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How Green Is The Bike Industry?
Mountain biking is inescapably and intrinsically linked to nature. Our bikes are nothing without trails and the natural environment they pass through. The mountain ranges, hillsides and woodlands are our second homes as riders, but with the world fac
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Hot Stuff
Tyres designed for dry and dusty trails haven’t been very useful for most UK riders, who are more used to that sticky, wet dust we call mud. But if last summer’s weather is anything to go by, dry tyres could well become a thing, and the new Attack HP
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No, no, no, no! Don’t encourage them, they’re not true mountain bikers. They are all covert members of the Ramblers Association, who like walking up hills with a bike. Peter Kinsella Firstly, I would just like to say how much I usually value your ad
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Ride Slow To Get Fast
High intensity workouts are great for getting fit in a short space of time, but if you really want to make longterm improvements, you’re also going to need to slow down. The concept of polarised training isn’t new — do the majority of your training a
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Your Testers
Practically inseparable from the new Turbo Levo test bike, makes things awkward in the shower. On the phone to Halifax for a second mortgage. Northerner Benji ordered up some mtb pants, very confused when trousers turned up instead of the Y-fronts h
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The End Of Trash
The last 12 months have been a boom time for our sport – new riders rushed into mountain biking, old hands returned, quality bike shops killed it thanks to the increase in bike sales, and it seemed everyone was heading to the local woods to go riding
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Fox Flexair Summer Riding Kit, From £50
It’s that time of year coming up when we expose our forearms and a few inches of calf to the sun, and to celebrate Fox has released a new Flexair range including shorts, jerseys and trail pants. Designed for warm weather, the Flexair idea is to combi
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SPECIFICATION Weight: 1,508g Travel: 120mm Offset: 44mm Wheel size: 29in Contact: Updated last year, RockShox’s new SID fork still has its eye on the prize with regards to World Cup podiums and Olympic gold medals, but it has also
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Know Your Pedals
Depending on the pedal there is usually some form of adjustment to alter the spring tension holding the cleat in place. More tension means more force is needed to release your foot when twisting, which does reduce the possibility of accidental releas
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Face-up Time
It’s always easier to turn away from difficult situations and decisions than get involved. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Especially when the subjects are issues as emotive as diversity and climate change. We all ride bikes for many reasons: fun;
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Assault And Battery
Thought you might like this. My mate got a Whyte E-160, I told him your review marked it down one point because the battery fell on the tester’s toe. I said be careful. Yesterday he said he was giving the bike some TLC and had it up in the stand. Tho
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More For Less
In 2020, the suspension fork market was all about the number 38, as both Fox and RockShox launched big and burly single-crown models. Equipped with 38mm stanchions, these beefcake forks aimed to boost the stiffness of hard-charging e-bikes and enduro
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Speed Dial
Affordable hardtails are rare as rocking horse poop this year, so the announcement of any new model is cause for celebration. And this new bike from outdoor retailer Alpkit’s in-house brand, Sonder, is designed as a pure racing thoroughbred, so we do
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Trek E-caliber 9.9 Xtr
£10,750 / 29in / In the established pecking order of motor assisted mountain bikes, it is generally recognised that more is better than less. More torque, more travel and more battery capacity are often the most touted features. It’s n
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The Coach
Before joining Dirt School Andy liked to win things – races like the Scottish XC Champs and the Scottish Downhill Champs. Since 2009, though, he’s coached some of the world’s best riders with Dirt School and helped bring on the BASE MTB course at Bor
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Need To Know
● Third generation of the successful Turbo Levo platform ● Retains the Brose motor with 90Nm torque and 565W peak power, but reinforced belt and updated firmware to improve reliability ● Transformed with bang-up-to-date sizing and geometry borrowed f
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Specialized Turbo Levo Pro
£10,750 / 29/27.5in / At the end of March, a virtual reality house was sold for $500,000. Not a real house that can be lived in, but a 3D digital file that can only be explored with a VR headset. Almost simultaneously, we also arrive
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Radon Swoop 10.0
With 29in wheels and 170mm travel, has Radon upped the enduro ante in one swell Swoop? €3,829 / 29in / The Radon Slide Trail was our direct-sales Trail Bike of the Year in 2020. As good as the Slide Trail is, though, it was actually
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At the onset of this test we weren’t really sure how lightweight, low-power e-bikes fitted into the general mtb landscape. Are they simply a stepping stone from an analogue bike to a full-power e-bike, much in the same way that 27.5in wheels helped t
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About This Series
One of the most exciting things about mountain biking is that it’s always changing. From the bikes we ride to how and where we ride them, things never stand still for long. And here at mbr we’re convinced things are getting better. The Trailblazers s
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Need To Know
● 29er enduro bike with 170mm travel at both ends ● Carbon front triangle, alloy stays – M, L and XL frame sizes ● Fox 38 Grip2 fork has four-way adjustable damping while X2 shock has low-speed compression and rebound adjustment ● No geometry flip-ch
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Big Picture
What do you do when the forecast promises bluebird skies, and local restrictions lift enough to allow your eyes to wander further from home on the map? You go Munro-hunting. There’s no easy way up Ben More and Stob Binnein – steep doesn’t even come c
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How We Test
We used a single set of Fizik shoes to test the four clip-in pedals, but we swapped between three flats shoes (Five Ten, Ride Concepts and Fizik) when testing the flat pedals. The softness of the rubber is directly proportional to the amount of grip,
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Trail Blazers Aneela Mckenna
A Trailblazer is a pioneer, someone willing to take risks and be the first to go down a path that isn’t already there, forging a trail for others to follow and in doing so building a better world for all. The Black Lives Matter demonstrations of the
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Mbr Ratings Explained
1-4 Something’s wrong. It’s rare, but sometimes a product will have a design flaw or some other weakness that means we can’t recommend it. Steer clear. 5-6 OK — one or two faults but it has potential. 7 Good — worth considering. 8 Very good
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If you’re just starting out on your mountain bike journey, your first set of pedals should probably be plastic because they are the cheapest option and you can use the shoes you’re wearing right now. You don’t need a specific soft rubber shoe, althou
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Long Termers
£2,449.99 / 29in / MONTH 1: New tester Sean’s flying the flag for hardcore hardtails As a newcomer to the mbr long-term test crew, I took a good look at the current fleet of bikes and those that have featured over the last few years
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Freewheel, the retail outlet for Madison clothing, is currently selling the Flux long-sleeve for £24.99. That’s an absolute steal and if you can get one to fit (it’s low on sizes) I’d recommend you buy two. The Flux is a comfortable, lightweight jers
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Atherton A150 Build 1
£7,000 / 29in / One way or another, this first ride on the one-of-a-kind Atherton A150 bike has been a long time coming. I first rode an earlier prototype back in 2019 and a Robot bike that pre-dated that by a couple of years. What
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Need To Know
● Fazua Evation 1 motor-assisted version of Trek’s World Cup XC racer ● Trek’s unique IsoStrut Fox Factory rear suspension delivers just 60mm of travel ● Featherweight build spec rivals many non-motorised trail bikes in weight ● Ships with dummy batt
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