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MATTHEW DAVISON of Google New Zealand
It’s my job as Head of Sales at Google New Zealand to run a globally-orientated sales and operations team with a purpose of developing best in class, scalable solutions that support our biggest Kiwi clients. I put a lot of time into exploring how new
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Southern Love
IT WAS DURING THE HEIGHT of the Covid-19 Lockdown when the idea to support our struggling small business sector first came to Marketing for Business Good originator, and MA Southern Chair Michael Durie. In 2019, the southern branch of the MA trialled
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The TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards, now in its 29th year, is a celebration of everything that makes marketing great in New Zealand and beyond. It’s the only awards programme in the country which focuses solely on the business benefits of strong marketing s
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When Mobile Advertising Met Letterbox A Love Story…
Not unlike lots of New Zealand companies right now we’ve got multiple projects on the go. Rather than a big bang transformation project, we’re delivering at pace through a constant evolution – far preceding Covid-19. Our strategy is to develop the Re
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WHAT’S ON AT THE Marketing Association
MA is thrilled to have initiated the Emerging Marketers Group (EMG) of New Zealand. Focused on students and run by students, the goal of the group is to gain the engagement of all marketing students in New Zealand. Starting at the University of Auckl
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VOTE FOR ME! But why?
You’ve recently launched into campaign marketing, what is your plan of attack to get people involved? CHRIS & JAMES: Engagement is everything, but kissing babies and shaking hands is out this year. So, instead we’d run a campaign that lets voters cha
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IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE that New Zealand’s Privacy Act became law 27 years ago, and its core founding principles have not changed since then – this despite advancements in technology and our ability to collect and store an infinite amount of information
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On The Right Frequency: The Radio Bureau
First created by NZ Radio Sales and P.R.I.S.M (Private Radio Industry Sales and Marketing) in 1993, TRB began its journey as a national sales house for all commercial stations. Initially owned by TRN (now NZME), this changed to today’s joint venture
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LOYALTY NZ: Revamping The Flybuys Brand For A New Age Of Consumers
With 1.7 million members Flybuys is the best known loyalty card programme in New Zealand. However, according to Loyalty NZ’s CEO Lizzy Ryley, this familiarity was starting to erode brand relevance, which they knew they needed to adapt to beat. “Feedb
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HOW SMART Is Your Data?
AT THE MARKETING ASSOCIATION Smarter Data Conference we heard from some of New Zealand’s top thought leaders about how they solve customer problems using data. They shared with us practical advice and insight into how they solve gaps in their data se
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Behind The Scenes
What do you get when you ask a whole bunch of proud Kiwis to share their little slice of paradise with the rest of the world, every day for 365 days? A genuinely warm ‘Good Morning World’, a feeling of being part of the whānau and a Global Effie. As
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Breaking Down The Silos
In our current business environment – the flexibility and digital connectiveness of Covid-19 aside – successful organisations are finding unique ways to champion internal communications, shared departmental responsibilities, and ultimately better col
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NZ Marketing
Editor David Nothling-Demmer Staff writers Courtney Devereux Mollie Edwards Commercial Manager Vernene Medcalf 09 966 0998 or 021 628 200 D
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Turning Inwards
On June 8, 2020 New Zealand moved to Alert Level 1 and companies breathed a sigh of relief as business headed into a new normal, one that had border closures, resulting in marketers turning inwards to see where the local market could make up for the
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Ingredients Of Integration
1 Joined up thinking: a single strategic spine that runs from marketing and brand strategy down through every element of the customer journey. I believe full funnel communication planning is the critical glue for modern marketing. Historically this t
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I’ve gone and done what I said to myself I wouldn’t do in our new Covid-19 world. Use the word pivot. But my hand was forced. In what has been a year of forced realities, Auckland was thrown back into a lite lockdown in August, weeks before the TVNZ-
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JCDecaux Street Furniture: The Heart Of Design And Urban Beautification
A family business spanning three generations, JCDecaux is the world’s number one name in Out-of-Home, the only international company solely focused on street furniture, transport and billboard advertising. Today, JCDecaux is part of the Euronext 100
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Branding for Good
To borrow from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s assertion that the “the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time”, I’ve long held the belief that humanity is defined by its inherent gift to believe whol
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New Zealand Marketing Online
NZ MARKETING GOES DIGITAL! The strong opinion and insight into the core disciplines of marketing and communication that you have become accustomed to in our print publication is expanding to a new digital platform, Targeted spec
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Live Streaming The Next Best Thing (to Being There)
With Olympic-quality content creation and broadcast technologies, the expert team at The Stream Shop produce live viewing experiences worth watching. So much so, that it feels like you’re in the stands at the game, or on the red carpet at the launch
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NO Carbon COPY
Ellen Fromm discovered she had a calling for marketing during her time spent in the artsy city of Melbourne, surrounded by like-minded creatives. Now thriving as a senior copywriter at Colenso BBDO NZ, she says the beauty of her role is that no day i
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Our sister site, remains your daily source of news from across the industry. From analysis of advertising campaigns, moving and shakings and investigative reporting on the latest developments from around adlandia, it’s your premier in
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It’s tough to be in business in 2020. As Covid-19 causes disruption on a global scale, economies are in turmoil. For marketers, the pandemic’s assault on certainty is serious, and while most industries have suffered losses, the event industry has bee
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Industry Insights
The Comms Council have taken its existing “Brands Need Building” campaign and updated it to reflect the latest thinking and evidence about marketing in a recession. “At the Comms Council we believe strongly that Brands Need Building. Afterall, a bran
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The Future Of Events Is Hybrid and It Looks A Lot Like A Live TV Show
A recent hybrid event we produced for our friends at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is a great example of why this format works so well. It was the first in a series called “Digitally Speaking”, launched at Techweek2020. NZTE’s goal with thi
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A Decade Of Brand Wins
Each agency has had to deal with different challenges or setbacks during Covid-2020. We’ll have all been reminded how important it is to be close to our clients and their businesses. How volatile our industry can be. And, how easy it is for consumers
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Becoming an Authentic Brand
I’m no yogi. But, I did spend a few years living on the Kapiti Coast where I embraced a slightly more ‘hippy’ lifestyle and took to yoga and kale smoothies like a pro. Yoga hasn’t stuck with me as much as I’d have liked it to. I found F45 which appea
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The Time For AR Is Now
With the recent Covid-19 pandemic forcing us to change the way we think about shopping, the eCommerce industry is booming. Traditional retailers are also realising a need to think outside the box. One of the biggest players in this retail shake-up is
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Design for Good.
What makes McCarthy different? We encourage designers to lead their own projects, working directly with clients in order to better understand them and their audience. Doing this enables trust to be built quickly, ultimately leading to a better outcom
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A Lesson In Brand Synergy
We asked Whittaker’s Marketing Manager, Jasmine Currie why she feels it was a good brand exercise for these two companies to collaborate. She told NZ Marketing that the two brands’ equally strong focus on quality was important to both in deciding to
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