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Jesinta Franklin My Life As A NEW MUM
It’s been more than 10 years since Jesinta Franklin took out the Miss Universe Australia title and became a household name, but a decade later life is looking very different for the model. The 29-year-old welcomed her first child, daughter Tullulah,
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Feelin’ Rosy
We’ll say it: blush has been underestimated for decades. Often viewed as a negotiable “finishing touch”, its brightening properties are regularly overlooked in favour of those of its fellow cheek colour cohorts (namely bronzer and highlighter). While
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Let The Cocktails Be-gin
With Australia’s love for gin accelerating at full speed, it’s no wonder there are innovative new flavours on the market constantly. Bombay Sapphire, one of Australia’s most beloved brands, are heralding a new era in flavoured gin with the launch of
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Like many elite athletes, Brisbane Broncos player Darius Boyd seemingly had it all. A hugely successful career – now spanning 15 years – in the NRL with two premiership medals under his belt, and representing Queensland 28 times in the State of Origi
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Pick Your Perfect Match
Opt for light pinks for a pretty flush of colour that won’t overpower your skin tone. Pale pink and lilac formulas give a sheer wash of colour that flatter your light complexion without looking garish. Choose a peachy pink shade to give your skin a
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Being an Aries means you usually live life at a fast pace. Good news: life is slowing down. Surely 2020 has exhausted even you? If you feel like someone just put the brakes on your life, you might be right. But it’s not forever. You’re just getting s
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They’ll mark their first wedding anniversary next month, but Jennifer Lawrence and husband Cooke Maroney may already have a reason to celebrate. The 30-year-old star stepped out in New York City on August 26 with what appeared to be a rounder stomach
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SHOULD I DITCH MY conditioner?
Fine hair needs a lot of TLC, right? If you’re not using the correct products it can mean it’s limp, lack lustre and difficult to keep clean. We too often use shampoos and conditioners that are too heavy and, the fact is, fine hair doesn’t need a lot
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‘I Got You, Lindsay!’
For Urzila Carlson, the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been all bad news. “For starters, I was quarantining in a hotel room when I came to Australia for The Masked Singer,” Carlson tells WHO, ahead of the show’s upcoming finale. “Someone brought me thre
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Chrissy & John’s LAVISH MANSION!
They’re eagerly awaiting the birth of their third child, so Chrissy Teigen and John Legend couldn’t wait to put their Beverly Hills mansion on the market so they can start the search for a bigger abode to accommodate their growing family. The couple
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We Tried
“I ditched conditioner for a few months in a bid to save water, product and to see whether my fine, coloured hair preferred it – and it did. My favourite is the Daily Naturals Leave-in Masque, $20.95 (dailynaturals.com.au) for every wash, and the Dav
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An Overqualified Loser?
Hardly! She’s New Zealand’s first comedian to get a full hour-long Netflix special. “Nothing is off limits,” she tells WHO of the jokes on her show. The hilarious star touches on The Biggest Loser, sex tape regrets and cask wine hangovers – just for
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When Russell Crowe played a Roman general in the historical epic Gladiator in 2000, he instantly went from actor on the rise to worldwide superstar. An Oscar, fame and fortune and countless movie offers followed, including a starring role in the foll
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Let’s Talk About Spf
It might seem like isolation has given us a hall pass to go without a few things like bras, waxing appointments and maybe even SPF. Because, let’s face it, we’re indoors so why would we need sunscreen? Well, the truth is, you do. Here are a few answe
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Happy Family
While nothing is off limits for Carlson on stage, she keeps her personal life under wraps. The star married her wife, Julie, in 2014 and the couple are parents to a son and daughter, whom she’s never publicly named. She’s admitted that having childre
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Rusty’s Roles
As a teen, Crowe performed in a band under the name Russ Le Roq. One single was titled ‘I Just Wanna Be Like Marlon Brando’. The actor (with Jason Donovan) had a turn in the long-running Australian soap Neighbours in 1987. At 24, Crowe played E
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Labels We Love
Elliot Midalia and Shaun Greenblo, sons of Boody founders Neil Midalia and Dave Greenblo, talk sustainability and design 1. Tell us a bit about Boody … “Boody was born in 2011 from a collective passion to design better basics in a softer, comfier f
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Five minutes with ... SUSIE YOUSSEF
You might recognise her face as one of the hilarious hosts from The Project, but Susie Youssef is about to grace TV screens in something a little different. The writer and actress, 36, stars in the upcoming new comedy series Drunk History Australia.
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It’s what rom-coms are made of – a coastal town waitress meets a Hollywood megastar at the cafe she’s working at, and they fall head over heels in love. While it sounds like a great movie plot, it’s reality for Vanessa Valladares, who stole Zac Efron
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A Husband Poisoned, A Wife Accused KILLER NURSE?
On the surface they seemed to have it all. Jim Cappello, 37, was a successful private investigator with his own firm. Marjorie “Nikki” Cappello, 32, was a well-respected critical-care nurse. Married for eight years, they were parents to a bright, bea
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THE BUTTON-UP showdown
We all have that easy shirt and pant look tucked away in our closet – classic denim jeans with a white shirt, or a floral blouse with coloured trousers. But this week, two of Hollywood’s biggest stunners have got us questioning if our go-to style is
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Music Calvin Harris Over Now
For the past decade, you couldn’t switch on a radio or music TV channel without hearing a Calvin Harris track. A string of hits including ‘We Found Love’, ‘Feel So Close’, ‘This Is What You Came For’ and ‘Sweet Nothing’ became the soundtrack for summ
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5 Things We’re Talking About this week!
He’s not afraid of creating a stir, but Kanye West’s previously unreleased ‘Feel Me’ music video is just downright bizarre! Fans were left scratching their heads, as the video depicts his wife, Kim Kardashian, giving birth to her younger sister, Kyli
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A Family’s Pain
Jim’s death shattered their family, says sister Jamie Weast (right, with their dad, James Cappello Snr, in 2018).“My mother passed soon after. I think it was from a broken heart.”James Snr has trouble talking about it.“We all lost a loved one,”Weast
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Bottomless Bags
Finding yourself picking up the biggest tote you own and neglecting your favourite mini handbag? Us too! Although tiny bags are infinitely trending, it seems practical is the way forward right now especially with all the extra essentials we’re taking
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Holly Wainright
There is no doubt that 2020 has been a trying year, and its difficulties have placed strain on many marriages. While author Holly Wainwright – who also wrote The Mummy Bloggers and How To Be Perfect – didn’t have a global pandemic in mind when she be
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Venetian Dreams
The eyes of the world were focused firmly on Italy as A-listers came out for their first major red carpet film event since the start of the pandemic. With strict health and safety measures in place at the 77th Venice International Film Festival, star
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Where Are They Now?
Before playing Penny Lane, the actress was best known as Goldie Hawn’s daughter.“As a 19-year-old girl, roles like that really don’t come along very often,”Hudson, 41, said in a virtual reunion. Her performance as the complicated, free-spirited group
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Clear The Air
Studies have found that adding just one plant to a room can improve the air quality by 25 per cent, depending on the size and species. Try these air-purifying beauties that have the NASA stamp of approval … • Bamboo palm • Peace lily • Spider plant
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Book Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day
As heartwarming tales go, it’s hard to beat Captain Tom Moore’s. The British WWII veteran began walking laps of his garden to raise $1800 for Britain’s National Health Service at the beginning of the pandemic. Instead, by his 100th birthday in April
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