE TRUSTS run the brilliant 30 Days Wild, encouraging us all to embrace more time outdoors. Last year’s project saw participants feel up to 56 per cent* more connected with nature, as well as happier and healthier. This year, re
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Performing A Passion Arts
JOSH BRADLEY BECAME a Stagecoach franchisee when he began to dread his job as a sixth form drama teacher. He wanted to pursue a venture that fulfilled him, rather than restricted or undervalued him. ‘As much as I love my subject, I craved a better wo
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