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ANDREW McCARTHY I Was Never Suited For Fame
In a startling new memoir, St Elmo’s Fire actor Andrew McCarthy has opened up about his life in the limelight. The 58-year-old says, “I wouldn’t wish fame on anyone under 30. It sort of arrests your development. Everyone wants to be treated as if the
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Small gardens have to push the boundaries of landscape design. Here’s how you can do it. • Make your walls or fences a canvas and a corner a focal point. Add interest to the floor. • Double the functionality of a planter or raised flower bed by cover
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From The Editor
It’s been quite the time of birthdays for the youngsters in the royal family . In late April, adorable Prince Louis turned three and last week Princess Charlotte celebrated her sixth birthday , and Archie his second. The Cambridge birthdays also come
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1 What two animals are depicted on Australia’s Commonwealth Coat of Arms? A. Koala and emu B. Koala and kangaroo C. Dingo and wombat D. Kangaroo and emu 2 Which TV soap is set in the fictional town of Summer Bay? 3 Which author and feminist wrote The
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C’mon get HAPPY!
While teaching happiness and wellbeing at Yale University in the US, Dr Laurie Santos was becoming aware that a large number of her students were exhibiting high degrees of stress, anxiety and depression. These negative feelings were related to the p
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From Wild Child To Warrior ZARA SHOWS HER STRENGTH
She’s not a working royal and doesn’t have a title, but Zara Tindall’s husband Mike clearly thinks his wife is the royal family’s warrior princess. The former rugby star hailed his wife as a “warrior” for the way she gave birth to their son Lucas Phi
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PREP + COOK TIME 2 HOURS (+ REFRIGERATION TIME) SERVES 8-10 1¼ cups (190g) plain flour1¼ cups (190g) self-raising flour¼ cup (55g) caster sugar¼ tsp salt200g cold butter, chopped1 egg yolk1/3 cup (80ml) iced water1 egg, lightly beaten1 tbsp sugar
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Tickled Pink!
During Pink’s Beautiful Trauma Tour, she performed to more than three million people in arenas around the world. It was her most successful tour of an already impressive career and was the highest-grossing tour for a woman in over a decade. This inti
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WOMEN IN FILM Courage of Cousins
It’s no secret there’s been a long, hard battle in Hollywood for women to get the recognition and roles they deserve – and here in Aotearoa women in film have been fighting a similar battle. Two New Zealanders at the forefront of that movement are co
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Inspired By Archie
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has a new string to add to her bow – children’s book author. The former actress has written a picture book called The Bench, which was inspired by her husband Prince Harry and their son Archie. Meghan, 39, says the book came
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His Defining ’80s Roles
1985: Despite feeling like an outsider, Andrew says, “I loved the movie and I loved the part.” 1986: “Molly [Ringwald] and I had a lovely chemistry,” he says of his rom-com co-star. 1987: “It has such a sweet heart,” says Andrew of his fantasy
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At death’s DOOR!
Sometimes novels about elderly people can veer towards the cutesy. Given that this is a cosy mystery, there seemed a definite risk of that. But The Thursday Murder Club is a gem – charming and funny, emotional and gritty, and barely ever cutesy at al
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Sparks Still Flying
Catherine Zeta-Jones says the secret to her long and happy marriage to Michael Douglas is simple – they have lots of fun together. The A-listers briefly separated in 2013, but No Reservations star Catherine, 51, says “with any relationship, it wouldn
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With his spiky peroxide hair and studded leather gloves, ’80s music legend Billy Idol has punk-rocked his way into the new millennium – but he’s just a big softie when it comes to his granddaughter Poppy Rebel. In fact, the White Wedding singer, 65,
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Whether used as prep for a big weekend or reserved for self-care Sundays, face masks give complexions an instant glow. When it comes to targeting specific skincare concerns, thinking beyond the traditional masking method of apply-wait-remove can work
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JEREM Y’S LITTLE JOKERS Comedy Runs In Our Family
Once dubbed the Godfather of New Zealand Comedy, it’s no surprise that Jeremy Corbett likes a good laugh. The 7 Days host confesses he tried “serious” drama as a youngster – and it went down like a lead balloon! “When I performed, I didn’t know if th
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Feeling Toastie!
PREP + COOK TIME 10 MINUTES MAKES 2 Preheat a sandwich press or frying pan. Butter both sides of 4 slices white bread with 30g softened butter . Spread 2 bread slices with 2 tablespoons tomato relish . Top with 260g baked beans and 1/3 cup grated ch
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Vax was FUN!
As the global vaccine rollout continues, it finally feels like the world can see the light at the end of the Covid tunnel. But as is evident by the devastating situation in India, every person and every country needs to have access to the vaccine. Th
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They’ve achieved a lot in their 10 years of marriage, but they’re most proud of the loving family they’ve created. So, for their 10th anniversary, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge released a delightful 39-second video of them with t
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In kitchens across the land, vegetable peelings, fruit cores, meat bones and more are commonly discarded. But with all the fantastic seasonal produce available, it’s a shame to let any of it go to waste – especially when the leftover parts are often
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It’s In The STARS
You will recognise that there is nothing more you can do in a current situation and it is time to walk away. This is not failure – this is being sensible, and preserving your energies and resources. Someone else has the expertise to help; let them do
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Fashion Stockists
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Take your bath to the next level of relaxation with Bathorium’s range of luxury bathing products. Inspired by sacred European bathing rituals and a mission to #bringbackthebath, Bathorium created a chemical-free handcrafted selection of bath bombs, b
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What the HACK?!
I had to laugh when I saw that the Department of Internal Affairs is to phase in new passports as the old stock runs out. The New Zealand passport is one of the most powerful in the world – seventh alongside the US and the United Kingdom. The ranking
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Parkinson’s positives ‘I’M LIVING MY BEST LIFE’
Almost like clockwork, every morning at 10.10am, Marilyn Pond felt like her body was ploughing through syrup. “For one week, at exactly the same time, down to the minute, I’d start slowing down until it felt like I was walking through treacle,” share
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Who Am I?
• I was born in Western Australia, but started my career in Sydney • My movie hero was dancer Gene Kelly and as a teenager I choreographed a dance routine involving 60 pupils from an all-boys’ school, which won a national competition • I had a small
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Writer’s BLOCK
Thanks to Covid, many people have turned the spare bedroom into an office. But what happens when you get greedy and want the master suite, too... Throwing shade! I hope you won’t mind my involving you in a recent marital dispute. We should be open
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Book Club
Want to make The Thursday Murder Club your next book club read? Here are some talking points to kick off the discussion: • Would you join a Murder Club and, if so, which three people would you choose to help solve crimes? • Of the four Murder Club me
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LIFE OF The Party
There’s nothing like a long solo drive on a crisp autumn day to have you indulging in a bit of reflection. I had scooted out of the house at the crack of midday, dropped in at the cake shop to pick up a ridiculous confection that shouted “Happy Birth
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Sweet tradition CUPPA & A BIKKIE
PREP + COOK TIME 1¼ HOURS (+ REFRIGERATION, COOLING & STANDING) MAKES 30 You will need a 4.5cm round fluted cutter for this recipe100g butter, softened½ cup (110g) caster sugar1 egg yolk1 cup (150g) plain flour1½ tbsp Dutch-processed cocoa300g dark
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