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Expedition Earth
When Kiwi's Bridget Thackwray and Topher Richwhite found themselves landlocked in New Zealand with their trusted Jeep left at Moscow Airport, they take to exploring their own backyard. Having spent the majority of our relationship on the road, the
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Gear Guid
ICED MOCHA: Our mocha is made with chocolate and coffee combined with soft serve to give you a tasty drink on the run. Gluten Free. 85g. RRP $4.09 WWW.BACKCOUNTRYCUISINE.CO.NZ Hemp Hash IPA 6.5% ABV Seasonal release for the NZ referendum. Cannabi
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Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
The iconic Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is true to its heritage combining capable features with updated design and materials to deliver luxury and refinement while proudly maintaining the iconic Jeep Wrangler look. Embracing the ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything’ a
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Papua New Guinea
2020 has made us all appreciate what’s in our own backyard - we’ve had to due to border restrictions preventing us from going anywhere else! As the world starts to slowly reopen, and as travellers make more conscious decisions about where they want t
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Rabbit Pass
If you’ve lived in New Zealand for any length of time, chances are you’ve ticked off a few backcountry adventures. After all, about a third of the country’s land mass is protected land, and at least 10% is national park, so you don’t have to go far t
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Camping in New Caledonia
Like many of its South Pacific island counterparts, New Caledonia is home to a range of spectacular hotels and resorts, complete with lush accommodations, postcard perfect pools, world class restaurants and more. However, for adventurous travellers l
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Documenting The Cirumnavigation Of Stewart Island
It’s big, really big. The wind is beating us down, 40kts of bitterly cold Southerly right in the face. Massive rollers moving in from the South-West smashing our laden boats around, before crashing into the West Coast bluffs and refracting back creat
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Top Hikes On The Outer Islands Of Vanuatu
Vanuatu’s outer islands offer more than just world-renowned snorkelling, remote beaches and palm trees, they’re home to some of the most spectacular, adrenaline-pumping treks in the Pacific Islands. So grab your hiking boots and get ready for an adve
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Mid-winter Tramping
To be honest I was keen to get out of the city after all those weeks stuck in Covid19 lockdown. A weekend away in the bush sounded appealing. Hot pools. If you are going to tramp this time of year with its mud, short days, and cold nights pick somewh
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Side Note:
This is the sort of trip you want to keep to yourself, but Tarawera has justifiably been a “tourist magnet” since late 1870 when the entrepreneurial chief Aporo Te Wharekaniwha built the 25-bed Cascade Hotel and charged international tourists Stg2 ea
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Safely Plan Your Summer Tramp
The sun is shining; the days are getting warmer and longer; summer is the time for the outdoors. It’s a Kiwi’s rite of passage to get amongst the nature that surrounds us all, however, it can be just that carefree summer vibe that gets outdoor enthus
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Saving The Mountain Guides
In an ironic and cruel twist of fate, many mountain guides and adventure operators in New Zealand are now the ones in need of saving. Today's hazard for outdoors experts is not just falling ice or rocks, rather the invisible economic impacts of Covid
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More Than Iconic
Simply put the “Tongariro Alpine Crossing” is more than iconic. Having trekked and climbed on seven continents I feel privileged to live next to what many regard as the best one day walk in New Zealand. The dramatic landscape you experience throughou
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The Gift
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Mt Ruapehu
For those who want to head away from the crowds, who want a real mountain experience, who want that manageable challenge, then take full day Ruapehu Guided Walk with Adrift Tongariro is just right for you. Mt Ruapehu is the largest active volcano in
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Get Outdoors
The next person who tells me that they have really enjoyed lockdown, and that COVID has been like a forced holiday, is going to wish that they hadn’t. We have seen millions of dollars evaporate and the adventure industry struggle to cope. Travel busi
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Rising Star
18 year old Jess Blewitt grew up in the surf town of Mount Manganui, where she found her love of the outdoors in the ocean. But it was a move to the South Island that flamed her passion for the mountains. Jess has been creating a stir in the world of
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Steve Dickinson Mob: 027 577 5014 Lynne Dickinson ■
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“Vote The Arseholes Out”
This label went viral on Twitter, but it was only the latest anti -Trump call to action from Patagonia. The company has responded aggressively and openly to the US government’s environmental changes with increasingly outspoken crusades to protect the
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Behind The Cover
As Steve says in his editorial, "It has been clinically proven that the simple process of getting outside, actually outside anywhere, helps lower stress levels." We felt this picture by Joel & Jasmin @theforestbirds, captured the feeling perfectly. ■
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A Thirst For Adventure
The quintessential drink after a hard day out in the cold is a ‘wee dram’, whether out of a hipflask by the campfire or sitting in a chair with a crystal cut glass savouring a great day with an equally great drink. Whisky distilling in New Zealand wa
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Cocktail On The Rock
This recipe was a similar template to the Kiwi Birdsong that was enjoyed so much. Made with Two Tone release, it is a gold medal winning NZ whisk(e)y. Two Tone refers to the two kinds of casks used to mature the whisky, European oak and American whit
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The Vanlife Hiker Virus
Vanlife and any form of adventure go hand in hand, or foot and foot if you want to refer that back to hiking. This is a perfect combination that just so happens to be peaking right now and for good reason. Due to the effects of Covid-19, holidays and
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Mt Aspiring
Climbing ropeless up a steep snow and ice face is never enhanced by mental images of your helpless body falling to its death. High on the vertiginous slopes of Mt Aspiring, the only thing keeping me from this fate were the front points of my crampons
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Feed Your Addiction
Like a ‘perfect storm’, we have seen a dramatic growth and development in online stores over the past 5 years. Now as we are made to keep our ‘distance’, online, ecommerce takes on a whole new meaning and value. We are dedicating these pages to our c
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The Tongariro Alpine Crossing - Is It A Walk In The Park?
With the second death in just over a month on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, it seems prudent to take a moment to consider the risks in undertaking what is considered one of the best day walks in New Zealand. It is a challenging 19.4km hike taking on
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For Your Safety
High strength engineering metal body, rugged and capable of working under extreme weather condition. Special design of fluorescent light, you can use it and read data on it in dark environment after absorbing enough sunshine. High accuracy, built-in
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Trapped In A Snow Storm
Before technology had really caught up with the outdoor industry, Geoff and his friends found themselves in trouble when their tent was unable to withstand the weight of a heavy snow storm. Today, the modern design of tents would have meant a very di
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Stories Of Survival
Juliane Koepcke, the sole survivor of the LANSA flight 508, tells the story of her survival. The plane she was in was struck by lightning killing 91 passengers. Somehow 17 year old Juliane survived the 3km fall out of the sky landing into the Amazon
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Evacuation From The Base Of Everest
Last issue we talked to Robert Bruce, founder of the adventure group Got to Get Out, who'd just completed his fourth group trek to Nepal, this time to Everest Base Camp (EBC). With 30 mostly Kiwis (or people with strong NZ connections) they headed in
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