New Zealand Listener3 min. leídosPolitics
Nightmare on Downing Street
They say nature abhors a vacuum, but nowhere near as much as culture, especially London political culture. For some time now, there has been a strange absence where you might expect a prime minister to be. The word is that Boris Johnson has “long Cov
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Hive Talking
Do bees dream? That sounds like a da question to ask an eminent entomologist. Phil Lester, a professor of biology at Victoria University of Wellington, is delighted to be asked. He did, after all, pose that very question in his new book, Healthy Bee,
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In Neil Dudgeon’s eight seasons as the lead sleuth in Midsomer Murders, you might think his greatest acting challenge has been keeping a straight face. Aft er all, the fictional English county’s remarkable homicide rate has oft en been propelled by b
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To Prague, With Love
New Zealand’s During family grew up aware of their great-aunt Gertrud Kauders’ artistic talent. Ten of her drawings and watercolours were distributed among the family, and to the best of their knowledge, that was the sum of her work. Kauders’ terrify
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Need To Know
We learn from books, which suggests authors are wiser than readers. This is clearly false, yet we at least entertain the notion every time we pick up a book. The extreme example of this paternalistic relationship is the self-help book, where readers,
New Zealand Listener2 min. leídos
Morgana O’Reilly
I should be writing about the fact I’m basking in the golden era of television, simultaneously watching Succession and I May Destroy You – two amazing shows exploring big themes with masterful writing and stunning performances. But instead … I’m goin
New Zealand Listener12 min. leídos
Smoke Signals
Anyone who approaches the referendum on the legalisation of cannabis in the binary spirit of Roundheads versus Cavaliers is in for a few surprises. The message that seems to have got lost in the furious “evil” or “harmless fun” rhetoric of opposing s
New Zealand Listener1 min. leídos
Tusiata Avia
Tusiata Avia is an acclaimed poet, performer, writer for children and a 2020 Arts Foundation Laureate. Her latest poetry collection, The Savage Coloniser Book (VUP), is released on October 8. These are among the books that have made me shake my head
New Zealand Listener2 min. leídos
Mary, Quite Contrary
directed by Marc Munden One’s first thought on hearing there is a new adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic children’s novel may be “Surely we don’t need another one?” Mind you, that was exactly my response to a new Little Women by Oscar-no
New Zealand Listener3 min. leídosTaxation
Hobbled And Gagged
Parliament has designed a highly regulated model for the proposed legal cannabis market, which aspiring entrepreneurs believe will be a rare new recession-beating industry. An estimated $1.5 billion of business is waiting eagerly to be done, and a po
New Zealand Listener2 min. leídos
Girl Goes Walkabout
Trent Dalton’s debut novel, Boy Swallows Universe, lost me several friends. How many times can the most tolerant acquaintance endure someone bleating, “This is brilliant … terrific … you have to read this!” So you’ll understand that I approached the
New Zealand Listener1 min. leídos
Welcome Diversion
by Elia Suleiman At a time when we can’t travel and experience the world for ourselves, It Must be Heaven offers a welcome moment of diversion: a gentle waltz through some lightly absurd observations of life in foreign climes. Palestinian filmmaker E
New Zealand Listener3 min. leídosMedical
Munchies & metabolism
Regular cannabis users are well aware of the ability of the drug to induce a raging appetite, food cravings and heightened enjoyment of food. Indeed, the so-called “munchies” are an accepted part of cannabis use. But how exactly does cannabis affect
New Zealand Listener2 min. leídos
Dead Letters
When readers last saw journalist Miller Hatcher in Cambridge author Nikki Crutchley’s auspicious debut, her star was rising after she’d survived a killer in the Coromandel. In THE MURDER CLUB (Oak House Press, $34.99), she’s lost her job at a top mag
New Zealand Listener2 min. leídos
TV Films
Pan (TVNZ 2, 7.00pm). This fascinatingly awful origin story has Peter Pan as a WWII London orphan sold off to Neverland pirate king Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman, in a performance he probably regrets), encountering a young James Hook (Garret Hedlund) and
New Zealand Listener9 min. leídos
Valley Of Debt
‘Pivot” is the buzzword of our post-Covid response. With the workforce plunging at a pace with GDP, New Zealanders are pivoting – some to new jobs or working from home, others, unfortunately, to benefits. Meanwhile, firms pirouette in search of new c
New Zealand Listener1 min. leídos
Short Cuts
Stan Walker’s early story is horribly familiar: violence and drugs and poverty. But it’s the upswing we know best: Australian Idol, his acting career, finding religion, deepening his whakapapa. Then that genuinely surprising, moving doco about the re
New Zealand Listener3 min. leídos
Radio October 10?16
FREEVIEW 51 SKY 422 iHeartRADIO News and Weather 6.00am, 7.00, 8.00, 9.00, noon 6.00 Classic Morning 9.00 Weekend Brunch Noon From the Top Selections from Settling the Score 1.00 Onstage 2.00 Worlds of Music with Trevor Reekie Trans
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Restaurant Roller Coaster
Best-laid plans to take his successful craft brewing operation to the next level have been set back not once but twice for Behemoth Brewing Company founder Andrew Childs. In March, Childs and wife Hannah Childs-Miller, a New York-trained chef and but
New Zealand Listener2 min. leídos
Hilarious Outrage
“At a certain age, I began to think less about sex and more about tableware.” So Airini Beautrais opens her sharp and confronting, though often funny, short-story collection with a strait-laced science educator rebuffing her husband’s clumsy if well-
New Zealand Listener2 min. leídos
50 Not Out
In January last year, pianist Michael Houstoun announced he would retire at the end of 2020. Fortunately, the 67-year-old seems to have abandoned the plan to “hang up his fingers” for now, in a climate of disrupted concert schedules and increased opp
New Zealand Listener1 min. leídos
Figuring It Out
Down 13.4% in first six months of 2020, nearly twice the fall in Australia. June 2020: 111,000 March 2021 (est): 220,000 September 4: 198,929 Up 54,000 since March 20. September 4: 375,447 jobs supported March 20-September 4: $13.9 billion paid out J
New Zealand Listener3 min. leídos
It’s Hell Out There
When Francie is admitted to a Tasmanian hospital, her adult children, Anna, Tommy and Terzo, refuse to let her die, instead subjecting her to the pain and distress of aggressive medical interventions. She spends the whole of Richard Flanagan’s new no
New Zealand Listener3 min. leídos
Eye For Misfortune
What strange and serendipitous ways the past makes itself known to the present. A forgotten photograph falls from a book; a dead friend’s initials are discovered carved on the door of a ramshackle hunter’s hut; a curio catches your eye in a shop wind
New Zealand Listener6 min. leídosSocial Science
On The Money
Rising unemployment and falling incomes have been drugged by the wage subsidy and mortgage deferment schemes, but these cannot be extended indefinitely. Card-spending data shows that retailers at least are doing it very tough. We estimate that the cl
New Zealand Listener2 min. leídos
An Ocker shocker
In Kate Mildenhall’s fast-paced and all-consuming novel THE MOTHER FAULT (Simon & Schuster, $38), the Australia of the future is chillingly believable. It’s a world where sea-level rise, extreme storms and climate refugees have become dismal reality.
New Zealand Listener1 min. leídos
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New Zealand Listener9 min. leídosAmerican Government
‘A Very Perilous Time Right Now’
Last month, the findings of what could be termed a moral audit of Donald Trump’s presidency were released by non-profit US publishing house McSweeney’s. It was headed “Lest We Forget The Horrors: A Catalogue of Trump’s Worst Cruelties, Collusions, Co
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Puzzle No 1567 1. Likely composed in the early 8th century, what is the oldest known poem in English? (7) 4. In 1900, which Dwight donated a tennis trophy? (5) 7. What light sparkling wine is named after an area in Italy where it is produced? (4) 8.
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