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Nikon Joins CDP ‘Climate A-List’
Nikon has announced that it has been selected for the highest rank ‘A-List’ by the CDP’s climate change questionnaire, for the second consecutive year, recognising it as one of the highest performing companies in its efforts against climate change an
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Hamir: The Fallen Prince of Ranthambore (by Arjun Anand)
Tiger is probably the most photographed of the big felines, especially in India. One reason could be the rare combination of beauty, strength, and a sense of fearlessness the animal conveys. It is quite natural for a wildlife photographer and enthusi
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Photo QUIZ
1 Which of the following mounts is not a full frame mount? a) L mount b) Z mount c) F mount d) EF mount e) EF-S mount 2 Which Japanese Camera Company took its name from “ripening rice fields”? a) Minolta b) Nikon c) Yashica d) Canon 3 Wh
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Sony Leads in Water Management
Sony has announced that it has been included in the CDP’s Water A-List, recognising Sony as one of the highest performing companies in the area of water resource management. This is the fourth time following FY 2016, 2017 and 2019, that Sony has made
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Atul Kasbekar
Atul Kasbekar is a graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography, California. With over 25 years of experience, he has shot for virtually every brand and agency of consequence. He is recognised as the concept brain behind the famous Kingfisher Cale
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Sony Acquires Ellation Holdings
Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. (“SPE”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation (“Sony”) and AT&T Inc. (“AT&T”), have announced that Funimation Global Group, LLC has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of the equity interest i
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Kingfisher Calendar 2021
As the world reels from the effects of one of the biggest pandemics witnessed in current history, where social distancing is the norm of the hour and travel restrictions across borders, Kingfisher and I decided to take this in our stride and bring th
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No year could carry such horrible memories as 2020. Last year, when I penned the ‘Welcome’ section for January, there was not even the faintest inkling of how our lives would change so quickly. Stress has become an inevitable factor in our lives and
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RGB 2020 Results Announced
RGB 2020 is an International Photography competition and exhibition organised by AvTvISO Photography Club. This club is based out of Chennai and affiliated to global photography organisations like Photography Society of America, Global Photographic U
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Ashok Kandimalla
Ashok Kandimalla has been in the photographic field for over three decades and has extensive experience in both film and digital photography. Being an electronics engineer by profession and a photographer, he possesses a unique and deep insight into
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Smart Photography
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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2020
On December 19, 2020, the Sanctuary Nature Foundation, supported by DSP Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd., IndusIand Bank and Greenko, in partnership with Delhibird Foundation, announced the results and of the Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2020 o
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Make a Calendar
As you welcome the new year after the dreadful 2020, you will need a new calendar to keep track of dates, appointments and events. While you may have received a few as gifts or even bought one, as a photographer, it will be satisfying if you make a c
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Mivi Launches New Speaker
Mivi, a home-grown electronics brand, has launched its first Made in India product. Roam 2, which is an upgraded version of Roam 1.0, is the first Bluetooth speaker which has completely been made in India. The company has also announced the launch of
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You might feel that the process for creating a calendar has too many steps, but, it is quite easy if you follow the procedure given here. And once you have created a preset, you can use the same one for any number of years. Creating a calendar with y
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CIPA Announces CP+2021 Online
The Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA) has announced that the CP+ 2021 will be conducted in a new form. The show will be held on-site at Pacifico Yokohama and also online as an international world premiere show for camera and photo imagin
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Tamron Announces Standard Zoom Lens
Tamron has announced the launch of the 17-70 mm f/2.8 Di III-A VC RXD (Model B070), a high-speed standard zoom lens for Sony E-mount APS-C mirrorless cameras. This is Tamron’s first high-speed zoom lens for mirrorless cameras with APS-C size sensors.
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Rating System
Recommended ..................... 75-80% Best Buy.....................81% and above Design & Build Quality.......... (out of 20) Key Features ....................... (out of 20) Ergonomics......................... (out of 20) Performance Autofocus ..
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Sigma Announces New I-Series Lenses
Sigma has announced three new additions, the 35 mm f/2, the 24 mm f/3.5 and the 65 mm f/2 to its DG DN Contemporary lens line-up, dubbed as the ‘I series’. The ‘I series’ features a compact and high-performance optics for mirrorless camera systems. I
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Optoma Expands CinemaX Series
Optoma has introduced the P1 Pro and P2, the next-gen smart true 4K ultra short throw laser projectors as an addition to its CinemaX series. Both projectors come with advanced features. While the P1 Pro has elevated its brightness, the P2 has enhance
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On Target!
As everyone knows, the Nikon Z6 II is the new ‘avatar’ of the Nikon Z6. It is a hybrid ‘still’ and ‘video’ mirrorless camera. Going by the Internet, it seems that many potential users have a question: Should they get the new Z6 II or save some money
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Venus Optics Announces Ultra-Wide Lens
Venus Optics has announced the launch of Laowa 10 mm f/2 Zero-D MFT ultra-wide compact lens. Offering a 96° Angle-of-view and equipped with 46 mm filter threads, the 10 mm Zero-D lens offers a full-frame equivalent focal length of 20 mm. It is constr
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Naturalists Surya Ramachandran and David Raju Release New Book
Renowned naturalists Surya Ramachandran and David Raju have released their new book ‘Photographic Field Guide – Wildlife of South India’. This is the first-of-its-kind comprehensive field guide covering all mammals, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, r
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Key Specifications
Camera type: Mirrorless, with interchangeable lenses Effective pixels: 24.5 million Sensor type/size: CMOS/35.9 x 23.9 mm. Full frame BSI sensor: Yes, Back Side Illuminated File format: 12 or 14-bit (lossless compressed, compressed, or uncompress
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Leica Launches SL2-S Camera
Leica has announced the launch of SL2-S camera that expands the multi-faceted SL-System with a versatile full-frame camera. The core element of the Leica SL2-S is the newly developed backside-illuminated CMOS full-frame image sensor with a resolution
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Photograph by Udayan Sankar Pal
We are sure that all of you have a few pictures that you think are prize worthy. It happens very often that you don’t know where to send the image that could put a feather in your cap. If you have such images (we’re sure you have many!), send us ONE
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Mini Superpower
Fujifilm cameras are known for their reliability and image quality, be it ‘stills’ or video. The Fujifilm X100V camera was announced in the first week of February 2020. The Company has several X100- series models and the X100V is the fifth. Let’s see
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WPPI 2021 Postponed
WPPI has announced the postponement of the 2021 Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Trade Show (WPPI), which was scheduled for March 2021. The show has been moved to August 2021 owing to concerns over safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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A Note To Our Readers
1. The picture has to be horizontal. 2. Kindly ensure that the longer side measures at least 17 inches, at 300ppi. 3. Low resolution images will not be accepted. 4. We do not check images on online galleries. 5. Kindly ensure complete contact/add
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