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Getting To Know… RENEE Gracie
Congratulations on your first MAXIM feature and a great shoot, Renee. How do you feel? I’m very excited to be featured. It was a goal of mine to get into the magazine and I love that this shoot is so white, light and bright. Well, you look gorgeous
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What You Need To Know About FEMALE CHASTITY
International Male Chastity Day comes and goes every year with male chastity devices in popular demand. However, female chastity is rarely discussed, let alone given its own day. I guess many would wonder why any woman would choose chastity over mind
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From the moment Ursula Andress struck one of the world’s most iconic female silhouettes, strolling sensuously from the surf in 1962’s Dr. No, there’s been an undeniable chemistry between James Bond and Jamaica. Turns out the sultry relationship is ba
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I Par For The Course
WHEN TO PLAY: Year-round PAR: 72 YARDAGE: 6,528 metres SLOPE: 144 RATING: 74.8 BEST HOLE: From the championship tee on Hole No. 7, “Cavalli”, you’ll be hitting over a deep gulley that falls away into the Pacific Ocean on this par 3. It’s 201 met
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Rocking The Boat With LAMBORGHINI
The Italian icon has been providing engines to other yachts since the 1960s, but this is the first time they have designed and powered their own project. Inspired by the Sian FKP hybrid road car, this yacht gets all the Lamborghini's trademarks we dr
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Status Update
FULL NAME: Meliah Garner BORN: October 15 HOMETOWN: Lake City, Minnesota USA CURRENTLY LIVES: Los Angeles, California USA FIVE WORD SELF-DESCRIPTION: “Fun, caring, compassionate, motivated and sophisticated.” FAVOURITE DRINK: “Watermelon Mo
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Fear Factor
There are biological, evolutionary, and social reasons why our fear is triggered, we are after all simple animals. Learning how to override our fear is essential in helping us fulfil our potential. If left unchecked, fear can control everything we do
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Size Matters
After launching an in-house superyacht division at the Monaco Yacht Show recently, they teamed up with Pendennis and Icon Yachts to reveal the company’s newest 100ft model, the creatively named, Sunseeker 100 Yacht. Sunseeker’s designers were clearly
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I Par For The Course
WHEN TO PLAY: Queensland’s sunny coastline is the ideal climate for golf, year-round. PAR: The Pines 72, The Palms 70 YARDAGE: The Pines 6,581 metres, The Palms 5,904 metres SLOPE: The Pines 132, The Palms 130 RATING: The Pines 74, The Palms 72
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Call Of The WILD
We’re in a de Havilland Beaver bush plane flying high over ancient glacier-carved fjords, the only sound in the six-seater the thrum of a single-engine prop. A hypnotic soundtrack as we skim just over an Alaskan peak, the rocky outcroppings crowned i
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The GOD of WAR
The entire world is about individualisation, you personalise your complete life. It starts with your cup of coffee: you take it the way you want it, you put your clothes on the way you like, you furnish your house the way you like, you choose the car
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Suggested Sample Workouts
A1. 10-12 Goblet Squats (bilateral legs) A2. 10-12 Dumbbell Bench Press (horizontal push) A3. 10-12 Reverse Lunge each side (unilateral legs) A4. 10-12 Seated Rows (horizontal pull) Rest 60 secs, repeat 3-5 rounds A1. 8-10 Deadlifts (bilatera
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Maxim Australia
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Santi Pintado ( Art Director Luke Shaddock ( National Advertising Manager Dave Van Oosterom ( Managing Director Michael Downs Fashion Editor Adriana Dib Groomi
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Artillery Armament
Ivanov paid his dues at Dreamworks, Anima Barcelona, and Rimac Automobili, so you know his auto/animation game is past newbie level. Even so, his latest chop up is a step away from his previous work - so ferocious it makes the Tesla Cybertruck look l
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Good To Be KING
It all started when Andrew Bachelor of West Palm Beach, Florida, decided he wanted to be king. With the encouragement of his parents, he studied business management at FSU so that he might one day join them in their accounting practice. He pursued a
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A Winner Never Quits
When media mogul Ted Turner launched his Cable News Network on June 1st, 1980, it marked a watershed moment for the information age. Despite initial public skepticism, CNN’s unique around-the-clock news coverage not only changed the television news i
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About Alexa
“Action Alexa” is an internationally published celebrity trainer, sports model and nutrition and lifestyle coach with over 15 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, and has worked with NZ’s world champion rugby team, the All Blacks. Sh
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I Par For The Course
WHEN TO PLAY: Year-round. Most challenging period is October to December, when the prevailing north-westerly wind is strongest. PAR: Barnbougle Dunes 71, Lost Farm 78 YARDAGE: Barnbougle Dunes 6,148 metres, Lost Farm 6,493 metres SLOPE: Barnbougle
MAXIM Australia1 min. leídosDiet & Nutrition
You Are What You Eat
1 Write it down. If you write it down, you’re accountable for it. And it’s amazing how many Salted Caramel Tim Tams you “forgot” you ate. 2 Portion wise, aim for 2 palm sizes of protein, 2 cupped palms of carbs, 2 thumb sizes of fats and as many ve
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Beginner To badass
Although it may be assumed that I’m someone who predominantly prefers working with high-performing athletes or high profile individuals, this isn’t the case. While this does make up some of my core clientele, I actually really love working with newbi
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Status Update
FULL NAME: Tyana Maree Hansen BORN: April 1, 1995 HOMETOWN: Brisbane, Qld CURRENTLY LIVES: Gold Coast, Qld LOVES: “Travelling, the beach and sleeping.” PET PEEVES: “Slow walkers and slow drivers.” GO-TO DRINK: “Gin and tonic with cucumber.” FA
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Revealed at the Gran Turismo Championship World Finals in Monaco, the Vision V12 is a Ferrari concept’s nightmare. Designed as a no-nonsense, track racer, it’ll appear in virtual, driveable form in Gran Turismo Sport later this year. The coupe is a r
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Russell James
How are you spending your last day on earth? In the Kimberley Ranges in North West Australia, having a swim in one of the many water falls about sunset and potentially being eaten by a croc. Do you have any deathbed confessions? Yes, I’m actually
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Introducing… MELIAH GARNER
Thanks for your time, Meliah. You have a beautiful name – what does it mean My name is Hawaiian and it means “gentle breeze”. Nice one. Speaking of gentle breeze, tell us a bit about this cool MAXIM beach photo shoot? This shoot took place in Hunt
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About The Author
Daniel Fallon is a journalist, editor, travel writer and avid golfer with over 20 years’ media experience. During his 17-year term at The Sydney Morning Herald, travel assignments took him to some of the best golf courses and resorts in the United St
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HOLEY The Top 5 GOLF RESORTS in Australia & New Zealand MOLEY
Location: 425 Waterhouse Road, Bridport, Tasmania, Australia Sitting on the north-east coast of Tasmania near the quaint fishing village of Bridport, Barnbougle Dunes/Lost Farm has established itself as a golf destination of t
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At 33, Saskia de Rothschild is the youngest person currently leading a Premier Grand Cru Bordeaux estate, the legendary Château Lafite Rothschild, which has been in her family since 1868. She’s also the first-ever female chairwoman of Domaines Barons
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Trans Formers
THE CAR: Mercedes AMG GTS THE GOAL: To create a custom designed, worn and torn race livery sponsored by Auto Artisan The inspiration for this project came from personal passion towards race liveries, but not the usual ones you’d expect to see. At A
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I Par For The Course
WHEN TO PLAY: Year-round. Warmer months attract the most players between October to April plus a higher green fee and accommodation costs. I’d be tempted to rug up and take the challenge on between May and September. PAR: 71 YARDAGE: 6,510 metres
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I Par For The Course
WHEN TO PLAY: Year-round PAR: 71 YARDAGE: 6,242 metres SLOPE: 147 RATING: 73 BEST HOLE: A toss-up between the long par-3 8th (194 metres), which has water on the right and two bunkers on the left of the green, and the par-5 7th, which sees you h
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