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Gold & Carbon Limited Editions
Time is precious, so anniversaries are celebrated with special editions featuring precious materials. Canada’s Simaudio Moon is marking its 40th year with a run of just 40 Anniversary Edition versions of the Moon 680D streaming DAC and 600i v2 integr
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SME Synergy
Some 74 years ago the Scale Model Equipment Company started making precision models and precision engineering components. Then 50 years ago the company’s founder designed a precision tonearm for his turntable — and ever since then this UK Sussex-base
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Various Artists
1978: The Year The World Turned Dayglo (3CD) Where punk went next. All the big names are tastefully represented here in this follow-up to last year’s excellent ‘1977: The Year Punk Broke’ – The Jam, Sham 69, The Cure, PiL, The Stranglers, Boomtown Ra
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Boutique AV
Media Room: Level II In this, the top category level for Media Rooms, Boutique AV combined the wishes of the two homeowners with truly spectacular results. The desire of ‘Mr. Client’, as Boutique AV refers to him, was to have three big screens that c
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Rediscover Vinyl
While we were preparing our turntable round-up for this issue, the news came through of vinyl’s latest triumph — in the first half of 2020, vinyl sales in the US made more money than CD sales. Nor was it a small lead; over the previous year CD sales
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Linn Klimax LP12
It is fitting that we finish our turntable round-up with a design which, in some ways, started it all, and which is only three years off its 50th anniversary. Back then the company’s founder, Ivor Tiefenbrun, leveraged his father’s precision engineer
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Joe Bonamassa
A New Day Now JoBo recuts his debut album. In 2000, the Tom Dowd-produced, covers-strewn ‘A New Day Yesterday’ introduced Bonamassa as a thrusting yet derivative blues talent. Two decades on, Bonamassa has remixed, resung, re-titled and remastered th
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Zene Private Theater
Home Cinema: Level II The first of two finalists in this Home Cinema category is from Beijing, where the Zene team was tasked with a lot of seating and a big room, with the challenge to deliver sound that would rival that of any nearby commercial cin
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Pro-Ject Primary E
It’ll come as no surprise to those who have even a passing knowledge of today’s turntable market to find Pro-Ject not only opening our review extravaganza but reappearing several times. “Pro-Ject, who I love, have four million turntables — 17 differe
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The Origin Story
It’s hard to believe today, but in the early days of hi-fi, there was little recognition of the ‘garbage in, garbage out’ philosophy. The signal was the signal, amplifiers just made it bigger, and it was your loudspeakers that made all the difference
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It’s all very well tinkling out Stairway To Heaven and Eleanor Rigby while cracking jokes for a living, but Rick Wakeman has grasped that prog fans crave something a little more ambitious from their number-one keyboard wizard. After enjoying playing
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The Digital Picture
Home Cinema: Level II While the client here had some knowledge from a previous home cinema, “the idea of a cinema of this performance level had not crossed their mind”, says The Digital Picture. “After two in-depth meetings and having discussed the i
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Audio-technica AT-LP3
Put a turntable in your lounge and records play themselves. Doubly so with an automatic turntable — it’s so very easy, and such a delight, to unjacket a disc, put it on, press ‘Start’. Sometimes it’s background, sometimes it just can’t be background,
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Record Doctor VI
If you’ve now sorted your preferred turntable from the ranks of contenders, consider one more thing. Vinyl is a source with a difference — the software requires care. Cleaning is essential even with new discs, and if you’re out gathering bargains at
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CLASSIC TRACK: The Doors — L.A. WomanB
Not much ran smoothly for The Doors, and this was certainly so with sessions for their sixth album, ‘L.A. Woman’. In November 1970, regular producer Paul Rothchild, unconvinced by what he was hearing in the studio, decided to quit. Enter engineer Bru
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McCormick Concepts
Home Cinema finalist: Level III The client here had three initial requests: make it simple to use, simple to reboot should the need arise, and give it good sound isolation so as not to disturb neighbours. From that brief McCormick delivered a top-not
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Sony PS-LX310BT
Like many other companies, Sony has been encouraged back to vinyl, releasing first the impressive PS-HX500 (see p30), then more recently this PS-LX310BT, a lower model, yet bringing a new level of functionality to the party — Bluetooth output. So her
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Power To Please
Our last visiting amplifier from Cambridge Audio left a permanent impression: the company’s ‘Edge’ pre- and power combination, which was created to mark the company’s half-century by releasing its highest level of product in decades. The power amplif
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The Finalists
Describing itself as the global trade association and central touch point for residential technology, CEDIA represents 3700 member companies and serves more than 30,000 industry professionals worldwide, providing access to industry-leading education,
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Audio-technica AT-LP120XUSB
The majority of turntables in our group this issue are belt-driven, but this Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB is direct-drive, where the motor is an integral part of the platter, so there are no belts and no pulleys involved. DJs favour direct drive, most
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Minor Classics
It might be considered a trifle immodest to declare your own product to be a ‘Classic’ before it even hits the streets. But JBL accomplished the task two years ago with its full-size (large, indeed) L100 Classic loudspeakers. JBL meant, of course, th
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Electronic Living
Integrated Home: Level I Due to the mid-century modern design, the owners of this home had little desire to see tech on display, says Electronic Living of this smart home perched along the banks of a beautiful river. “So we were able to balance moder
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Music Hall MMF-1.5
Music Hall was among the first purveyors of ‘plug’n’play’ turntables of hi-fi quality. Until Roy Hall’s innovation in this regard, the only fully set-up decks available were low-quality boxed record players, while audiophile-grade turntables seemed t
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Getting Into The Zone
In terms of the number of TVs sold, TCL was the world’s third biggest TV manufacturer as of the last quarter of 2019, behind only Samsung and LG, according to research firm IHS Markit. Headquartered in China, listed in Hong Kong and incorporated in t
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Argus Technologies
Integrated Home: Level I Argus Technologies not only handled every aspect of this home’s electrical, lighting and entertainment systems, it has built in the ability for the owners to expand capabilities in the future. So while there are four zones of
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Sony PS-HX500
Sony’s higher-level turntable is impressively understated — low, black, no massive logo on the mat, an exercise in restraint. But what about this high-res audio logo on the right side of the plinth? This is vinyl — analogue, not digital; how is it ‘h
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New Year’s Resolution
Several television manufacturers are leading (and pushing) the leap to 8K resolution — four times 4K or 16 times full-HD — in the hope you’ll upgrade your TV. But really there’s virtually zero 8K material yet to watch; indeed few people spend much ti
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Boutique AV
Integrated Home: Level II This project started with a conversation about just a dedicated home cinema — and turned into a complete home integration project, where voice commands can control and tune the lights, shades, gates, HVAC, and entertainment
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Once More, With Feeling
Those readers particularly prone to peer carefully at magazine page ‘straps’ may have noticed that in recent issues we’ve divided up our Sound+Image review section into categorised blocks — this issue there’s our vinyl section, then hi-fi, an audio-v
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Pro-Ject Juke Box E
Pro-Ject Audio is a company which makes not only turntables but standalone phono stages, DACs, amplifiers, even speakers. So presumably someone piped up at a development meeting with the suggestion ‘Why not put them all together?’ The result is the c
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