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Celebrate the uniqueness of New Zealand hut life and locations, or share the perfect camping scene. For the wilderness photos that make you go ‘wow’. Whether taken from a mountaintop or deep in the bush, it should be a view to savour and the best pho
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Message in A BARREL
We found the plastic barrel buried in the long grass near Sayer Hut. It was one of those 55 gallon drums (designed for shipping liquid food products) you see everywhere: in the back of warehouses, as rainwater containers, lashed together to make pont
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You’re Not Always Where You Think You Are
RECENTLY I WITNESSED two examples of confirmation bias which reminded me how easily this can happen and its potential consequences. In the first case, a group misidentified their location on the map. The features around them looked like the point on
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Kiwis Pick Up Slack On private Tracks
AS WITH MOST in the tourism sector, Shaun Monk experienced some “nervy” times in 2020. Shortly before the country plunged into lockdown, he threw in his “one-hundred-and-something thousand dollar” a year job to guide hunters around the 7000ha Island
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Wild File
Access Waiohine Gorge Road end Grade Easy Time Waiohine Gorge to Totara Flats Hut, 4-5hr Distance 10km Accommodation Totara Flats Hut (26 bunks), Sayer Hut (6 bunks) Topo50 map BP33 Find the map and route notes for this trip at www.wildernessm
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Renowned New Zealand mountaineer Bill McLeod reckoned that if you couldn’t eat it or abseil off it, what was the point of carrying it. While trying to follow this philosophy, writer and former outdoor retail store manager Paul Hersey found that packi
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Conservation AS TRAUMA
I’D LIKE TO TALK TRAUMA. The kind often seen trackside. Trauma, manifesting as bush maintenance and driven by the impulse to bend, break, and sacrifice something seemingly inanimate to create walking space. We could coin it ‘conservation trauma’, ste
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Kaikoura Unchained
Massive earthquake uplift may have transformed the rugged Kaikoura coastline, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the spectacular backdrop of the often snow-capped Seaward Kaikoura Range. With a scenic easy bike trail roaming the land between coast
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Wild Review
Features: This is one of the lightest three-layer jackets available, made possible by offering a bare minimum of features. It uses Pertex Shield fabric – a waterproof nylon outer with the latest in air-permeable nanofibre membranes. It’s fully seam-s
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IT’S THE MOST AMAZING publishing service you’ve never heard of. Each month, Blind Low Vision New Zealand narrates hundreds of pages of written content, loads it all to CD and posts it to its more than 12,000 members – all of whom have impaired vision
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Access The loop starts from South Bay, Kaikoura and is well signposted Grade 2, easy-intermediate Time 3-5hr Distance 45km Total ascent 480m Map The trail is marked on the local town map available from the i-Site Find the map and route notes f
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2021 Summer Hiking Clothes
Synthetic materials tend to dominate as they are lightweight and quick-drying, wicking moisture away from the skin. Elastane blends are also common, which help ensure a tighter fit without restricting movement. Breathable and quick-drying polyester c
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See more ... Lancewood Tree Daisy
WHILE IT WAS a bivouac that attracted me to Mt Sunday, my lasting impression will always be the forest of twisted limbs, the rattling leathery leaves and the sagging strips of bark, which fluttered in the breeze. I’d chosen an overnight trip to Mt Su
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The Challenge Of A LIFETIME
Don French could never resist the call of the mountains. As a kid growing up in rural Masterton, hours were whiled away staring out the window and memorising the rolling summits of the Tararua Range – his schoolwork forgotten. “I was never going to b
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New Gear For Young Trampers
Polartec Micro Fleece, 100% recycled material, bluesign-approved, half zip for temperature regulation, raglan sleeves, thumb loops. 160g. www.macpac.co.nz Recycled NanoPro fabric, 100% seam taped, roll-up hood, pack pockets, double storm flap, DriCl
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On The Foot Of A Volcano
RESTING ON THE MOSSY slopes of Mt Taranaki, Holly Hut is a popular pitstop for trampers on the Round the Mountain Track and Pouakai Circuit, as well as a thrilling overnight destination suitable for beginner trampers. The hut is accessible from sever
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The 100 Peaks challenge
The 100 Peaks Challenge was created by the New Zealand Alpine Club to mark its 100th anniversary. The club’s 1990 bulletin stated the goal of the challenge was to provide a wide spread of peaks both geographically and in difficulty to challenge membe
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2021 Running Trail Shoes
A good fit is vital to keeping your foot stable over uneven terrain. It is also essential for comfort: while some models might stretch and soften once they are broken in – and even while you are using them as they adjust to swelling feet – a shoe tha
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Access North Egmont Grade Easy-moderate Time 3hr Distance 7.77km Total ascent 739m Accommodation Holly Hut ($15, 32 bunks) Topo50 map BJ29 Find the map and route notes for this trip at www.wildernessmag.co.nz ■
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The Challenge Of A Lifetime?
It’s been three decades since NZAC released the 100 Peak Challenge, yet it remains uncompleted by any climber. What makes it such a formidable list, and why is it so difficult to tick off all 100 peaks? Don French says the difficulty is clear when yo
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A Lifetime Of Discovery
What do you remember of your grandfather? My memory is of snippets as picked up by a 5-8 year-old who had the opportunity to meet up at his house when my mum, his daughter, was paying a visit for a meal or perhaps my father was mending a broken obse
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We Don’t Know How Lucky We Are
HOW LUCKY ARE WE TO BE KIWIS? In a year that kept so many indoors, Aotearoa sure dodged a bullet or two in 2020. Reflecting on the difficult year, I was thrilled to count more than 40 days spent tramping, including three Great Walks and 13 new huts b
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Sunny Side Up
JOHN TAIT HUT is named after a Scotsman who emigrated to New Zealand after the Second World War and joined the Nelson Tramping Club. It was largely thanks to his efforts that the first John Tait Hut was completed in 1951. But within 25 years that ori
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Kaitiaki of THE KAURI
Like great lungs, the Waitākere and Hunua ranges straddle the heart of Auckland to the east and west – though they both have very different stories to tell. With its broad back of black sand, wild Waitākere extends from suburbs to sea and provides Au
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Access St Arnaud Grade Easy-moderate Time To Lakehead Hut (28 bunks) 2-3hr. To John Tait Hut (27 bunks) 4.5hr Distance 22.9km Total ascent 757m Accommodation Lakehead Hut ($15, 28 bunks), John Tait Hut ($15, 27 bunks) Topo50 map BS24, BS24 Fi
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How Clean Is Clean?
Cleaning your boots is one of the most effective protections against the spread of kauri dieback, but how clean are we talking? DOC research has shown that people are very good at differentiating clean and dirty boots at the extreme ends of the spec
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Pigeon Post
The article, ‘Is Pouakai Tarn an asset or a liability?’ (December 2020) attempts to ask important questions on what happens at this highly instagrammable spot. But to me, the story heading is extremely problematic. The tarn is not the issue, instead
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Ultimate Arthur’s Pass adventure
THIS TRIP IS an absolute must for anyone ready to be challenged over varied terrain, including tracks, scree slopes and boulder-covered river beds. It starts on the popular Avalanche Peak Track in Arthur’s Pass, and, while well defined, its steepness
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Giants Of The Past
A monster kauri named Kairaru was the largest ever officially measured, and was mistaken for a cliff by the first pioneer to discover it north of Dargaville. Estimated to be around 4000 years old, the mammoth tree was almost half as big again as Tane
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