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Morgan Wallen’s Wild Ride
Morgan Wallen had a bumpy 2020. The “Up Down” and “Whiskey Glasses” hitmaker started the year on tour with Jason Aldean before COVID-19 curbed the world’s concert plans. He blew off a little too much steam downtown and was arrested outside of Kid Roc
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2020 was a major year for Tiera. She signed her first publishing deal with the Nicolle Galyon-helmed Songs & Daughters as the flagship songwriter in March and has been writing and recording for her forthcoming EP. She was tapped for CMT’s “Next Women
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My New Year’s resolution is to give myself grace and not be so hard on myself. I’m coming into motherhood and I know I won’t be perfect. My goal is to be OK with not being perfect. My hope for 2021 is to see more humility and flexibility. 2020 was
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From The Publisher
I can’t say that I’ve ever been one for resolutions—I usually dump them by February. I also can’t say I’ve ever wanted a year to end so badly! I can say 2020 was one hell of a wild ride, but a few good things came out of it for us. More of you read t
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The discipline and movement of a regular Pilates practice can benefit everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or pain threshold. Both challenging and safe, Pilates delivers a unique blend of strength and flexibility; a resistance-based, low-impac
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From The Editor
Do you hear that? It’s the collective sigh of everyone realizing 2020 is over and we’ve come out on the other side. That’s not to say we made it out unscathed, or that 2021 is guaranteed to be easy, but it does feel like a poetic new beginning. We ki
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On A Roll
There’s an art to making a sandwich—one of the unheralded gastronomic pleasures—and a great sandwich is hard to find. Chefs and friends Ryan Bernhardt, Aaron Clemins, and Aaron Distler have decided to remedy that. After long hours brainstorming on ho
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If you’ve ever slurped through a bowl of soul-soothing ramen at one of Sarah Gavigan’s Otaku Ramen outposts, you already know this is a woman passionate about her craft. But get her talking on the subject—from the ingredients to the culture to the mi
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Practice Makes Perfect Chris Young gives back to his alma mater with a new live entertainment venue on the Middle Tennessee State University campus. >>> ■
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Words like “consequential” and “far-reaching” don’t quite capture chef Deb Paquette’s influence on Nashville’s dining scene. In a career spanning 42 years, she’s spent 30 of them heading restaurant kitchens. The first woman in Tennessee to become a c
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It’s All For You
Aaron Lee Tasjan named his new album after himself—three times, in fact. It goes by the excitable title Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan! But in the process of finally embracing his own conflicted identity, the Americana artist actually stands for those who fe
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In the Mix
Whether you’ve resolved to tighten up that discretionary bar-hopping budget in 2021 or can’t deal with the thought of putting on actual pants (with buttons!) to venture out for an expertly mixed drink, you can still enjoy a glam cocktail life this wi
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Baddie Winkle
With 3.6 million Instagram followers, a major cosmetic line collaboration under her belt, and appearances in campaigns for Old Navy Holiday 2020 and LG Homestyle (working alongside A-Rod, Billy Porter, and 2 Chainz) Baddie Winkle is the epitome of an
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Winter Cocktails
3 ounces of Walker’s Honeysuckle Sour Mix3 ounces of Belle Meade Bourbon1 Tbsp. of Nashville Jam Co. Apple Bourbon jamOptional: Walker’s raw sugar rim, cinnamon, fresh apple slice Rim a rocks glass with raw sugar and cinnamon, then add ice. In a cock
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Head Of The Class
With nearly 4 billion career streams, over 13 million singles sold, and a membership induction into the Grand Ole Opry, multiplatinum country music artist Chris Young has found tremendous success in his career. And for Young, success is accompanied b
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Warm & Toasty
Winter is the perfect time to tuck into a cozy corner and enjoy a soul-warming cocktail. This tasty treat combines a beloved winter spirit (bourbon) with the comfort of a homemade apple pie. It’s the perfect punch for after-dinner sipping or an eveni
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Resolve to Read
The Fortunate Ones by Ed Tarkington (Algonquin Books) Charlie Boykin lives on the paycheck-to-paycheck side of Nashville. But when his mother arranges for him to enroll in an elite private high school, Charlie is exposed to a new way of life—one wher
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Press Play
Covering miles of modern-country ground on a 30-track behemoth, the CMA New Artist of the Year stakes a bold claim of authenticity with Dangerous: The Double Album. More mature and personal, but with the same raspy vocal and swaggering attitude, the
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The Good Life
Photo Finish Kings of Leon guitarist Matthew Followill explores another creative passion with photography. ■
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Dark Roast
Perched on the corner of Trinity Lane and Gallatin Pike sits Elegy Coffee, a pandemic-bred coffee shop inspired by both a love for the craft and dark poeticism. With its outdoor patio and walk-up window for ordering and pickup, Elegy is innovative, a
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Through A New Lens
You know him as the lead guitarist in Kings of Leon, but what many don’t know is that rocker Matthew Followill has invested years in another creative pursuit: photography. Now, in light of a year filled with changes, Followill is taking his photograp
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Livable LUXURY
Interior designer Julie Couch upholstered her 1960s Krome-Kraft gold-tone chairs in a faux ostrich leather of the snowiest white. This upholstery is faux not simply because real ostrich leather is more typically found on an Hermès Kelly handbag price
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Music History The National Museum of African American Music will teach the story of Black music in Nashville and beyond. ■
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Checking In
Fine hotel dining was once defined by French haute cuisine, where elaborate, labor-intensive dishes highlighting exotic/expensive ingredients and an indulgent use of butter and cream, were artfully plated and served tableside with flourish. When tapp
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Medicinal Music
Almost six million Americans have Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, and many live in a long, lonely silence. Families are forced to watch their loved ones fade away, losing their connections to the world around them before their lives, and unt
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Stir Crazy
Pumpkin spice lattes get all of the press when it comes to seasonal drinks. But sometimes you want a little more spirit in your cup. Sure, the holiday kind. Also, the ABV kind. OK, mostly the ABV kind. Pouring a nip of rum into a piping hot cup of te
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Kathie Lee Gifford
Kathie Lee Gifford doesn’t like the phrase “reinvent yourself.” (“For how can I reinvent myself when I never invented myself to begin with? God created me, and He created you too,” she says.) She’s not a big fan of the word “retire” either. So, when
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Tacos With A Twist
Unlike any taqueria in Nashville, Succulent Vegan Tacos serves 100 percent plant-based fare rooted in the authentic flavors of Mexico. Co-founder and chef Adriana Ortega grew up in Mexico City immersed in its vibrant tastes and culinary traditions. W
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Lift Every Voice
“The truth is, Black music and American music are inseparable,” says Tuwisha Rogers-Simpson. She is the vice president of brand and partnerships for the highly anticipated National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM), set to open January 18, 202
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