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Are You Better With Uncertainty Than You Think?
Where, exactly, is the edge of your comfort zone when it comes to not knowing things? This quiz can give you a sense of your ability to handle ambiguity and how hard you might need to work to accept and manage it. Rate each statement according to how
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Give A Hiit For Greater Results
RONALDO, BOLT, LEBRON, FEDERER, BECKHAM … sensing a theme here? These stars share iconic status in their respective fields, as well as career longevity and impressive bank accounts. However, there’s another attribute that unites these champions: they
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In Praise Of Biceps Curls
Size matters. “There are huge benefits to having strong biceps,” says Clarke. Not only do they help to prevent injuries, they play a key role in all pulling movements. Load your arm cannons with Clarke’s advice The barbell biceps curl is your simples
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FRIDAY Thank God It’s Thursday
IT WAS THE REPETITION that did it for Alex Hirst. The same 5.30am alarm. The same 6.30am bus to the station. The same carriage, the same large coffee and croissant, the same meal-deal lunch. The same clients, the same problems, the same-shaped weeks.
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To A Healthy Spine
DR NAIMISH BAXI, 37, a physician specialising in spine and sports care, has seen an uptick in back pain thanks to pandemic home-office hunching, excess couch time and overzealous home workouts. Even he has to remind himself to sit right and lift righ
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The Little Lifter That COULD
Not quite. Tate Fegley’s sled is a heavy-duty steel power sled. Alone, it weighs 35 kg. On a sunny, snowless day in early December, Tate, age 10, drags it out of a hangar-like garage in suburban Minden, Louisiana. The space was originally designed to
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True Confessions Of A Habitual Dieter
I COULD SAY that the reason I wanted to lose weight was so that I would have more time on this planet with my wife and kids. And sure, those were huge motivating factors for me, but really it came down to the small things. Like having to carry a wash
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My Brother’s Sleeper
HEALTH IS SYNONYMOUS with the super. We’ve got superfoods, superheroes and supersets. It makes perfect sense, then, that the next giant leap forward in health-related innovation is coming from Australia’s own supermodel duo, Jordan and Zac Stenmark.
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Build Any Body You Want IN 20 MINUTES A DAY
WANT A SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION? “Strength endurance is an effort of sub-maximal contraction, limited to a muscle’s ability to continue contracting over time,” says Michael Blevins of fitness think tank NonProphet. In other words, it’s “the ability to
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Hello Sailor
AUSTRALIAN SAILOR Glenn Ashby captained the team that won this year’s America’s Cup. But while Team New Zealand tacked to another glorious victory, one of the skipper’s key nautical tools was strapped to his wrist. Ashby’s Omega Seamaster Diver 300M
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The Potato Is Back!
SIZE: Medium to large TASTE: Mild, earthy TEXTURE: Floury, dry BEST FOR: Mashing, oven-baking into fries (more on those later). If you want to pinpoint when the potato’s reputation went from healthy vegetable to nutritional pariah, go back to 1981 an
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The Big Question
I’m back in the gym after five years. When will I see results? – RW ★ First of all, take a moment to congratulate yourself. The hardest part is now over. But it’s not all Easy Street from here – the road from rookie to ripped is paved with DOMS and b
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Work Less & Do More
Start the morning by picking the most important job you can do today. Build your schedule around that. Some days, it might be a work task; on others, it might be a family issue. Beware of non-essential tasks in which you sink too much time. There are
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How To Reach A Ripe Old Age
IF YOU WANT TO squeeze more years out of life, start the day with a retro breakfast of pink grapefruit. As well as being a potent source of fibre, vitamins and antioxidants, this citrus is packed with organic pigments called carotenoids, which are re
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Ask The Girls In The Office
How can I convince my girlfriend not to be worried about my female best friend? -EC Lizza: This is a hard one. Harriet: It depends on what the problem is from her point of view. Is it that the female bestie is taking up a lot of his time? Or is she j
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Beetroots can do it all. They contain endurance-boosting nutrients prized by athletes and heart-healthy antioxidants that make them a mainstay of every dietitian’s shopping list. And though they’re a star attraction on the menus of many top chefs, th
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The Fittest Test On Earth
Fraser has laid down the metabolic gauntlet. “Just Hang On” is an interval workout taken from his HWPO training program ( Good luck There are two options: RX (as Fraser would do it) and scaled (slightly easier). For
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The Excruciating, Crushing, Damaging Power Of Uncertainty
AFTER A YEAR of staying mostly at home, I’ve come to understand certain things about mice. Mice hate open spaces. That’s why they hunker down inside walls and cabinets instead of lounging on the sofa. Exposed environments are quite unpredictable, whi
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Wake Up Your Fat Burners With Magnesium
YOUR MONTHLY DOWNLOAD OF THE LATEST LIFE ENHANCING RESEARCH ABOUT 60 PER CENT of Australian men have trouble sleeping, according to the Sleep Health Foundation. That’s a nightmarish scenario for your weight-loss ambitions. Insufficient sleep won’t ju
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Text A Nutritionist
WHY DO I KEEP GETTING HEARTBURN AFTER I LIFT WEIGHTS? – CC I always feel the burn after a heavy weights sesh, and not in a good way. WTF is going on? It’s probably gastroesophageal reflux disease, which is pretty common. It’s caused by an increase in
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6am With Macklemore
BEN HAGGERTY is on the elevated ninth tee at Tierra Rejada Golf Club in Ventura County, California, searching for the perfect drive. Thwapp! Snap hook into the rough on the left. He rolls his eyes. Thwapp! A slice flies onto the fairway of an adjacen
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You can use CARs whenever you want. They’re extra useful in these situations: Work through as many joints as possible, prepping tight muscles for the day. Perform slow and steady circles with your joints, starting with your shoulders and working down
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The Real Food (and Health) Pyramid
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The Fight For Total Fitness
KAMARU USMAN, the “Nigerian Nightmare”, never planned to fight his way to the Octagon. His goal in life was wrestling glory – an Olympic medal, as opposed to WWE’s King of the Ring. His skill and commitment propelled the “skinny guy in high school” t
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The Power Of Kinstretch
BECAUSE FIT IS THE NEW RICH YOU’VE NEVER STRETCHED like this. Sure, you stretch your arms to the ceiling when you get out of bed. Before a workout, you warm up by swinging your arms and touching your toes, and you cool down with calf stretches and qu
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The Late Shift
IT’S THE WEDNESDAY before Easter and The Ray Hadley Morning Show has entered its final half hour. There’s no cruising to the finish line today, however. Behind his trio of producers, I’m watching Hadley through soundproof glass as he handles a maelst
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60 Seconds
DATE: 2:27pm, March 4, 2012 NAME: JAMES TEDESCO FEAT: A serious injury at the dawn of his career sent James Tedesco down a physical and mental path that ultimately left him stronger than ever I WAS 19 when my dream came true and I made my NRL debut.
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What Happens When …i Get Vaccinated?
Here’s some trivia to impress in your next pub quiz. When we’re injected with a vaccine, it exposes us to foreign viral material. Where old-school varieties contain weakened forms of the virus that present viral proteins to our immune system, newer o
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The Cold Hard Facts
The weight in tonnes of fresh food that we waste each year. It works out as 1 in every 5 grocery bags. VS The value of the global frozen food market, with supermarket-brand ready-made meals the big mover in recent years. Longevity, it seems, is just
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