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Tweakments with Alice Hart-Davis
Treatment with red light involves nothing more taxing than relaxing for around 20 minutes in the gentle glow from a large canopy studded with small LED bulbs, or wearing a Phantom of the Opera-style face-shaped mask which has LED bulbs on the inside.
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So What Can Vitamin C Offer The Immune System?
Vitamin C accumulates at much higher levels (up to 80 times higher) in our white blood cells than it does in our blood. This is particularly true of our hungry white blood cells (macrophages and neutrophils) responsible for ‘eating’ or engulfing path
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Feast From The East
• 400g firm tofu, cut into 1cm cubes• 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil• 2 tbsp sesame seeds (optional)• 1 tbsp chilli powder • ½ small red onion or 3 spring onions, finely sliced• 50ml cider vinegar• 1 tbsp sugar• Squeeze of lime juice• 1 tsp fish sauce
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Join Us Online
If you’re not already a regular listener, do join our wonderful Wellbeing community and enjoy Liz’s chats online every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12.30pm. You can watch these live via Liz’s Instagram feed (@LizEarleMe) or on Facebook (facebook.c
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Types Of Light Therapy
The LED light energy that you get in skin-rejuvenating treatments is the same that you find powering electronic clock displays and fairy lights – but used at a greater power and intensity, and at a variety of wavelengths and in different colours, for
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A Word On Absorption
Evidence shows that the higher the dose we take, the less vitamin C we’re able to absorb. It’s estimated that, when taking regular supplements, just 2000mg of a 12,000mg dose will find its way to our immune cells, for instance, and that delivering mo
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The turmeric base of this broth is delicious and earthy, with a zesty freshness that comes from the gut-friendly garlic and ginger. Here, we’ve rounded it out with chickpeas, kale, noodles and fresh coriander, but you can customise with other vegetab
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Light Work
This easy-to-use LED device targets the fine lines and wrinkles around our eyes. The 72 red and amber LEDs have been positioned to soften ‘elevens’ (the parallel creases that can develop between our brows) and crow’s feet. What’s brilliant about this
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Take Stress Off The Menu With Dr Harriet Holme
It’s not hard to see why our stress levels may be a little higher than usual during this difficult winter. In fact, at least half a million people in the UK are predicted to experience mental health concerns as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Worr
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Great Bakes
• 400g rolled oats• Pinch of salt• 1 tsp poppy seeds• 1 tbsp sesame seeds• Zest of a lemon• Zest of a lime• 100g local honey• 50g chopped, dried apricots • 75g sugar• 1 tbsp water 1 Line a baking tray (18cm) with paper and heat the oven to 180°C/350°
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Skin Sos: Eczema
Eczema is the umbrella term used to describe a number of inflammatory skin conditions that can trigger changes in the uppermost layer of our skin. There are seven different types of eczema but by far the most common is the atopic kind which is caused
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Harriet’s Takeaway Tips
While stress may be unavoidable in life, learning coping strategies, confronting the sources of stress and making time for reflection may all help to minimise our stress response and the impact it has on both our diet and our health. To improve menta
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EAT The season EAT The With Sarah Raven
I love being able to walk outside at this time of year and pick something edible to go with, or be, lunch or dinner. Cropping tomatoes at the height of summer are of course a marvellous thing, but somehow going into the garden to harvest a good range
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Is There A Cure For Eczema?
Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important when it comes to keeping eczema under control. Research shows that diets loaded with sugar tend to trigger inflammation throughout the body, which may worsen inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema. Ea
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Mindful Moment
Before we jump ahead to the New Year, let’s spare a moment to look back over the last 12 months. 2020 was likely to have been a challenging year for you. But perhaps it brought great success in some way and the realisation of a long-held dream or goa
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Wilted Kale, Winter Herb And Avocado Salad
I love this salad and, given the chance, would have it several times a week. When cooked, kale loses a proportion of its vitamin C and other antioxidants, so it’s good sometimes to eat it raw for an immune boost. For most of us that’s a bit of a chal
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Less Is More
If you experience eczema on your neck, scalp or along your hair line, switching to a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner may offer relief. This line from Philip Kingsley is free from fragrance, colour and sulphates. £20,
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Your 2021 Healthy Eating Checklist
The New Year brings with it a fresh start but also the all-too-familiar fanfare of diet gurus flogging food fads and strategies for shifting pounds sharpish. In 2021, let’s focus less on what we need to cut out and more on what we can add into our ex
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Fabulously Floral
When blooms are few and far between in the winter months, just a few mixed single stems in small vases can still have a big impact. Place in a line along the length of a windowsill or bookshelf, or group your vases together as a centrepiece for the t
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Finding Your Balance With Nnenna Onuba
Nnenna Onuba is the force behind LBB Skincare, redefining how busy people approach self-care. In just a few short years, she has gone from working as an investment banker to launching her own high-performance skincare and wellness brand. While for ma
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Winter Workout For Energy & Strength
• Start in second position (feet wide apart with toes pointing out to the sides), making sure you keep your knees above your toes, core engaged, pelvis in neutral position, sternum lifted and shoulders down, with arms extended to the side. • Bend you
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On The mend
What does it mean to mend? For most people it means to repair, patch or rebuild – it’s about making something whole again. And it’s also about the activity and utility of mending, through intention and necessity, to make something useful again. One t
Liz Earle Wellbeing3 min. leídosMedical
Live Well For Longer
From the moment we’re born until we’re around 30 years old, our muscles are growing stronger and larger. As we progress into later life, however, the opposite starts to happen. In fact, it’s estimated that those who aren’t physically active can stand
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The Good Food Edit
Created over lockdown, Dishpatch is a meal delivery service like no other. Delivering across the UK, it brings together top restaurants so you can enjoy a range of inspiring and tasty dishes in the comfort of your own home. We sampled the mixed meze
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Travel Edit
Twisting and swirling overhead like smoke, starling murmurations are at their most spectacular before winter’s early sunsets. Thousands of birds undulate in a swarm to protect themselves against predators, resulting in one of nature’s most spine-ting
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Stop Sarcopenia
Staying active is key to keeping sarcopenia at bay. Losing muscle doesn’t mean that it’s gone for good, and resistance training is the most direct way to build muscle mass. Start small with body weight exercises like squats, and later introduce weigh
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I now understand the queues outside every Dishoom branch I come across – there are five of these Indian restaurants in London, and also Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester. Each has been designed to conjure up the feel of an old Irani café in Bombay
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Oh, The places You’ll Go!
Is there anything more relaxing than ribbons of white sand bordering on crystal clear waters? The Seychelles is truly blessed when it comes to setting. When things get busy here at home, there’s nowhere I dream about more than the turquoise hue of th
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Hello And Welcome To A New Year…
We’ve packed this edition with so many wonderful ways to make a fresh start and it’s lovely to see our friendly community growing, with so many ways to connect us all together, from my IGTV and Facebook ‘lives’, regular Thursday Vlogs now on YouTube,
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DIY Beauty HAIR Heroes
This simple apple cider vinegar rinse works to dissolve product build-up that can weigh down hair and dull shine. Use once a week for glossy, bouncy locks. • 50ml apple cider vinegar• 300ml water• ½ tsp peppermint oil (optional) 1 Add the ingredients
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