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Trust Adds To Its Menu
After extensive trials, the Country Food Trust is adding venison bolognese to its meals for people in need. “We’re only using non-lead-shot venison so it’s available for everyone, especially children, to eat,” said Trust founder Tim Woodward. Farmer
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A Dazzling Partridge Day On Exmoor
When 20th-century literary critic John Gross, once described as ‘The best read man in Britain’, was asked towards the end of his life where the hero of Lorna Doone went to school, he fell uncustomarily silent. The answer, of course, known to every We
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A Tale Of Two Josiahs
WEDGWOOD, fascinated by science, invented a range of products and techniques that appealed far beyond the UK. Catherine the Great ordered the green Frog Service, with 50 settings. Keen to corner the nobility, with his inventions of black basalt, jasp
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Howard’s End
EVERYTHING comes to an end, and I have decided to make this my final article. For many, this will be a considerable relief – especially my two long-suffering children, William and Alexandra, whose adventures and misdemeanors have long provided me wit
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Gender Technology Success
Ruby, a Suffolk punch mare owned by Nottingham Trent University, has given birth to a filly foal using sex-sorted sperm. There are just 72 female Suffolk punches in the UK and fewer than 300 in the world. Christopher Price, CEO of the Rare Breed Surv
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Tome Sweet Tome…
“Born of a deep and abiding love of Ireland and its history, my father, the 11th Duke of Devonshire, created a large library of Irish books at Chatsworth,” recalls the current duke fondly, speaking at Heywood Hill bookshop in London’s Mayfair. “I inh
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Gamekeepers On Film
A series of films showcasing the environmental, economic and conservation benefits of shooting sports has been launched by the NGO on YouTube, to inform a wider audience of the importance of keepering. Topics covered include: the history of rabbits;
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Arthur’s Eight-bore Returns To The Marshes
I had known Arthur for more than 50 years. He worked all his life in the Northampton shoe trade, a job that included hand-making Harvey Smith’s riding boots, but his passion was shooting and he’d regularly tramp the fields with my father and godfathe
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Covet For Your Sporting Library
The Shooting Directory, by RB Thornhill Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme, London, 1804; first edition, £595 Contains engraved diagrammatic plates of gun mechanisms (one of which is folding). Lacks pages 215-220, which were cancelled in the l
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The Naked, Strewth
It’s a bit early for Santa but those reindeer are up early for another good cause – helping students at the University of Edinburgh vet school raise money for All4Paws, which provides free vet care for pets belonging to the homeless or vulnerably hou
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Keeping It In The Pink
A modest bookshelf in my sitting-room has been my undoing. Tales of black powder and big-bore shotguns have pushed and moulded me into a traditionalist. We fowlers already walk the ground that our forefathers walked. We crouch and shiver just as they
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Country Estate
MULBERRY (MORUS NIGRA) There are about 12 species of mulberries. The black mulberry originates in Central Asia and is now often grown in gardens for its delicious fruit. Throughout history, it has been frequently confused with the white mulberry. In
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New Owners Revamp Famous Fishing Hotel
West Country fishing hotel The Arundell Arms has been sold after 60 years in the ownership of one family. The new owners, Simon Village and Arabella Monro, are revamping the 300-year-old former coaching inn in Lifton, on the banks of the Tamar. The c
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How To Get Your ‘Back-sight’ Right
When you fire a rifle (or a pistol) it’s a given that the sights should be adjusted correctly. A shotgun, however, does not normally have a rear sight but you effectively create one as the face comes into contact with the stock comb. If the stock fit
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Country Queries
Q For about 20 years my wife has given me a yearly subscription to The Field as a birthday present. We both greatly enjoy each monthly issue. I do a lot of walked-up shooting of California quail and pheasants each season in the large pine plantations
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October Diary
Taking place on the coastal waters around St Mawes, Cornwall. Suitable for all levels; training clinics and boat for hire with local guide. Tel 01326 279278; Course at West Dean College of Arts and Conservation, West Dean, C
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The Toughest Part Of The Macnab Challenge?
Next to catching a salmon, shooting a stag on the hill is, for most Macnabbers, the toughest part of the challenge. Despite the increased interest in stalking in recent years, many otherwise competent and experienced sportsmen and women still have li
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The Field Larder
This month’s focus: seafood For a variety of fish caught off British shores, opt for a selection box. For seasonal catches from West Country ports, Field & Flower’s (above) Large Catch of the Day Box (£26.95) contains four packs of white or oily fish
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MOST VIEWED Little has been written about Sir Winston Churchill’s personal armoury – an omission rectified by Mark Murray-Flutter in the July issue. Fielders have been sharing this fascinating insight into his collection. They were particularly taken
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Perfect Hillside Companions
MERKEL has been making rifles of distinction in the German gunsmithing town of Suhl since 1898 and its Helix straight-pull magazine rifle is built with uncompromising German precision. Its well-thought-out ergonomics make this a particularly fast han
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Time On One’s Hands
THE auction world rarely fails to amaze, delight and, on occasion, leave me aghast. Exhibit one, for the prosecution: a pair of used Nike trainers. Not any old trainers, I concede, but in my world view I see trainers as sports shoes made of rubber an
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On The Peg
British tweed, made in the UK, on the same block as the classic Nehru but with quilted, tone-on-tone lining and external bellows pockets. Wear over a shirt, or jumper, for easy covertside style this season. Shell layer with BWB (Beretta waterproof br
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The Field Angling From The Archives
IMAGES FROM THE FIELD ARCHIVES Thanks to the kindness of Mr Alex P Lyle and of Messrs PD Malloch, we are able to give the photograph of Miss Ballantine and of her splendid 64lb salmon, whose capture was recorded in last week’s Field. We are also able
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The Jacob Rifle
THE 19th century saw huge strides in rifle development, moving in some 50 years from the muzzle-loading rifle to the bolt-action cartridge rifle we would recognise today, a development that often crossed back and forth between the military field and
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By The Covert
Vibrant, flatteringly cut moleskin with suede trim and velvet inner collar, made and designed in Britain. Pockets for left and right recoil pads. Generous range of sizes in five colour combinations. Gun-club check Scottish tweed with fully waterproof
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Hunting Boots To Last A Lifetime
Among a rider’s possessions there is none that serves or looks so well as a pristine pair of boots. In most disciplines, riding footwear has evolved in form and function alongside modern manufacturing and fashion but choice hunting ensemble has remai
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William Powell Viscount
THIS month’s test gun is a new, bespoke, back-action sidelock from William Powell built in association with respected Italian maker Batista Rizzini. It is more than a rebadging exercise, however; this gun has been built to a precise specification for
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I was most interested to read that Purdey is now offering a service that provides the history and provenance of the sporting weapons made by that august house over the years. How things have changed since the days of Richard Beaumont. I well remember
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How To Get Into Your Boots
Boot pulls: essential metal hooks that fit into material loops on either side of the inside of the boot. Jockey lifts/boot slides: a curved metal plate with a lip that sits on the front of your boot and stops breeches rucking up over a close-fitting
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