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A Smarter Nest
Ikea’s long-awaited smart blinds are easy to fit and easy to automate, since they work with the company’s Trådfri home automation system as well as the included remote – and they’re a darn sight cheaper than their competitors. $TBC, ikea.com  Wire
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Xbox Series X
While we’d probably all like to think ourselves above terms like ‘console wars’, the game industry is looking ahead to next year’s holiday season with interested, if not quite bloodthirsty, eyes. After a generation at least initially dominated by PS4
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True Wireless Earbuds
The convenience of true wireless earbuds has made them the most popular type of headphones on sale right now – the majority of headphones sold this Christmas will be totally wire-free. The range of options is much bigger than anyone expected, so we’
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Watch And Listen
Low price doesn’t mean low end; Panasonic’s cheapest OLED pulls down the HCX Pro processor from higher models which means it does some fantastic things. These include Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and HDR10+ – and the picture is just amazing. From $3,09
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Ray Tracing Explained
It’s been a long time since visuals in games were the very first things we noticed. Every console generation has come with its own jump in quality, but in the years since PS4 and Xbox One were first released, we’ve become accustomed to a certain grap
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Best Of The Best
If you’re looking for the very best tech available today, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Best of the Best is the most useful gadget-buying guide you will ever encounter. To create it, we’ve extensively tested the best tech the world has t
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Get It Done
As adept at entertaining as it is at accompanying you through the work day, the Envy is a light, powerful and tightly designed laptop that impresses on every front. It’s secure, too: there’s a webcam kill-switch and a built-in fingerprint reader. $1
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8k Gaming
Let’s face it, 8K gaming in 2020 seems hopeful. While both Series X and PS5 claim to have maximum resolution outputs of 8K - yes, that’s 7680x4320 - there are a few technical reasons why we probably won’t be playing launch games with more pixels than
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Gearbox Records, a London label that originally made a name for itself as a purveyor of archival jazz, is what you might call a music connoisseur. So it should come as no surprise that its turntable is a bit special. Inspired by Dieter Rams’ iconic 1
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Life’s A Game
A wonderfully challenging build, with almost 4,800 pieces to work through, an incredible amount of detail, and even a scale model of the Tantive IV starship to show just how gigantic it is, this is the ultimate Lego display piece. $1,100, lego.com
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Ssd Speed
In news to absolutely no one, it turns out that switching out the whirring moving parts of a traditional hard drive for a solid-state version improves your gaming experience. Ray tracing and potential 8K gaming are the flashier claims to fame, but PS
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Active Outdoors
No room for a full-size pool? No problem. Set the temperature and flick on the lights and jets via Wi-Fi, work yourself hard with a swim against the E2000’s ever-rolling tide or on its underwater treadmill, then hop into its spa area to rest those ti
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Best The Speakers Every For Room
Bringing smart design and huge sound, these fit right into the busiest room $525, sonos.com It might feel most at home under your TV, with its highly tuned and individually amplified five-speaker array blasting through movie soundtracks, but don’t
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Getting Around
With a massive 15-inch touchscreen, the option of all-wheel drive that reacts to the road, up to 348 miles on a single charge and enough room for five adults and a whole stack of cargo, Tesla’s most practical EV ever is truly built for the driver. F
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Face Lift
As striking as it is simple, the Picto watch tells the time by rotating both its face and a single hand. A white dot on the face indicates the hour, while the hand sweeps around once an hour, thus indicating minutes. Such a face might take some getti
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Feeling Well
Get deep into those muscle tissues with an impact massager that really pulls its weight. The Liv is intense – if you actively press it into your flesh you’re liable to injure yourself – and perfect for pre- and post-workout stimulation. $375, therag
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Sonos Move
$585, sonos.com Most portable water-resistant, rugged wireless speakers are lightweight, cost less than $250 and are designed for party super-fun time. The Sonos Move is $585, weighs a hefty three kilos, and is as happy playing classical or prog as
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We Love Cool Tech
The year ‘2020’ has a super cool sci-fi ring to it, and after reflecting on all the incredible tech that’s come our way – it certainly feels like we’re living in some kind of fantastic future. Let’s pause for a moment and remember that Blade Runner w
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Wireless High-end Hi-fi
Wireless speakers are now a massive part of the music world. For a long time, the most successful have been in the $100-$1,000 bracket, but there’s a growing range of high-end wireless, multi-room speakers appearing. They come from both established h
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Microsoft Surface Pro 7
From $928 microsoft.com Microsoft has come out hitting hard with the new Surface range, releasing the Surface Pro 7, the Surface Pro X and the Surface Laptop 3. Two Pro tablets? That’s a bold move. Granted, they serve different markets; the Pro X i
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Horizon Top 10
$TBA, motorola.com The Motorola Razr is a cutting-edge, foldable phone that’s also a throwback to one of the most iconic handset designs of all time: the original Razr V3 that launched in 2004… it’s the future wrapped in the past. We got a chance t
T3 Australia2 min. leídosTech
Product 01: Linn Series 3 (301)
Linn is by no means a newcomer to digital audio or streaming, but the Series 3 does represent a new approach from this prestigious UK brand, because it can be bought online and set up by an unqualified person: you or us, for instance. Its sawn-off te
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Google Nest Wifi
From $199 store.google.com The likes of Eero, TP-Link and more are now offering mesh networking kits, so you’ve got more choice than ever when it comes to picking a system to cover your home in fast, reliable Wi-Fi – and now Google has released the
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Get Started With Indoor Cycling
If you’re looking for advice on how to get and stay fit: on your bike! No, we’re not being rude – cycling is one of the most effective forms of exercise you can do, offering a workout for the legs, lungs and heart. And indoor cycling is even better,
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Product 02: Naim Mu-so 2nd Gen
Despite looking almost traditional in the company of its rivals here, this is still a striking bit of design. The huge and tactile volume dial, the heat-sink fins on the back and the sheer girth of the thing make it instantly iconic. Naim has honed e
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Amazon Echo Studio
$329 amazon.com.au Echo Studio fills a long-time gap in the Echo range. It’s the Echo that sounds good, here to replace, or at least take on, ‘proper’ speakers. To that end it’s got oodles of bass, support for HD and UHD (CD quality and hi-res, res
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Where The Wild Things Are
Travel journalist Tamara Hinson takes a walk on the wild side to round up the top safari camps to adventure at in 2020 Today’s safari camps are hi-tech yet sustainable retreats packed with innovations that make it easier than ever to admire the worl
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Product 03: Devialet Phantom Reactor 900
If the Linn looks like an exotic air purifier and the Mu-so a soundbar on steroids, this wireless speaker is almost impossible to describe without reference to sci-fi movies. It’s reminiscent of something from David Lynch’s Dune, or the drones in the
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Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch
From $4,399 apple.com/au This is kind of a banner occasion. There hasn’t been a new size of Apple pro laptop since 2009 – before the iPad even existed. And with 17-inch screens now more the preserve of unwieldy gaming devices than sleek pro machines
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A Mobile Work Setup
Carl is looking for a mobile worker setup centred around a powerful but lightweight laptop, complemented by everything he needs to work wherever he is. Writer Alex never stops working. With a family under his feet, he often needs to escape to the loc
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