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New Gear
This ceramic planter will add funky flair to your home or motorhome décor and is also the perfect way to show off your greenery! Price £16 Web Feel secure carrying this torch on night-time trips to the facilities block – it has a 1
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Ask The Experts
SARAH WAKELY Editor-in-chief PAUL CRITCHER Deputy editor PETER BABER Reviews editor GENTLEMAN JACK Contributor CLAUDIA DOWELL Features/t
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Tour Essentials
Don’t use your sat nav, which will direct you along roads that are unsuitable for larger vehicles. From Ripon, we took the Grewelthorpe/Kirkby Malzeard road past Trinity Church. Bear left in four miles for Kirkby Malzeard. Turn left at the stone cros
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Fly, Butterfly, fly!
The beautiful scalloped edges of the Comma’s wings are unmistakable, as is the white comma-shaped mark on the underside of its hindwing. Together with its orange-brown colouring, this butterfly is brilliantly designed to conceal itself among dead lea
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Industry Faces
■ Tell us about your current role – what do you do? I’m Head of Marketing, Press and Public Relations for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, which covers vans, pick-ups and campers. My role encompasses all internal and external communications. It also c
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Bürstner Elegance 910 G
Bürstner’s Elegance more or less tips over into the special class of vehicles that Continental manufacturers call liners – seriously long (and seriously heavy), with seriously luxurious interiors. For 2021, Elegance was given a full upgrade, so it no
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I’ve recently bought my first dog, and it’s opened up a whole new set of issues for me in terms of going away in our campervan – whereas before my husband and I could more or less choose any site we wanted, we’ve now got to make sure that dogs are we
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As I type this, the weather is getting better, and I have some grand plans for the year ahead. My first tour – already booked – is due to be to Somerset, and I can’t wait – I long for the opportunity to get out into the fresh air, away from the four
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New Gear
Stay safe on tour with a concentrated disinfectant that will keep your ’van sparkling. In a choice of fragrances, it tackles 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including Covid-19. Price £1.59-£5.99 Web Ideal for summer hikes, Fjällräven
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Road Sense A10
The A10 runs north from the City of London, via Dalston, Stoke Newington and Tottenham, passing through Edmonton and eventually becoming the Great Cambridge Road. It crosses the A406 North Circular at Great Cambridge Junction and continues towards En
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I’ve had lots of follow-up advice to last issue’s ‘rule of five’ for buying pre-owned, and it makes interesting reading: ■ Always buy from a trusted source and check out your dealership online. ■ Read the reviews in Practical Motorhome (especially ou
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Inverters Explained
The latest motorhomes come packed with electrical goodies, and these days, we tend to carry more devices while touring. From TVs to laptops, games consoles to ebikes, there is always a need for extra power. But what if you want to run 230V AC power w
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Duration Two weeks When July 2020 Why? Beautiful views, great walking and excellent dining out None of us will forget 2020 in a hurry. We had planned a series of tours throughout the year. Indeed, a couple of weeks before the first UK lockdown was an
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The Nightstop Scheme is run by us in conjunction with the Motor Caravanners’ Club (MCC), and the sites are certificated locations (CLs); you don’t have to join any club to use them. You’ll need to ring the relevant site to confirm whether there’s spa
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Tour Essentials
2003 Hymer Camp on a Fiat Ducato base. Waterperry Common, Waterperry, Oxford OX33 1LQ Web Tel 01865 351 266 Web Normally, this lovely house and grounds are open all year round, with a garden c
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Auto-trail Tracker
Fiat’s ‘all-new’ Ducato X/250 was launched for the 2007 model year and from then, Auto-Trail decided to build its popular Tracker on it. Quite right, too, because it made commercial sense to carry forward such a strong seller. Tracker has always plou
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I often see people on motorhome forums questioning why brake fluid needs replacing, many claiming this is a “rip-off” by garages. That is most definitely not the case. The issue with brake fluid is that it is hygroscopic, which means it draws moistur
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Swift is by no means the only manufacturer in the industry claiming that there might, after all, be some benefits to the prolonged lockdowns we have all endured, and the likelihood of summer this year being a largely staycation season (see opposite).
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Natural Choice
It is testament to the man and the TV series that Life on Earth remains as inspiring now as when it was first screened some 42 years ago. In fact, I’d say this is the most important wildlife book since Darwin’s On the Origin of Species – an examinati
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Choosing A Van Conversion Base
With an established history of campervan ownership, Andy McCandlish has bought, converted and ultimately driven them for more than 250,000 miles over the past 13 years. They have been his everyday vehicle and workhorse for travelling the country and
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Outdoor Gear Guide
Price £149 Web Affordable, yet with 10x magnification, these excellent all-rounders are well built, lightweight and easy to use. Filled with nitrogen to prevent fogging, these binoculars make an excellent choice for those who want to en
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Van Conversions
Setting a budget Begin by setting a realistic budget: not just the initial cost, but ongoing maintenance (both the base vehicle and the interior will need regular servicing), fuel consumption and insurance. The price of a new motorhome can look prohi
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Laika Ecovip L 4012 Da Vinci Edition
Laika, despite its Russian name and its US ownership via the German Erwin Hymer Group, is an Italian firm. It has bucked the trend this season by expanding the Ecovip range. In the UK it has been offering special ‘Da Vinci’ editions, with a host of e
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New ’vans
Swift Group has reported a loss of £7.3m last year due largely to the lockdown, but the firm says it is upbeat about future prospects, with the rise in staycations. Pre-tax losses before exceptional cost for the year to the end of August 2020 were £7
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Brighton, Sussex
50.8225° N, 0.1372° W With its busy seafront, quirky shops, funky music scene and countless restaurants and bars, there’s much to recommend Brighton and Hove – and we haven’t even mentioned the Royal Pavilion and the celebrated Palace Pier! Some peop
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Practical Motorhome
Editor in chief Sarah Wakely Deputy Editor Paul Critcher Art Editors Simon Mortimer, Jenny Owen Production Editor Gillian Gould Features Editor Claudia Dowell Reviews Editor Peter Baber Staff Writer Bryony Symes Jack Banc
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Across the UK, we’re going campervan crazy! Growing numbers of dealers are commissioning vehicles to their own designs and specifications, and selling them under their own name. Just a few of such outlets that come to mind are Northamptonshire-based
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Monty Halls
So said writer Isak Dinesen in the 1930s, and I’m not sure a great deal has altered since. It’s something of a universal truth; although my ability to combine all three every time I go surfing is, I suspect, entirely unique. There hasn’t been a day o
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The sun is shining in the bluest of blue skies, spring flowers are showing off their colours and the birds and bees are going about their business. Suddenly, it feels like the future is full of possibilities and we can plan ahead. Although some early
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The Pros… And Cons
The idea of life on the road is exciting, but for many potential owners, motorhome cost is a major hurdle. Sorting a first ’van purchase can be an expensive business and working out where to start needs careful consideration. If you are on a tight bu
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