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Royal Insider
While all the Cambridge children faced the media as newborns, just hours after they entered the world, the Duke and Duchess have kept public exposure for Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis to a minimum. Prince William knows only too w
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Musical Chairs
Did Mr and Mrs Mozart and Mr and Mrs Beethoven suffer like us? Did they flee their homes screaming in anguish when Wolfgang and Ludwig were learning to play? I blame myself entirely. I said the children had to learn at least one instrument or they we
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Camp Kitchen
SERVES 4 PREP TIME 10 MINUTES ½ medium wombok (500g), shredded finely300g canned corn kernels, drained150g snow peas, trimmed, sliced thinly1 large red capsicum (350g), sliced thinly100g packet fried noodles⅓ cup (50g) roasted salted peanuts, chopp
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Australia’s Best Walks
• Tourism Australia’s website has plenty of inspiration for short and long walks in its ‘Things to do’ section. • Great Walks of Australia runs a dozen multi-day guided walks around the country. Visit • Ausw
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A Right Royal Spanish Mystery
On a sweltering night in early August, King Juan Carlos of Spain, once the most glamorous and admired monarch in Europe, boarded a private jet at a quiet provincial airport, and ... vanished. Even Spain’s prime minister claims not to know where the k
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Yourstars for 2021
As the ripples and repercussions from 2020 spread, this year’s planetary alignment of Jupiter and Saturn conjunct – an event traditionally associated with economic challenges and social unrest – will continue stirring the global disturbances long pre
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Food For Camping Vol 2
The sequel to our best-selling Food for Camping contains new outdoor meal ideas, perfect for experienced and first-time campers. Portable ingredients and practical techniques means you'll have plenty of ideas for your next camp RRP $24.99 Available
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Working Out Your Finances
The New Year is the perfect time to start with a clean slate, and that’s perhaps more true in 2021 than ever before. As we waited out the pandemic in 2020, good habits were shelved as we all went into survival mode. Things aren’t quite back to normal
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SAM NEILL “Home At Last”
When Sam Neill left his vineyard in the Southern Alps of New Zealand to work on the Apple TV+ series, Invasion, last February he couldn’t have anticipated how long it would take to get home again. Or what was to follow. That borders would close and t
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A Road Less Travelled
As we back down our driveway with five children and one dog on the first leg of a long drive north for a summer break, a little voice asks if we’re there yet. Someone complains, from under a surfboard, that they are “all stuffed up back here!” A thir
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Dressed-up Desserts
SERVES 6 PREP TIME 30 MINUTES 12 small (60g) rice paper rounds½ small (200g) red papaya, sliced thinly2 medium (170g) kiwifruit, sliced thinly125g small strawberries, halved125g raspberries, halved½ cup mint leaves 2 (130g) limes2 tablespoons hon
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More Quick Tips
• Set up a phone alert through your bank so you get a text notification whenever you spend with your card or phone. • Ensure your savings are in the right place. A competitive savings account will offer an interest rate of around 1.5 per cent, wherea
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The Brightest Star
Brooke, Matilda, Cooper, Billy, Jared and Jack’s bear are seated on a picnic blanket that has been sewn together with love from the quilts that kept Jack warm in hospital. One was signed by the doctors and nurses who cared for him. The quilt has a sp
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Rustic Fruit Tart
SERVES 8 PREP AND COOK TIME 1 HOUR (+ REFRIGERATION TIME) 1⅔ cups (250g) plain flour⅓ cup (55g) icing sugar mixture150g cold butter, chopped2 teaspoons vanilla extract1-1½ tablespoons iced water, approximately1 bunch rhubarb (thin stemmed), washed,
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Happy birthday, Goat folk! Could there be any better gift from the cosmos than knowing your ruling planet Saturn’s boot camp in Capricorn is now done and dusted for another 30 years? And that Venus sashaying into your sign on an early January flood o
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Which Road To The Future Will We Choose?
Here we stand, with the keys to the future in our hands, on the 21st century’s 21st birthday. Economists and philosophers, climatologists and town planners are lining up to tell us that this post-COVID restart gives us permission to throw out the rul
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The Event Mane
Truth be told, hair is dead. All that talk about bringing locks to life is, frankly, only factually accurate if you’re referencing the root of the follicle – the bit where the hair bulb spouts those pretty strands of protein that we fuss over so much
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Quick Bites
Beetroot, cranberry and fetta whip is a tasty dip for snacking or a sandwich spread. To make it, combine 180g marinated Persian fetta, 80ml extra virgin olive oil, 500g vacuum-packed cooked beetroot, 35g toasted walnuts, 50g Ocean Spray 50% less suga
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Remember The Time
They’d met in the Melbourne advertising scene and had been playing around smoky folk clubs and wine bars for a couple of years, when The Seekers decided to throw in their day jobs and take their melodic, folk-gospel sound to the world. In 1964, Judit
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Big-hearted Gold Coast woman Michele Lord had always revelled in her family nickname, The Blonde. The moniker perfectly suited the persona of the sunny aunty, sister and daughter who loved to make an entrance in eye-catching outfits. “If it was fancy
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Bangs For Your Buck
“2020 has shown people it’s okay to just let your hair be,” says Emily Olsson, KMS Guest Artist at Shibui in Melbourne, who tips soft pixie cuts and curtain bangs as the hottest trends for 2021. “Curtain fringes suit any length, whether it’s a bob or
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Access All Areas
If 2020 gave us nothing else, it blessed us with a new appreciation for our inner sanctums. Lockdown forced us to create work spaces in formerly unused nooks and crannies, and find neutral zones for relaxation and recreation. In addition, it saw us t
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How To Recognise Coercive Control
Behaviour that humiliates, frightens or disempowers another person is coercive control. Warnings signs can include when someone’s choices have been taken away, gaslighting, constant monitoring and stalking on digital devices. Coercive control is ofte
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Colour Trends
Effortless and carefree encapsulates summer colour this year. “Think fine highlights around the face to soften, and golden, warm tones for a youthful feel,” says Laura Brand, Goldwell Colour Specialist at Shibui in Melbourne. “Subtle and natural text
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Home Hints
Citrus-based goo remover is great for removing stubborn soap scum from glass shower screens – rub it on with a damp cloth then polish off with paper towels or a microfibre cloth. D. Fry, Annandale, NSW. To prevent mulch getting too close to the ba
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There’s an infectious energy that glows around actor Miranda Tapsell. It’s there as soon as she walks in the room. The megawatt smile, the cheeky laugh, the passion and the drive. This is a young woman who knows who she is and seizes the day, every d
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Good Health
Are you a glass-half-full, look-at-the-positives kind of person? Then we’ve got good news for you. People who have a cheerful attitude – or what psychologists call the “positive affect” – experience less memory decline than those who dwell on the neg
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Bakers’ Delight
To clean the glass oven door, mix ½ cup bicarb soda into a sloppy paste with ¼ cup water and 1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid. Spread thickly over the glass and leave for several hours. Scrape off residue with a blunt knife, then wipe off with a damp
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In the Horoscope special we ran in our January issue last year, The Weekly’s astrologist, Lilith Rocha, made the following prediction: “A major upheaval of civilisations … 2020 looks set to give us all front-row seats at a radical reset of global res
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