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Google Photos
$Free, Google, the internet search giant, offers a wide variety of services beyond simple search. Google Photos is its cloud storage service that can be used for backing up, and sharing both photos and videos, making it a useful, a
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DJI Air 2S
$1,699, Hot on the heels of the DJI FPV, the drone giant shows no signs of slowing with the announcement of the DJI Air 2S. And while the name suggests only an incremental upgrade on the Mavic Air 2, there’s a lot in this new model to wh
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Smart Security Options
$219, Secure your shed or side gate with the smartest padlock around. It’s a mix of super security and ultimate cleverness, and you can even use your phone to generate one–time passcodes for guests. $399, Compatible wit
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Scuf H1
$169, Perhaps the biggest draw of the SCUF H1 is the big, soft ear pads that sit over the drivers and allow comfort for hours of play at a time. Lightweight frames and an adjustable fit pairs nicely with the memory foam earpads to mak
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Ancient People Created Cave Art While Hallucinating
In the 19th century, researchers discovered a series of decorated caves that date back between 14,000 and 40,000 years to the Upper Paleolithic era, or Late Stone Age, across Western Europe. Found mainly in Spain and France, they were filled with pai
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Instagram For Kids Is A Really Bad Idea, Facebook Told By US Lawyers
Facebook’s rumored plans for an ‘Instagram for Kids’ app haven’t been very well received so far – and they’ve just come under even more fire in a bombshell letter written by a group of 44 US attorneys general. The Instagram for Kids app, which isn’t
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Revisiting Powerline Networking
As wireless has become more and more capable, powerline networking has become progressively less popular with home users. From its heyday a decade ago, powerline networking has become something of a niche product – but we’re going to argue that it’s
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Awards Time!
It’s that time of year again! The Australian PC Awards are upon us, where all of Future Australia’s technology titles come together to find the best new PC products of the last year. Like a lot of things, the APCAs have been impacted by COVID, forcin
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Bleeding Edge: The Best Of Emerging Tech
With the launch of a couple of new VR headsets and leaked details about others, this month gives us a good insight into what the VR landscape will look like over the next year or so. Niantic has created an impressive developer tool that should see so
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Lenovo Think Book 14s Yoga
$1,649, The Lenovo ThinkBook 14s Yoga 2-in-1 is a business-focused convertible laptop that delivers excellent performance at a fair price, while wrapping it all in an attractive package – even if it’s a fingerprint magnet. This is a s
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NASA Detects Rare ‘Double Quasar’
Astronomers used NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to peer 10 billion years into the cosmic past, where they detected two gargantuan quasars on the verge of colliding. Sitting at the centres of their respective galaxies, these hungry quasars have less
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Canva Website Builder
$Free, In order to use Canva, you must create an account, but all they need from you is your name and an email address to set one up. Once logged in, go to the website creation section of Canva’s website and you’ll be presented with 16
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Take Control Of Colour With PhotoLab
PhotoLab 3 is the latest version of DxO’s raw processing, lens correction and photo editing software. One of the best photo editing programs on the market, PhotoLab offers all the tools of regular photo editors, but takes a different direction from m
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LG G1 Gallery OLED TV (OLED65G1)
$4,995, The LG G1 OLED is the follow up to the sleek Gallery OLED model that debuted last year, but a host of improvements – including a shot in the arm to brightness – make the G Series a more tempting proposition than ever. Adding a new
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Manage Your Network
Having problems with your Wi-Fi network? Unreliable online calls or stuttering video? Then it’s worth taking a look at the devices and services that are using your network. The first place to start is with your broadband connection. Bear in mind that
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Oddworld: Soulstorm
$69.95, PlayStation, Xbox One, PC It’s easy to root for Abe. The Mudokons, a mystic race of amphibian-like pacifists, have been enslaved for centuries by the cruel industrial cartels of the Glukkons. The cartels’ greed is insidious,
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Powerline Networking Explained
If you’ve just got one room where the Wi–Fi is a bit unreliable, then you can use a pair of inexpensive PowerLine adaptors to magically send your internet connection over your home’s existing electrical wiring. One adaptor is plugged into a wall sock
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Covid-19 Outbreak At Foxconn Factory Hits IPhone Production
Production of iPhones at a Foxconn plant in India has been hit by a surge in Covid-19 cases among employees, highlighting the continued risk of the pandemic to the global mobile industry. According to Reuters, Foxconn has imposed a ‘no entry’ measure
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Buyer’s Guide
From $1,199, Apple has outdone itself. 5G has been added, the CPU has more power than you’re ever going to need, and the dual-lens rear camera system can take spectacular photos in any kind of light. From $1,299, Very
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Kenwood DRV-A601W
$250, Kenwood might be a name associated with bass-heavy in-car sound systems from the good old days of car customisation, but it currently offers a solid selection of aftermarket head units – many complete with Apple CarPlay and And
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Shed Those Pesky Kilos With Lifesum
‘Exercise more and eat less’. It’s the one thing we’re often told when we want to lose weight. But eating less isn’t always as simple as it seems. I’d like to think that my diet is pretty consistent, but having tracked my food for the past month, I’v
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Work Out What’s Wrong
There are many things that can cause your home Wi-Fi network to slow down or become unreliable. Many electrical appliances, such as microwave ovens, cordless (DECT) telephones, and baby monitors generate electromagnetic signals that can interfere. Th
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How To Create A Smart Home With Android
How good would it be to have smart devices at home so you could turn on the heating and lights at appropriate times before arrival? Well, you can upgrade each appliance to be smart devices on the Internet of Things, but that could get expensive. Sure
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Why Use A VPN
For many people, the answer is simply: “So I can watch Netflix in another country.” But there are more important (and less legally dubious) answers too. For starters, your ISP always knows exactly what websites and services you’re using, so you have
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HOW TO Beef Up Your Network Security
1 UNWELCOME GUESTS Your router’s app will show you a list of all devices that are connected to your network. It will also allow you to block any devices you don’t recognise, although you should follow our next few steps to stop it happening again.
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Fujifilm Instax Mini 40
$169, The Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 is essentially an evolution of one of our favorite starter cameras, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11. It retains that camera’s stripped-back operation, but swaps the toy-like shape for a vintage-inspire
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Xiaomi Mi Watch
$199, As with almost all smartwatches, the Xiaomi Mi Watch comprises a body and two detachable straps. The straps are long, made of thermoplastic polyurethane (which feels like a mix between rubber and plastic), and have plenty o
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Help Station
Hi TechLife. I’ve been working from home for about a year. My work laptop is connected to a dual-monitor 180W docking station via Thunderbolt. The dock and all peripherals are mine, but the laptop belongs to the company. I want to use the setup off-h
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Identify Network Interference
When you look at the Wi–Fi Settings on your Mac or iOS devices you can see the names of all the networks in the area around your home. Unfortunately, the Wi–Fi Settings panel doesn’t provide much info beyond the names of those networks, so it’s worth
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How We Tested
Audio testing falls into another category of testing for us at TechLife – it’s not as simple as running it through some software, getting some numbers, and sticking it in a fancy bar chart. “Subjective” is one way to put it. The true nature of sound
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