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About the Author
Jim Macnamara is a professor of public communication at the University of Technology Sydney specializing in evaluation of communication and effective stakeholder engagement. He is the author of 16 books including Organizational Listening: The Missing
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About the Author
Nikolaus Obwegeser is a Research Fellow at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) focusing on digital transformation, innovation, and strategy. He holds a PhD from WU Vienna (Austria) and was Associate Professor at Aarhus Univer
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“The Covid-19 Crisis” As An Opportunity For Introspection: A Multi-level Reflection On Values, Needs, Trust And Leadership In The Future1
The current period of misery and even despair surround us. It is perhaps an opportune moment to reflect on our lives and conduct as individuals, families, organizations and a society in general. This short reflection has been written by practitioners
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Saying No To Plastics: An Asian Perspective
Plastic pollution in our ecosystems, especially the oceans, and its adverse effects on the biota has raised serious concerns in recent years. Research studies and surveys have provided us alarming estimates (Van Sebille et al., 2015) and crucial piec
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Services Have Become Invisible To Customers In B2b And B2c
For customers in B2B and B2C environments, the true providers of the services they consume have become invisible. In this review, we gather the opinions of service providers and service managers in the airline, banking, telecommunications, beauty, ed
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Disruption Strikes, You’re In Change, Now What: When Companies Tackle Great Challenges
Natural disasters have been growing in their social impact in recent years, but humanitarian assistance has not kept pace. Company donations have fortunately made up for some of that shortfall. By 2015, more than 90 percent of the 3,000 largest compa
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About the Author
Simon L. Dolan is currently the president of the Global Future of Work Foundation ( . Prof. Dolan used to be the Future of Work Chair at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, and before that he taught for many years at McGill
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About the Author
Rashmi Anoop Patil, (Email: is a circular economy enthusiast and an engineer by profession with a Bachelors in Electronic Engineering from Visveswaraiah Technological University, India. As a member of the Circular Economy Ta
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About the Author
Dr. Fernanda Arreola is a Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship at École de Management Léonard de Vinci where she is head of the Business Research Group. Her research focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship with a specific interest on the gover
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Distinguish Crisis From Disaster: 5 Notes For Making Decisions
One of the most common forms of leadership failure is treating a crisis like it is a disaster, and treating a disaster like it is a crisis. The Greek root of the word crisis means “to decide.” It is a word ancient physicians used to describe the mome
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Key Changes In Management: Implications From The Corona Crisis, Particularly On Family Businesses And The Portfolios Of Independent Investors
In this paper I shall discuss what I see as some major implications for management practices when it comes to several key trends, which indeed might be seen as representing clear breaks from the past. I shall further briefly examine what might be imp
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Sex And Money: Do Men And Women Use Money Differently
Do men and women, think about, use and invest money differently? If so why? Dare one go there? One has to be very courageous, misguided or foolhardy to wander into the “sex difference”, now rebranded the “gender similarity”, research area. Or would i
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Belize: The Personable Approach To Doing Business Abroad
In times of uncertainty, investing abroad is an effective way to protect your personal portfolio. The tropical paradise of Belize is one investment location that is well worth taking into consideration. Here, Luigi Wewege, Senior Vice President and H
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About the Authors
Axelle Bagot teaches public leadership at Brown University. She is an organizational and political consultant, with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Her work focuses on leadership, social innovation and change management in a wide varie
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About the Author
Dr.Dr.hc. (mult) PETER LORANGE, Chairman, Lorange Network, Emeritus President IMD (Lausanne). After having sold his shipping company in 2006, Peter has been regarded as one of the world’s foremost business school academics, holding the position of Pr
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About the Author
Adrian Furnham is Principal Behaviour Psychologist at Stamford Associates in London. He was Professor of Psychology at University College London 1981 to 2018, and now also Adjunct Professor of Management at the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo.
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Executive Profile
Luigi Wewege is the Senior Vice President, and Head of Private Banking at Caye International Bank. Outside of the bank he serves as an Instructor at the FinTech School which provides online training courses on the latest technological and innovation
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How To Manage The Reputation Of Your Business During The Pandemic
Reputation is an invaluable intangible asset that impacts on how your staff, customers and other key stakeholders perceive your organisation. This is not superficial because reputation influences the behaviour of others and therefore the resilience,
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ETHICAL DILEMMAS In The CORONAVIRUS CARE: Who Should Get Treated First If The Demand For Medical Resources Becomes Overwhelmed?
The coronavirus has spread to every continent. The numbers of confirmed cases and death continue upward in many countries. Doctors and nurses around the world are trying to save patients, but it seems the number of patients who need treatment is grea
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Negotiating In A Digitalised Era
When negotiations take place between business organisations, it’s clear that those involved in the discussions will be intensely focused on the content of their exchanges. What is, perhaps, not so evident is the role and influence of the precise medi
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Franziska Gsell has been the Chief Marketing Officer of IWC Schaffhausen since 2015 and also chairs the company’s Sustainability Committee. In this interview, she talks about what the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer does to become an environmentally
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Be A Fool
It’s hard to see a crisis coming. Crisis situations usually arrive at moments we do not expect it and as a result, we are ill-prepared. The corona virus, which has now resulted in the COVID-19 pandemic, took China by surprise and forced the country t
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About the Author
William S. Harvey is the Associate Dean (Research & Impact) and Professor of Management at University of Exeter Business School. Will conducts research, teaches and consults in the areas of reputation, leadership, talent management and migration. He
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About the Author
Won-Yong Oh is Lee Professor of Strategy at the Lee Business School, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) in the USA. Before moving to UNLV, he was a faculty member at Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary in Canada. He has published m
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About the Author
Guido Stein is Professor in the Department of Managing People in Organisations and Director of Negotiation Unit. He is partner of Inicia Corporate (M&A and Corporate Finance). Prof. Stein is a consultant to owners and management committees of compani
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Mind How You Grow:
Fast-growing Italy-based company Mind The Value has made a name for itself with its consultancy services in support of management, operations, decision-making, and business and systems integration. Here, company president Giuseppe Zagami fills us in
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About the Author
David De Cremer is a Provost’s chair and professor in management and organizations at NUS Business School, National University of Singapore. He is the founder and director of the Center on AI Technology for Humankind at NUS Business school; which is
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Leadership In Times Of Crisis
What a difference a few weeks makes. When planning for the new financial year, I doubt anyone in Europe saw this coming or marked it in their contingency scenarios. But arrived it has, and businesses across the board must now quickly deal with the im
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Corporate Philanthropy's Covid-19 Test
As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts hundreds of thousands of lives and the very fabric of society globally, corporate philanthropy is playing a significant role in helping to address some of the challenges and devastation left in its wake, particularly
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Corporate Listening Provides Insights And Business Value
The voice of customers (VOC) is recognized as vitally important in marketing and corporate communication. VOC is a key source of market insights and intelligence as well as feedback in relation to products and services. Customer insights and feedback
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